The best socks in the UK 2023

Socks are a must-have accessory for young and old alike. Much more than just underwear, a good pair of socks will bring you comfort and will even save you from blisters on your toes. But it's not enough to make sure that the right pair of socks fits you, you need to consider several criteria, in relation to your real needs.

YouShow 10 Unisex Cotton Socks 1

Best value for money

YouShow 10 Unisex Cotton Socks

The best socks in 2021

YouShow socks are the perfect combination of elegance and simplicity. Certified OEKO-TEX Standard 100, these cotton socks are also environmentally friendly.

17,59 £ on Amazon

These socks have a simple and elegant design. In a plain, sober and all-purpose color, they will be able to accompany you everywhere, no matter what your clothing style is. The socks are made of soft and comfortable cotton fabric. They are lightweight, yet still sturdy, even after several washes. Sweaty, these socks wick moisture well and keep your feet cool even when it's hot. Moreover, you can wear them every day, even for sports. Elastic, these socks are not likely to slip off either, as the material keeps them in place. In any case, they fit perfectly.

Set of 3 low socks Puma 2

Best value for money

Set of 3 low socks Puma

The best entry-level socks

Puma's low socks are ideal for sports. Made of a breathable material, they can be worn with all your pairs of sneakers.

5,81 £ on Amazon

As the Puma brand socks reach your ankle, they can help cushion the shock during your daily sport. Made with 76% cotton, these socks will keep your shoes well ventilated. The elastic ribbing sits above your ankles for firmness. The thin fabric of these socks is perfect for the summer season. They are suitable for everyone: men, women and children. They are ideal to wear with sneakers, for a successful sportswear look, or simply to go to the gym, these are the ideal socks!

Darn Tough Women's Merino Wool Mid-High Socks 3

Best premium value for money

Darn Tough Women's Merino Wool Mid-High Socks

The best premium socks

Made and tested in Vermont, these merino wool socks promise the best quality available. They're thick enough to keep your feet warm.

29,48 £ on Amazon

If you are looking for thick and warm socks, this merino wool model is certainly what you need. The height goes up to mid-calf. Also, they will protect your feet from the cold even during the winter. High quality, they have reinforced side edges, heel and toe, which ensures good sturdiness, even if you wear them daily. Because they are elastic, the size will fit your feet well. Soft and warm, these socks promise real comfort in any condition. Available in a variety of colors, they will also match your clothing look.

Danish Endurance merino wool mid-calf socks 4

The best alternative

Danish Endurance merino wool mid-calf socks

A great alternative

For those who love excellence, Danish Endurence's signature mid-high socks are recommended. A good tactile experience and superb finishing are the order of the day.

27,02 £ on Amazon

Made with merino wool, they regulate the temperature of your feet at all times. The cut of these socks was made to fit your feet perfectly. They are both ergonomic and breathable. The finishings are also of high quality, whether it is for the heels, the ribbing or the calves. The thick padding also provides plenty of comfort. Made with flat seams, these socks are anti-blister. Another advantage is that they come in a neutral gray color that goes well with most outfits. Either way, Danish Endurence has made some incredible socks.

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Best socks

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The best socks in 2021

The best entry-level socks

The best premium socks

A great alternative

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Comparison table of the best socks

YouShow 10 Unisex Cotton Socks 5
Set of 3 low socks Puma 6
Darn Tough Women's Merino Wool Mid-High Socks 7
Danish Endurance merino wool mid-calf socks 8
YouShow 10 Unisex Cotton Socks
Set of 3 low socks Puma
Darn Tough Women's Merino Wool Mid-High Socks
Danish Endurance merino wool mid-calf socks
YouShow socks are the perfect combination of elegance and simplicity. Certified OEKO-TEX Standard 100, these cotton socks are also environmentally friendly.
Puma's low socks are ideal for sports. Made of a breathable material, they can be worn with all your pairs of sneakers.
Made and tested in Vermont, these merino wool socks promise the best quality available. They're thick enough to keep your feet warm.
For those who love excellence, Danish Endurence's signature mid-high socks are recommended. A good tactile experience and superb finishing are the order of the day.
78% cotton, 20% polyamides, 2% elastic fiber
76% cotton, 19% polyester, 3% polyamides, 2% elastane
Stretchy merino wool
30% merino wool, 36% polyamide, 33% acrylic
White, gray, black
White, blue, gray, pink, red
Mossy mottled green, plum, denim, slate, black, blue, plum heather, anthracite
Wash type
Machine wash
Machine wash 30° maximum
Machine wash
Machine wash at 40°C maximum

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How to choose your socks

Here are the main criteria you can look at when buying your next pair of socks.

#1 - The material

The material must be the main criterion of your choice because the comfort when wearing your socks depends on it. You can choose a breathable material like cotton if you tend to sweat a lot from your feet. On the other hand, if you want to have warm feet you can choose merino wool socks.

