The best amplified car subwoofers in the UK 2023

Having a quality bass in your car is every driver's dream. It allows to optimize the power of the sound system and to fully enjoy the playlist broadcasted. One of the most accessible solutions is to invest in an amplified subwoofer. Wireless, flat, square or circular, many models are available on the market. Read our guide to find out more.

JBL BassPro Nano Ultra-Compact 1

Best value for money

JBL BassPro Nano Ultra-Compact

The best powered subwoofer in 2021

A true revelation! This JBL subwoofer produces deep bass that can transport you to a world of its own during your car trips. Discreet and compact, it fits easily under the seat or in your trunk.

159 £ on Amazon

The BAssPro Nano is a real technological jewel in terms of its appearance and power. A space-saving device, it seduces with its small size that allows it to be installed in any corner of the car. Its maximum power of 200 W delivers a big bass, ideal if you are looking for a quality bass. Boosted by a 100 W RMS amplifier, your sound experience will be satisfying.

Robust and compact, this subwoofer is encased in cast aluminum, giving it a long life. No risk of saturation either thanks to the high-pass filters and a 50 Hz bass corrector as well as an ultra-practical phase inverter. As for practicality, JBL equipped it with a remote control for intuitive remote control.

Pioneer TS-WX130EA 2

Best value for money

Pioneer TS-WX130EA

The best entry-level powered subwoofer

Small, powerful and unbeatable value! The Pioneer subwoofer delivers quality bass to music once it's properly installed. Its flat, rectangular shape makes it a real asset for small cars.

102 £ on Amazon

This subwoofer is a real gem! The well thought-out design allows it to be installed in the trunk or under the seats. With its 20 cm, 160 W speaker driven by a class D amplifier delivering a rated power of 50 W, this subwoofer is an ideal alternative for high-level bass.

Compatible with almost any car radio, this Pioneer subwoofer features dual connectors, a low-cut filter and a wired remote control for easy sound control. It's also equipped with a phase switch for quick bass adjustment. In terms of design, this subwoofer has nothing to envy to high-end sound systems.

Focal Bomba BP20 3

Best value for money

Focal Bomba BP20

The best high-end powered subwoofer

With its bass-reflex system, Bomba does not disappoint! This phenomenally powerful subwoofer satisfies all lovers of punchy bass. Its design also makes it a space-saving sound system.

386 £ on Cdiscount

This active subwoofer is the ideal device for those looking for a powerful bass. Thanks to the 20cm Polyglass cone driver and 300W amplifier, it can deliver deep, good quality bass. It is also compatible with all car radios, whether they are original or purchased independently.

In terms of design, Focal is going for simplicity! With its compact design, this BP20 powered subwoofer is very stable and can be installed in all types of car trunks. Simple to use, its settings are very intuitive and offer a multitude of possibilities. The crossover is provided by a closed air volume at the back and its bass-reflex at the front.

Pioneer Car TS-WX300A 4


Pioneer Car TS-WX300A

A high-performance, designer powered subwoofer

With its stylish look, it's hard not to fall for the charm of this compact Pioneer subwoofer! It's powerful, durable and practical with a well-designed subwoofer for those looking for a real bass for their vehicle.

202 £ on Cdiscount
Buying guide • November 2023

Best car powered subwoofer

Any specific needs?

The best powered subwoofer in 2021

The best entry-level powered subwoofer

The best high-end powered subwoofer

A high-performance, designer powered subwoofer

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Comparison table of the best amplified car subwoofers

