The best sexy babydolls in the UK 2023

The nightie is a nightwear that looks like a thin dress with straps. Not only is this outfit light and comfortable, but it also reveals all your femininity, which makes it an infallible weapon of seduction. Lace, veil, lacing, mesh, manufacturers do not skimp on the means to satisfy all your tastes.

Besdel asymmetric babydoll and thong set 1

Best value for money

Besdel asymmetric babydoll and thong set

The best sexy nightie in 2021

This is an extremely sexy set that includes an asymmetrical babydoll and a matching thong. This delicate lingerie adorned with lace will surely please your partner.

14,39 £ on Amazon

Besdel offers you the best in lingerie. Made of a voile fabric, this chemise is not only very light, but it also reveals your body in a subtle way. Its asymmetrical cut gives it an exquisite charm. In addition, a side slit gives the garment an enticing touch.

The part that covers the chest is made of floral lace, which makes the babydoll very feminine. Also, the latter is equipped with a deep neckline with pigeon effect, revealing all the voluptuousness of the chest. Thanks to its adjustable straps, you will be able to adjust its length to your liking. A thin white thong is provided with the chemise.

Aibrou satin nightie 2

Best value for money

Aibrou satin nightie

The best entry-level sexy nightie

If you have rather refined tastes, this chemise is made for you. Made of a high quality satin fabric, it offers you an incredible softness and comfort for the night.

10,36 £ on Amazon

We all know that the satin nightie is a must-have for the female wardrobe. For this reason, Aibrou offers you this sumptuous sexy babydoll. Its simplicity makes all its charm, because it is the ideal to put your body forward. Its high quality satin fabric, smooth and silky, gives an elegant side. Extremely soft, it also helps you sleep well.

Moreover, its A-line design and V-neck make this babydoll infinitely attractive. To ensure maximum comfort and convenience, the straps are adjustable. Maintenance of this nightgown requires washing in cold water, and drying avoiding direct sunlight. Also, the use of bleach is strongly discouraged.

Hunkemöller lace nightie 3

Best premium value for money

Hunkemöller lace nightie

The best high-end sexy nightie

This babydoll by Hunkemöller stands out for its simple yet exquisitely elegant look. The lace top enhances the femininity, and also helps to highlight the bust.

23,19 £ on Amazon

In this babydoll by Hunkemöller, you will feel beautiful and trendy even at bedtime. With a slim fit, it highlights the curves of your hips beautifully. In addition, its floral lace top enhances your bust, and brings a touch of femininity to your look. With its V-neck and open back, this chemise also reveals a sensual and seductive side.

Moreover, it has been specially designed in a soft and comfortable fabric, so you can enjoy a pleasant sleep. And it's a versatile piece of clothing because you can wear this nightie for a night out with friends, a romantic stroll or even at home during the day.

Adome lace nightie 4

Best alternative

Adome lace nightie

A great alternative

It is the ideal chemise to seduce your man. Very short and tight, it highlights your slim legs and your perfect curves.

15,92 £ on Amazon

There's no doubt about it, you'll look absolutely stunning in this lace-trimmed babydoll. Its elastic fabric perfectly molds your gorgeous body, hugging every curve in a sensual way. The V-neckline subtly reveals the breasts, thus highlighting your chest. In the back, straps and laces cross in an X shape, giving the chemise an elegant look.

Also, two slits on the sides add to its aesthetic and sensual charm. Despite its simplicity, this babydoll is an infallible weapon of seduction. Not only does this babydoll make you desirable, but it also provides maximum comfort.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best sexy babydoll

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The best sexy nightie in 2021

The best entry-level sexy nightie

The best high-end sexy nightie

A great alternative

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Comparison table of the best sexy babydolls

