The best Gamer PC screens under 200 euros in the UK 2023

It's not always easy to find a gamer PC monitor under 200 euros, with a good resolution and excellent image fluidity. We've sifted through a few highly regarded models that are compatible with most computer graphics cards. Without waiting, discover our opinions on the best PC gamer screens under 200 euros.

Samsung C24RG50 Odyssey 1

Editor's Choice

Samsung C24RG50 Odyssey

The best PC gamer screen under 200 euros in 2021

Samsung offers this gamer PC screen at less than 200 euros for an immersive gaming experience. The refresh rate - FreeSync technology combo will guarantee a high definition image.

134 £ on Darty

In the category of PC gamer screens under 200 euros, the Samsung C24RG50 Odyssey stands out for its resolution thanks to a curved screen of 1920x1080 px for a maximum refresh rate of 144 MHz. You can adjust this rate between 60, 100, 120 or 144 mHz depending on the game you play. Users seem to appreciate the gaming features of this PC monitor which has a gaming mode to increase contrast ratios and optimize color display.

Combat lovers appreciate the Virtual Aim Point feature where this sub 200 euro PC gamer monitor allows you to aim with great precision at enemies. When you add the FreeSync technology to this, you get sharp images with precise details and no image tearing. The icing on the cake: hardcore gamers will appreciate the Eye Saver mode, where the display is optimized to avoid eye strain. This 24-inch PC monitor also has a horizontal axis that can be tilted up to +20 to the rear.

DELL E2014H 2

Best cheapest


The best PC gamer screen under 200 euros entry-level

For less than 100 euros, you can get a cheap 20' Dell gamer PC monitor. Its 1000:1 contrast is well suited for beginners who are not very demanding.

79,96 £ on Darty

There's no need to be fooled: the DELL E2014H is still a fairly basic gamer PC screen for less than 200 euros, but it plays its role well and will please beginners or occasional gamers. Already, we are in the presence of a 20-inch screen, displaying a brightness of 250 cd/m2. It's not the best, but it's the maximum you can get for less than 100 euros.

In terms of resolution, this screen displays 1600x900 on the meter for an LED display. Prolonged use will tire the eyes, so you'll have to be self-disciplined. As for the contrast quality, a value of 1000:1 is far from that of the previous product, but it does the trick for a non-curved screen. Sure, the details won't be very sharp, but the conditions are there for you to hone your skills.

HP Gamer X24c 3

Best high end

HP Gamer X24c

The best PC gamer screen under 200 euros high-end

With the full HD definition alone, it's easy to be convinced by this gamer PC screen for less than 200 euros. A VA panel on a 23.6" screen and a native resolution of 1920x1080; that promises!

160 £ on Boulanger

The HP Gamer X24c is very popular with gamers thanks to its curved shape and its full HD definition. Its large 23.6" screen remains quite comfortable, especially for prolonged use. As for the resolution, the 1920x1080 pixels announced remain the maximum that one can demand for a PC gamer screen at less than 200 euros. Moreover, this monitor incorporates LCD technology for a brightness of 300 cd/m2 and a contrast of 3000:1.

If you're looking for precision and responsiveness in a sub-$200 PC gamer display that doesn't have image tearing, the HP Gamer X24c has a 144Hz scan rate and a 4ms response time. If you plan to play for several hours, activate the blue light reduction; a feature that complements the anti-glare treatment so as not to harm your eyes.

ARZOPA Laptop monitor 4


ARZOPA Laptop monitor

The PC gamer screen under 200 euros portable

Gamers on the go will appreciate this gamer PC screen for less than 200 euros. Even if the screen size is small, the 1920x1080 resolution and full HD definition are very attractive.

104 £ on Darty

Carry your gamer PC monitor for less than 200 euros everywhere you go and enjoy your favorite games at any time. This will be possible with this 15.6" portable monitor offering quite good perspectives for such a small size. Indeed, the resolution of 1920 x 1080 is similar to that of the largest screens presented in this comparison. The same goes for the brightness, which is rated at 320 cd/m2.

