The best outdoor car covers in the UK 2023

Don't have a place to store your car? When you know that the vagaries of the weather will not spare it, you need to find an alternative that will hold up. That's where the outdoor car cover comes in, an essential protection against cold, frost, hail, sun, dust and to extend the life of the vehicle. Save time on research with our comparison of the best outdoor car covers!

Navaris taille L

Editor's Choice

Navaris outdoor car cover size L

The best outdoor car cover in 2021

Whether it is against bad weather, scratches or ultraviolet rays and dust, the Navaris size L will provide all the protection your car needs. In addition, it is of a satisfactory thickness.

65,59 £ on Amazon

Offered at the best price, this car cover provides protection no matter what the circumstances. Indeed, the quality of its design is such that the Navaris size L will help you protect your vehicle from hail, rain and snow. In addition to its safety, this model prevents your car from being soiled by bird droppings, passers-by or even dust.

The Navaris outdoor car cover size L is very durable due to its polyester and EVA fabric. It is also water resistant (pressure of about 4 mm), shock resistant and UV resistant. The size L model presented here measures 480 x 178 x 119 cm. It fits the vast majority of car brands. If by misfortune it does not fit your model, you always have the opportunity to choose the size M or XL.

Favoto FTEU-CarCover

The best cheapest

Favoto FTEU-CarCover

The best entry-level outdoor car cover

The Favoto FTEU-CarCover has been designed with quality materials despite its low price. This 3 kg outdoor car cover is perfect for a sedan from 450 to 495 cm long.

37,59 £ on Amazon

The Favoto FTEU-CarCover is specifically designed for sedans. Lightweight, it fits all sedans from 450 to 495 cm long. It can be used all year round, whether it's hot or cold. Apart from the cover, you will get a nice and practical storage bag in which you can store it when you are not using it.

The Favoto FTEU-CarCover combines several high-performance materials, which guarantees its effectiveness. These include Oxford fabric and cotton that will prevent scratches. It also has a UV protective coating and a waterproof membrane. Dust, UV rays, snow, scratches, dirt and bird droppings will no longer be a problem for your vehicle. On the side, you will discover a zipper allowing you to get out or in without having to remove it.

Color Rain Time YY015

The best premium

Color Rain Time YY015

The best high-end outdoor car cover

Cut to fit a sedan up to 499 cm, this black outdoor car cover works well in all conditions. It's especially notable for its high reflection rate in summer.

105 £ on Amazon
Homdox 5222-2

For SUVs

Homdox 5222-2

The best outdoor car cover for SUV

The Homdox 5222-2 outdoor car cover has 3 layers of material, including Pongee 210T. Designed for SUVs, it is more resistant to UV (UVA and UVB up to 98%) thanks to its black color.

50,39 £ on Amazon

Instead of the usual 130T silver polyester fiber, the manufacturer of the Homdox 5222-2 chose Pongee 210T to design the fabric. The reason is simple. With its 2 other layers including black rubber and waterproof coating, this material promises the outdoor car cover optimal resistance to external aggression and excellent durability.

It is recommended for SUVs (compact, mini or extended-length) although it is universal in size. The Homdox 5222-2 weighs almost 2 kg and measures 485 x 185 x 185 cm. Fluorescent strips enhance the safety of your vehicle at night. In addition, it is equipped with 4 elastic hooks that offer you an easy attachment to the wheels. Clip-on straps simplify installation and storage.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best outdoor car cover

Any specific needs?

The best outdoor car cover in 2021

The best entry-level outdoor car cover

The best high-end outdoor car cover

The best outdoor car cover for SUV

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Comparison table of the best outdoor car covers

Navaris taille L
Favoto FTEU-CarCover
Color Rain Time YY015
Homdox 5222-2
Navaris outdoor car cover size L
Favoto FTEU-CarCover
Color Rain Time YY015
Homdox 5222-2
Whether it is against bad weather, scratches or ultraviolet rays and dust, the Navaris size L will provide all the protection your car needs. In addition, it is of a satisfactory thickness.
The Favoto FTEU-CarCover has been designed with quality materials despite its low price. This 3 kg outdoor car cover is perfect for a sedan from 450 to 495 cm long.
Cut to fit a sedan up to 499 cm, this black outdoor car cover works well in all conditions. It's especially notable for its high reflection rate in summer.
The Homdox 5222-2 outdoor car cover has 3 layers of material, including Pongee 210T. Designed for SUVs, it is more resistant to UV (UVA and UVB up to 98%) thanks to its black color.
Polyester, EVA, non-woven
Oxford fabric, UV protection coating, waterproof membrane, cotton
Polyester taffeta
Polyester, Pongee 210T
480 x 178 x 119 cm
490 x 190 x 150 cm
485 x 185 x 185 cm
3.4 kg
2.9 kg
1.4 kg
2 kg
All seasons
All seasons
All seasons
All seasons
Type of compatible cars
Berline from 450 to 495 cm

