The best swimwear in the UK 2023

Summer and winter alike, swimwear has become an essential part of our wardrobe. It is no longer enough to swim in the pool or in the sea. It is now a fashion accessory, whose choice should be studied on all angles. So, which one are you going to choose: the one you've been dreaming about for ages, or the one your friends recommend? Here are our tips and selections of the best swimsuits to make the right choice.


Best value for money


The best swimsuit

Very elegant two-piece swimsuit for a day at the beach and to be seen. Its original cut will make you stand out from the crowd. Cut in a soft and comfortable material, it also features colors with a tropical touch.

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This bikini is proposed for the bath, and especially for the beach. The top seduces with a thin halter that ties at the back, as well as the criss-cross details at the back. The cup produces a push up effect to highlight the chest. The printed triangular bottom has a low waist and moderate coverage of the buttocks. Composition: 82% Nylon and 18% Spandex for the swimsuit, and 95% Polyester and 5% Spandex for the lining. It is recommended to wash this swimsuit by hand and separately from other colored garments.


Best value for money


The best entry-level swimsuit

Yes, it is indeed a swimsuit, but not only. Shape, colors and patterns will make you want to wear it to the beach, to the workout or to the party. It has all the elements to seduce your loved ones.

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The first thing that strikes you is the 3D patterns of this Men's Swimsuit or Beach Short. You will have a wide choice of 3D patterns transforming your body into unusual and original scenes. The colors are bright and resistant to washing and sun. This swimsuit is cut from a blend of 80% polyester and 20% spandex, a soft and cool material that dries quickly and absorbs perspiration. The comfort of the material leaves you free to move. For your walks, a large pocket is available for your phone or wallet.

HerzmutterPregnancy Tankini 3

Best high end

HerzmutterPregnancy Tankini

The best high-end swimsuit

Herzmutter wanted to offer pregnant and breastfeeding women the possibility to remain beautiful in all circumstances. The pregnancy and maternity tankini is a beach accessory that combines aesthetics with the specific functionality of the wearer.

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Cut from an elastic material, the Takini has a comfortable feel and does not irritate the skin. It adapts to the growing volume of the belly without feeling like it's compressing. The seams and edges are soft and reinforced to prevent incisions on the skin. It is primarily aesthetic with colors and a cut that emphasizes femininity in all its splendor. It is also functional, as the top has a built-in bustier with gathers from the middle that support the breasts. The swimsuit has a low V waist made to support the baby.


Lace swimsuit


Lace swimsuit

If some people think that lace is part of a bygone world, CUPSHE has dared to give it back its letters of nobility with this lovely one-piece lace swimsuit. A vintage model that will enhance your femininity.

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This one-piece swimsuit has a cutout with gathers under a chest with padded cups. With an elastic material, it perfectly fits your shape and refines your silhouette. The adjustable straps cross at the back for an ideal fit. The cut of the swimsuit in general seems sober and classic, but it was without counting the plunging neckline up to the navel letting glimpse of the chest which is still supported by crossed straps. And this neckline is edged with a delicious lace, the central attraction of this swimsuit. Dare to show your femininity while remaining elegant and casual.

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The best swimsuit

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Lace swimsuit

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Comparison table of the best swimwear

HerzmutterPregnancy Tankini 7
HerzmutterPregnancy Tankini
Very elegant two-piece swimsuit for a day at the beach and to be seen. Its original cut will make you stand out from the crowd. Cut in a soft and comfortable material, it also features colors with a tropical touch.
Yes, it is indeed a swimsuit, but not only. Shape, colors and patterns will make you want to wear it to the beach, to the workout or to the party. It has all the elements to seduce your loved ones.
Herzmutter wanted to offer pregnant and breastfeeding women the possibility to remain beautiful in all circumstances. The pregnancy and maternity tankini is a beach accessory that combines aesthetics with the specific functionality of the wearer.
If some people think that lace is part of a bygone world, CUPSHE has dared to give it back its letters of nobility with this lovely one-piece lace swimsuit. A vintage model that will enhance your femininity.
Adjustable Push Up
3D swim shorts
Maternity Tankini
One-piece with Lace
Bikini Beach
2 Pieces
80% Polyamide, 20% Elastane
2 pieces with flower design
goes with everything: swimming, surfing, walking, running, gym, vacation, beach and party
UV Protection
Size: Human body size. Bra size (XS: 30C / 30D / 32A / 32B; S: 32C / 32D / 34A / 34B; M: 34C / 34D / 36A / 36B; L: 36C / 36D / 38A / 38B; XL: 38D / 40B / 40C / 40D; XXL: 40A / 40B / 40C / 40D)

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How to choose your swimsuit

A swimsuit must provide comfort to its wearer, but at the same time highlight his figure. But how to choose a swimsuit?