Top Inexpensive High-end Excellent
JBL BassPro Nano Ultra-Compact 5
Pioneer TS-WX130EA 6
Focal Bomba BP20 7
Pioneer Car TS-WX300A 8
JBL BassPro Nano Ultra-Compact
Pioneer TS-WX130EA
Focal Bomba BP20
Pioneer Car TS-WX300A
A true revelation! This JBL subwoofer produces deep bass that can transport you to a world of its own during your car trips. Discreet and compact, it fits easily under the seat or in your trunk.
Small, powerful and unbeatable value! The Pioneer subwoofer delivers quality bass to music once it's properly installed. Its flat, rectangular shape makes it a real asset for small cars.
With its bass-reflex system, Bomba does not disappoint! This phenomenally powerful subwoofer satisfies all lovers of punchy bass. Its design also makes it a space-saving sound system.
With its stylish look, it's hard not to fall for the charm of this compact Pioneer subwoofer! It's powerful, durable and practical with a well-designed subwoofer for those looking for a real bass for their vehicle.
Speaker size
20 cm
20 cm
20 cm
30 cm
Amplifier category
Amplifier power
100 W
50 W
150 W
350 W
Maximum power
200 W
160 W
300 W
1300 W
Integrated variable LPF
50-150 Hz - 12 dB/Oct
50-125 Hz -12 dB/Oct
20- 125 Hz - 0 to 12 dB/Oct
50-125 Hz - 12 dB/Oct

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Buying guide - car powered subwoofer

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How to choose your car powered subwoofer

Before buying an amplified subwoofer, there are several criteria to analyze in order to enjoy a better sound experience. Size, power and compatibility with your vehicle are the main ones, but there are also other equally important elements that can influence your choice.

#1 - The size

Most of the time, a subwoofer takes up a lot of space in a car. So it's important to decide in advance which size you think is best. If you want to save space, it's better to go for extra-flat models. It is possible to place them for example under your seats; neither seen nor known!

#2 - The power

Depending on the power, you will be able to enjoy a more or less intense experience. However, you should know that a subwoofer with a power of 150 Watts RMS can be more than enough for you. But that doesn't mean you can't go for more. It's simple, the more power your subwoofer has, the more intense the experience becomes.

#3 - The impedance

Impedance is defined as the resistance of the device to let the current through. This one impacts on the quality of the music. For example, with regard to speakers, the impedance is around 08 Ω. As for a car powered subwoofer, check that the impedance is around 04 Ω. This is a point you should not neglect!

#4 - The compatibility

If you don't take this essential criterion into account, there is a good chance you will lose your money. Indeed, what good will a subwoofer do you if it is not compatible with your audio system? Therefore, it is in your best interest to make sure that all the components of the system are compatible. If not, it will be impossible for you to enjoy the music.

#5 - The connectivity

Connectivity is also part of the criteria to consider when buying a car subwoofer. It is worth noting that the vast majority of these devices have 2 RCA inputs namely one input for each channel (right and left). A rich connectivity will be very practical since it will make the different connections easier.

How do I use an amplified car subwoofer?

Before you can use your powered subwoofer, you'll first need to set it up properly. But first, it's recommended that you disconnect the battery, as you could get hurt if you do something wrong. First step, remove the car radio in order to have access to the connectors. Then, connect the remote and the RCA. Then, connect the set with the amplifier. Once this is done, take the end of the cable and wind it to the terminal (+) of the battery. All that's left to do is connect the amp to the subwoofer. A little tip: don't leave the wires bare, but make sure you insulate them properly. That way, you'll be safe from a short circuit.

Now that your subwoofer is properly installed, it's time to make adjustments to your entire setup. Start by adjusting the gain of your amp! The goal is to make the sound as clear as possible while making sure you don't go beyond the limits of distortion. Next, you'll need to set the filtering according to your preferences. Finally, you'll need to make improvements to the soundstage. When you attend a concert, you may have noticed that the sound comes directly from the stage. Normally, the same thing should happen when enjoying the music inside your vehicle. If you start the music and find that the speakers behind you tend to get loud, you simply turn them down through the amplifier.

In short, the sound should come from the front of the car, not the other way around. It's up to you to find the right settings to adjust the width and height of the sound stage.

The different types of amplified car subwoofers

The choice of a subwoofer depends on the existing installation in the car. There are three main types of subwoofers that you should know about in order to choose the one that best suits your needs.

Passive subwoofer

A passive subwoofer provides the user with a number of significant advantages. Firstly, when your audio system is running at full capacity, the risk of overheating at the speaker is extremely low. Secondly, you can easily make changes to the subwoofer's characteristics. All you have to do is install the frequency filters.

