The best strategy board games in the UK 2023

A strategy board game allows you to disconnect from your screen as well as from social networks. Without counting the rise of video games, it is often difficult to choose between a card game and a chess or Monopoly game. In this complete guide, we suggest you discover a world that is a little forgotten, that of strategy board games.

Uno Flip + Uno Extreme Mattel Games 1

Editor's Choice

Uno Flip + Uno Extreme Mattel Games

The best strategy board game in 2021

Do you like playing Uno? Have even more fun with Uno Flip and Uno Extreme! This wacky version of the board and card game will make the game even more fun.

37,59 £ on Amazon

Mattel Games brand is relaunching its Uno card game in Uno Extreme and Uno Flip with more options for players. It has actually added extra Action cards like +5 and Everybody Passes Their Turn card to make theatmosphere more fun.

You have for example the double-sided playable cards for more fun. This new version of the Uno card game includes 112 cards and the rules of the game. But as always, the player wins when he has only one card left in his hand and then we hear the famous "UNO".

Skyjo of Magilano 2

The best cheapest

Skyjo of Magilano

The best cheap strategy board game

Experience this sensational card game! Skyjo is sure to entertain both young and old. The rules of the game are very simple, but you'll have to pay attention in order to win!

11,96 £ on Amazon

Skyjo by Magilano is the ideal strategy board game to spend good times with your family. This card game is played in several rounds of only a few minutes. The objective is to get the fewest points possible.

Once a player has collected 100 points or more, the game is over. And in the end, the player with the fewest points wins. The rules of the game are very easy to learn. In fact, it is possible to play it from the age of eight! But be careful, you have to stay focused and attentive to the actions of your opponents while being careful to win the game.

Wooden chess set Chessebook 3

The best high-end

Wooden chess set Chessebook

The best premium strategy board game

Do you like chess games? We present you this beautifully carved wooden chess set. It is ideal as a decorative object, but also to spend relaxing moments with friends.

79,96 £ on Amazon

Chess is the board game of all generations. It brings health benefits to the players. This chess board is lightweight and you can take it with you to school, the park or a friend's house. In addition, the chessboard comes with a case that allows you to carry it without losing the pieces that are carefully stored in each square that will be dedicated to them.

The main design material is wood. It offers a beautiful design to the chessboard and the pieces of the game. The height of the King is 80 mm, an important aspect considering that he is the main target of this board game. Presented as a simulacrum of war, a chess game improves the faculty of analysis and the ability to solve problems.

Carcassonne Big Box Asmodee 4

The best alternative

Carcassonne Big Box Asmodee

A great alternative

Do you like tactical and construction games? Build cities, abbeys, inns, roads with Carcassonne! The Big Boss allows you to extend the game with great extensions.

47,92 £ on Amazon
Buying guide • November 2023

Best strategy board game

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The best strategy board game in 2021

The best cheap strategy board game

The best premium strategy board game

A great alternative

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Comparison table of the best strategy board games

Uno Flip + Uno Extreme Mattel Games 5
Skyjo of Magilano 6
Wooden chess set Chessebook 7
Carcassonne Big Box Asmodee 8
Uno Flip + Uno Extreme Mattel Games
Skyjo of Magilano
Wooden chess set Chessebook
Carcassonne Big Box Asmodee
Do you like playing Uno? Have even more fun with Uno Flip and Uno Extreme! This wacky version of the board and card game will make the game even more fun.
Experience this sensational card game! Skyjo is sure to entertain both young and old. The rules of the game are very simple, but you'll have to pay attention in order to win!
Do you like chess games? We present you this beautifully carved wooden chess set. It is ideal as a decorative object, but also to spend relaxing moments with friends.
Do you like tactical and construction games? Build cities, abbeys, inns, roads with Carcassonne! The Big Boss allows you to extend the game with great extensions.
Level of difficulty
Type of game
Card game
Game of cards
Chess game
Tile game
Age of players
From 7 years old
From 8 years old
From 6 or 7 years old
Ages 7 and up
Number of players
2 to 10 players
2 to 8 players
2 players
2 to 6 players
Duration of a game
About 30 mn
About 30 mn
15 mn for a quick game
About 35 min.

