The best gamer desks in the UK 2023

For a video game enthusiast, a gaming arsenal would not be complete without a gaming desk worthy of the name. Beyond accommodating all the computer gear, this height-adjustable furniture ensures greater comfort. Although we put several models on the test bench, the Soges ST-140BK stands out from the crowd because of its ease of use, its large mouse pad and its accessories.

Eureka Ergonomic ERK-EDK-Z1S 1

Best value for money

Eureka Ergonomic ERK-EDK-Z1S

The best gamer desktop in 2021

The Eureka Ergonomic ERK-EDK-Z1S gamer's table seduced us with its originality. Its shape and backlighting immediately take you into the world of gaming.

167 £ on Amazon

With the Eureka Ergonomic ERK-EDK-Z1S, you'll save a lot of space. It has a smart cable storage system as well as a headphone holder, a cup holder and, most importantly, a universal holder for game controllers. And let's not forget that the tabletop measures 113 x 61.5 cm.

This is the perfect gamer desk if you're on a budget and like to keep your workspace looking pristine. Made with carbon fiber, it will offer you a large gaming surface. For a better experience, let yourself be transported to another universe thanks to its LED lighting.

Trust GXT 711 Dominus 2

Best value for money

Trust GXT 711 Dominus

The best entry-level gamer desktop

Trust GXT 711 Dominus is an ergonomic and minimalist gamer desktop. It has a few features that will appeal to gamers and avid computer users.

112 £ on Amazon

The Trust GXT 711 Dominus gamer desk is quite minimalist. All black, it has a lightweight steel frame and medium-density fiberboard on top, with a polyurethane coating that increases its durability. In total, you get a desk space of 115 cm long by 75 cm wide, which is enough for two monitors, a computer screen plus a laptop or a computer screen and a console.

On the right side of the desk, you can also attach a cup holder. The Trust GXT 711 Dominus gamer desk also has a cable management system that includes two cable guides. The height of the desk is adjustable, but limited. Overall, using the Trust GXT 711 Dominus gamer desk is a pleasant experience.

Arozzi Arena Black 3

Best value for money

Arozzi Arena Black

The best high-end gamer desktop

The Arozzi Arena has many more features than any ordinary desk. You'll hardly find a better one in the high-end gamer desk segment.

247 £ on Amazon

Offering nearly 1.3 square meters of space, this desk is large. It can accommodate three full-size monitors, a keyboard and a full-size mouse. As a bonus, there's also a rather large mouse pad included in the package. The entire top is covered with water-resistant microfiber padding, the same type of fabric used on mouse pads. It also has a non-slip rubber bottom to make sure it stays in place at all times.

From an ergonomic standpoint, the Arozzi Arena Gamer Desk is one of the most comfortable models, especially if you fully utilize its three-monitor capacity. In addition, the table is curved so that you can sit perfectly in the middle, while having a wide range of motion and allowing you to maintain a correct and comfortable posture while gaming.

Eureka Ergonomic R1-S 4

A great choice

Eureka Ergonomic R1-S

A gamer desktop worth a look

The Eureka Ergonomic R1-S was designed by gamers for gamers. It is a credible alternative to the Z1-S of the same brand if you have an extra 30 euros to invest.

191 £ on Amazon
Buying guide • November 2023

Best gamer desk

Any specific needs?

The best gamer desktop in 2021

The best entry-level gamer desktop

The best high-end gamer desktop

A gamer desktop worth a look

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Comparison table of the best gamer desks

Eureka Ergonomic ERK-EDK-Z1S 5
Trust GXT 711 Dominus 6
Arozzi Arena Black 7
Eureka Ergonomic R1-S 8
Eureka Ergonomic ERK-EDK-Z1S
Trust GXT 711 Dominus
Arozzi Arena Black
Eureka Ergonomic R1-S
The Eureka Ergonomic ERK-EDK-Z1S gamer's table seduced us with its originality. Its shape and backlighting immediately take you into the world of gaming.
Trust GXT 711 Dominus is an ergonomic and minimalist gamer desktop. It has a few features that will appeal to gamers and avid computer users.
The Arozzi Arena has many more features than any ordinary desk. You'll hardly find a better one in the high-end gamer desk segment.
The Eureka Ergonomic R1-S was designed by gamers for gamers. It is a credible alternative to the Z1-S of the same brand if you have an extra 30 euros to invest.
Mouse pad, cup holder and headset holder included
Ergonomic and minimalist gamer desk
Large, easy-to-assemble desk
Dynamic RGB lighting for the best effect
Smooth-textured carbon fiber table
Large tabletop for the price
Can be used as a traditional desk if needed
Large surface area available
Sturdy, stable Z-shaped legs
Cable management system
Convenient cable management system
Interesting R design

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Buying guide - gamer desk

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How to choose your gamer desk

To play comfortably, get the right gamer desk. Here are the main criteria to consider before buying:

#1 - The material

In addition to the type of model, it is also possible to distinguish gamer desks by their design material. In this sense, you can choose between metal, glass and carbon fiber models. Keep in mind that the ease of maintenance can vary depending on the type of material chosen. The same goes for its durability. Glass is not recommended if you tend to hit the desk during your gaming sessions. Instead, opt for a durable, easy-to-maintain, water-resistant model such as steel or carbon fiber.

