The best slimming girdles in the UK 2023

Want to have a wasp waist in the blink of an eye? It's possible and without dieting thanks to a slimming girdle to be worn under your clothes. It gives you a flat stomach, slimmer hips and a slimmer body. Which slimming girdle to choose to have a dream figure? Let's take stock of the question through this comparative guide of the best slimming girdles of the moment.

Chumian - Slimming girdle 1

Editor's Choice

Chumian - Slimming girdle

The best slimming girdle belt with whalebone

This slimming girdle will give you an hourglass figure instantly. In addition to its hooks, it has a zipper closure to exert a double compression on abdominal fat.

17,59 £ on Amazon

Getting a flat stomach and slim hips has never been easier than with this slimming girdle from Chumian. It compresses love handles and a bulging stomach. Cut from a blend of polyester and spandex, this slimming girdle offers firm support while letting your skin breathe. In addition to sculpting your body, it corrects your posture and offers good back support thanks to its whalebones.

This slimming girdle can be worn under your close-fitting clothes, except for those that are too tight. It can be worn every day, even when you are exercising. What we like about this model is that it fits your usual size. So, if you're an XL, go for a slimming belt in the same size. However, if you are used to wearing a girdle and don't mind a lot of compression, you can choose the size below.

Bellivalini - Sheathing panties 2

Best cheapest

Bellivalini - Sheathing panties

The best slimming girdle cheap

This cheap sheathing panty will sculpt your waist while offering you the same comfort as a classic lingerie. And then, impossible to remain insensitive to the fine lace panties with which it is provided!

10,39 £ on Amazon

Made with 94% polyamide and 6% elastane, this slimming girdle strikes the right balance between compression and flexibility. You'll feel comfortable in this undergarment that shapes your buttocks, slims your hips and flattens your tummy. Stopping below the bust, this is precisely the kind of seamless, high-waisted sheathing panty that's recommended when you're wearing a bodycon dress, tunic or blouse. Basically, you can wear them in all circumstances, except during sports sessions.

Exquisitely light, this girdle nicely punctuated with lace panties allows you to remain feminine. With this type of panties, one often fears that the girdle falls or folds. To remedy this, the manufacturer has incorporated a silicone strap that allows this slimming girdle to stay in place, even if you move a lot. Of course, it does not offer the same compression as body girdles or corset, but it is very effective against the bulges.

FeelinGirl - Body slimming girdle 3

Best high end

FeelinGirl - Body slimming girdle

The best slimming girdle body high end

This slimming body girdle will embellish your figure, from the top of your thighs to under your chest and shoulder blades. Its biggest plus? It firms and enhances your buttocks.

27,19 £ on Amazon

Sculpt your body with this FeelinGirl body shaper. It gives you an hourglass figure in no time. Its well-covered shape allows you to slim your upper thighs, straighten your buttocks, emphasize the natural curve of your hips, compress your stomach and contain all the fat in your back. In other words, you'll look much slimmer under your outfit. You can even wear it to work out: the result of your squats will be even better!

If this slimming girdle body offers a great flexibility while counting on an optimal compression, it is thanks to its fabric composed of 70% of polyamides and 30% of elastane. In addition to the hooks arranged on 3 lines for a better adjustment to your morphology, this sheath body also has a zipper that extends to the crotch. This way, you won't have to lower the girdle completely when you go to the bathroom.

Yadifen - Slimming corset 4

Best corset

Yadifen - Slimming corset

The best slimming girdle corset type

This slimming corset by Yadifen is a combination of neoprene and nylon. This is why it will help to slim your waist and your stomach as soon as you put it on. What more could you ask for?

21,59 £ on Amazon

Discover the right balance between flexibility and firmness through this corset girdle made with neoprene and nylon. The compression will be optimal, but you will still be able to move as you wish. This is why this slimming girdle is recommended for post-maternity recovery. For a perfect fit, the corset is equipped with 3 levels of hooks and a zipper to hold everything.

In addition to slimming the waist and flattening the belly, this slimming girdle with adjustable straps also helps to straighten the breasts. It effectively exerts a push-up effect to highlight your feminine assets. Do not hesitate to wear this slimming corset during your sports sessions, you will optimize the result. Don't worry, even if you sweat a lot, the neoprene will wick away the moisture, because it is a breathable and hygienic fabric.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best slimming sheath

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The best slimming girdle belt with whalebone

The best slimming girdle cheap

The best slimming girdle body high end

The best slimming girdle corset type

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Comparison table of the best slimming girdles