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Buying guide - outdoor car cover

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How to choose your outdoor car cover

The outdoor car cover is not chosen at random. Several parameters come into play, here they are:
choisir housse automobile d'extérieur

#1 - The use

The place where you park your car is important. If you tend to leave it outdoors, at the mercy of the weather, you should bet on the solidity of the accessory. An outdoor car cover that is resistant to UV rays and especially to extreme weather conditions will be the best solution. If it rains quite frequently in your area, a waterproof tarp will do the trick. Make sure it is made of a micro-perforated material to limit condensation.

In case you park in your garden or yard, with children often playing outside, make sure the model has a neoprene layer to absorb shocks. This last element will eventually protect your vehicle from hail.

#2 - The material

The advantages obtained over the outdoor car cover vary depending on the material(s) used (anti-UV, shockproof, waterproof...). The latter can be made of PVC, nylon, poly, moltex or fiber. Here, your choice will be based primarily on the degree of protection desired.

No matter which model you prefer, we advise you to choose a breathable material that will be able to evacuate moisture, thus avoiding rust or corrosion. Don't forget that you should also clean your cover from time to time to ensure its longevity. In this case, it's worth choosing an easy-care model.

#3 - The size of the car

All covers differ in shape and size. Therefore, they are not suitable for all 4-wheeled vehicles. To find the right outdoor car cover, consider your type of car, as well as its size. Indeed, the cover will have to be well adjusted to limit as much as possible the entry of humidity inside. This information is usually displayed on the label.

Of course, there are standard sizes, but these will not always fit your car. For more precision, let's take a few examples:

  • If your car is a large car such as an SUV or station wagon, you should choose an outdoor car cover measuring approximately 470 x 180 x 185 cm (size XL or XXL).
  • For a small city car or a compact sedan, we recommend a cover of approximately 270 x 160 x 130 cm (size S).

#4 - The level of protection

This criterion concerns the exact number of layers making up the cover. Ideally, we recommend a model with a minimum of 2 layers. The inner layer should be as soft as cotton in order to protect your vehicle and the paintwork from micro-scratches and scuffs. On the other hand, the outer layer should be made of a material that is both breathable (microperforated) and waterproof, and can withstand the vagaries of nature (hail, frost, rain, bird droppings...).

Moreover, make a point of honor on outdoor car covers with effective straps or elastics. An anti-UV coating will of course be welcome in case you fear the risk of cracking during hot weather.

#5 - The seams and eyelets

There are 2 types of sewing: elastic hem on the bottom or only at the corners of the tarp. Your choice will depend on the wind strength in the area where you plan to park your car. For maximum protection, choose a cover with an elastic hem that covers the entire car perfectly.

However, some models do not have enough dimensions to be easily fixed during a strong wind although they are stretchy and tight. In this case, the presence of a set of eyelets could be necessary. This will allow you to attach a rope if you don't want the tarp to fly away.

How to install an outdoor car cover?

Installing an outdoor car cover can seem complex. However, it can be done in a few minutes by one person. You just need to know how to install it to do it. Here are some practical tips that will help you cover your car with a protective cover in a few simple steps.

Identify the front of the cover

It's important to identify the sides of the cover before installing it. This will make it much easier to install. Usually, manufacturers put a "front" label on outdoor car covers. Look for this label. It will tell you which part will fit over the front of the car.

Unfold the cover from the front

The front label will help you identify the different parts of the cover. However, it will be more difficult to put it on first, since it will be positioned vertically at the bumper. You can already go up to the part that covers the hood. Place the adapted wall on the hood and let the "front" part fall down.

Then pull the cover backwards. So that the roof and the sides are covered. The presence of mirror sleeves can be an advantage. They can help you center the cover better. You'll have less trouble pulling it back to cover the entire car.

Close the cover

The cover closes automatically around the car if it has a soft elastic tightening. Simply make sure the cover is centered by pulling on the sides. You will have to pull if the cover has a drawstring tightening. Pull until the edges of the cover are well wrapped around the body of the car. Again, remember to adjust the position of the cover before tightening the cords.