#2 - The size of the gaming desk

Before you embark on the purchase of a gaming desk, make sure you have the right location for its installation. Also consider the different hardware you'll need. If you want to install several monitors (2 or 3 large screens), alarge gaming desk (whether straight or angled) will suit you better. This choice is also suitable for those who need more space to place their various accessories. In the case of a motorized gamer desk, you are the sole master of the size of the tray.

#3 - The included accessories

The accessories that come with the gamer desk vary depending on the model chosen. Some come with a good number of accessories like the headset holder, cup holder, mouse pad, and cable tray. Generally speaking, a gaming desk worthy of the name does not include any storage drawers.

#4 - The light animation


backlight may seem useless, even futile, at first glance. Yet, the presence of a light animation would make this gaming space more welcoming

. It can be set to light up when you make a great combo. Optional, the RGB lighting is especially for gamers who want to customize their game room and already have other equipment with the same features like the backlit gamer keyboard, ergonomic mouse and gamer PC.

#5 - The mouse pad

You'll need a proper mouse pad so that your gamer mouse can respond instantly. If you want maximum comfort, prefer gamer desktop models with a built-in mouse pad that spreads across the entire surface of the tray. Likewise, left- or right-handed users will find it easy to use. However, some models are delivered without this essential accessory, which represents an additional expense.

How to maintain your gaming desk?

The maintenance of a gaming desk must be done on a regular basis so that you can have a gaming space always at the top. Note that the way to clean this type of furniture differs from one material to another. Here are some tips that will surely help you.

Wooden gaming desk: you will need a small soft brush and a mixture of soap and water. Scrub the wood lightly in the direction of the grain for best results. If you want to preserve the material, make use of a microfiber cloth and give it a regular clean.

Melamine Gamer Desk: To clean a melamine gamer desk, you will need water, soap and glass cleaner. You'll get rid of the most persistent stains with methylated spirits or, better yet, acetone. Rinse with clean water before drying. Avoid using white vinegar on this type of material as much as possible.

The steel gaming desk: with a cloth, a little hot water and a few drops of dishwashing liquid or Marseille soap, you can easily scrub your gaming desk. Also, if stains seem to be stubborn, proceed in the same way, but this time with a cloth soaked in household alcohol or a mixture of cider vinegar and water.

The fiberglass gaming desk: avoid using products that are too aggressive. Instead, use neutral cleaning products mixed with a little water. Remove stubborn stains effectively with a soft brush.

The different types of gamer desks

Although there is currently a plethora of gamer desks on the market, it is easier to make a choice by knowing the different types of models available.

Straight Gamer Desk

The straight gamer desk is easily recognizable by its design and their undeniable quality/price ratio. Some models come with various accessories

when you buy them. Thus, you will have at your disposal a glass rest, a headset holder, a controller holder, a DVD holder, a cable tray and a mouse pad. Depending on its size, the gaming desk can accommodate between 1 and 3 monitors (including the ultra-wide).

With or without RGB lighting, you can choose between models with multi-level height adjustment and the simplest ones. The mouse pad usually covers the entire tabletop. However, in some cases, you will have a wide model that will have no impact on the comfort of use.

Corner Gamer Desk


in an L shape, the corner gamer desk is often free of accessories. It looks like simple desks that you would use for studying or working. Besides, this desk can be used for other activities

. Optimizing comfort, the underside of the table is relatively spacious. So you will have no trouble matching it with your gaming chair. Its large dimensions allow it to accommodate large PC screens in addition to gamer hardware.

This type of gaming desk is particularly suitable for people who want to set up a 2 or 3 monitor configuration. Offering a larger space, you will have more room to put your various materials.

Electric Gamer Desk


separate model, the electric or motorized gamer desk is equipped with a mechanism that ensures height adjustment for maximum comfort. This will allow you to adopt a good posture when using your keyboard, mouse or PC screen. Playing while sitting or standing will be relatively easy.