The best Inexpensive High end Corset
Chumian - Slimming girdle 5
Bellivalini - Sheathing panties 6
FeelinGirl - Body slimming girdle 7
Yadifen - Slimming corset 8
Chumian - Slimming girdle
Bellivalini - Sheathing panties
FeelinGirl - Body slimming girdle
Yadifen - Slimming corset
This slimming girdle will give you an hourglass figure instantly. In addition to its hooks, it has a zipper closure to exert a double compression on abdominal fat.
This cheap sheathing panty will sculpt your waist while offering you the same comfort as a classic lingerie. And then, impossible to remain insensitive to the fine lace panties with which it is provided!
This slimming body girdle will embellish your figure, from the top of your thighs to under your chest and shoulder blades. Its biggest plus? It firms and enhances your buttocks.
This slimming corset by Yadifen is a combination of neoprene and nylon. This is why it will help to slim your waist and your stomach as soon as you put it on. What more could you ask for?
Belt sheath
Panty girdle
Slimming body girdle
Slimming corset
Polyester and spandex
Polyamide and elastane
Polyamides and elastane
Neoprene and nylon
Hook and zip fasteners
Hook and zip fasteners
Hook and zip fasteners
Posture corrector

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Buying guide - slimming sheath

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How to choose your slimming sheath

Getting into your favourite clothes and daring to wear close-fitting outfits has never been easier than with a slimming girdle. However, before you can do that, you need to choose the right model. We explain it all to you!

#1 - The size of the slimming girdle

When it comes to slimming girdles, it would be a mistake to systematically choose the same size as your clothes or underwear. Each manufacturer, each brand already provides a specific size guide for all models offered. That's why you must first measure your waistline and choose accordingly.

To measure your waistline, take a tape measure, place it 3 cm above your belly button, at the deepest part of your belly (usually there is a natural fold on it). Go around and use this measurement to choose your slimming girdle.

#2 - The material of the slimming girdle

The girdle, as such, will tighten like a vise around your belly. It will thus be in direct contact with your skin; hence the importance of the choice of the material. The slimming girdle is made of a stretchy and dense fabric to guarantee a firm support. It is generally made of latex, elastane, lycra, nylon, polyester and cotton. It is not uncommon to come across slimming girdles that combine two or more materials to emphasize its sheathing side.

#3 - The level of support of the slimming girdle

The level of support determines the result you get when you wear a slimming girdle. The more compression you have, the better your body will look and feel. However, never minimize your comfort insofar as you will still need to be able to breathe and move with ease, even if you are wearing a girdle.

Also, if this is your first time wearing a slimming girdle, we strongly recommend a light support level. This will allow you to get used to the feeling of having a vice around the belly.

#4 - The shape of the slimming girdle

Generally speaking, there are four forms of slimming girdles:

  • The girdle is a wide band of fabric that is worn around the abdomen.
  • The body girdle, with straps and shorts, covers the upper thighs, the buttocks, the entire stomach area and the back. When it is not equipped with an integrated bra, it has a nice push-up effect.
  • The corset sheath also has straps, but it stops at the hips. It is usually closed by hooks.
  • The panty girdle is a slimming girdle that is put on like high-waisted shorts. It arrives until below the chest.

#5 - The details that come with the slimming girdle

There are many little details that make one slimming girdle more interesting than others. If you have sensitive skin, for example, you should choose a seamless slimming girdle; what's more, it goes completely unnoticed under your clothes. If you notice that you have trouble with your posture and keeping your back straight, you should invest in a slimming girdle with whales.

If comfort is your priority and you are a sportsman, we recommend well-ventilated slimming girdles. In fact, some models, most of which are made of latex, have air intakes to cool you down.

How to lose weight with a slimming girdle?

Can we lose weight with a slimming girdle? This question is on the minds of those who hesitate to take the plunge. Certainly, the effect "slender silhouette and flat stomach" is obtained the minute you put on the slimming girdle, but does it really allow you to lose a few centimeters around the waist?


The answer will certainly make some happy: yes, the slimming girdle really helps to lose belly, but for that, you have to wear it daily and for at least 6 hours. It should be understood that without sport and without a balanced diet, the fat mass in the abdomen will always take a long time to disappear, even if you get help from a girdle.

The best way to lose belly fat with a slimming girdle is to wear it while you work out. Not only do you burn calories, but you also sweat to eliminate toxins and tone your abdominal muscles.

The different types of slimming girdles

To distinguish the different types of slimming girdles, you only need to refer to their shapes.

The belt girdle: the classic slimming girdle

The belt girdle is undoubtedly one of the most popular. Basically, it is a wide, stretchy fabric band that is worn to refine the entire abdominal area. Generally, it closes thanks to hooks placed on the front; except for the models without seam which is threaded by the top or the bottom.

The girdle belt has the advantage of being versatile: it is equally suitable for sports practices as for strapless evening dresses. You can also wear this slimming girdle under a close-fitting t-shirt, pants, skirt, etc.

Its advantages:

  • Flat belly guaranteed as soon as you put it on,
  • Suitable for most clothes, except those that show the abdominal part (crop top type),
  • Affordable price.

