The best small sewing machines in the UK 2023

There's nothing worse than a seam that falls apart on the street, in the office, minutes before a job interview, etc. For this purpose, a sewing machine (pocket or portable) is the ultimate solution that will save you from embarrassment. Compact and lightweight, it can go anywhere and requires no sewing skills to use. Which model to choose? Read this guide to find out.

Buki Professional Studio Couture Expert 5409 1

Editor's Choice

Buki Professional Studio Couture Expert 5409

The best small sewing machine in 2021

If you want to introduce your child to sewing, the Buki Professional Studio Couture Expert 5409 kit is a must have. In addition to the sewing machine, various sewing accessories are included.

79,99 £ on Amazon

Our favorite for this year is the Buki Professional Studio Couture Expert 5409. It is a sewing machine for children, but it allows an easy learning process for little sewers. This electric sewing machine can be used from the age of 10 years old to learn the basics of sewing and to make 6 different projects.

The speed of the machine has been specially adapted for children. The machine offers 2 sewing speeds in automatic mode and possibly the use of the foot pedal. In addition, the child can choose from 12 different stitches, including the zigzag stitch, which allows him to overcast the fabrics. And as you can see from the photo, the Buki Professional Studio Couture Expert 5409 also comes with a number of accessories to make learning just as enjoyable and encouraging.

Singer - Stich Sew Quick Sewing Machine 2


Singer - Stich Sew Quick Sewing Machine

The best small entry-level sewing machine in 2021

This little gadget will be indispensable for quick clothing alterations at home or while traveling. It excels in quick seam repairs and will effectively help you out in an emergency, especially in embarrassing situations.

20,20 £ on Amazon

This Singer sewing machine is suitable for both novices and professionals. You just have to put it on the edges of the fabric and it moves automatically as it does not require a specific level of expertise to use. This machine can sew most household fabrics. It is also strong enough to sew slightly thicker materials like denim and leather.

Its wireless system allows the user to roam freely on one or more projects, and its built-in switch allows for safe control. By the way, Singer is one of the most trusted brands in the sewing industry. So this model is a great investment. It comes with everything you'll need to make an immediate repair.

Singer Simple 3232 3

Top of the line

Singer Simple 3232

The best small high-end sewing machine in 2021

As its name suggests, the Singer Simple 3232 is an easy-to-use machine. It automatically applies 32 stitches and features automatic needle threading.

159 £ on Amazon

The Singer Simple 3232 is a mechanical sewing machine that is both functional and easy to use. It offers the possibility to work with precision thanks to its integrated lighting. In all, with this model, you are entitled to 32 different stitches, namely 6 utility stitches, including a buttonhole, 19 decorative stitches, 7 stretch stitches and 1-step automatic buttonhole.

Accessories include a multi-purpose foot, a zipper foot, a button foot, a quick sewer and a brush. Needles, cans and many other small accessories are also included in this list. The company has also made the effort to work on the sturdiness of the device by equipping it with a metal frame that is more solid compared to small 100% plastic sewing machines.

Magicfly Mini

A great choice

Magicfly Mini

A complete package

The Magicfly Mini will appeal to novices, children and those looking for a travel sewing machine. It offers only the straight stitch, adjustable on 2 speeds.

23,99 £ on Amazon

Would your child like to try his hand at sewing? Give them this beautiful portable sewing machine. Let's be clear, there is only one stitch that can be sewn, which is the classic straight stitch. However, the device comes with a lot of accessories for a total of 42 pieces, including the machine. The package includes 16 spools of thread, 16 cans, 1 tape measure, a thimble, replacement needles, a pair of scissors, a needle threader and a quick detacher.

The Magicfly Mini works in corded or cordless mode. Its speed can be set to 2 positions: high and low. To ensure a better comfort of use, there is a thread cutter on the left side of the machine, a light, a finger protection system and an extension table.