The different types of outdoor car covers

This is it, your decision is made! You are going to buy your outdoor car cover. But you still need to find the right model. To guide you, let's discover the different types that currently exist.

Waterproof outdoor car cover

Housse automobile d’extérieur imperméable

It is highly recommended if you live in an area subject to frequent rainfall. You won't have to worry about paint chipping or rusting. Usually, the car cover has an outer layer of synthetic material that allows it to be more resistant to rain, snow or bird droppings.

On the inside, it is made of a softer fabric that will preserve the paint. The protective accessory conforms to the shape of the vehicle and is easily adjustable in the front and back. No need to remove the cover, it has a zipper through which it opens on the driver's side.

Hailproof outdoor car cover

Housse automobile d’extérieur anti-grêle

As the name suggests, this car cover will preserve your car's body, windows and windshield from hail. It is usually made from a durable canvas or polyethylene fabric. The inside of the cover is lined with different layers, including neoprene foam, which gives it the ability to withstand the devastating impacts of winter conditions.

Of course, it will also serve to protect your car from frost and UV rays. Ventilation systems complete the package and prevent condensation and mold. Reflective strips are placed on the outside to ensure optimal visibility. Like the previous model, this one has elastic bands and clip-on fasteners.

Frostproof outdoor car cover

Housse automobile d’extérieur anti-gel

It's safe to say that the car's windshield is already at the stage of freezing when the temperature is below 0. You are then obliged to use a scraper to get rid of the frost. If you don't do it right, however, visibility will be less than optimal and may even be fatal to your own safety when you venture out on the road.

With a frost-free outdoor car cover, there is no risk of frost damaging your body paint or covering all of your windows. You will also avoid blocked doors, irreparable damage to the internal components of the vehicle (engine out of order for example), stuck windshield wipers... It is composed of about 6 layers of different materials such as soft cotton, aluminum to be waterproof and abrasion resistant, non-woven fabric covering, PE, EVA, etc.

Flexible outdoor car cover or inflatable car cover?

Outdoor soft car cover

This is the most common type of outdoor car cover. Different materials like nylon, moltex or PVC are used for its manufacture. It consists of several soft fabric walls sewn together to fit the general shape of a car. The soft cover can be used indoors or outdoors. The indoor models are made of breathable fabrics. Those for indoor use are more complex. They are weather resistant and usually waterproof.

Prices for soft car covers vary greatly from one model to another. The most basic ones can be bought from about thirty euros while the most sophisticated ones cost several hundred euros. In any case, the cover is quite easy to install and is a very good solution to protect a car from dust, sun and dirt.

Inflatable car cover

The inflatable car cover is a fairly recent invention. It consists of inflatable PVC walls that form a transparent bubble around the car. The protection is complete since the cover has a flexible base on which the car is placed. The bodywork, but also the tires and all parts of the vehicle are protected from external corrosion factors. You can still admire the car through the transparent walls.

Please note that the inflatable cover is only used indoors. Outside, the risk of puncturing the walls is quite high. The accessory serves as an additional protection for a car already stored in a garage. This type of car cover is also very expensive. On average, it costs 400 € to buy an inflatable car cover.


The inflatable cover will only suit you if you want to protect a car that you don't use regularly and that is carefully kept in a garage. The outdoor car cover will remain the best solution to protect a car outside without spending too much money.

Why buy an outdoor car cover?

pourquoi acheter housse automobile d'extérieur

The protection of the car

An outdoor car cover is a more complex product than it seems. The outer fabric is designed to resist moisture, but also dust, the corrosive effects of the sun's rays, frost in winter and even hail. The inner part is softer. It protects the bodywork and windows from scratches and external agents that could attack them. With the exterior cover, you will guarantee optimal protection for your vehicle.

The ease of use

The use of an exterior car cover is very easy. You don't need to do any installation work unlike the installation of a hard shelter with a roof. It is not necessary to find a permanent space to deploy the cover. It can be placed wherever the car is. Best of all, you won't spend more than ten minutes covering your car with the outdoor cover.

Compatible with all cars

The outdoor cover fits almost any everyday car. There is something for every category, from small city cars to utility vehicles, sedans, sports cars and SUVs. Just choose the right model for your car and make sure the dimensions match. A cover that is too big will be difficult to place and quite unsightly.

The price

The most affordable outdoor car covers can be bought from about 30 euros. The most sophisticated models can cost up to 600 €. In any case, the purchase of the cover will be more advantageous than the construction of a hard carport in terms of costs. With the wide price range mentioned above, you should be able to find a model that fits your car and is priced to fit your budget.