Despite the fact that it comes without a tray, this desk has been designed with sturdy materials. On average, the appropriate tray will have a maximum load capacity of 70 kg. The motorization acts on the height adjustment of the legs of the desk over an amplitude that can vary from one brand and model to another.

Gamer desk or computer desk?

Gamer desk

More specifically, it's a desk designed for experienced gamers. Thanks to its configuration, you'll have plenty of room to store your cables efficiently and arrange your gamepads on the built-in stand, as well as your CDs. Some models include a headphone holder, ideal for keeping your headphones close at hand. The cup holder is very practical for those who don't want to get up to get a drink from the fridge.

What differentiates it from a classic desk is that the gamer desk offers a larger playing space and has several shelves for storage. It is easy to distinguish it thanks to its atypical shape and its optional RGB backlighting. Able to accommodate multiple screens simultaneously, the tray consists of a mouse pad that can be washed and interchanged easily. In short, the gaming desk offers a suitably organized space so you can focus on your gaming sessions.

Computer desk

The biggest advantage of the computer desk is that you can also use it as a study table. Some models impress with their very large dimensions, offering a greater possibility of storage. Here, you will have the opportunity to place, in addition to your computer equipment, various decorative objects or even install several monitors at once.

Designed for desktop PCs, this model has a sliding tray for the keyboard, several drawers for storage and often a headphone holder, a CD holder, a specific place for the central unit... The most common material for its design is wood, but you will certainly find computer desks made with glass, more elegant.


The gamer desk and the computer desk are designed for specific uses. If you are a video game lover and wish to create a gaming corner, the gamer desk will be the furniture that best suits your needs. You will benefit from its various integrated accessories facilitating the access to your equipment. Headset, CD, bottle or glass will be within easy reach. Its manufacturing quality gives it a perfect resistance to shocks.

On the other hand, whether you are a worker or a student, the computer desk will offer you an ideal storage system for your files. This furniture, because of its design material, will prove to be a decorative element in its own right that will not detract from the style of your interior. Available in different sizes, it ensures a better comfort.


Do your gaming sessions sitting upright to preserve your health

As we all know, sitting or standing in one position for hours on end is very bad for your health. You risk problems such as back pain in the long run. In order to avoid them, there is nothing like changing your position regularly during the day. This will allow you to reduce the risk of heart disease and chronic pain, to prevent back pain and especially to limit the possible weight gain linked to the lack of physical activity. For their comfort, YouTubers, gamers as well as Streamers have adopted the gamer desk. This furniture actually brings them a better freedom of movement and offers them the possibility to work or play sitting upright without constraint.

The ideal height for your gaming desk


keep gaming comfortable, make sure to place your monitor below your visual axis. Move the screen about a foot away and place your keyboard and mouse parallel to your elbows. If you use joysticks during your sessions, you may want to use a hand support. Get some cushions and choose the right ergonomic chair to increase your comfort level.

Dissimilate your cables efficiently

You can hide your cables more effectively. To do this, use a cable box, a cable organizer that you can hang from underneath the gamer desk or a cableDrop, proving to be very practical as it can also hold chargers.

Consider all the essential accessories


buying your gamer desk, it is essential to pay attention to the different accessories that could certainly complete your equipment. In this sense, a gamer chair remains the must-have. One of the 2 pieces of furniture must be adjustable in height. Provide multiple outlets so that the installation can be done without any hindrance. Ideally, you should have at least one spare mouse pad in case the one delivered with the desk gets dirty. Don't forget the wireless gamer headset with a microphone and noise cancelling system that will give you a better immersion in the games.

Choose the most suitable PC screen


best thing to do is to opt for the desktop PC. Prefer monitors that will offer a more immersive experience. Consider the size, resolution and ease of installation of the PC monitor. If your budget allows, an ultra-wide model would be ideal.


What is the best gamer desk?

The best gamer desktop depends on your needs and budget. Read our buying guide for the best products out there.

Is the purchase of a gamer desk mandatory?


unless gaming is your favorite hobby or even your passion. Of course, the presence of the gamer desk won't increase your strength in gaming tenfold. However, it offers the advantage of being very ergonomic and will notably avoid lumbar, cervical and back pain.

What is the advantage of the gamer desk compared to the classic desk?

Against a classic desk, the gamer desk allows a better comfort to its user. It has been specially designed with the aim of adapting to video game activities.

Is the storage system essential?


the different storage systems are optional. However, they are very practical and less expensive especially if they are delivered with the gamer desk.

How to proceed to make a good cable management?


better cable management, the perfect solution would be to choose wireless peripherals, which will save you a lot of clutter. On the other hand, gamer desktops with a cable grommet can be a great alternative. Alternatively, you can use a cable management system, a cable box or a cableDrop.


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