The best used car sites in the UK 2023

Leaving with a defective car is the ultimate nightmare when buying a second hand car. Rest assured, the risk is minimal as long as you buy from a trusted site. To avoid any disappointment, discover our advice and our selection of the 4 most interesting used car websites in the UK. 1

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The best used car site in 2021

In business since 1995, is a car broker specialized in the purchase of new cars. It also offers used cars of all types and brands.

Go to has been offering its expertise as a used car agent and reseller to its customers for two decades now. It is quite natural that the group has become the leader in the UK with 2 trophies as the best car dealer of the year awarded by the magazine Auto Plus.

Hundreds of thousands of individuals have placed their trust in, which is normal when you see the quality of its services. Currently, has 3 agencies: in Paris, Lyon and Aix-en-Provence as well as 200 partners throughout France. The site also represents 33 brands and sells more than 9000 new and used cars. Its catalog of vehicles is therefore the most extensive on the market. 2

Best cheap

The best used car site at affordable prices has made the trade-in of vehicles its main activity. It also allows individuals to buy used cars that are very well maintained and always at the best price.

Go to

On, buying a car has never been easier. And for good reason, the German startup is doing everything possible to help Internet users quickly find the vehicle of their dreams, starting with providing all the information they need. Mileage, year of release, power, number of previous owners, gearbox, emission class, displacement, everything is revealed on the dedicated page of the used car, including its disadvantages.

If you want more information about the vehicle, invites you to leave your contact information so that an advisor can contact you as soon as possible. Note that the technical control of each used car offered on the site is tested with guarantee. As a bonus, each purchase is accompanied by free delivery and a full refund within 14 days. 3

Best high end

The best used car site at premium prices

For several years now, the multi-brand equipment and maintenance specialist has been selling second-hand vehicles with the Les Occasions Norauto concept. The success is undeniable!

Go to is a true reference in the field of car maintenance and equipment, putting its expertise at your service and offering you a wide selection of used cars at competitive prices. Thanks to the tool that allows you to select the make, model, budget, mileage and fuel, you will easily find the car you need on its site, whether it is a utility vehicle, a city car or an SUV.

Even if its concept based on the web-to-store principle is somewhat different, remains faithful to its fundamental principles. Indeed, each used car visible on its portal has been carefully checked by Norauto and benefits from a Norauto turnkey warranty. In other words, buyers are entitled to a complete service, from the purchase to the maintenance of the vehicle. 4


A reliable used car site is a sure value to acquire a second hand car. This site owes its success to its tools which drastically reduce the time of research of second hand vehicles.

Go to's mission is to simplify the process of buying and selling cars. The site has made customer satisfaction its main concern since its creation in 2001. Its offer is immense. Indeed, the company offers on its website more than 30 brands and 2000 new or used models at the best prices.

This site differs from the competition by the excellent service it offers to its customers. To find the car of their dreams, they can count on an innovative digital platform, a territorial network of 24 agencies, all supported by a call center dedicated to customers. And their used cars are undoubtedly the most recent on the market!

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Best used car site

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The best used car site in 2021

The best used car site at affordable prices

The best used car site at premium prices

A reliable used car site

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Comparison table of the best used car sites

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In business since 1995, is a car broker specialized in the purchase of new cars. It also offers used cars of all types and brands. has made the trade-in of vehicles its main activity. It also allows individuals to buy used cars that are very well maintained and always at the best price.
For several years now, the multi-brand equipment and maintenance specialist has been selling second-hand vehicles with the Les Occasions Norauto concept. The success is undeniable! is a sure value to acquire a second hand car. This site owes its success to its tools which drastically reduce the time of research of second hand vehicles.
Quality of service
Free delivery
Return to one of its 400 centers.
Pick up at one of its 24 agencies
Payment by monthly instalments
Within 14 days and less than 1100 km
Within 14 days
Within 15 days and less than 1000 km
Within 15 days and less than 1000 km
12 months
12 months
3 months to 12 months
12 months extendable to 5 years

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How to choose your used car site

To acquire the used car of your dreams, here are the criteria to consider when comparing sales sites:

#1 - The credibility of the site

The credibility of a used car website is assessed by the quality of its offers and especially of its ads. The latter must be very complete. They must notably highlight the condition of the vehicle at the time of the sale or declare the defects before the actual resale, to avoid the potential buyer being caught off guard with hidden defects.