#1 - The use

First of all, it is necessary to determine the use of the swimsuit before buying it. Indeed, the difference lies in this point since the choices will be different depending on whether it is for tanning, parading on the beach or swimming. Also, a swimsuit for a sporty vacation should better support the chest, hence the unnecessary headband. On the contrary, to stay at the seaside, it is better to prefer a swimsuit that will optimize the traces of tanning on the body.

#2 - A swimsuit adapted to your morphology


very important


, the morphology must be taken into account when choosing a swimsuit. This allows to wear it with pleasure insofar as it will confer a pleasant look and a certain comfort.

#3 - The right model

Based on age, it would also be more suitable to choose a more suitable model, either an uncovered body for the younger and more covered for the less young, especially for the female gender


#4 - The material


will have to choose between lycra and polyester. Whenever possible, it is better to prefer lycra for more comfort.

#5 - Style and color


the style should match the personality, as well as the colors. It should reflect the trend, but above all assert its personality. Flashy colors and patterns are allowed in moderation depending on age.

How to choose the size of a swimsuit?

Choosing a swimsuit size is always a small problem. This is because you have to know your size and measurements to do so. To help you solve it, here are some tips on how to choose the right size.

Measurements to know when choosing a swimsuit

Measurements can vary depending on the type of swimsuit you choose.

Measurements for tops and one-piece suits

To get the measurements for tops and one-piece swimsuits, you need to measure the chest horizontally, passing through the point of the breasts.
You should also measure the waist at the navel for the choice of a one-piece swimsuit.

Measurements for bikini bottoms

For bikini bottoms, the only useful measurement is the circumference of the pelvis, measured at the highest point.

How to get the right measurements

The definition of measurements must take into account that the bikini will be worn directly on the body. In this case, whenever possible, measurements should be taken in underwear or even naked.

In any case, the tape measure should be measured in centimeters and not too tightly around the body while taking the measurements. Also, the swimsuits sold in the market are of standard size, hence the importance of measuring the most essential parts, namely the chest and the pelvis.

Once you know these basic measurements, you can refer to the standard size of each country to choose the right size of your swimsuit, whatever the model.

The different types of swimwear

With summer approaching, it's time to choose your vacation items, not least of which is your swimsuit. Discover below 3 types of swimsuits.

2-piece swimsuit

A popular type of swimsuit for women, it is a sexy model composed of a bra and panties in different shapes. It allows to reveal a good part of the body while enhancing it.

The bikini is part of the two-piece swimsuit. It is composed of a triangle top and a small panty connected by two strings. It can be padded or not, and comes in various forms.

The bandeau is a composition of a two-piece swimsuit. It is a bra in the form of a bandeau and without straps to cover the chest.

Men's boxer swimsuit


of the last few years, the boxer swimsuit for men resembles in every way the eponymous men's underwear except in terms of material. With a very fitted waist, it ensures a perfect fit during swimming sessions. Practical, it provides both style and comfort on the beach or in the pool. It enhances the figure while balancing and refining the silhouette.

Pregnancy swimsuit


pregnancy swimsuit allows a pregnant woman to move and swim in comfort and confidence. It is a swimsuit that highlights curves while shaping the figure and hiding imperfections. It often comes in a tankini made up of two separate pieces, including the maternity panties and the long tank top that covers the entire stomach. It can be strapless or tied in the back to better fit the morphology. It is a swimsuit that supports the chest without compressing it.

Swimsuit or bikini


A swimsuit allows you to hide your belly, while giving a slimming effect on your waist. A swimsuit comes in a variety of styles that enhance the chest and hips. It provides a more secure fit over the entire body during swimming sessions, making it more comfortable in public.

A swimsuit is impractical for tanning because of the time it takes to dry. The shaping effect is only effective with a lined swimsuit. This type of swimsuit can hide the clean lines of the figure. A swimsuit can be considered an outdated fashion compared to the bikinis and trikinis of today.


A bikini enhances a woman's body type, including a flat stomach, a slim waist and a well-rounded buttocks. A bikini optimizes tanning because it dries quickly. Bikinis can also be used to enhance small breasts, using a gathered band for added volume. Similarly, draping over the panties gives the illusion of more rounded hips.

Wearing a bikini can be limited in age. Otherwise, while sitting under the sun with a round belly, the small bulge between the two pieces quickly becomes apparent to create a problem, especially for those who have complexes. Bikinis cannot help hide cellulite on the stomach.