Its disadvantages:

  • No posture correction,
  • Not suitable if you have fat to hide under the armpits, at the level of the shoulder blades.

The body girdle: a slimming girdle with good coverage

It is the slimming girdle which is the most covering. Slipping down, the body girdle refines the upper thighs, the buttocks, the hip, the entire abdominal, lumbar and back area. If with a girdle belt you risk bringing out the fat under the armpits, the girdle body shapes everything for a perfectly designed silhouette.

Because it goes up to the back, it allows you to correct your posture, especially if it is equipped with whales. In some cases, this type of slimming girdle integrates a bra; in other cases, it exerts a push-up effect to straighten your chest. It should be noted, however, that the bodycon girdle is not suitable for bareback clothing.

Its advantages:

  • Refined silhouette, from the back to the thighs,
  • Integrated bra or push-up effect,
  • More upright and slender posture

Its disadvantages:

  • Incompatible with clothes that reveal the back,
  • As with the combis, it gives you a hard time when you go to the bathroom.

The corset slimming girdle: the must for sculpting the upper body

Inherited from medieval times when it represented a real straitjacket for women wishing to have a wasp waist, the corset-type slimming girdle has abandoned its dark side to become this undergarment that allows modern women to have a flat stomach and a well-supported chest.

It looks almost like a tank top and may or may not have straps. When it has straps, the slimming girdle will not only slim your waist and hide your love handles, but it will also lift your breasts. When it does not have straps, the corset girdle integrates a bandeau bra to allow you to wear a dress or a strapless top.

Its advantages:

  • A well-sculpted upper body,
  • Integrated bra or push-up effect,
  • More upright posture

Its disadvantages:

  • Does not shape the buttocks or thighs,
  • Can sometimes ride up or fold at the belly folds when not properly positioned.

The panty girdle: the high waist slimming girdle

If you are quite satisfied with the support offered by your bra, but want to firm up your buttocks while slimming your hips, turn to the panty girdle, this slimming girdle that slips on like shorts and whose waistline stops just below your bust.

This type of slimming girdle does not have ribs, so do not expect your posture to be corrected. On the other hand, if you have an A or 8 shape and you want to look slimmer in the waist and buttocks, this will be your best ally. Be careful: this slimming girdle must be chosen at the right size, because if it is too large, it will cause a bulging belly effect; as if you were pregnant!

Its advantages:

  • Easy to put on,
  • Shapes well the thighs, the buttocks and the hip,
  • Very effective against love handles.

Its disadvantages:

  • Not recommended for garments with an underbust cut,
  • Not recommended for pants that are close to the body and that mark the waist.

Slimming girdle or sweat belt?

When you're determined to have a flat stomach, you don't hesitate to try anything to achieve the desired result. So which is more effective: a slimming girdle or a sweat belt?

The slimming girdle

The slimming girdle is an undergarment that is worn to obtain an immediate result: a flat stomach, slimmed down hips, a straightened chest, firmer buttocks, thinner thighs and/or a straight posture. Available in different shapes to suit different types of clothing, it is a real daily ally.

If the slimming girdle refines the figure immediately, does it allow you to lose your stomach? The answer is yes! That's why we recommend wearing a slimming girdle all day long. Nevertheless, during the first uses, you can be satisfied with a small hour of wearing, to extend to two, then four, then six hours. There is also nothing to stop you from wearing a slimming girdle only occasionally.

The sweat belt

The sweat belt and the slimming belt look almost the same, except that the sweat belt has a Velcro fastening and is made exclusively of neoprene. It is thanks to the contact of this material with the skin that a phenomenon of perspiration will take place. You will lose a lot of water; hence the importance of a good hydration when wearing a sweat belt.

Contrary to preconceived ideas, the sweat belt does not allow you to eliminate fat, but the toxins lodged in the upper layer of the epidermis. These are evacuated with perspiration, which allows you to tone and firm the skin. As for the slimming virtues of the sweat belt, they are far from being founded.


The slimming girdle and the sweat belt are both coveted by many women who want to have a slimmer figure. While the slimming girdle camouflages imperfections, the sweat belt eliminates toxins. It's up to you to choose according to your goals!

5 good reasons to buy a good slimming girdle

The slimming girdle reshapes the figure in the blink of an eye, which is already a very good reason to buy one. But if you need to talk about it, discover in these few lines the interest of wearing a slimming girdle.

Slimming girdle to hide the bulges and have a flat stomach

Simply put on a slimming girdle to camouflage unsightly love handles and a bulging stomach. Whatever type of girdle you choose, this result will be achieved as long as you choose the right size. Of course, this is primarily a trompe-l'oeil effect, but in the long run and after wearing slimming girdles regularly, you will notice that you will lose a few centimetres of waistline.