Husqvarna Viking H Class E 10

High-end alternative

Husqvarna Viking H Class E 10

A high-end alternative

This model, offering no less than 21 stitches, is particularly suitable for beginners in the field of sewing. It also allows you to make mending and why not trimming clothes?

159 £ on Amazon

Have you ever thought that a sewing machine can't be ultra compact and still be functional? Think again! Husqvarna has done it. The device is called "Viking H Class E 10". Barely larger than a child's sewing machine, it measures exactly 20 x 20 x 20 cm. But this does not prevent it from being practical and robust. Despite its size, the device offers a work surface that makes it pleasant to use and saves a lot of space on your table.

Its reduced functionality makes it easy to handle while its light weight makes it easy to move. The Husqvarna Viking H Class E 10 features a 4-step system that includes a stitch length adjustment mechanism, quick presser foot pressure adjustment, needle threader and free arm. With 21 different stitches, the possibilities are numerous. In addition to the straight stitch with the standard foot, you can sew a buttonhole, create invisible stitches and place a zipper. Of course, you will find the usual options such as the reverse lever, the small accessory drawer and the button for manual stitch adjustment.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best small sewing machine

Any specific needs?

The best small sewing machine in 2021

The best small entry-level sewing machine in 2021

The best small high-end sewing machine in 2021

A complete package

A high-end alternative

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Comparison table of the best small sewing machines

The best Inexpensive High end Excellent High end alternative
Buki Professional Studio Couture Expert 5409 4
Singer - Stich Sew Quick Sewing Machine 5
Singer Simple 3232 6
Magicfly Mini
Husqvarna Viking H Class E 10
Buki Professional Studio Couture Expert 5409
Singer - Stich Sew Quick Sewing Machine
Singer Simple 3232
Magicfly Mini
Husqvarna Viking H Class E 10
If you want to introduce your child to sewing, the Buki Professional Studio Couture Expert 5409 kit is a must have. In addition to the sewing machine, various sewing accessories are included.
This little gadget will be indispensable for quick clothing alterations at home or while traveling. It excels in quick seam repairs and will effectively help you out in an emergency, especially in embarrassing situations.
As its name suggests, the Singer Simple 3232 is an easy-to-use machine. It automatically applies 32 stitches and features automatic needle threading.
The Magicfly Mini will appeal to novices, children and those looking for a travel sewing machine. It offers only the straight stitch, adjustable on 2 speeds.
This model, offering no less than 21 stitches, is particularly suitable for beginners in the field of sewing. It also allows you to make mending and why not trimming clothes?
Number of points
37.6 x 21.1 x 30.5 cm
22.86 x 5.72 x 19.05 cm
17 x 24 x 30 cm
27 x 25.1 x 19.2 cm
20 x 20 x 20 cm
3.8 kg
9.07 g
5.8 kg
1.65 kg
997 g
Power supply
Mains powered
AA batteries
On mains power

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Buying guide - small sewing machine

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How to choose your small sewing machine

A small sewing machine is very useful to help you out anywhere. To this end, in order to avoid finding yourself in trouble because of a machine that fails you when you need it most, here are the parameters not to neglect in order to find a quality model.

#1 - Weight

One of the biggest advantages of a small sewing machine is its compact size. Full-size sewing machines can be quite heavy, weighing between 6 and 13 kg, depending on the model. For smaller versions that weigh much less, opt for a model that weighs about 0.9 to 5.9 kg, with the average weighing about 4.5 kg. Portable options that are the lightest should generally weigh less than 0.5 kg.

#2 - Size

On average, small sewing machines are between 17 and 38 cm long. Those with an extendable table to accommodate quilting can be a bit longer. Their compact nature will allow the user to work on a sewing table or use it in different rooms and locations.

#3 - Material

Standard small sewing machines are made of plastic or metal. Mini versions are often made of plastic, so they weigh less and cost less. Favor metal machines for durability. Various varieties of metals are commonly used in the fittings of small machines, including steel and brass.