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How to choose your strategy board game

A strategy board game is a tool for human creativity and imagination. It increases the ability to solve problems. However, there are criteria that must be taken into account to ensure maximum enjoyment.

#1 - The universe

The universe of a strategy board game is the first condition for it to be attractive to players. It is important to choose a game that suits your taste and interests or those of your family. You can also choose a theme that arouses your children's curiosity. Some games may, for example, develop a passion for geography, history or mathematics.

#2 - The objective of the game

The objective of a board game may vary from one model to another. In some cases, it will involve solving a puzzle and in others, it will involve simulating real battles. It is also possible to work as a team to figure out how to get through the game. But ideally, try to choose a game with an innovative way of working in order to have a new adventure or try a new experience with your relatives or friends.

#3 - The difficulty level

Actually, some publishers of modern strategy board games have classified them according to the difficulty of the game and the level of the players. Depending on the complexity of the game, the game can go on for hours or even days, especially since the universe can also evolve as the game is played. Nevertheless, a family strategy board game is still a source of entertainment and not necessarily a problem to solve. Also, start by choosing a level of difficulty appropriate to the age of the participants.

#4 - The number of players

The number of players in board games varies depending on the type of game. Having an opponent is much more fun. The more players, the more entertaining it is. Family strategy board games, for example, require between 5 and 6 players. One example is Monopoly, which is a great game for spending time with the family. If it concerns a strategy board game for two people, opt for traditional board games like "Fanorona" from Madagascar or "Mah-jong" from China.

#5 - The design

Strategy board games must also be visually appealing to bring atmosphere between players. Prioritize games with light colors. The better the design, the more you will want to play it and attract more people to play with you. The color issue starts with the packaging of the game, followed by each of its elements such as the pieces, cards, etc.

How do you win at a strategy board game?


1- Forming the mindset of a winner

It is stated that board games have positive psychological impacts. Therefore, one must have the mindset of a winner from the beginning of the game to be more successful. That said, winning at the strategy board game must involve mastering the rules of the game on the tips of one's fingers. This is because if you don't follow the rules, players can penalize you during the game. This mindset of a winner can help your children overcome problems for their studies and even throughout their lives.

2- Have endurance

Sometimes a game of strategy board games lasts for several hours. Games like Clue or Dobble require physical and mental stamina. Effectively, this type of game requires total concentration from the players. A moment of inattention can cost you a victory that seemed already acquired.

3- Be prepared

Before taking an exam, preparation is key. The same is true for a strategy board game. A chess tournament is a case in point, as the preparation phase will increase your chances of success. Mental and physical preparation is necessary regardless of the level of the tournament. Your moves should be reviewed in advance to destabilize your opponent. A good preparation also involves a better management of emotions. This way, you can make sensible decisions in front of your opponent during the day.

4- Winning in defeat

A defeat doesn't always mean you've lost. You can learn from that defeat, and already prepare for the next game. In a strategy board game, you can plan your strategy in advance to achieve your goals based on your experience in the game. This will teach you to persevere and never give up.

The different types of strategy board games

The strategy board game is a culture, but also a hobby. Every year, new concepts and improved versions are offered to enthusiasts. In general, there are the following types of board games:

Battle or war games

The objective of this type of board game is to beat your opponent by using, for example, your pieces to take, immobilize or eliminate his. The game ends when your opponent can no longer play any pawns or when a key piece (like the king in chess) is eliminated. It can also simulate conquering territories at the expense of your opponent's.

Often, one becomes an outstanding strategist by playing battle games many times. These strategy board games also foster a winning spirit in players. Negotiation and deterrence skills are born as you play with your family and friends.

Card games

This type of game is suitable and accessible to all ages. All over the world, card games are played with family, friends or in places dedicated to games. Depending on the game, traditional playing cards are used or specific formats for the game in question.

One thing to keep in mind is that strategy card games are both games of chance and logic. They require memory and reasoning to guess your opponents' tricks or play your best cards at the right time. Belote and poker are among the most popular strategy board games that use playing cards.