Slimming girdle to fit into your favorite clothes

Pants that you have trouble buttoning, a pretty dress that is too tight and doesn't fit properly, a shirt that you can't close: the slimming girdle is the solution to all these problems. By slimming your figure in a spectacular way, it allows you to get back into those clothes that you like so much, but that you have put aside because of your curves.

Slimming girdle to regain self-confidence

In a community subjected to the diktat of size 0, it is difficult to have confidence in oneself when the mirror reflects the image of a plump woman with extra kilos. While waiting to be able to assume ourselves, to be proud of our body and our curves, we can always count on a slimming girdle to draw the silhouette and camouflage the kilos at the origin of our complexes.

Slimming girdle to lose waistline

Without being satisfied to camouflage the small imperfections, the slimming girdle makes it possible, on the long term, to lose a few centimetres of waist measurement. Indeed, by dint of being compressed, the abdominal fat mass will eventually reabsorb. If you add to this a healthy lifestyle (a balanced diet, regular exercise and a normal sleep pattern), you will achieve results much faster.

Slimming girdle to have a discreet underwear

The slimming girdle is an undergarment in its own right, especially when it is a bodysuit, corset or panty. In addition, it knows how to be discreet so that everyone will be impressed by your slender figure. Choose a seamless slimming girdle without whalebone for a more natural look.

The best brands of slimming girdles

In our opinion, the best brands of slimming girdles in 2022 are :


The quality/price ratio is one of the strong points of this brand. It is easy to understand why Chumian slimming girdles are among the best sellers on Amazon.

FeelinGirl does not only offer slimming girdles, but also designs clothes, lingerie and costumes. It is a serious brand that promotes quality through the items it offers for sale.

Yadifen is behind a large collection of slimming girdles of different types. The brand says that it wants to take into account the female figure and we have to admit that it keeps its word.

Durofit is a well-known brand in the world of slimming girdles and sweat belts. When it comes to underwear that makes you lose weight, you can trust this brand.

Cheap slimming girdles are available from Bellivalini. The brand strives to add a touch of original design to each model it creates.

What is the price for a slimming sheath

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

10 £ to 20 £
20 £ to 30 £
more than 30 £
Price range diagram


How to choose the size of a slimming girdle?

All brands of slimming girdles design specific size guides for each model offered for sale. It is important to remember that this will not always correspond to your clothing or underwear size. The only rule: take the measurement of your waistline and choose the model that matches it.

How to put on a slimming girdle?

A slimming girdle can be put on in different ways depending on its shape. The belt girdle is put on like a classic belt, except that instead of the buckle, you will have hooks. The corset-type slimming girdle is worn like a tank top to be closed in front while the body and panty girdles are put on from the bottom, like pants or shorts.

Can you sleep with a slimming girdle?

Despite your desire to obtain an hourglass figure, sleeping with a slimming girdle is not recommended insofar as blood circulation must be optimal during sleep. At the limit, you can wear a girdle with a light support, but only if you are already well accustomed to wearing this tight underwear.

How to hide a slimming girdle?

A slimming girdle is designed to be invisible, as it hides discreetly under your clothes. Nevertheless, you can bet on maximum discretion by choosing a seamless girdle. Note that you should also tab for the type of slimming girdle that suits your outfit so that it goes completely unnoticed.

Can a slimming girdle be machine washed?

A slimming girdle is ideally cleaned by hand, with water at low temperature (below 30°C) and mild soap. If possible, use a mild adult or child shampoo. Rinse the liner without rubbing, then let it air dry out of the sun. Avoid wringing the girdle, as this will affect its elasticity and support.


How long should I wear a slimming girdle?

When you first use it, wear the slimming girdle for an hour to get used to the feeling. Gradually extend this time to 2, 4 and 6 hours until you can wear it all day long. Note that, to lose weight with a slimming girdle, you must wear it frequently, especially when you do sports.

How to wear a slimming girdle?

The way to wear a slimming girdle depends on the type of girdle you have chosen. A waist girdle is worn as a band around the abdomen, a corset is worn as a tank top, a body girdle is worn as a combishort and the panty girdle as classic shorts. All you have to do is put on your clothes and go about your business.

How to use a slimming girdle?

A slimming girdle is used like any other slimming underwear: you put it on and put your clothes over it. Immediately afterwards, you will see that your love handles will disappear and that you will have a flat stomach; this way of modulating the body quickly is one of the many reasons why you should buy a good slimming girdle.

How to make a homemade slimming girdle?

You can make a homemade slimming girdle by applying a mixture of green clay and coffee grounds to your belly. You hold it all together with a cling film that you tighten around you. This improvised slimming girdle is certainly effective, but it will be difficult to wear it outside. When you go out, choose one of the models proposed in this comparison, it will be less embarrassing.


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Chumian - Slimming girdle
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