The best sexy bodies in the UK 2023

A bodysuit is a tight underwear, which covers the trunk and the crotch like a one-piece swimsuit. The sexy bodysuit is an essential of the female dressing. Indeed, it is the ideal lingerie to solicit desire in your companion, but you can also wear it as a stylish top. This garment is available in different aspects. Read our guide to find out more.

Provocative set Body + Selente eye patch 1

Best value for money

Provocative set Body + Selente eye patch

The best sexy bodysuit in 2021

This set includes a black opaque bodysuit and a satin eye patch. Entice your partner into your nets for a sensational night.

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The Selente set is sure to please both you and your partner. It is a black satin bodysuit without sleeves. A beautiful floral lace embellishes the edges of the top, bottom and chest to accentuate the femininity. In addition, the straps cross in the back, which makes the bodysuit even more seductive.

At the back, it closes with a provocative lacing that your companion will surely enjoy undoing. Also, the wide V-neck and padded cups help to enhance and emphasize your chest. But the set also includes a satin eye band, about 150 cm long. A little extra that will allow you to spend a night of pleasure.

Babydoll lace halter body EVELIFE 2

Best value for money

Babydoll lace halter body EVELIFE

The best cheap sexy bodysuit in 2021

With this bare back bodysuit from EVELIFE, you will surely find your happiness. Made of lace, it seems to evoke the purity and delicacy of your body.

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Underwired bodysuit Susa 6552 3

Best premium value for money

Underwired bodysuit Susa 6552

The best high-end sexy bodysuit in 2021

The Susa 6552 bodysuit will sublimate your silhouette in all simplicity. Thanks to its underwiring, it offers an excellent support to your chest.

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If comfort is your keyword, the Susa 6552 is the bodysuit for you. Made of a soft polyamide fabric, it is not only lightweight, but also does not distort over time. In the front, this bodysuit has an elastic lining that acts as a sheath, allowing you to maintain a slim and shapely figure.

Held up by simple straps, it leaves the back and shoulders exposed, adding a touch of sensuality. Also, its underwired top contributes to the good support of your chest, especially if you have a rather generous chest. A small silver decorative pattern is placed on the front, between the two cups. Simple but attractive, the Susa 6552 is a safe investment that you can wear during the day under a blazer.

Body sexy à manches longues Comeondear 4

Excellent alternative

Body sexy à manches longues Comeondear

The best alternative

The sexy black long sleeve bodysuit from Comeondear is a stylish top that you can wear for any occasion. Very tight and transparent in parts, it highlights the upper body without being vulgar.

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Buying guide • November 2023

Best sexy body

Any specific needs?

The best sexy bodysuit in 2021

The best cheap sexy bodysuit in 2021

The best high-end sexy bodysuit in 2021

The best alternative

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Comparison table of the best sexy bodies

Provocative set Body + Selente eye patch 5
Babydoll lace halter body EVELIFE 6
Underwired bodysuit Susa 6552 7
Body sexy à manches longues Comeondear 8
Provocative set Body + Selente eye patch
Babydoll lace halter body EVELIFE
Underwired bodysuit Susa 6552
Body sexy à manches longues Comeondear
This set includes a black opaque bodysuit and a satin eye patch. Entice your partner into your nets for a sensational night.
With this bare back bodysuit from EVELIFE, you will surely find your happiness. Made of lace, it seems to evoke the purity and delicacy of your body.
The Susa 6552 bodysuit will sublimate your silhouette in all simplicity. Thanks to its underwiring, it offers an excellent support to your chest.
The sexy black long sleeve bodysuit from Comeondear is a stylish top that you can wear for any occasion. Very tight and transparent in parts, it highlights the upper body without being vulgar.
Body : 82% nylon, 18% spandex / Eye patch : 97% polyester, 3% spandex
95% polyester, 5% acrylic
60% polyamide, 25% elastane, 15% polyester
Soft, stretchy fabric
White, blue, flesh, wine red, purple
Black, flesh, light pink, midnight blue, ecru, ruby red, white, carmine red, coffee, gray
Sizes available
S to XXL
90B to 110E
S to 5XL
Short sleeves
Long sleeves

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Buying guide - sexy body

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How to choose your sexy body

Choosing the right sexy bodysuit is not always easy, especially when stores present us with countless models. To avoid making the wrong choice, you should consider the following criteria.