Simulation games

As the name implies, these strategy board games simulate behaviors and decisions you would make in real-life situations. However, it is a fictional story and scenarios that are formed as you play your part.

This is especially true of board games like Monopoly where you can buy land to build houses or hotels, where you also risk jail and bankruptcy! This type of game will thus call upon your abilities to manage a situation or your money through tokens, playing cards... This is for example the case of investigation games or Escape Game in which you will have to solve the problem as a team or faster than your opponents.

Word games

Letter games are among the most famous strategy board games. The goal of a word game is to compose or discover a word through letters. They can be played with tokens, like scrabble or vertimo, and dice. Currently, word games are available in physical and digital versions.

Word games have the ability to work the brain. They allow you to enrich your vocabulary and to discover the French language or another foreign language. Like all strategy board games, the final outcome depends entirely on the decisions of each player.

Strategy game or game of chance?

When it comes to board games, you can choose from a variety of game types and worlds. While some will use your intelligence, others rely entirely on luck or chance. But for fun with family and friends, which option is best?

Strategy games

A strategy board game not only allows you to interact with others, but also to develop skills that you may not even know you have. In addition to being fun, the strategy board game is a learning game. It teaches you how to be a fighter in life. In fact, at the end of each game, you learn a new lesson.

Games of chance

As the name suggests, this type of game is based solely on chance. Despite your intellectual skills, you may not know the outcome of the game. These board games are irreplaceable for their entertainment value, fun for yourself, your friends and your family. They also strengthen family ties, especially since all participants theoretically have the same chance of success.


Both types of board games undeniably offer a lot of fun for the whole family. But if you have to make a choice, why not go for the one that entertains and educates at the same time? Even if you don't come out a winner, you know you've done your best, because success or failure wasn't just a matter of chance.

Seven good reasons to play strategy board games

Are you still hesitating to buy a strategy board game? The following reasons will certainly convince you to spend good moments with family or friends around such a game.

1- Improves children's intelligence quotient

Without a doubt, strategy board games are good for kids. They stimulate their brain while making them more resourceful and creative. By playing strategy games on a regular basis, they can become smart strategists, resourceful and skilled negotiators. By being confronted with more or less complex situations in strategy board games, children can also develop their ability to resolve conflicts and find solutions to different problems.

2- Maintains and improves memory

Strategy board games are beneficial for memory, not only for children, but also for elderly people. For example, they help in the treatment of Alzheimer's disease and senile dementia. Indeed, by playing strategy board games, the mind can stay active longer and the cognitive abilities maintained.

3- Develops the senses

Playing strategy games improves concentration as well as observation skills. It helps foster your children's sensory skills by making them more attentive and responsive. In addition, some games can increase their sense of imagination and creativity.

4- Builds personality

Strategy board games have a positive influence on personality. They build patience, team spirit, skill, sociability, self-confidence and many other useful skills for personal development. They are also excellent educational tools for teaching children to develop intellectually and overcome shyness.

5- Makes you happy

They are first and foremost games, that is, equipment dedicated to fun. Strategy board games create happiness, as they bring laughter and enthusiasm to the players. Studies have shown that these are essential ingredients for relieving stress. Apart from that, playing strategy board games triggers the release of endorphins, "happy hormones" that are released by the brain and are involved in the reward of pleasure.

6- Strengthens bonds

Board games in general allow you to spend time with your loved ones. You can strengthen your bonds with friends, colleagues or family members. By playing a game with strangers, they also allow you to forge new friendships or make new connections. Their goal is to bring people together around the same passion.

7- Allows to have fun

A game of chess or mahjong will help you disconnect from the real world for a while. A board game promises hours of fun. Besides, there is no time limit as long as the players always want to continue the game. It helps you create wonderful memories. With strategy board games, there is never a dull moment!

The best brands of strategy board games

In our opinion, the best brands of strategy board games in 2022 are :

Mattel Games

Mattel Games is a company manufacturing games and toys for children and families. The brand offers various board games namely board games, card games and travel games. Besides, we know Mattel Games for its scrabbles, Uno, Skip-Bo or Dos.