#4 - User's skill level

A sewing machine should suit the skill level of its user. Many mini-options are designed for beginners, with simple parts and dials, as too many features can easily overwhelm novices. For those enrolled in a sewing class or otherwise, a lighter machine is perfect for transport.

Features such as an easily adjustable speed, bobbin insert and automatic needle threader can help beginners get started more easily. More experienced sewers will also benefit from the convenience of these automated features, but will want to choose a sturdy machine with more stitch options and additional features such as a presser foot or even a free-arm.

#5 - Stitches

Beginning sewists typically work with two main stitches: straight and zigzag, which are often the minimum available on small sewing machines. A small selection of stitches should be fine for new users, but more experienced sewers may want additional options. It's also worth noting the stitch length settings on a machine, as some will be standard and others will include variable options.

Most small sewing machines have buttons or an easy-to-use dial with visual indicators of each sewing speed. Higher-end models may include digital settings.

#6 - Additional accessories

Small sewing machines may also have a presser foot and a free arm. A presser foot will help hold the fabric flat as it goes through the machine and stitches, so it's a nice accessory to focus on for more precise sewing. A free arm is a smaller work surface built into the machine for sewing hems on narrower fabrics such as sleeves or pant legs.

Also consider models that have a built-in LED light to limit eye strain while sewing. An extension table will also help create an efficient workspace. Finally, some smaller machines come with sewing accessories. Beginners in particular could benefit from a unit that includes the bonus of needles, bobbins, scissors, etc.

From what age can I start using small sewing machines?

From the age of 6, children can be gently introduced to sewing and handling a sewing machine. Help them to become familiar with the machine little by little and always under your supervision. Although there are toy sewing machines or sewing machines specially designed for children, with self-setting stitches, and various basic features, small sewing machines will do for a while. It's not until a child is 9-10 years old that they will be able to use an adult sewing machine on their own. This is the perfect time to get them a "real" sewing machine.

Sew straight, smooth lines

To sew a straight line, place the edge of your fabric along one of the lines of the needle plate, and keep that alignment as you sew. To sew a smooth curve, sew slowly while turning the fabric with both hands. Do this in a steady, continuous motion if you can. If you can't (or if you need to make a sharp turn), especially keep the needle planted in the fabric when adjusting the motion or direction. This allows you to rotate the fabric while ensuring a clean curve.

The different types of small sewing machines

On the market, you will find two types of small sewing machines: portable and handheld. Here they are under the microscope with their advantages and disadvantages.

Hand sewing machine

This model is the most compact version of the sewing machines. Looking a lot like a stapler, it is the ideal partner to help us when the sewing of our clothes fails at the wrong moment. And for good reason, its very small size allows it to fit easily in a handbag or even in your pocket. Functional and efficient, it can be used anywhere as it is battery powered. Faster than a handmade sewing or a traditional sewing machine that still requires preparation, this miniature machine is quick and easy to use. It is therefore the best ally of all those who want to have at their disposal, a sewing machine capable of touching up a seam, redoing a hem or darning a garment quickly. Note that the hand sewing machine does not need to be placed on a flat surface, it just fits in your hand. Plan to invest in spare batteries to keep your device functional wherever you go.

Small portable sewing machine

This sewing machine is quite similar to traditional sewing machines. What sets it apart from those is its light weight and small size. This makes it space-saving and easy to store. Seamstresses who are often on the move or traveling will appreciate this machine because it allows them to travel without hindrance. Most of these small sewing machines are mains operated while others are both mains and battery operated. Because of its small size, the portable sewing machine can be used by budding sewers under adult supervision. However, it is fragile and should be handled with care. In addition, it can only sew thin fabrics and must be placed on a flat surface or table to be used.

Small sewing machine or traditional sewing machine?

Small sewing machine

Small sewing machines are ultra practical and therefore the best allies to help you quickly anywhere. Indeed, this kind of machine allows you to quickly mend a garment when necessary. Most pocket sewing machines are lightweight and battery operated, so they are extremely portable.

