The best PC screens in the UK 2023

Nowadays, monitors are a part of everyday life, whether for work or play. As a key complement to a desktop or laptop PC, getting a great PC monitor offers a better visual experience for better gameplay or watching movies. With so many models on the market, find the best PC monitor of your choice through our guide.

BenQ GW2780 1

Best value for money

BenQ GW2780

The best PC monitor in 2021

The GW2780 is a 27-inch display leveraging a combination of LED and IPS technologies. Designed for visual comfort, this PC monitor offers FHD 1080p resolution with Eye-Care, anti-flicker, and blue light function.

151 £ on Amazon

At a very reasonable price, the BenQ GW2780 was designed to fit everyday tasks. The PC screen is 27 inches in size with full HD resolution and a combination of LED and IPS technologies. For a great user experience, the GW2780 takes advantage of BenQ's exclusive Eye-Care technology. This is an anti-flicker and low blue light feature. On the design side, it has ultra-thin edges and a hidden cable routing system at its stand.

To its advantage, it also embeds Brightness Intelligence technology for automatic display optimization with exceptional image quality. With a display frequency of 80 Hz and a response time of 5 ms, the PC monitor offers a viewing angle of 178° for better visual comfort. In addition, it features HDMI, VGA, DisplayPort and 3.5mm audio connectors with two built-in speakers.

AOC 22B2AM 2

Best value for money


The best entry-level PC monitor

At a very attractive price, discover modernity and elegance with this 22-inch 3-sided borderless PC monitor. The AOC 22B2AM offers a high-precision Full HD resolution with a frequency rate of 75 Hz and 4 ms response time.

71,99 £ on Cdiscount

Despite its small price tag, the AOC 22B2AM performs with a 22-inch Full HD VA panel with high precision backed by a 75Hz display frequency and 4ms response time. Featuring a sleek design, the PC monitor has a slim 3-sided frameless structure with a wide 178° viewing angle. It also features Low Blue Light mode that blocks harmful blue light rays without altering the displayed colors.

The connectivity is composed of VGA and HDMI ports as well as an audio input Jack. For sound fans, it is equipped with two built-in 2-watt speakers. Adopting the WLED backlight system, the AOC 22B2AM offers a 16:9 aspect ratio with a brightness rate of 250 cd/m2 on a static contrast ratio of 3000:1. Adjustable in tilt, the PC monitor has a removable base and is adaptable to a 100 x 100 mm VESA mount.


Best value for money


The best high-end PC monitor

Designed for big screen fans and immersive gaming, the Odyssey G9 is a 49-inch 1000R curved PC display. The only one of its kind, this display offers a 32:9 DWQHD resolution with a 240 Hz frequency and a 1 ms response time.

1 119 £ on Amazon
LG 27UL650-W 4


LG 27UL650-W

A great PC monitor

The LG 27UL650-W is a 4K UHD monitor perfect for both gaming and office use. Equipped with a 27" IPS panel with HDR technology, it offers versatility with display accuracy and excellent fluidity.

264 £ on Amazon

The LG 27UL650-W is a PC monitor with a 27-inch IPS panel offering a 4K UHD definition of 3840 x 2160p in 16:9 format. It is suitable for office activities as well as for gaming. Performing and versatile, it has the AMD FreeSync technology followed by a refresh rate of 60 Hz with a response time of 5 ms. Also featuring HDR400, it offers a brightness rate of 350 cd/m2 and a contrast ratio of 1000:1.

The IPS panel is backlit with LEDs while presenting a color accuracy covering 99% of the color spectrum SRGB on viewing angles up to 178 °. The connectivity is composed of two HDMI ports, a DisplayPort and a 3.5 mm audio output. For more comfort in use, the monitor incorporates a removable ergonomic foot adjustable in height up to 11 cm, 90 ° rotation and tilt of -5 ° and +15 °. It is also VESA compatible at 100 x 100 mm.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best PC screen

Any specific needs?

The best PC monitor in 2021

The best entry-level PC monitor

The best high-end PC monitor

A great PC monitor

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Comparison table of the best PC screens

BenQ GW2780 5
AOC 22B2AM 6
LG 27UL650-W 8
BenQ GW2780
LG 27UL650-W
The GW2780 is a 27-inch display leveraging a combination of LED and IPS technologies. Designed for visual comfort, this PC monitor offers FHD 1080p resolution with Eye-Care, anti-flicker, and blue light function.
At a very attractive price, discover modernity and elegance with this 22-inch 3-sided borderless PC monitor. The AOC 22B2AM offers a high-precision Full HD resolution with a frequency rate of 75 Hz and 4 ms response time.
Designed for big screen fans and immersive gaming, the Odyssey G9 is a 49-inch 1000R curved PC display. The only one of its kind, this display offers a 32:9 DWQHD resolution with a 240 Hz frequency and a 1 ms response time.
The LG 27UL650-W is a 4K UHD monitor perfect for both gaming and office use. Equipped with a 27" IPS panel with HDR technology, it offers versatility with display accuracy and excellent fluidity.
Screen size
27 inches
22 inches
49 inches
27 inches
Panel type
1920 x 1080 pixels
1920 x 1080 pixels
5120 x 2440 pixels
4K - 3840 x 2160 pixels
Refresh rate
80 Hz
75 Hz
240 Hz
60 Hz
Response time
5 ms
4 ms
1 ms
5 ms

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Buying guide - PC screen

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How to choose your PC screen

The cheapest option might be the right choice. But it's worth identifying your needs and knowing what makes a £100 PC monitor different from one that costs over £1,000. Here are the criteria to consider.