Iello excels in the publishing and distribution of hobby games and toys. King of Tokyo was the first game developed by the brand. Its objective is to meet the expectations of the new curious generations. It wants to bring innovation to board games. Currently, the brand has many ranges of card games, board games, figurines, miniatures, gashapons and dice.

Chessebook is a brand that manufactures chess games as well as chess, checkers and backgammon sets. By its name, it is mainly specialized in chess sets. The company offers chess sets in a variety of materials, including wooden chess boards and magnetic chess sets in different formats. The company also offers a beautiful storage case for the pawns and chessboard.

Asmodee is a leader in the manufacture of games and toys for children and adults. It offers board games as well as card games on the market. It also has strategy games like Splendor, a board game for adults and for the family. It is recognized by the Dixit board game, a storytelling game perfectly suited for children and even for the whole family.

Hasbro makes action figures, including famous characters. Another Hasbro business is the manufacture of timeless games and board games. Trival Poursuit, Cluedo, Monopoly... are games that have captured the hearts of gamers and board game enthusiasts. In addition, the great brand offers the reproduction of various machines and characters from Disney films: Star Wars, "Raya and the Last Dragon", "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs", etc. Regarding board games, "Hungry Hippos" or "Candy Land Kingdom of Sweet Adventures" are well known on e-commerce platforms.

What is the price for a strategy board game

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

5 £ to 25 £
25 £ to 100 £
more than 100 £
Price range diagram


Make sure you read the instruction manual

Reading the rules of the game and the technical notice will allow you to know the principle and the functioning of the game. You will then be able to better set up your strategies to succeed and prevent your opponents' traps. You will also avoid transgressing the rules at the risk of ending up disqualified!

Play with your family

Family games allow you to transmit your know-how to your descendants. You can pass on values like team spirit or fair play. Remember that children are the main beneficiaries of a strategy board game. This one develops a real care and connection of parents towards their children.

Play with the elderly

One of the benefits of strategy board game is that it helps to prevent Alzheimer's disease and other mental diseases related to cognitive degeneration. To take care of the elderly people you care about, play a game of chess or checkers with them when you visit.

Train yourself

If you want to get better at a strategy board game, or even become the best, you will need to practice frequently. The more games you play, the more you will know and be able to test different strategies depending on the situation at hand. To train better, don't hesitate to test your skills with new opponents. This will help you become a true professional!

Observe the professionals

Another technique to become better at a strategy board game is to observe how the experts go about defeating their opponent. Learn their strategies and maneuvers for moving their pieces forward or choosing an option in the game. Attend tournaments or competitions, watch the game unfold and take notes.


How to create a strategy board game?

To design a strategy board game, you will first need to define the type of game, the principle, the theme, the mechanics and other parameters such as the age of the players and the length of the game. Write down all your ideas and start writing the rules of the game. Then make a prototype that you can test and have people test it, or even have professionals test it to perfect it. If you want to market it, promote it at trade shows and present it to publishers.

At what age can you play a strategy board game?

There is no set age to start playing a strategy game. From one year old, there are already games adapted for the very young, it will then be mainly games of skill allowing to channel their energies and their concentration around a fun activity. They will be able to try cooperative games around the age of five, and then turn to strategy games requiring more reflection around the age of eight or nine.

How do you play chess?

Chess is played with two players facing each other on a checkerboard. Each player has 16 pieces of the same color (white or black) that they can move in a certain way to eliminate their opponent's pieces. The goal of the game is to trap the king of the other player in order to win the game.

Are games of chance strategy board games?

Games of pure chance cannot be considered as strategy games since they do not require any reflection and victory is based solely on chance. On the other hand, with reasoned games of chance, your decisions can influence the final outcome of the game. So you have a better chance of winning by adopting the best tactics.


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Uno Flip + Uno Extreme Mattel Games 9
Uno Flip + Uno Extreme Mattel Games
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Skyjo of Magilano
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Wooden chess set Chessebook
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