The best car vacuum cleaners in the UK 2023

The car vacuum cleaner is a must for those who wish to preserve or even increase the comfort level of their vehicle. With or without cord, this innovative accessory is characterized by its portable format. Some plug into a cigarette lighter while others offer more mobility thanks to their rechargeable battery. Which one do you prefer?

Black+Decker PV1200AV-XJ

Best value for money

Black+Decker PV1200AV-XJ

The best car vacuum in 2021

The Black+Decker PV1200AV-XJ is designed for car cleaning. In addition to its great accessibility, this model also has an excellent suction capacity. It can be easily connected to a cigarette lighter.

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A corded model, the Black+Decker PV1200AV-XJ is a handheld vacuum cleaner designed specifically for cleaning cars. The double filter system coupled with the 11 W motor ensures optimal suction. The 5 m long cable and the 200° swivel and 10-position tilting nose make it easy to reach every corner.

The cable can be wrapped around the Black+Decker PV1200AV-XJ, making it easy to store. Best of all, the side opening mechanism of the bowl prevents you from direct contact with dust. Aside from the car vacuum, you also get a storage bag, extension cord, cleaning brush and hose. The connection to a cigarette lighter guarantees a better comfort of use.

VacPower ZY-GHM-0910-2-138

Best value for money

VacPower ZY-GHM-0910-2-138

The best entry-level car vacuum

Admittedly, its 2,500 mAh rechargeable battery is not the most powerful. However, this car vacuum cleaner promises good performance and can be used both at home and in the car.

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The VacPower ZY-GHM-0910-2-138 efficiently vacuums up dust and small dirt from your car. In addition, it reaches all areas that are previously inaccessible to conventional vacuum cleaners without much difficulty. With a 2500 mAh battery, you canuse itfor half an hour. The charging time is 3 to 4 hours.

The handheld vacuum cleaner is lightweight and cordless and has a good quality washable HEPA filter. Its stainless steel design makes it more durable. Despite its efficiency, this device does not handle liquids and that is a shame. The presence of LED lighting improves access to dark corners.

MooSoo K17

Best value for money

MooSoo K17

The best high-end car vacuum

The MooSoo K17 combines maneuverability, power and ease of use. With its HEPA filter, LED light, 30 minutes autonomy and its ability to clean wet and dry waste, we can only recommend it.

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The brushless motor with a power of 200 W allows an incredible suction of up to 23KPa. Despite this, the unit is very quiet. Its HEPA filter is highly appreciated for its ability to capture up to 99.99% of dirt. There are 2 different vacuum modes available to you, each of which is designed to meet different needs.

With a car vacuum cleaner like the MooSoo K17, cleaning jobs will be a thing of the past. It will let you enjoy all the advantages of the cyclonic technology. Its removable battery recharges for 3-4 hours for a duration of use of 15 to 30 minutes.

Cecotec Conga Immortal ExtremeSuction

A great choice

Cecotec Conga Immortal ExtremeSuction

Uncommon versatility

Practical and offered at a very good price, the Cecotec Conga Immortal ExtremeSuction promises you quality services. Its versatility is its greatest asset in addition to its 25 minutes autonomy or its Wet&Dry system.

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Buying guide • November 2023

Best car vacuum cleaner

Any specific needs?

The best car vacuum in 2021

The best entry-level car vacuum

The best high-end car vacuum

Uncommon versatility

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Comparison table of the best car vacuum cleaners

Black+Decker PV1200AV-XJ
VacPower ZY-GHM-0910-2-138
MooSoo K17
Cecotec Conga Immortal ExtremeSuction
Black+Decker PV1200AV-XJ
VacPower ZY-GHM-0910-2-138
MooSoo K17
Cecotec Conga Immortal ExtremeSuction
The Black+Decker PV1200AV-XJ is designed for car cleaning. In addition to its great accessibility, this model also has an excellent suction capacity. It can be easily connected to a cigarette lighter.
Admittedly, its 2,500 mAh rechargeable battery is not the most powerful. However, this car vacuum cleaner promises good performance and can be used both at home and in the car.
The MooSoo K17 combines maneuverability, power and ease of use. With its HEPA filter, LED light, 30 minutes autonomy and its ability to clean wet and dry waste, we can only recommend it.
Practical and offered at a very good price, the Cecotec Conga Immortal ExtremeSuction promises you quality services. Its versatility is its greatest asset in addition to its 25 minutes autonomy or its Wet&Dry system.
11 W
65 W
200 W
Power supply
Cigarette lighter connection
Battery 2500 mAh
Li-Ion battery
25-30 min
15-30 min
25 min
Charge time
About 3-4 h
About 4 h

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Buying guide - car vacuum cleaner

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How to choose your car vacuum cleaner

When it comes to interior maintenance, a car vacuum cleaner is one of the most important appliances you need. Below, you can see the criteria to consider when choosing your machine.