#2 - The height

The height of a sock is the length from the bottom of the ankle to the knee. You can choose between: high socks that reach your knees, mid-high socks that only go up halfway up your legs or invisible socks that just cover your feet. There are also low-rise socks that come up above your ankles, as opposed to discreet socks like toe guards. The right height is the one that best suits your outfit or activity.

#3 - The color

Socks are usually neutral in color. It's true that wearing flashy socks to the office isn't always a pretty sight. You can choose dark tones like: black, navy blue, dark brown or light colors such as white or gray. If you want to give your outfits some pizzazz, you can choose a pair with original colors or patterns.

#4 - The thickness

To know the thickness of your stockings, you will have to look at the indication with the word DEN. The latter is the abbreviation of "deniers" and the smaller the number before this abbreviation, the thinner the socks. Thick socks are firmer and sturdier, while thin socks are softer and adapt easily to the shape of your feet.

#5 - The finishes

Flat-seamed or seamless socks guarantee you a lot of comfort. These fit your feet more easily. Next, you'll want to insist on heel and toe reinforcements. Reinforced socks are often two-tone. Thus, you will recognize them more easily. You can also look at the ribbing. This is where some of the endurance of your socks lies. Good ribbing will keep your socks from falling down.

How do you wear your socks in style?


Be stylish with high socks, it's possible even in summer. Pairing high socks with short outfits is top trend lately. The casual style of the 80s is resurfacing thanks to this combination. The Japanese schoolgirl look is also putting high socks in vogue.

Some lace, cashmere or twisted styles look great with pumps. Those with a looped or elastic ribbed hem can be paired with ankle boots, slim-fitting pants, a small jacket and a scarf.

Visible socks are most often accompanied by boots, for a chic and feminine style. Whether it's with a dress, leggings or shorts, the formula, boots + visible socks is still very beautiful to see.

For you gentlemen, wearing socks with style is simple. For high socks, you can choose to pair them with shorts and a t-shirt or polo shirt. Underneath a suit, high socks are a must because you don't want to see your calves under your pants.

The different types of socks

As crazy as it may sound, there are many different types of socks. Whether it's by height, thickness or shape.

Standard or classic socks

Classic or standard socks are the most common. In general, they are quite comfortable in summer, thanks to their breathable material. The height of their upper is limited above the ankles, which will allow you to wear them with sneakers, tennis shoes or loafers. These socks are ideal for sports, as they are neither too high nor too short.

High socks (or knee-highs)

Socks are said to be high when they cover the leg to the calf. These models of socks are mostly worn by women inside waders and under pants for men. Currently, young people combine them with shorts or mini skirts for a vintage look. A variation is also the "loose socks". Famous in Asian high schools and colleges, loose socks are high, very large socks that will fall to the ankle forming pleats. They are usually worn with sailor fuku uniforms and black derbies to accentuate that Nippon style.

Socks (or low-cut socks)

Socks are the socks for people who like discretion. They only reach the ankle so they are easier to hide. The best season to wear them is summer. You can wear them at home without any problem to regulate the temperature of your feet.

Mini-socks or invisible socks

Similar to socks, but even more discreet, mini socks are mostly considered as foot protectors. It is rightly called "invisible socks" thanks to this discretion. You can wear them with short outfits, ballet flats or low tennis shoes. However, wearing them at the gym is not recommended, you will risk ankle sprains.

Winter socks

Winter socks are the ones you can wear at home when it is cold outside. Thicker than other types of socks, they come with a height from the top of the ankle to the calf. Nowadays, some winter socks have a small thermal pocket to better keep your feet warm.

Support socks

Compression socks have been on the rise recently. To be more precise, this kind of socks should be called "compression socks". This is because the fabric and elastic bands of this kind of sock exert compression on your legs. This is in order to facilitate blood flow to your lower limbs.

Fancy socks

Fancy socks are distinguished by their gaudy patterns and colors. Long considered children's socks, they exist for daring adults. They can be worn at home or for special occasions for those who don't like the crazy style. Since they belong to the fancy category, the outfits to pair with them should be fancy too. Today, they are worn to give originality to outdoor outfits. On the fancy side, you also have the toe socks, perfect for those who do not like to have their toes stuck together...

Plain or patterned socks?

Plain socks

Plain socks are more classic. They are all-purpose, whether for work, sport or home. You'll know more quickly with which outfits you will wear them. However, they are considered too monotonous. They will not bring anything more to your outfit than a perfect harmony of your look. If you want to be original, plain socks would not be the best choice.

Patterned socks

Patterned socks appeal to both children and adults. They add whimsy to any outfit. Adding color to your everyday look with your socks is a good move. On the other hand, if you want sobriety, or to be taken seriously, patterned socks are not the ones to wear. At least, you can wear patterned socks to the office.


Plain socks are made to be worn every day, they are classic and you'll never go wrong with matching outfits. On the other hand, patterned socks bring color and fun to your day, so you don't have to worry about going unnoticed.