#2 - The quality of the services

Buying a used car on a serious site must be done as naturally as possible. All additional information about the car should be given to you as soon as possible. You should also have the assistance of an advisor whose goal is not to sell you the car, no matter what the price. See also if it is possible for you to have the car appraised by a professional.

#3 - The advantages offered

For years, the professionals of the online used car sales have redoubled their imagination to meet the expectations of customers. Today, you are entitled to various advantages as it is the case of financing, installment payments, guarantees and even the possibility to send back the car if you were not satisfied. Other sites go even further by taking back your old car with no obligation to buy or by offering you a nice discount.

#4 - The delivery service

The best used car sites deliver the ordered car, no matter where you live. This is a very convenient option, but it can take anywhere from 3 days to 3 weeks to receive your new purchase. Keep in mind that any damage that may occur on the way is covered by the company. If you are interested in home delivery, make sure you have the car inspected by a professional agent before you close the deal.

#5 - The virtual visit

If you can't test drive it, you should be able to take a virtual tour of the used car you are considering. Interactive tools developed by professionals allow buyers to inspect the car as if they were really there. Of course, the virtual tour tool does not replace the expertise of a representative, but it is already a proof of seriousness from the site.

Can we really trust the Internet to buy a used car?

Cars have become an everyday consumer item that can be purchased online. However, you should know that the Internet should only be used to find the right deal. Once this step has been taken, the purchase should be made in the traditional way, which includes the inevitable test drive of the car.

Don't worry, there are very few sales sites that make you pay without you having seen or tested the car. In addition, used cars sold by professionals come with a warranty, a benefit that you are denied if you buy from a private party.

When you have found the used car of your dreams, you have two choices. You can either go to an agency to pick up the car or you can have it delivered to your home.

The first option is recommended if you want to form your own opinion on the vehicle. If you are not very knowledgeable about car mechanics, ask a mechanic friend or a professional to accompany you. They will be able to tell you whether or not the used car is worth buying.

Having the car delivered to your home is a good option, although it is a bit complicated. Since you can't inspect the car, you need to hire a professional to do so. If you are satisfied with their findings, you can make the payment via a secure method and wait for your car to be delivered to your address.

The different types of used car sites

In the search for the rare pearl, here are the different types of sites from which you can freely choose used cars:

The site of used cars of all brands

Also called multi-brand car distributor, this type of online platform does not make any distinction between the brands and nationalities of cars. In other words, you will find all existing brands, from European to American, Asian or Indian.

The choice is therefore very wide on a used car site of all makes, another reason to do business with a credible provider. This is the kind of portal you should favor if you have no particular preference for a brand.

The site of the used car dealer

A used car dealership is the official showcase of a manufacturer in a specific region. To put it simply, the dealer represents only one brand. The dealer is supported by that manufacturer in the sale of used cars and in all or part of the after-sales service. The choice of cars is less vast than on the site of an all-makes distributor, which shortens your research while limiting the options.

In addition, all your procedures are simplified, since the dealer takes care of the new registration and delivery to the nearest collection point. A turnkey service that saves you a lot of time.

The site of used car sales ads

The ad site is a general platform on which private individuals post classified ads, especially for car sales, free of charge (or not). On this kind of portal, sales are mostly made from individuals to individuals.

If you find the car that meets your requirements, you must establish contact with the seller. The purchase process will depend on the agreement between the two parties. It is important to point out that cars offered by private individuals do not come with a guarantee.

Used car site or new car site?

The used car site

On a used car site, you'll save money, especially since if you pay cash, you avoid interest charges. By refining your search on these used car sites, you can find certified low-mileage models that have undergone a rigorous pre-sale inspection. A used car doesn't have to be of poor quality if it has undergone excellent maintenance.

The site of new cars

New car sites offer very recent vehicles, all with full warranties. In other words, you won't have to consider any maintenance or repairs while the car is still under warranty. In addition, the manufacturers who partner with these car sites offer very low rate financing plans that guarantee some substantial savings.