Contrary to what you might think, the outdoor car cover can be very durable. Of course, it will be exposed to many external factors that will wear it out more or less quickly. Today, outdoor car covers are very resistant to sunlight and extreme conditions such as frost and hail.

The best brands of outdoor car covers

In our opinion, the best brands of outdoor car covers in 2022 are :

Color Rain Time
Amazon Basics

Navaris offers a wide range of outdoor car covers. Its models are designed for different types of urban and utility cars. Navaris highlights the diversity of its covers, but also their superior quality, whether it is an indoor or outdoor model.

Favoto is the specialist in tarpaulins and covers for vehicles of all kinds. The brand has a very rich catalog of products consisting of covers for cars, motorcycles and trailers. Favoto puts forward innovative technologies in order to make its covers effective protection accessories that are affordable for everyone.

Color Rain Time develops a wide range of products from weather stations to car covers. The brand offers high quality products that are available at particularly affordable prices. Color Rain Time is among the modern firms that are present exclusively online. You can order its outdoor car covers from various e-commerce platforms.

Time Homdox develops various accessories for automotive use and maintenance. You can find strong, practical and durable indoor and outdoor car covers in the brand's catalog. The quality of its products perfectly rivals that of larger, more well-known brands on the market. Even better, Time Homdox displays very advantageous prices by distributing its products exclusively on the Internet.

Amazon Basics is now one of the largest suppliers of everyday items in the world. One can find in its catalog composed of several million products car covers. The quality/price ratio remains the big asset of the supplier affiliated with the giant Amazon. Amazon Basics car covers are suitable for all common cars on the market.

What is the price for an outdoor car cover

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

30 £ to 75 £
75 £ to 125 £
more than 125 £
Price range diagram


Park in a shady area

Of course, the outdoor car cover protects your car from the sun. However, it is not able to prevent temperature rises when the car is parked in the sun. If possible, park your car in a shaded area before covering it with a cover, especially if it will remain in the same place for a long time. This will do the car good and extend the life of the cover.

Continue to maintain the car

In some cases, the car can stay in the same place under the cover for several months. Of course, the protection of the cover is optimal. Even so, don't forget to maintain the vehicle to keep it in good condition. From time to time, uncover the cover in order to clean the body and perform small maintenance.

Choose a cover that is suitable for the climate

When choosing the outdoor car cover, don't forget to take into account the climate. If you reside in a warm region, you will need a cover that is resistant to UV rays and heat. On the other hand, if the car is parked in an area with harsh winters, the outdoor car cover you choose will need to withstand those weather conditions.

Choose a cover that is easy to wash

At some point, you will need to wash your cover to keep it in good condition. It will collect dust, moisture and dirt that may have settled on your car. Choose models that can be washed in the washing machine. You will spend less time and effort washing the cover. Note, however, that some models, such as inflatable outdoor car covers, cannot be washed.

A fitted cover for better protection

The fitted outdoor car cover has dimensions designed to fit a particular type of car, or even a particular model. Its surface completely covers the car, and elastic bands serve as a flexible clamp to keep it in place. These fitted models are easier to install and offer better protection for your car.


What size for an outdoor car cover?

The size of the cover will depend mainly on the dimensions of the vehicle. Of course, you don't have to choose a cover specifically designed for the make and model of your car. Instead, take into account the category of the vehicle. For example, a cover for a city car with a hatchback body will not be able to completely cover a three-door sedan.

Does the outdoor car cover need to be waterproof?

Waterproof models are recommended to protect the car from moisture. Yet they also retain moisture inside, which can encourage body rust. Therefore, you can choose a permeable car cover. If you still prefer a waterproof cover, remember to uncover it from time to time so that the moisture is wicked away.

Can an outdoor car cover be used in a garage?

Yes! You can always use the cover to cover your car that is already parked in a garage. However, it will be more expensive to purchase. So, if you have a permanent garage, an indoor car cover will be more suitable in terms of cost. It will be more than enough to protect the car from dust and external factors that can affect its condition.

Standard car cover or custom car cover?

Customized outdoor car cover remains the best option. It is cut according to the dimensions and shape of your car. However, it is relatively expensive and will not fit other models as well. If you want to limit your expenses, a standard car cover is the best option for you. Simply choose a model whose dimensions best suit your car.


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Navaris taille L
Navaris outdoor car cover size L
Favoto FTEU-CarCover
Favoto FTEU-CarCover
Color Rain Time YY015
Color Rain Time YY015
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Homdox 5222-2


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