#1 - The morphology

For H-shaped figures, a low-cut bodysuit with padded cups would be ideal to enhance the shape. For the figure 8s, bodysuits with marked seams and underwires will suit them very well. For fuller figures, very elastic sheathing bodysuits are the way to go.

#2 - The material

There, you're spoiled for choice. The lace bodysuits are very sexy and reveal the femininity. There are also silk or satin bodysuits, luxurious and pleasant to wear. In addition, other materials such as fishnet or tulle sublimate the body in a provocative way, allowing a glimpse of nudity, but not totally. There are also bodysuits in natural materials such as cotton.

#3 - The color

It all depends on your preferences. However, it is good to know that bright colors correspond better to dark skins. For light skins, pastel colors are to be preferred. And of course, all colors are good for dark skin. Speaking of color, we also distinguish the transparent bodysuits, perfect for seduction.

#4 - The size

Before buying your sexy bodysuit, first refer to the size guide. To do this, you will need to know your body perfectly. Take the measurements of your bust, your waist, your hips, and refer them to the guide in question. Also, consult the equivalences between sizes in letters (S, M, L...) and numbers (36, 38, 40...) so as not to get lost.

#5 - The details

Laces, embroidery, laces, lingerie designers redouble their creativity to offer you the sexiest bodies. When some display geometric lines and graphic games, others exhibit quite exceptional cuts, revealing by parts the skin. So many models, each more fanciful than the other, to satisfy all your tastes.

How to properly wear the sexy bodysuit?


The sexy bodysuit is a strong piece that you need to pair carefully. Here are some ideas on how to wear your sexy bodysuit with style.

Sexy bodysuit + jeans

The sexy bodysuit goes great with jeans. For a rather casual outfit, go for a good old fashioned pair of destroy jeans. If you're looking for a stylish look, a pair of skinny jeans will do just fine. This combination is perfect for a walk with friends or a date. As shoes, opt for sneakers that you can trade for boots in winter.

Body + skirt

The skirt is also a great choice to pair with your sexy bodysuit. Specifically the high waisted skirt, which is very fashionable. The black skirt is a basic that will work with all your bodysuits, no matter what color they are. But if your skirt is not black, make sure that its color matches your bodysuit.

Body + blazer

If you want to wear your sexy lingerie bodysuit in the middle of the day, the blazer is your solution. You can dare the most provocative bodysuits underneath your blazer without the risk of becoming vulgar, as long as you never remove the blazer. And be careful with the association of colors.

The different types of sexy bodies

Depending on the cut, the material and the details, there are different types of sexysuit. But referring to the use, we distinguish mainly these two types.

The sexy lingerie body

It is a sexy bodysuit that you can wear under your clothes, or as nightwear if you wish. It combines in one outfit the bra and the panties or the thong. Your sexy lingerie bodysuit must not only be comfortable and pleasant to wear, but it must also highlight your body.

Moreover, it is not because it is an undergarment that the bodysuit lingerie must necessarily remain hidden. Indeed, revealing it discreetly can even make your outfit more glamorous. But this type of bodysuit is also a seductive piece stimulating desire in your life as a couple.

The sexy body top

This sexy bodysuit can be worn as a top. It is similar to the top and t-shirt, but with a largely more feminine and sophisticated look. You can even use some of your bodysuit lingerie as a body top. However, be careful not to fall into vulgarity, by wearing tops that will let your nipples show.

For a chic and elegant look, you can for example wear your sexy body top with a straight skirt or satin pants. If you simply want to add a stylish touch to your everyday outfit, you can wear a combination of a body top and jeans or shorts.

The sexy body with or without underwire?