Nevertheless, the contrast of this PC gamer screen at less than 200 euros is not always convincing; 1000:1 is really limited to obtain an excellent rendering. This disadvantage is compensated by a wide viewing angle of 178°(h)/178°(v). It is a screen made to be used for hours, because it embeds an anti-reflection treatment and a blue light reduction mode. Anyway, the ARZOPA Laptop Screen incorporates Full HD technology; which always offers an acceptable result.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best gamer PC screen for less than 200 euros

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The best PC gamer screen under 200 euros in 2021

The best PC gamer screen under 200 euros entry-level

The best PC gamer screen under 200 euros high-end

The PC gamer screen under 200 euros portable

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Comparison table of the best Gamer PC screens under 200 euros

Samsung C24RG50 Odyssey 5
DELL E2014H 6
HP Gamer X24c 7
ARZOPA Laptop monitor 8
Samsung C24RG50 Odyssey
HP Gamer X24c
ARZOPA Laptop monitor
Samsung offers this gamer PC screen at less than 200 euros for an immersive gaming experience. The refresh rate - FreeSync technology combo will guarantee a high definition image.
For less than 100 euros, you can get a cheap 20' Dell gamer PC monitor. Its 1000:1 contrast is well suited for beginners who are not very demanding.
With the full HD definition alone, it's easy to be convinced by this gamer PC screen for less than 200 euros. A VA panel on a 23.6" screen and a native resolution of 1920x1080; that promises!
Gamers on the go will appreciate this gamer PC screen for less than 200 euros. Even if the screen size is small, the 1920x1080 resolution and full HD definition are very attractive.
24 inch
20 pouces
2xHDMI 1.4, Display port 1.2, Headphone Stereo
HDMI 2.0, Display port 1.2, headphone jack
USB-C hybrid, HDMI

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Buying guide - gamer PC screen for less than 200 euros

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How to choose your gamer PC screen for less than 200 euros

Buying a gamer monitor from a variety of models is not a simple thing to satisfy your expectations. In order to better choose your PC gamer screen at less than 200 euros, it is essential to take into account some essential criteria.

#1 - The size

For a gamer, the size of the screen is a very important aspect for a total immersion in the gaming sessions. The universal unit of measurement is the inch with a value of 2.56 cm in diagonal of the monitor. That is, if you take a 27-inch screen, you will have a diagonal dimension of 69.12 cm of your PC screen. The standard requirement for a PC gamer will be from 24 inches and above, depending on your needs and expectations. It should be noted that the size of your gamer screen will relate to the space of your setup.

#2 - Display frequency and response time

The display frequency is often referred to as refresh rate hence a number of frames per second. For example, 60 Hz is 60 frames per second. As for the response time, it is the time from one image to another expressed in milliseconds and in units of ms. This parameter will be mainly of assistance to the first, and the minimum will qualify the most fluidity to the image. A configuration of 75 Hz and 10 ms, for a gamer, it is not obvious. At the limit, it would be suitable to opt for a frequency of 60 Hz and 6 ms.

#3 - Compatible technologies

At this point, it is important to identify your screen in relation to your PC. This will save you from tearing and jerking during image processing. Free Sync and G-Sync technologies are going to be able to deal with the requirements of your graphics card in the best way. It is also relevant to consider the Flicker Free technology so as to save the various flickers and the Low Blue Light anti blue light mode favoring eye comfort.

#4 - Connections


define the versatility of your gamer PC screen, it is also not negligible to consider the various main connectivity. We distinguish several types of connectors such as: the VGA and DVI which are adapted to a certain range of pc, then comes the innovative connectors like HDMI and DisplayPort. The HDMI appears in two forms, one in version 1.4 for frequency rates less than or equal to 30 Hz and the other in version 2.0 with a display frequency rate more than 60 Hz. On some PC monitor models, USB 3.0 connectors and multimedia inputs are offered, but this will depend on your needs.