The big disadvantage of passive subwoofers is of course the lack of amplification. In order to work properly, they need to be connected to an amplifier. This means that the user will have to pay a certain amount of money. Also, if you want to enjoy better sound quality, you will still need to make some adjustments to the signal settings.

Active subwoofer

An active subwoofer offers many advantages. First of all, it does not require amplification since it already has one. In addition, it can also include an adjustable crossover. So it does not require the user to buy other equipment. Active subwoofers are also known to be both reliable and durable. Their installation is very easy and does not pose any particular problem.

Despite their many advantages, active subwoofers do have a few drawbacks. Indeed, it can happen that the amplifier starts to produce heat, which will lead to an overheating of the speaker, because the temperature of the air inside will logically increase. In this case, it is very likely that this could eventually affect the sound.

Amplified subwoofer

As its name indicates, this type of subwoofer is equipped with an integrated sound amplifier. It can be described as an "intelligent" device in that it is equipped with an electronic module capable of filtering the frequency. The amplified subwoofers can have a size between 6 and 16 dm3. Therefore, they do not cause a clutter effect if they are properly installed inside your car.

Since the amplifier tends to generate heat, there is a risk of overheating if the user puts too much strain on the device over long periods of time. If this happens too often, the sound may well be affected. As a result, the quality of the sound delivered by the device will no longer be as it was when it was first acquired. The sound experience will gradually lose its intensity.

Amplified subwoofer or bluetooth car speaker?

Amplified subwoofer

An amplified subwoofer allows you to produce low tones efficiently. Without it, your simple speakers will simply distort the deep bass. A subwoofer helps bring more clarity to the sound texture. Moreover, its integration into your audio system will greatly improve the overall reproduction quality.

Compared to stand-alone speakers, a subwoofer can be more cumbersome. Indeed, this equipment is somewhat bulky and requires a special location, which is not the case for the Bluetooth speaker! An amplified subwoofer is not practical either, as you would have to make some connections for it to work!

Bluetooth speaker

The advantages of the Bluetooth speaker are not negligible. First of all, we can mention its ease of installation. In a vehicle, this device can be placed wherever you want it to be. It does not need to be connected with other devices as it uses wireless technology, which is very convenient! In addition, you have the possibility of making calls even while driving via a hands-free kit.

In terms of power, if we compare the Bluetooth speaker with the amplified subwoofer, it is the latter that wins. Indeed, if you put the volume at the maximum on a speaker with a rather mediocre power, it will quickly show its limits! Secondly, even if there are Bluetooth speakers capable of delivering intense bass, it would be a bit difficult for them to match the performance of subwoofers.


Whether it's a subwoofer or a Bluetooth speaker, both devices can provide good sound quality. But if you're one of those people who are absolutely looking for a good reproduction of low frequencies, you'd better opt for an amplified subwoofer! But if your main concern is practicality, then opt for a Bluetooth speaker.

Why buy an amplified car subwoofer?

For a better sound experience

A simple set of speakers can't reproduce the bass as it should. That's why you need a powered subwoofer! It is capable of providing you with an excellent rendition of the nuances. Without going into the technical details, a subwoofer will help produce the best possible sound quality in your vehicle.

For its discretion

A car subwoofer doesn't have to be bulky. For example, the extra-flat models can be placed under the seats so as not to obstruct the view. They are so discreet that you can hardly notice them. If you put them inside your trunk, you can be sure that they won't take up much space.

For ease of installation and use

Installing a subwoofer in a car isn't complicated! In most cases, all you have to do is follow the instructions in the user manual. There are only a few connections to make! But before doing anything, always disconnect your battery to ensure not only your safety, but also that of your devices.

For its robustness and durability

Most subwoofers available on the market have been designed to guarantee great durability. To this end, they are made from specific, ultra-resistant materials. Thanks to their robustness, you can be sure to use them for many years. To avoid any risk of overheating, there are models with efficient cooling mechanisms.

For its design

Long gone are the days when subwoofers were still bulky and not really aesthetic! Nowadays, they are less imposing and have a neat design with a beautiful finish. Therefore, you can easily integrate them into any type of vehicle, whether it's a light car, an off-road vehicle, an SUV or other.