#1 - Size and weight

The weight of the vacuum cleaner is a key feature. It is easier to use with a smaller model. However, the smaller it is, the smaller and more powerful the motor. So you need to decide which of the two factors is more important to you.

Also, a smaller car vacuum may be easier to transport, as it is compact, with an ergonomic design and light weight. Overall, check the motor power and suction power, and if they work for you, get a small, comfortable model.

#2 - Corded or cordless

It's better and easier if the car vacuum cleaner doesn't have a cord. The downside of battery-powered cordless vacuums is that you have to charge them before use. Also, their power could run out rather quickly.

However, these days, there are very good lithium-ion batteries that can run for at least 30 to 40 minutes. That's more than enough time to vacuum your car.

When choosing a cordless car vacuum, check to see if it has a fade-free power feature. In a few words, lithium-ion batteries don't fade out gradually unlike traditional batteries. In other words, you won't feel the performance of your car vacuum fade until it stops abruptly at some point.

There are vacuum cleaner models that combine both features. They can be battery operated and corded. If you select this or a standard cord type, be sure to choose a model with a built-in extension cord.

Otherwise, choose one that you can plug into the car's lighter. This will help you reach every spot inside your car. Consider this as one of the golden car interior cleaning tips you need to remember.

#3 - Motor power

The efficiency of the car vacuum cleaner and, to a large extent, the suction power depends on the power of the motor. The maximum power consumption ranges from 1200W to 2400W. For some car vacuums, you can't adjust the power. It always works at maximum.

However, we advise you to look for a vacuum cleaner with a potentiometer. This little tool will allow you to adjust the power of your car vacuum cleaner. For example, you can decrease it by vacuuming the upholstery and increase it by doing the seats.

#4 - Dust container

The dust container of a car vacuum cleaner is also essential, as the capacity of the container determines how often it needs to be replaced or cleaned. The smaller it is, the more frequently you'll need to deal with it. In turn, the size of the container depends on the size of the vacuum. The type of container is also important.

So the capacity of the dust container will depend on the type of vacuum cleaner you are going to choose.

#5 - Vacuum power

This is our last criterion. The suction power is the ability of the car vacuum to collect more dust in less time. The higher the suction power, the greater the cleaning efficiency of the vacuum cleaner. It can vary from 250W to 600W. We do not recommend less than 350W.

Usually, the suction power depends on the motor power, but this is not always the case. There are car vacuum cleaner models on the market that have a smaller motor power, which consume less electricity, but still provide excellent suction.

If you can find this combination at an attractive price, go for it. If not, your safest bet would be a higher motor power which would mean higher suction power.

How to use a car vacuum cleaner?

Cleanliness is one of the comforts for the car, that's why the car fans are always looking for ways to make them shine again and again, using a car vacuum cleaner. It is also very necessary for the health of everyone. This cleaning equipment is very practical, effective, easy to use to suck up dust directly, even sand, debris, traces of soil, etc.

It can be found in two systems: bag or cyclonic, with or without wire. The use of this device is very beneficial for those who are always in a hurry, because it ensures the saving of time, that is to say easy and fast. In general, a car vacuum cleaner works thanks to the motor inside that generates a continuous flow of air, you just need to plug it into an electrical outlet near the car.

The first thing to do is to start removing the carpets. It is also necessary to empty the interior, remove all unnecessary, unpleasant objects. Then vacuum from the top to the bottom of the seats, slide forward and then backward, you should not ignore the spaces between each seat. It is also essential to vacuum the rear deck of the car, the storage compartments, the carpet and finally the trunk.

Everything is finished, it only remains to wash your car to make it attractive and dazzling. The use of a car vacuum cleaner has many advantages.

Corded or cordless car vacuum cleaner?

Corded car vacuum cleaner

A corded car vacuum cleaner is basic. To operate it, you need to plug it into the cigarette lighter. With a good power, it allows you to vacuum even the dust in the corners of your car. Moreover, its small size guarantees easy storage. You can place it in the corner of your trunk. Plus, it doesn't need to be recharged, so its use is virtually unlimited.

While it's hard not to go to the car wash once a week, having a corded car vacuum is beneficial. This is because it can be stored in the car. On the other hand, you should understand that the range of a corded vacuum is limited compared to a cordless vacuum. In addition, it usually does not have a storage bag. This can cause a real problem if you are allergic to dust.