Besdel asymmetric babydoll and thong set 5
Aibrou satin nightie 6
Hunkemöller lace nightie 7
Adome lace nightie 8
Besdel asymmetric babydoll and thong set
Aibrou satin nightie
Hunkemöller lace nightie
Adome lace nightie
This is an extremely sexy set that includes an asymmetrical babydoll and a matching thong. This delicate lingerie adorned with lace will surely please your partner.
If you have rather refined tastes, this chemise is made for you. Made of a high quality satin fabric, it offers you an incredible softness and comfort for the night.
This babydoll by Hunkemöller stands out for its simple yet exquisitely elegant look. The lace top enhances the femininity, and also helps to highlight the bust.
It is the ideal chemise to seduce your man. Very short and tight, it highlights your slim legs and your perfect curves.
65% cotton, 35% polyester
High quality satin fabric
High quality satin fabric
95% polyester and 5% elastane
V-neck and adjustable straps
V-neck and adjustable straps
V-neck and cross-over straps
White, black, navy blue, blue, blue peacock, purple, red, light blue
Navy blue, black, white, champagne, pink, red, red wine, peacock blue, turquoise, purple, yellow, pink
Navy blue, black, white, champagne, pink, red, red wine, peacock blue, turquoise, purple, yellow, pink
Navy blue, light gray, dark gray, black, vermilion, dark red, dark green, navy

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Buying guide - sexy babydoll

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How to choose your sexy babydoll

We often get lost in the countless models when it comes to choosing the sexy babydoll that suits us. That's why it is necessary to take into account certain criteria.

#1 - The morphology

To enhance your body, choose a nightie that suits your body type. If you are slim, choose light colored models with lace, which will create an illusion of curves on your figure. If, on the other hand, you have a curvy body, a dark colored fitted babydoll will suit you perfectly. On the other hand, if you are tall, long nighties are perfect for you.

#2 - The material

Cotton nighties are known for their great comfort and infinite softness. But if you have more refined tastes, satin and silk will suit you better. These are softer and lighter materials than cotton. There are also nighties made of voile and lace, which emphasize the voluptuousness of the woman's body. The latter option is perfect for spending a romantic night with your partner.

#3 - The color and patterns

Go for a color that you like and that matches your style. Note, however, that if you have a fair complexion, colors like cherry red, candy pink or coral will look good on you. If your skin is darker, shades like beige and brick red will better enhance your skin tone. As for patterns, floral enhances femininity, while geometric shapes bring a vintage feel.

#4 - The occasion

Choose your sexy babydoll based on the occasions you'll be wearing it. If you're looking for a babydoll for sleeping only, go for less sophisticated models that provide maximum comfort. On the other hand, if your goal is to lure your man into your nets for an eventful night, sheer, low-cut and mesh models are your best allies.

How do you maintain your sexy babydoll?


Like almost any piece of lingerie, the sexy babydoll is a delicate garment that needs to be cared for with the utmost care. To do so, here are some of our tips.

Care for your silk babydoll

Because silk is a fragile fabric, it should not be soaked before washing. When hand washing, gently rub the fabric without wrinkling it. If the care label on your silk babydoll allows you to machine wash it, be sure to use the silk program with a wool detergent. Above all, avoid stain remover which could ruin the fabric. Finally, when ironing, choose the lowest iron temperature and never steam iron silk.


Care for your satin babydoll

It is most recommended to wash your satin lingerie by hand, to keep the fabric in good condition as long as possible. Use a Marseille soap or a mild detergent. Soak your nightie in water, then soap it and rub it gently. Then rinse it first with warm water, and a second time with cold water. To dry, lay it flat on a towel. In the machine, select a short wash program and a chlorine- and perborate-free detergent.

Care for your lace or voile babydoll

Whether you wash your lace/veil babydoll by hand or in the washing machine, always use a gentle detergent. When hand washing, scrub gently and definitely don't wear jewelry, as it may snag. When washing in the machine, choose a delicate program. It would be better to put your lingerie in a wash net to protect it.

How to wear your sexy babydoll around town

Actually, wearing your sexy nightie in broad daylight is currently very trendy. But be careful not to fall into vulgarity.

A summer dress

The silk floral babydoll is making its way into your everyday wardrobe. Short, light and feminine, it is ideal for a little stroll with friends or lovers during the summer. Pair it with a pair of sneakers, preferably white, and complete your chic look with a pretty shoulder strap.

A winter dress

The babydoll can also be worn around town during the winter season. Wear a turtleneck sweater under your silk or satin babydoll, and add a belt for added elegance. If you are very chilly, you can put a man's jacket over it, it will bring a vintage feel to your outfit.