#5 - Ergonomics

When it comes to monitors, it's not insignificant to consider their ergonomics. Most screens come with removable and non-removable stands with varying functions in relation to its adjustments for proper posture. These adjustments are characterized in height, tilt, rotation or pivot of the screen. Add to this, the VESA support at the back so that it can be fixed either on a wall or on another vertical surface in suspension.

How to connect your gamer PC screen to the CPU?

This step seems the easiest for most. But to get the most out of your monitor's performance, it's helpful to follow some recommended steps.

Connect the monitor to your PC

The first step in setting up your PC monitor is to connect it to your CPU. Monitors are usually connected via two cables, the first is the one that plugs into either the VGA, HDMI or DisplayPort output port. If your PC has integrated graphics cards instead of a dedicated graphics card, you will find the connector on the back of your motherboard.

Make sure the cable connector is screwed onto the port. The second monitor cable is the power cable. Instead of plugging it directly into a wall socket, it is essential to plug it into a good surge protector. Monitors can be sensitive to power surges and spikes.

Install your gamer monitor drivers on your PC

Once your monitor is plugged in and you turn on the PC, hopefully Windows will detect the monitor and ask for your driver installation disk that came with your equipment when you purchased it. If not, try downloading the latest drivers from the manufacturer's website. Alternatively, you can let Windows install the monitor as a standard Plug and Play monitor, but this will limit its capabilities.

TN panel or VA panel?

TN slab

All TN monitors will offer a fast 1ms response time and a gray-to-gray pixel transition that eliminates ghosting, streaking and motion blur from fast moving objects in fast-paced games. Combined with a higher frequency, a TN screen provides unmatched smoothness. On the other hand, TN displays have very narrow color shades and viewing angles, which causes the image to change color and contrast when viewed from certain angles.

VA panel

This technology is close to the IPS system and the TN. A type of screen that represents one of the best alternatives for all users. Its values are closer to IPS, but a little less. Its advantages are identified by its display frequency and response time reaching an average value for immersive games or similar uses.


Each screen panel has its own advantages and disadvantages. Moreover, the choice will depend on the specificity of its use. The TN panel represents a very high frequency and response time. VA technology offers versatility at all levels but in restrictive forms.

Why buy a gamer PC monitor for less than 200 euros?

For its image quality

The image projected by a gamer PC screen is much more realistic than that of a TV screen or a classic computer. The larger the size, the better the image quality. The purchase of a gamer monitor, even at a low price, allows you to enjoy a more immersive experience and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the game. It's as if you were there!

For its design

Gamer PC monitors are designed to make gamers feel comfortable using them. They are indeed more aesthetically pleasing, with a more attractive design. Even though the ones under €200 are considered mid-range, they are very stylish and some models are even curved.

For its display time

Gamer PC monitors have a faster display time than standard monitors, whether they are full HD or 4K. The refresh rate is indeed amazing to allow you to play in total comfort. They are equipped with several technologies depending on the model and brand, such as the GamePlus or GameVisual system that allows you to adjust the anomalies related to the display.

Staying healthy

We all know that screens have a considerable impact on our health, including eye strain and insomnia. By choosing a gamer monitor that is specifically designed for video games, you will limit these hazards exponentially since they are equipped with a protective filter.

For your comfort

Sometimes, playing on a regular TV screen or a standard screen can become a real ordeal because of bugs, images that become square after a few hours of use, or other problems. By choosing a gamer pc screen, you will be more relaxed, because it is a monitor intended for gaming... only for gaming!

The best brands of Gamer PC screens under 200 euros

In our opinion, the best brands of Gamer PC screens under 200 euros in 2022 are :


Samsung has always distinguished itself by the quality of its products. Smartphone, tablet or PC, the Korean brand knows how to do it in terms of screen. And there are some for all tastes and all budgets.

DELL remains one of the best PC monitor brands in the world in 2020. In most offices or even in homes, you will see Dell monitors everywhere. That's because Dell monitors are best suited for an office.