The trendy swimsuit for young people is the bikini. While the classic swimsuit is rather adopted by everyone and all ages.


Choosing the right size of swimsuit

Choosing the right size for your swimsuit is all about knowing the size of your underwear, both bra and panties. Swimsuit sizes cannot be expressed in the same way for a one-piece or two-piece swimsuit, and again with or without underwire.
For a top with underwire, the size corresponds to the lingerie bra size. If the top is without underwiring, you should refer to the standard size from 1 to 4 depending on the size of your chest.
For the bottom, whatever the model (high waist, low waist or string), the size corresponds to that of the lingerie.
A one-piece swimsuit with or without underwire is chosen according to the size and depth of the lingerie bra, with a size ranging from 1 to 5.

Tie your swimsuit


of recent years, the knotted swimsuit takes on various forms for more style and originality.
To get off the beaten path, it is possible to cross the straps over the chest before tying them behind the neck.
It is also possible to turn the straps around each other in the middle of the chest before tying them around the neck.
The other option is to tie a knot in the back, then hang the laces on the tops of the triangles so that the end is hidden at the end.

Complete your swimsuit with accessories


are a few essential accessories to adopt in addition to your swimsuit to better enjoy your trips to the pool or beach. These include sunglasses for eye protection and style. The hat is also in first line, with a choice between straw, floppy hat or panama. Otherwise, the sarong or the loincloth is another accessory to bring more exotic touch to the outfit. Otherwise, it is possible to cover the swimsuit with a simple transparent or mesh kimono to be more original.

Opt for a quality swimsuit


for a quality swimsuit allows you to keep it as long

as possible.

This means choosing a swimsuit that is resistant to the sun, heat (sun and sauna), as well as pool products. A quality swimsuit will not lose its shape or elasticity, even with frequent use. In this case, the most resistant fabrics to have a quality swimsuit are Lycra fiber and polyamide. A swimsuit made from these fabrics will not deteriorate after a few washes.

Choosing a swimsuit shape adapted to your body type


swimsuit adapted to its morphology confers comfort and enhances the silhouette. A one-piece swimsuit is suitable for an oval body type with a small chest, and for the same body type but with a large chest, it is preferable to choose a bikini.
A two-piece swimsuit is suitable for a V shape, hourglass shape or inverted pyramid to highlight the lower body.
For a woman with an inverted triangle (A) shape, a two-piece swimsuit with a top with a reinforced cup and wide straps, as well as low-cut panties, is more appropriate.
Bikinis and trikinis are suitable for curvy women, or in the shape of a figure 8 with bright colors to match the trend.
Those with a rectangular shape can afford all models, one-piece, two-piece, trikini and bandeaux.


What is the best swimsuit?

The best swimsuit depends on your needs and your budget. Read our buying guide to find out which products are the best at the moment.

Which fabric for a swimsuit?

Stretch lycra is without a doubt the ideal fabric for a swimsuit. Whenever possible, you should choose a fabric with at least 10% elastane for more elasticity. Polyamide is another fabric made of synthetic fibre. It is very strong and has a high elasticity. Another synthetic fibre that can be used for a swimsuit is polyester, which has a specific weave that allows good moisture wicking. Lightweight, it retains heat, is sweat resistant and UV resistant.

Why buy an anti UV swimsuit?

For some time now, the anti-UV swimsuit has been popular with adults and children alike. Its role is to reflect the sun's UV rays in order to protect the child. Whenever possible, it is best to choose brands that comply with manufacturing standards, including ecological and UPF standards. This ensures that the fabric does not contain any harmful materials and that it offers an optimal level of protection, whether it is wet or dry.

What swimsuit to wear when you are small?

Small and slim, it is better to opt for low cut bikinis, in order to stretch the figure. Full-bodied women should opt for a sheathing one-piece swimsuit with a V-neckline for a small chest and a plunging neckline for a large chest. The black colour also helps to give a slimmer look. Otherwise, swimsuit models with vertical stripes are also to be preferred to give a more slender look.

What is a tankini?

A combination of two types of clothing, the tankini consists of a tank top and a bikini top. In fashion since the end of the 90s, this model of swimsuit confers comfort and aestheticism to the wearer, especially for its practicality. Indeed, thanks to the separation of the top and bottom, going to the bathroom becomes easier, while wearing a fashionable and stylish swimsuit. It is especially suitable for curvy and pregnant women to hide the belly, and also to protect the skin from the sun's rays.


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