A stylish top

Not only is a babydoll a dress, but it's also a very glamorous top, as long as it's not vulgar. On an elegant evening, wear your lace babydoll with classy pants and pumps. If the back looks too exposed, you can wear a light jacket over it.

The different types of sexy babydolls

The market for women's lingerie is full of many models of sexy babydolls. Depending on the cut and the different details, we distinguish these five types.

The simple sexy nightie

It is a babydoll without any sophisticated details. It is usually made of a single piece of fabric in silk, nylon, satin or cotton, and focuses on comfort above all. Nevertheless, it can sometimes be embellished with lace on the bottom of the dress and the neckline.

The simple sexy nightie is suitable for all body types, but it is especially ideal for those who do not want to show off their curves. It is also the right nightwear for you if you are looking for nothing more than a good night's sleep. Besides, you can wear this type of nightie during the day as a top or a dress.

The underwired sexy nightie

This type of nightie has underwires built into the bust area. Like a bra, it offers better support to your chest and also gives more shape to your breasts. The sexy underwired nightie is a perfect fit for women with large breasts.

However, it is not recommended for women with small breasts. Indeed, instead of creating an illusion of volume, the nightie could devalue their chest. Also, note that underwire can sometimes cause discomfort. Therefore, you need to choose your sexy underwired nightie meticulously.

The sexy nightie with balconies

This type of nightie has underwires built into the bust area. Like a bra, it offers a better support to your chest and also gives more shape to your breasts. The sexy underwired nightie is a perfect match for women with generous breasts.

On the other hand, it is not too recommended for those with small breasts. Indeed, instead of creating an illusion of volume, the nightie could devalue their breasts by flattening them further. Also, note that underwire can sometimes cause discomfort. It is thus necessary to choose meticulously its sexy nightie with underwires.

The sexy low-cut nightie

Munished with slits in the front or in the back, the sexy nightie indented subtly reveals the nudity of the woman. It also offers you a great lightness and more ease of movement. More imaginative than ever, it is the babydoll of all male fantasies.

The low-cut nightie is very suitable for women with small breasts, because it diverts attention to other parts of the body. But this does not prevent it from highlighting women with large breasts. The only drawback is that this type of nightie is very fragile and it tears easily. You must therefore handle it with care.

The open sexy nightie

The open babydoll includes two pieces, a top that opens in the middle and the thong that goes with it. Very naughty, this feminine lingerie dresses in no time and undresses even faster. With sleeves, sleeveless, in veil or in lace, the sexy open babydoll comes in different models all as provocative as each other.

The sexy open babydoll is the perfect choice for A- or H-shaped figures. Moreover, it is the perfect outfit for a game of seduction with your partner if you want to have a hot moment in love!

The asymmetric nightie

It is a rather trendy cut babydoll that comes with a single sleeve or an irregular hem. Playing on its asymmetrical cut, this type of babydoll reveals everything in a rather subtle and intriguing way. Moreover, it is the perfect choice to sublimate your body if you have an X shape or if you are curvy.

Indeed, this sexy nightie offers the advantage of putting your curves forward. But that's not all! It also covers you with a particular charm, ideal to attract your man in your nets. Then, do not hesitate any more! Opt for a sexy asymmetrical nightie.

Sexy silk or veil nightie ?

The sexy silk babydoll

The sexy silk babydoll represents the woman's body in all its softness and delicacy. As it glides pleasantly over the skin, it gives you absolute comfort and well-being. It can be plain, patterned or decorated with lace, depending on your taste. This chemise is also available in different cuts, from the simplest to the most sophisticated.

The sexy nightie in veil

The sexy nightie in veil is a piece of outstanding seduction. Giving a glimpse of the naked body, this nightwear does not show the delicate side of the woman, but rather her desirable side. The veil highlights the curves in a sensual and very attractive way. In addition, various details such as bows, tiles and lace add a more feminine touch.


Either way, the choice is yours. The sexy silk nightie will make you enjoy a comfortable sleep, while sublimating your fragile and delicate body. As for the sexy nightie in veil, more provocative, it will awaken the desire in your partner.

Why buy a sexy babydoll?