The sexy body with underwire

The sexy bodysuit with underwire is ideal for women with large breasts. It guarantees optimal support and comfort, so you can move without restraint. In addition, the underwire also helps to draw attention to your generous breasts. Not to mention the fact that underwired bodysuits tend to be tighter around the belly and thus give a perfect-looking silhouette.

The sexy body without underwire

The sexy bodysuit without underwire enhances the silhouettes with a discreet chest and a rather thin bust. Moreover, it comes in different styles as attractive as each other. There are bodysuits with straps crossed in the back, the halter bodysuit with a bow at the neck, but also the bustier bodysuit. A large number of models that will certainly flatter your figure!


Whether you choose a sexy bodysuit with or without underwire, ultimately, everything depends on your morphology. Choose the bodysuit that enhances your body and in which you feel comfortable.

Why opt for a sexy bodysuit?

A sexy bodysuit is not only a piece of lingerie, but it is also a garment that you can wear every day when you go out. Here are the reasons that make it a wardrobe essential.

It is comfortable

The sexy bodysuit offers you absolute comfort. Indeed, you can wear it with any type of clothing and in all seasons. You have the cotton ones to keep you warm during the winter, and the lace ones for the sunny days of the summer. Plus, a sexy bodysuit has the added benefit of holding up well in any circumstance. If you bend over or lift your arm, it won't reveal your stomach or lower back. And in winter, it will keep your belly warm.

It shows you off

Well fitted, the sexy bodysuit fits perfectly your curves and your forms. It enhances your figure by emphasizing certain parts of your body, such as the waist, chest or buttocks. Different models are designed to highlight each morphology. In addition, the sexy bodysuit also hides small imperfections. By wearing this glamorous garment, you will feel more attractive and feminine.

It is trendy

Wearing a sexy bodysuit is currently very fashionable. Almost all the celebrities of the moment adopt this stylish garment. Moreover, the combination of sexy bodysuit and high waist is a hit.


Pay attention to the season

For summer, prefer sexy bodysuits made of light material like lace, and with short or sleeveless sleeves. In winter, long-sleeved cotton bodysuits are your best bet.

Choose also according to the occasion

If you want to wear your bodysuit in intimacy with your partner, go for sheer and mesh models, which make you irresistible. On the other hand, if you're looking for a bodysuit to wear during the day, make sure your bodysuit looks more like a top.

Harmonize the colors

When you wear your sexy bodysuit with other clothes, be careful to match colors so that your outfit stands out.

Privilege the comfort

Style is important, but comfort is even more important. Choose bodysuits in which you feel comfortable.

Range your sexy bodies properly

Your sexy bodysuits must be stored carefully, in a place that is specially intended for them. This is to avoid snags on your thin bodies, but also so you don't get lost when you want to put one on for a special occasion.

Take care of your lingerie

As lingerie is delicate, you must carefully follow all the instructions given regarding its washing, drying and ironing.


For whom is the sexy bodysuit intended?

The sexy bodysuit is suitable for all women. No matter your age or body type, there is a perfect model for you.

Should we wear a sexy bodysuit with underwear?

This is a personal choice. But you should know that underwear under a bodysuit is not very sexy.

Body brief or thong bodysuit?

Again, it depends on you. A thong is great for showing off your pretty butt, but some women feel more comfortable in briefs.

How to wash your sexy bodysuit well?

By hand, you'll need to scrub it gently with a mild detergent. In the machine, apply the gentle wash at low temperature so as not to damage your sexy bodysuit.

What is the best color of sexy bodysuit?

All colors are beautiful, as long as you like them. However, black remains a color of choice when it comes to sexy bodysuits.


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Provocative set Body + Selente eye patch 9
Provocative set Body + Selente eye patch
Babydoll lace halter body EVELIFE 10
Babydoll lace halter body EVELIFE
Underwired bodysuit Susa 6552 11
Underwired bodysuit Susa 6552
Body sexy à manches longues Comeondear 12
Body sexy à manches longues Comeondear


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