Buying a used or new car online is all about budget. If you can afford it, buy a car from an official car manufacturer's dealership. On the other hand, if you have a limited budget, choose a used car offered by multi-brand sites. There is no shortage of good deals!

5 good reasons to buy a used car online

1. A very broad offer

The used car market is very dynamic and everything seems to indicate that it will remain so for decades to come. This favorable context is mainly due to the wide and diversified offer. Customers can find vehicles of all makes, ages and low mileage on the sales sites. Even if they have already been used, these vehicles remain in excellent condition.

2. There is no shortage of bargains!

You can get a good deal on a used car website, but be careful of course. A used car is always more affordable than its new counterpart, but don't make the mistake of rushing into it. A deal is only good if it's good for you.

3. More room for negotiation

A used car has a history, so it's natural for it to have flaws like corrosion, scratches and dents. Think of these imperfections as a way to increase your bargaining power with the dealer. If you know how to deal with them, the dealer will be willing to give you a good discount that you can invest in small repairs.

4. Immediate availability

Used cars offered for sale by a website are available immediately. You don't have to wait long to take advantage of them. In addition, the best portals offer to deliver your purchase to your home (with or without charge), so you don't have to travel.

5. Better options available

The vehicle is not new, but it is in very close condition. If you want to add the latest equipment to the car, it won't cost you too much with a used car. In addition, the options and warranties are very advantageous.

The best brands of used car sites

In our opinion, the best brands of used car sites in 2022 are :

This startup of German origin has made a reputation for itself in the car buyback business. Now, the company is getting into used car sales in partnership with an online car dealer.

In operation since 1995, was first a proxy before becoming a used car dealer. If you need a second hand vehicle that will last you years, a visit to this site is a must.

While this company has made car equipment and maintenance its specialty, it also diversifies into used car sales through its Les Occasions Norauto concept.

This site is a must for buying very recent used cars. The ads are frequently updated to allow consumers to find the car that best suits their needs.

The French startup that facilitates the process of buying used cars in the UK, but also in Europe. It also offers to lease cars over a period of 2 to 5 years with the possibility of purchase at the end of the contract.


Ask for the vehicle's history

Before buying a used car, demand that the site provide you with a vehicle history. This will avoid unpleasant surprises. Copies of all the documents related to the vehicle should be sent to you, such as the technical inspection, the maintenance booklet, the invoices and the certificate of non-gage.

Reassess your insurance needs

Buying a used car is the ideal moment to re-evaluate your insurance needs, the goal being to get the best coverage in case of accident or theft. Also, insurance is greatly needed if you decide to resell the car at a later date.

Test the car out

When possible, make the trip to test drive the car you are considering buying. Sure, it will cost money, but the best thing to do is to make up your own mind about the vehicle.

Please note the warranties

It's true that a used car wears out faster than a new one, but you have nothing to worry about as long as it is still under warranty. Don't hesitate to take it to a partner garage for an overhaul if you think it's worth it.

Plan for repairs over time

Repairs should be planned after the warranty expires. Have the engine's peripheral parts inspected regularly to prevent them from failing you when you need them most.


How to choose a reliable used car site?

Scams on used car sales are common. Therefore, we advise you to consult a trusted and very popular site. The seriousness of the site can be appreciated through the quality of its ads, its services, its reputation and the advantages offered to customers. A credible site also offers personalized assistance and a home delivery service in case of a sale.

What are the advantages offered by used car sites?

Used car sites offer a plethora of advantages, starting with the possibility of saving money on one's purchase. Indeed, used cars are more affordable than new ones, especially since they come with warranties. If well maintained, used cars will last for years, but you still need to schedule periodic maintenance.

Can you get your purchased cars delivered to your home?

Yes. The best used car sites deliver the freshly purchased car to your home, wherever you live. If for some portals, this service is not free, for others, it is completely free. Keep in mind that if a problem occurs during the delivery, the company assumes full responsibility.

Can you buy on credit on a used car site?

It depends on the policy of the used car site in question. While some professionals allow consumers to pay in installments in the form of monthly payments, others only allow cash purchases. The installment plan is of course more favorable if the budget is limited. To find out if you can benefit from this advantage, you should review the site's terms of sale.


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