1- To make yourself look good

To make yourself beautiful, you can change your hairstyle, take care of your skin, or follow a fitness program. However, you can also make yourself look good through your clothing choices, and nightwear is one of them! Even when you're asleep, stay beautiful and sensual by wearing a sexy babydoll.

2- To regain your self-confidence

Feeling gorgeous is essential to regaining your self-confidence. Besides, a more confident woman becomes more beautiful in the eyes of her suitors.

3- To put your body forward

Your chest, your curves, all your femininity will be highlighted with a sexy babydoll. This nightwear reveals everything in a subtle way, especially to raise the temperature if you intend to seduce your man.

4- To become a femme fatale

The main purpose of the sexy babydoll is to make you more sensual. Transform yourself into a sensual and attractive woman. It is a perfect option to attract men into your nets.

5- To seduce your man

If you want to spice up your relationship, wear a sexy babydoll. You will be irresistible to your man. With a sexy nightie, the night promises to be long.

The best brands of sexy babydolls

In our opinion, the best brands of sexy babydolls in 2022 are :


This fashion brand claims to be a professional in the design of quality clothing for both men and women. Particularly focused on lingerie, it offers really sexy babydolls to sublimate all women.

The brand specializes in lingerie. In cotton or silk, its babydolls frequently top the list of the best products, a reputation confirmed by its completely satisfied customers.

The Dutch brand has a great reputation in the fashion world. Also, its Nuit collection includes everything needed to spend a romantic and wild night, or a soothing and cozy one. Its nighties are as beautiful, sophisticated and original.

Specializing in nightwear and lingerie, this young brand seems to be a rising star in its sector. Indeed, its products are a great success with customers. And it must be said that the quality is always at the rendezvous.

The French brand is a master in the art of seduction through its ultra sensual lingerie items. It has managed to impose itself in this sector with its original and colorful lingerie. In terms of sexy babydolls, Aubade also remains a reference, especially if you want to be both feminine, glamorous and sensual.

What is the price for a sexy babydoll

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

10 £ to 15 £
15 £ to 25 £
more than 25 £
Price range diagram


To emphasize her breast

To enhance your breasts, necklines are your best allies. If your breasts are rather small, push-up or balconette necklines will enhance them by adding more shape and roundness to your breasts. If, on the other hand, you have a large bust, choose a V-neck or U-neck chemise. Underwires are also a good choice.

To play with the colors

You may not know it, but colors have a language. If you want to give an impression of innocence and purity, opt for a white nightie. For a seductive or femme fatale effect, turn to red and black instead.

To take into account the details

Details are important, as they are responsible for certain effects. The lace, for example, adds a touch of femininity to your babydoll. The deep neckline, for its part, brings a provocative side. As for the straps crossed in the back, they make your babydoll more sensual.

To wear the babydoll in winter

If you feel like wearing a babydoll in winter, it is possible. Opt for a babydoll set, including a babydoll and a matching robe that will keep you warm. You can also choose a long nightie or a sleeved nightie.

To privilege the comfort

Whether you're looking for a sexy nightie to sleep in or to seduce, the most important thing is always comfort. Choose models whose fabric is pleasant to you, and that do not bother you when you move. It is essential to feel good in your clothes.


Should you wear underwear with the sexy nightie?

Generally, we wear only the panties with the sexy nightie. The bra would risk spoiling the look of the latter, especially if it is transparent or lace. In addition, know that most of the time, the sexy babydoll comes with a matching panty or thong.

Short or long sexy nightie?

The shortsexy babydoll is more common, lighter and more comfortable. As for the long sexy nightie, it exudes a certain class and exceptional charm. The choice will depend on your preferences. Note, however, that the short nightie is more suitable for summer, and the long nightie is more suitable for mid-season or winter.

How to make your nightie even sexier?

It is possible to make your sexy nightie even more sensual, and thus turn your partner's head. All you have to do is add a garter belt and stockings to your outfit, pieces that are masters in the art of seduction. Just be sure to match the colors.

What is the difference between a nightie and a nightgown?

Although people sometimes confuse the nightie and the nightgown, they are two perfectly distinct garments. The nightie is shaped like a strapless dress, while the nightgown looks like a large T-shirt, or a large shirt. Also, the nightgown does not reveal curves, unlike the nightie.


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Besdel asymmetric babydoll and thong set
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