However, their compactness sacrifices some functionality. As a result, miniature sewing machines cannot handle heavy fabrics such as denim or leather. The number of stitches offered by the machine is also very limited. The pocket versions can only hem with their single straight stitch.

The version that looks more like a traditional sewing machine offers a few more possibilities including a backlight, a capacity to accommodate a standard spool of thread, several accessories, several levels of sewing speed, the ability to handle thicker fabrics (up to four layers of denim), etc.

Mini traditional sewing machine

Traditional sewing machines are also available in small sizes. This makes them more portable. Although they are not as compact as the portable versions, they can still go anywhere, especially when traveling.

Electronic sewing machines are the most popular because they have an LCD screen that makes it easy to select and adjust stitches and allows for intuitive operation of the device. Compared to mechanical models that have already had their day, portable electronic sewing machines generally offer many stitches.

However, they are more delicate because if the electronic board is defective, you will have to change the machine because you will not be able to repair it. The parts are also not always available from repairmen. This also extends the repair time.


Pocket options work well for a quick fix, but they have fewer features than standard mini machines, which often have many of the features of their full-size counterparts.

While there are traditional mini sewing machines that are small and offer the same features as the standard versions, they are heavier than small handheld or portable sewing machines, but can still take you on a trip. So, for emergency use, a small handheld or portable sewing machine will do the trick, while for your larger projects, opt for the standard miniature model.

Note that there are also sewing machines for beginners that will save novices the trouble of setting up the machine and will still be useful as they improve in their learning and even until they reach an "Expert" level.

6 good reasons to buy a small sewing machine

For its affordable price and its autonomy

Speaking of the advantages of a small sewing machine, the main advantage it provides is its very affordable price. Moreover, the pocket-sized versions do not require any sewing basics. All you have to do is press a button and the machine will do the rest. In addition, some small sewing machines can run on direct electricity while others are powered by batteries. For others, they can run on both batteries and AC power. So you don't have to worry about a power outage.

Because it's kid-friendly

The small sewing machine is perfect for beginners and children. When using it, they will be delighted to do as the grown-ups do. Offering as realistic a sewing experience as a children's sewing machine, mini sewing machines are just as good if not better at sewing. However, they are slower and have some difficulty handling thick fabrics.

For its increased portability

A small sewing machine is very easy to carry because of its light weight and very small size. If something goes wrong, you can mend a garment discreetly in the bathroom or in a corner of your office and it's done.

For the accessories that go with it

Most people have the misconception that a small sewing machine is very basic and can only handle fine fabrics. Nowadays, manufacturers have made the effort to deliver their product with various accessories such as a built-in table, a backlit work surface, a rheostat, bobbins, a needle threader, etc. Some models can even handle fine fabrics. Some models can now even handle slightly thicker fabrics.

For its ease of use

Most people say that the small sewing machine is slower and has fewer features, but be aware that this small model is very useful for people who are just starting to learn how to sew. It is better for them to use this machine instead of the larger version so that they can gradually understand sewing. Sewing on a small sewing machine was designed as to be simpler compared to all other machines. The thread on a small sewing machine is easy to change and the bobbin can even be rewound. Some models even have a double-threaded seam that allows them to move the work along quickly.

For space savings

If you have a dedicated sewing room with plenty of space, you'll get much more out of a traditional sewing machine. However, if you're short on space and need a machine that you have to pull out of the closet when you need it, a portable is the way to go. Besides, it's easier to move from one place to another.

The best brands of small sewing machines

In our opinion, the best brands of small sewing machines in 2022 are :


Husqvarna was originally a Swedish company founded in 1689. Through its Viking brand, it is one of the largest sewing machine manufacturers in the world. It is a subsidiary of the VSM Group which is the market leader. The strong reputation of Husqvarna among sewers around the world is not accidental.