Five good reasons to wear socks

For centuries, socks have been a wardrobe essential. And this, for very good reasons.

1- They keep your feet warm

The first reason is certainly the comfort, softness and warmth they provide to our feet. Even at home, and even during the night, many people do not separate themselves from a pair of socks. Especially in winter, thicker socks have been specially designed to keep feet warm.

2- They keep your feet dry

Wearing socks in your shoes is essential to keep your feet dry. Their main function is to absorb perspiration from your feet. In other words, if you don't wear them, you risk having wet feet in your shoes.

3- They are good for your health

Without socks, your feet are in a constantly humid environment. This is not only unpleasant, but also conducive to the development of infections, blisters, calluses, fungus, bad odors ... You may even suffer from what is called "athlete's foot".

4- They are fashion accessories

Of course, you can wear invisible socks or pants that will hide your socks. But if you wear a dress, shorts or short pants, you'd better match your socks to the rest of your outfit! Besides, socks lend themselves to all styles to give you a trendy look.

5- There's something for everyone and every need

From invisible socks to loose socks, you're sure to find the right pair for any occasion. You have thick wool socks to keep your feet warm in winter. You've got thinner, lighter styles for the summer. You've got socks specifically designed for sports. And you even have the fancy socks for a more original look!

The best brands of socks

In our opinion, the best brands of socks in 2022 are :

Danish Endurance
Darn Tough
Happy Socks

Specializing in the manufacture of socks, this brand offers all types, whether low, high, or invisible socks. They have the particularity of being designed in natural cotton and elastic materials to offer real comfort.

The internationally renowned sports equipment manufacturer (behind Nike and Adidas) is no longer to be introduced. For quality sports socks, this is the brand for you, although it also offers other more classic models for everyday wear. The German manufacturer's socks are both warm and thick.

A manufacturer of technical clothing, the Danish brand designs both compression socks and socks used for outdoor activities. If you love hiking, choose their socks.

The family-owned company has specialized in designing socks and stockings since 1978. Their products, mostly made of merino wool, are tested in Vermont, and guarantee comfort even in extreme cold or altitude conditions. For socks that are definitely sweaty, thick but soft, choose those from this brand.

The Swedish brand stands out from its competitors with its fancy socks with colorful looks launched in 2008. Since then, they have been gaining success, not only for their color and originality, but also for their great manufacturing quality.

What is the price socks

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

5 £ to 10 £
10 £ to 30 £
more than 30 £
Price range diagram


Focus on your comfort

Since socks are in direct contact with your skin, choose materials that are pleasant to the touch and keep your feet dry. Also choose them according to the season, so you don't get too hot in the summer or cold in the winter.

Observe the density of the thread of your socks

The density of your socks' yarn defines its durability. The denser the knitting of your socks, the stronger your socks are and the less likely they are to tear easily.

Prefer socks without a seam at the end

Seamless socks have less risk of toe holes over time. They are also more comfortable.

Take care of your socks

To take care of your socks, you can hand wash them and dry them flat so that they don't warp.

Range your socks well

You can arrange your pairs of socks according to their heights, colors or uses. One trick to not lose a sock is to put one inside the other to store them in a ball in a dedicated closet. Don't leave them lying around in your shoes!

Reuse your socks with holes or damage

With a pair of scissors and some damaged socks, you can make mittens, small rags or even wipes for your swiffer broom.


What socks to wear with jeans?

You can opt for half-high socks or socks. When it comes to color, keep it simple, since the eyes won't necessarily be on your socks. On the other hand, if you wear white shoes with your jeans, it's best to avoid white socks; the ideal color should instead go very well with your jeans.

What material should I choose to avoid sweating in my socks?

For the summer season, go for thin and short socks. If you take them too thick, you might get too hot and sweaty. The material should also be a breathable fabric. So, the materials that will keep your feet dry are natural yarns, cotton or even castor thread.

How can I keep my socks from slipping in my shoes?

To avoid your socks from slipping in your shoes, you need to find the right size, with a length that is not too short as well as a firm or well elasticated hem. Otherwise, you can add an elastic band on top to keep the socks secure. Models with silicone finishes on the back of the heel don't fall off either.

Why do my socks get holes more easily?

Socks that get holes too easily may be of poor quality, or much too thin. This also happens if you have, for example, toenails that are too long, or if you wear socks that are too small compared to your usual size. The cut also has something to do with it, those with a seam at the end tear more easily, while models with reinforced ends last much longer.


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YouShow 10 Unisex Cotton Socks 9
YouShow 10 Unisex Cotton Socks
Set of 3 low socks Puma 10
Set of 3 low socks Puma
Darn Tough Women's Merino Wool Mid-High Socks 11
Darn Tough Women's Merino Wool Mid-High Socks
Danish Endurance merino wool mid-calf socks 12
Danish Endurance merino wool mid-calf socks


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