#1 - The type of PC screen

The size is a determining factor for the comfort of use of a PC monitor. However, bigger does not necessarily mean more comfortable. Indeed, with equivalent resolution, it is obvious that it is more pleasant to watch a movie on a large 32" screen than on a small 11" screen. On the other hand, to do programming, a screen of more measured size will require less eye movements and will thus be less tiring to use.

#2 - Size and resolution

#3 - Response time

#4 - The screen slab

#5 - The contrast

#6 - Connections

#7 - The HD label

#8 - The angle of vision

#9 - The finish

#10 -

What features are important for a PC monitor for gaming?

There are a lot of choices and even more confusing marketing terms for gamers to wade through when looking for a new PC monitor. Here, we'll break down the features that really benefit gamers.

The most competitive gamers need to prioritize speed, which requires high refresh rates (144 Hz or higher), as well as faster response times. This will probably limit you to 25 or 27 inches, possibly with lower pixel density and no extended color or HDR.

But maybe you're a casual gamer and won't notice the difference between 60 fps or 144 fps. You can settle for 75 Hz or even 60 Hz coupled with FreeSync or G-Sync technology and prioritize factors like high image quality and pixel density. You can then choose a 30-inch or larger PC monitor. If your budget allows, you might even consider a 4K PC monitor with HDR technology.

The different types of PC screens

IPS PC monitors

IPS technology (In-Plane Switching for the curious) focuses on bright, vibrant colors and excellent viewing angles. Its color rendering and wide viewing angles explain why the IPS panel is also used by smartphone manufacturers. Affordable, the IPS panel has also improved over the years on its biggest flaw: its response time.

Generally slower than TN panels, IPS panel producers are starting to solve this problem. From now on you can find many models that are under 5 ms.


  • Beautiful colors
  • Wide viewing angles
  • Reasonably priced


  • Lower response time than TN panels

When to choose an IPS panel?

We advise you to choose an IPS panel for your computer screen if you use your PC in a rather mixed way, without necessarily privileging video games. If you are ready to sacrifice a little bit of reaction time for a better screen quality, the IPS panel is made for you.

PC monitors with TN panel


having studied the IPS panel option, we have to see its competitor, the TN panel (Twisted Nematic, still for the curious). The latter are a must if you attach great importance to the latency time between the graphics card and the screen. Indeed, we generally reach 1 ms for 5 ms for a good IPS panel. For this reason the TN panel is very appreciated by gamers. Moreover its prices are very competitive.

The TN panel has however some defects. Indeed, its color rendering as well as its angles of vision are quite average, even downright bad on some models.


  • Really competitive price
  • Top notch latency time


  • More than average image rendering
  • Poor viewing angles

When to choose a PC monitor with a TN panel?

To summarize, unlike the IPS panel, the TN panel is to be preferred if what matters most to you is the latency time and therefore you use your computer mainly to play.

VA panel PC monitors


a VA (Vertical Alignment) slab you'll have beautiful images but a slab that's way too slow for most games. We explain.

Particularly focused on deep blacks and strong contrasts, the VA panel is very appreciated by people who regularly work on videos or whose main use of the screen is to watch movies.

However, as with IPS panels, VA panels struggle with latency. So, even if the new models try to compensate for this defect, you can feel the difference with a TN panel.


  • Rich colors and striking contrasts that give beautiful images


  • Angles of vision not necessarily transcendent
  • Slow latency time

When to choose a VA panel for your PC screen?

If you use your computer mainly for watching movies or editing videos, the VA panel is for you.

PC LED (and especially OLED) displays

The LED (Light-Emitting Diode) screen should not be confused with the previous screens. It is actually a display technology found on some screens, including OLED screens. These particular screens no longer use liquid crystal technology for their displays but rely on LED for a striking quality.

The OLED screen is the absolute LCD solution: deep blacks, response times more than reactive, possibility of having flexible screens, contrasts archi worked ...

So we find ideal performance in every respect.


  • Sumptuous image
  • Minimum response time


  • Not yet widespread enough

When to choose an OLED screen?

Whatever your needs, if you have the possibility to choose it, the OLED screen is an ideal solution

Curved PC screen or Flat PC screen

Curved PC monitor

Curved PC monitors tend to provide a lot of screen space, so you can display multiple documents and windows at once. However, because of their curvature, users get the best effect by sitting directly in the middle of the screen.