With 165 years of know-how, the Singer brand is positioned as a reference in sewing machines, embroiderers, sergers and sewing accessories. Faced with stiff competition, Singer manufacturers have readapted the design and options of their machines in order to conquer a wider clientele and thus satisfy all budgets: a change that has been very popular with consumers.

The robustness and excellent performance of Pfaff's German brand sewing machines are no longer in question. It has also made a name for itself thanks to its elegantly designed machines that specialize in embroidery and offer a large work space, and that operate via software that models the design to be embroidered on the fabric.

Juki is a Japanese brand that was born in 1938 from the association of several sewing machine manufacturers. From 1950, Juki flooded the market with affordable yet powerful sewing machines. Juki is the inventor of the industrial sewing machine and continues today to top the list of the largest sewing machine sellers in the world.

Brother is a world-renowned brand that offers sewing machines to sewers of all levels that adapt to the needs and desires of the sewer, most of which are equipped with a touchscreen and over 400 different sewing functions. Brother is especially appreciated for its excellent after-sales service and the special presser feet such as flat hem, invisible zipper and buttonhole feet that come with their sewing machines when delivered.The mini sewing machines offered by Brother are indeed top performers. These machines have many speeds. You will be able to diversify the fabrics, according to your needs.

What is the price for a small sewing machine

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

12 £ to 30 £
30 £ to 100 £
more than 100 £
Price range diagram


Be self-taught

If you're more of a self-starter, it's possible to learn at your own pace with free online lessons. The lessons offered to beginners are basic and easy, and you can learn as you go along with sewing projects that motivate you.

Use universal threads

Threads tend to wear out quickly, especially cotton ones. To that end, to make sure you're using a thread that's neither too thick nor too thin and avoid unnecessary expense, look into universal threads.

Stitch a seam with a small sewing machine that doesn't have a reverse stitch

A reverse point is crucial when you start or stop sewing because you need to anchor your thread in place. And a mini sewing machine often doesn't have a reverse stitch button. However, you can easily stitch any project by simply rotating it 180 degrees as much as you want.

Use your small sewing machine to make precision, detailed seams

With a small sewing machine, draw tight curves like flower or cloud images where large units fail. You can also create a spiral pattern inside your designs. And you know what? The little sewing machine works well around those tight curves!!!

When to set the bobbin tension

Hang the bobbin case by the thread, and if the case doesn't move at all when you shake it, that means the tension is too high and you need to lower it before sewing. If the bobbin case falls off quickly, the tension may be too loose, so you need to increase it a bit more.


Can a small sewing machine do anything other than sew?

A small sewing machine is a back-up sewing machine that can only be used to troubleshoot and sew fine fabrics. In general, small sewing machines offer very limited capabilities. However, there are some that do particularly well in the midst of their competitors. This is because of the various accessories and speed levels that come with them.

Why does my small sewing machine skip stitches?

Whether it's a beginner's sewing machine, a mini sewing machine, or a full-size version, they will still tend to skip stitches if they are not clamped tightly enough, so make sure the unit holds the fabric in place enough. You should also check that the needle is threaded correctly and is still sharp enough. Also double check the bobbin to make sure it is wound correctly. Finally, be sure to clean the machine regularly to keep it working as it should.

Can small sewing machines work the same way as regular sewing machines?

Smaller sewing machines work the same way as regular machines; however, their size often prevents them from accommodating thick fabrics such as denim or leather. In general, the stitches may not be as thick and firm as those with a regular machine.

How can I subtly hide sewing mistakes?

You have several options. Using your small sewing machine, make a flying flower. To make this flying flower, cut a long strip of fabric, sew along one edge and gather. It will start to wrap around itself and eventually form a flower. And you're done! Another method is to hide the seam defect with a lace, bow, ribbon or decorative button.


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Buki Professional Studio Couture Expert 5409 7
Buki Professional Studio Couture Expert 5409
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Singer - Stich Sew Quick Sewing Machine
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Singer Simple 3232
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Magicfly Mini
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Husqvarna Viking H Class E 10


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