The best brands of amplified car subwoofers

In our opinion, the best brands of amplified car subwoofers in 2022 are :


The Japanese firm, a pioneer in the field of manufacturing speakers, sound systems, and other hi-tech items has many models of powerful and fairly priced subwoofers. In addition to being designer, its devices are also equipped with the best technologies in terms of sound.

This French brand, specialized in the design of car audio systems, and houses has a good reputation among consumers, especially tuning fans. Its subwoofers are capable of properly reproducing the bass you want for your car sound system. It also provides other accessories such as headphones and speakers.

For decades, this American brand has never ceased to amaze with its car sound expertise. Now a subsidiary of the Samsung group, it stands out for the power of its active and amplified subwoofers. Its products are also very compact and adapt to all vehicle models.

Introduced on the market in the 70s, this brand quickly conquered lovers of good sounds. It offers subwoofers combining performance, quality and design. They sell subwoofers and speakers of all sizes and power levels. If you're looking for immersive bass, this brand is for you!

Long on the market, this brand continues to innovate and offer the best subwoofer models to its loyal customers. It offers a variety of devices ranging from the most basic to the most powerful: active, passive or amplified sub. It distinguishes itself from its competitors by the simplicity and cost of its car sound systems.

What is the price for a car powered subwoofer

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

50 £ to 150 £
150 £ to 200 £
more than 200 £
Price range diagram


Tune your car radio properly

If you want a rich sound, set your car radio so that all the sounds are evenly distributed. This means ensuring a perfect balance between highs, mids and lows. If you overemphasize the highs, you'll get a shrill sound. And in case you stress the bass a little too much, the sound will sound muffled!

Clean your subwoofer regularly

To ensure long-lasting use, make sure to clean your subwoofer regularly. Over time, it can happen that dust can accumulate on it. Therefore, you should think about dusting the device. To do this, you can use a dry cloth to remove the dust or use a hair dryer to reach the small nooks and crannies where particles might get lodged.

Test compatibility with your car radio before you buy

Don't make the mistake of neglecting the compatibility of your future subwoofer with your car radio! If you forget to check this aspect, you will buy a product that will not work. Therefore, it will not only be a waste of time, but also of money. If you have any doubts, it's best to call in a professional to make sure you find the right equipment.

Find the best location

As for the ideal placement of your next subwoofer, you have several options. If the unit is large enough, you can install it in the rear trunk of your vehicle. This is the location most drivers use. If the subwoofer is moderate in size, you can simply mount it under a seat.

Secure your powered subwoofer

If you want your subwoofer to have a long life, you better secure it. There are models that incorporate a diaphragm protector, for example. In any case, never put a sharp or pointed object near your subwoofer. Furthermore, it is not advisable to place this device in an area that is highly confined.


What is the best location for a subwoofer in a car?

The ideal space for your powered subwoofer to be safe and provide the bass you want is the trunk of your car. Since this device generates heat, it's essential that the location be well ventilated and wide enough for the sound to disperse properly. Flat subwoofers, on the other hand, can be installed under the seats.

How do you define a sound phase?

There are two phases to getting better sound in the vehicle. If you plan to align your speakers with the subwoofer, you should use phase 0. On the other hand, if you want to set up these devices differently, the 180 inversion will give you a better sound. The important thing is that these devices are in complete coordination. Still, there are subwoofer models that automatically adjust this setting.

How do you find the best amplified car subwoofer?

Findingthe best powered subwoofer is no easy task if it's your first time. But you can still recognize the best model for your vehicle by paying attention to a few things like your needs, the power that matches your car radio, the design or even the options. Price is also a factor that may influence your choice.

How do you connect an amplified car subwoofer?

In general, connecting an amplified subwoofer to the car's car radio is relatively simple. You start by unwinding the cables and locating all the connections that exist on the car radio and the subwoofer. Then you need to find the right installation for the subwoofer and pull the cables through the bodywork to the front of the car to connect them to the car radio. Make sure that the plugs are connected to the right inputs.


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JBL BassPro Nano Ultra-Compact
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