LG is a popular and reliable PC monitor manufacturer. It has taken the niche in the high-end PC monitor market and has proudly positioned itself as one of the best monitor brands in the world! In general, LG monitors are too good and even many big companies are using LG slabs, as they have the best integrated and high-end displays.

HP pays great attention to the longevity of its equipment. With good performance, HP PC monitors are really attractive. If you spend hours working, there's nothing better than an HP monitor. The brand offers ergonomics and features that you will immediately fall in love with.

ASUS is the world's best brand of user-friendly PC monitors. With extreme definition displays and incredible value for money, Asus offers the best PC monitors in the world. The brand offers monitors that are built with high-end materials.

What is the price for a gamer PC screen for less than 200 euros

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

90 £ to 110 £
110 £ to 180 £
more than 180 £
Price range diagram


Zooming a PC screen

Zoom in using your mouse wheel by clicking on your screen display. Then press and hold the CTRL key on the keyboard while rotating the mouse wheel to reduce or enlarge objects on the screen. Zoom in or out using the keyboard. This method works on many applications by clicking what you want to view. Then press and hold the CTRL key and then press either + or - to reduce or enlarge. To restore the display, press and hold the CTRL key, then press 0.

Cleaning your gamer PC screen


different types of stains and dirt on your monitor will be annoying to your comfort. To maintain the latter, it will be necessary to clean it. Start by turning off the screen so as to detect the dirt and avoid damaging it. Dust it with an antistatic microfiber cloth, a soft cloth that does not leave lint or scratches on the surface. If the stains persist, try using a cleaner designed for these types of equipment or if not you can use water with an ammonia and acetone free cleaner like vinegar or alcohol.

Avoid reflections on your PC screen


screen of a laptop can produce unwanted glare thanks to inappropriate lighting in your environment. However, you'll probably have trouble distinguishing what's displayed on some screens. To help you make your computer screen readable and thus productive, here are some recommendations: Prepare your working environment, as it is essential to be properly installed, and choose a shady place. Then increase your brightness, most screens automatically adjust their brightness according to the ambient light, nevertheless the result is not always reliable.

The position of your screen


majority of the doctors you will meet will advise you to take a distance at the length of your arm from your screen. The position of the screen should be set high, but not too high, the top edge should take a level slightly below the eyes. And after that, adjust the screen to a 15° tilt so that the display is fixed at your viewing angle.

Organizing your environment


gaming space will be your gaming temple and will define the basic element to establish your gaming setup. The screen of your pc will also be part of all the equipment and accessories needed for your gaming environment. In this sense, customizing your space to your liking will offer great comfort.


What is the best gamer PC monitor under 200 euros?

The best gamer PC monitor for under £200 depends on your needs and budget. Read our buying guide to find out which products are the best at the moment.

How do I take a screenshot on my PC from my keyboard?

To take a screenshot, start by pressing the "Print System" key at the top right of your keyboard. Then open an image editing program like Paint or others. Click on the Edit menu then Paste or just press CTRL+V and save the file in the format of your choice.

What is DisplayPort?

DisplayPort is a new digital display connection standard for carrying image and sound. With this type of connector, it is possible to control peripheral devices built into the display, such as a USB hub, a webcam or a microphone. In version 1.2, the connector can carry a large data stream at a maximum rate of 21.6 Gbit/s.

What is the difference between a PC gamer screen and a TV monitor?

TVs and PC monitors are equivalent and use mostly the same technology to drive the screens. The first difference is the size, TV screens are mostly bigger. Secondly, there is the connectivity, excluding HDMI, PC gamer screens are usually equipped with a DisplayPort for a higher frequency and resolution.

Is the power supply of the screen assisted by the PC?

The PC monitor is a separate element from the CPU even if they are connected by a cable. In this respect, a PC monitor has its own power consumption, which is different from the power consumed by the CPU.


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Samsung C24RG50 Odyssey
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