Cordless car vacuum cleaner

Powered by a built-in battery, a cordless car vacuum can reach hard-to-clean areas. It's more convenient to use because detaching and attaching the corded vacuum cleaner can be dangerous. It can also damage the cigarette lighter. The opposite of a cordless car vacuum cleaner, which is very light and easy to handle.

Moreover, the presence of a handle on this device makes it even easier to handle. It is also useful for pet hair under seats and behind objects you thought impossible to reach. However, the battery life for some cordless car vacuums is quite short. It also makes some annoying noises, including those without a storage bag.


It is better to choose a cordless car vacuum cleaner, equipped with a battery, with which you are sure to be able to clean all the corners of the car effectively. However, choose the corded type if you plan to partially dust your car.

Why buy a car vacuum cleaner?

Efficient cleaning

There is no other way to effectively clean your car than with a vacuum cleaner. A vacuum cleaner can remove all the dirt that you can't even see. If you like to carry your pet when you travel, you can easily remove the hair stuck on the car seat with a car vacuum.


A car vacuum cleaner will be of great benefit to you because they are mobile. The good thing is that if you are traveling to a place where you can't find one, you can easily carry the cleaner in your car cabin. Whether it's a cordless cleaner or one with a cord, it can be easily transported. Likewise, the vacuums are compact so they are easy to hold easily.

Easy to use

Once you buy a vacuum cleaner, you don't need any special training to know how to use it. The gadget is easy to use, which makes it suitable for most car owners. The cleaners need simple settings to turn them on or off. With the simple features attached to vacuum cleaners, you will be able to use it quickly and efficiently.

Stand-alone power

While the home vacuum cleaner always works from the outlet, the car can work where there is no access to the power grid. As a rule, most models are connected with the help of a special adapter via the cigarette lighter directly to the vehicle's on-board network.It is very important to look at the length of the cord, which should be enough to clean the entire cabin, if it is short, it will not be convenient to use.

For wet or dry cleaning

Car models, like domestic models, are also divided into those that are only for dry cleaning and those that are also suitable for wet cleaning. Therefore, if you need a universal unit, it is better to choose a model with wet cleaning capability.


Remove mats.

Before vacuuming, consider removing the carpets from your car. You'll get more results if you shake off the carpets and clean the floor and the rest of the car's interior afterwards.

Use wide spouts.


work faster and more efficiently, use large attachments on your vacuum cleaner.

Use the right accessories.


reach spaces under seats and in other confined areas, use the extension attachment. To remove dirt that is trapped in carpet fibers, use the brush attachment on the vacuum.

Don't forget the seats.


the seats thoroughly. Dirt, debris, hair and dander can be trapped in the seat fabric as easily as in the carpet fibers.

The filter.


forget to check that the vacuum cleaner has a high-quality filter. It will be all the more effective.


How to maintain a car vacuum cleaner?

Themaintenance procedure fora car vacuum cleaner follows several steps. First, turn the power off. Next, empty the bag or tank. Take the time to clean the vacuum head as well as the brushes. Remove the filter and wash it with warm water and air dry. This step should be done every 6 months. In the case of a disposable filter, simply replace it.

When to change the bag of my car vacuum cleaner?

Habitually, the bag of a car vacuum cleaner should be replaced at a regular frequency, every 2 months. You can check its condition beforehand. If you see that it is still in good condition, it is not necessary. If not, detach it from the car vacuum and put a new bag on it.

Can the car vacuum cleaner work without its filter?

No! It's always best to leave the filter in place or replace it immediately if it no longer does its job. Without this essential element, using a car vacuum cleaner is not without risk. Without this essential element, using a car vacuum is not without risk, as the motor will be directly exposed to dust and dirt, which could damage it and other interior parts.

What characterizes a professional car vacuum cleaner?

The professional model is distinguished above all by its powerful motor. It delivers a considerable amount of airflow capable of removing any type of embedded dirt in the car's interior as well as in the engine or trunk. While you can use a cordless pro car vacuum cleaner for up to 60 minutes (or more), the corded device is perfectly suited for intensive use without the risk of overheating.


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Black+Decker PV1200AV-XJ
Black+Decker PV1200AV-XJ
VacPower ZY-GHM-0910-2-138
VacPower ZY-GHM-0910-2-138
MooSoo K17
MooSoo K17
Cecotec Conga Immortal ExtremeSuction
Cecotec Conga Immortal ExtremeSuction


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