This makes it so that you can really only have one monitor on your desk. If you are the kind of person who prefers to have a multi-monitor setup, this will not be a good solution for you.

Flat panel PC monitor

Flat screens, on the other hand, are perfect for anyone who wants a multi-monitor setup. In addition, flat screens are the preferred monitor for wall mounting, as the flat screen can be seen better from different angles than curved screens.

And finally, curved PC monitors tend to be relatively expensive, while flat panel monitors with the same size and resolution tend to cost much less.


Both have advantages and disadvantages, depending on how you plan to use them. Curved C-screens have less glare and are more immersive.

On the other hand, flat panel PC monitors are cheaper and better suited for people who want a multi-screen setup.

Why buy a PC monitor?

Useful for computing

The PC monitor is one of the essential elements for accessing computers. In other words, it is the only component that allows the display to be used with a computer. The latter would certainly not function without a screen.

Whatever you want to do with a computer, it will not be possible without a PC monitor.

The PC screen is all the more important as it is a matter of user comfort. Without a picture and without a proper display, doing computer work would quickly become a chore, or even hell.

Multifunctional in terms of use

A PC monitor can meet many needs and will be available in different models designed to best meet the particular expectations of the user.

For example, a PC monitor can be used for connecting to the Internet and surfing the web, for reading and sending e-mails, for typing or for using software for work.

A PC monitor can also be used to watch films and videos, to view recordings on any media, to launch slide shows, to look at photos...

Having a PC monitor gives you the opportunity to do many things, both professionally and personally.

Special when it comes to video games

The PC screen takes on a whole new dimension when it comes to using it for video games. Indeed, this particular activity requires a high-performance PC monitor, capable of offering a fast and good quality display depending on the type of video game.

The PC screen then becomes a tool without which the player could not compete with other enthusiasts. It also determines the quality of the gaming experience.

Many factors come into play when choosing a PC monitor, if only to mention its size, resolution, viewing angle, refresh rates, display technology, response time of the PC monitor...

Stable in terms of technological developments

The PC monitor is one of the most expensive parts of a computer, not only because it is one of the most important parts, but also because it changes less often than other components.

In fact, the PC monitor will not be as quickly outdated technologically as the processor or the graphics card found in the computer's central unit.

By buying the most advanced PC monitor, you have more time before it becomes outdated. The user will spend an average of 5 years on the same monitor before feeling the need to change it. It is therefore a profitable investment in the long term.

Design diversity

Buying a PC monitor is a pleasure as it is an item that we want to be comfortable, but above all aesthetically pleasing in our office. There are many sizes of PC monitors as well as designs.

The PC monitor is also available in several ranges which leaves a wide choice at the time of purchase. Whether you have a small or large budget, finding a functional PC monitor is always possible.

Alternatively, you can opt for the more futuristic models that add a lot of style to your home, but are more expensive to buy.

The best brands of PC screens

In our opinion, the best brands of PC screens in 2022 are :


HP pays great attention to the longevity of its equipment. With good performance, HP PC monitors are really attractive. If you spend hours working, there's nothing better than an HP monitor. The brand offers ergonomics and features that you will immediately fall in love with.

Samsung has always distinguished itself by its quality of manufacturing. Smartphone, tablet or PC, the Korean brand knows how to do it in terms of screen. Samsung produces notably curved screens for multiple use.

ASUS is the best brand of user-friendly PC screens in the world. With extreme definition displays and incredible value for money, Asus offers the best PC monitors in the world. The brand offers monitors that are built with high-end materials.

LG is a popular and reliable PC monitor manufacturer. It has taken the niche in the high-end PC monitor market and has proudly positioned itself as one of the best monitor brands in the world! In general, LG monitors are too good and even many big companies use LG slabs, as they have the best integrated and high-end displays.

DELL remains one of the best PC monitor brands in the world in 2020. In most offices or even in homes, you will see Dell monitors everywhere. That's because Dell monitors are the best fit for an office.

What is the price for a PC screen

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

70 £ to 100 £
100 £ to 250 £
more than 250 £
Price range diagram


First, calibrate your device.

When setting up a monitor for the first time, use the built-in calibration settings to adjust the image of your display. Proper setup based on the instructions provided can greatly improve the overall image quality of your monitor.

From desktop to screen.


you're not sure what size monitor to buy, use a tape measure to estimate the available and ideal space on your desk. Remember that monitor screen measurements reflect the diagonal distance between opposing corners.

USB ports.


you need additional USB ports in your computer setup, look for a monitor with a built-in USB hub. Some monitors include up to four additional USB ports.

Dual monitor setting.


you need a widescreen monitor, but that kind is out of your price range, consider buying two traditional widescreen monitors to run side by side simultaneously


Rotate the display.


those who want to see the world from a different perspective, not landscape, Windows 10 offers the ability to turn the screen to use the monitor in portrait mode



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BenQ GW2780
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LG 27UL650-W


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