The best 4K PC monitors in the UK 2023

Whether you're looking for a 4K PC monitor for standard use, a 4K PC monitor for gaming, or a 4K PC monitor for work, you need to choose the best model based on your preferences, size, and most importantly budget. With this guide to the best 4K PC monitors of the moment, we'll make sure you get the model that suits you best.

HP 27f 4K 1

Best value for money

HP 27f 4K

The best 4K PC display in 2021

This 4K PC monitor from HP will suit anyone who needs lots of pixels and great color accuracy at the same time. Movie buffs and content creators will be particularly pleased.

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The HP 27f 4K is a 27-inch PC display with a 16:9 IPS panel. Its pixel density is 163 dpi for a total of more than 8 million pixels on the entire surface. This monitor renders a very sharp image and displays videos and photos in a brilliant way. In fact, HP describes it as a PC monitor for home entertainment. Its color coverage and accuracy actually allow it to shine in this use.

The HP 27f 4K comes in a matte black finish, except for the silver bottom frame, with simple, elegant lines. The panel sits in a dark cabinet supported by a stand with a rectangular base. Except for the bottom part, the left, right, and top borders are very thin, which makes it a good choice for a multi-screen configuration with 2 or 3 monitors arranged next to each other. Too bad for the lack of integrated speakers and audio output jack.

Samsung U28E590D 2

Best value for money

Samsung U28E590D

The best entry-level 4K PC display

For a 28-inch PC display at less than 250 euros, the Samsung U28E590D amazes with its sharp ultra HD images and solid overall performance. Obviously, it remains within the limits of its possibilities.

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The Samsung U28E590D takes full advantage of the Samsung quality. This 4K PC monitor uses a TN (Twisted Nematic) LCD panel enclosed in a glossy black frame. It has a matte coating that solves the common problem of screen glare, especially on LCDs. The base of the screen has an easel-type support with a brushed aluminum finish. On the other hand, we regret the lack of wall mountings. Nevertheless, the screen tilts 15° backwards and 1° forwards.

On the connectivity side, there are 2 HDMI inputs, 1 DispalyPort 1.2 input for viewing 4K content at 60 Hz and 1 audio output jack for headphones or external speaker. It's rather surprising that such a well-designed 4K PC display leaves out the USB 3.0 and DVI ports. As with all 4K LCD PC monitors, the viewing angles of this model are still very limited. From 56°, you'll notice a color shift.

BenQ PD3200U 3

Best value for money

BenQ PD3200U

The best high-end 4K PC display

The BenQ PD3200U measures 32 inches. This well-equipped 4K PC monitor performs very well in terms of color, grayscale, and viewing angle, with highly detailed UHD images. A marvel.

578 £ on Cdiscount

The BenQ PD3200Ul was designed for work. But it is also suitable for gaming. BenQ describes its PD3200U as a simple display for increased efficiency. At 32 inches diagonally, it's a large display. However, the thin borders around it don't make it feel like a real desktop clutter.

On the right side of the monitor are 2 HDMI 2.0 ports, 1 DisplayPort 1.2, 1 mini DisplayPort, 1 SD card slot, 2 USB 3.0 ports and 1 audio output port. The pixel density of 137.68 dpi means that despite the high resolution, text, icons and other visual elements will not be too small. The IPS panel, with a native contrast of 1000:1 guarantees very good viewing angles, essential for a screen of this size.

Samsung U32R590C 4


Samsung U32R590C

The best curved 4K PC display

Incurved, the Samsung U32R590C offers superb colors and details, all in a design typical of the Korean brand. It is a versatile 4K PC screen, suitable for work, creation but also leisure.

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The first thing that catches your eye about the Samsung U32R590C 4K PC display is its design. Sober, but high-end. Overall, the manufacturer of this 32-inch screen signs a beautiful aesthetic success. The only drawback remains the lack of adjustment of the height and the swivel. On the other hand, it has a tilt adjustment, but some users may find that this is not enough.

This 4K PC monitor was designed for just about anything, especially with its impressive level of detail. Any photo or video editor should love it with its 1 billion color support and 2500:1 contrast ratio! It has a gaming mode, which boosts HDR as well as brightness, offering total immersion.

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Best 4K PC monitor

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The best 4K PC display in 2021

The best entry-level 4K PC display

The best high-end 4K PC display

The best curved 4K PC display

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Comparison table of the best 4K PC monitors

HP 27f 4K 5
Samsung U28E590D 6
BenQ PD3200U 7
Samsung U32R590C 8
HP 27f 4K
Samsung U28E590D
BenQ PD3200U
Samsung U32R590C
This 4K PC monitor from HP will suit anyone who needs lots of pixels and great color accuracy at the same time. Movie buffs and content creators will be particularly pleased.
For a 28-inch PC display at less than 250 euros, the Samsung U28E590D amazes with its sharp ultra HD images and solid overall performance. Obviously, it remains within the limits of its possibilities.
The BenQ PD3200U measures 32 inches. This well-equipped 4K PC monitor performs very well in terms of color, grayscale, and viewing angle, with highly detailed UHD images. A marvel.
Incurved, the Samsung U32R590C offers superb colors and details, all in a design typical of the Korean brand. It is a versatile 4K PC screen, suitable for work, creation but also leisure.
Panel technology
Screen size
Refresh rate
120 Hz
60 Hz
60 Hz
60 Hz
Adaptive synchronization

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How to choose your 4K PC monitor

You'll need to be very careful when selecting, given the price of a 4K PC monitor. Don't panic, the following criteria will help you identify what you really need to consider.

#1 - Screen size

The bigger the better! But you must have room to install it. Also, the bigger it is, the more it will cost! Screen size is usually stated in inches or in terms of aspect ratio. Note that a 1:1 aspect ratio translates to a closer view, which falls directly in the line of sight. Larger units will have higher aspect ratios.

#2 - Color accuracy

Higher color accuracy is essential for 4K video. This is because better colors lead to better information delivery. The term "color accuracy" refers to the system's ability to deliver the required level of hue instead of making rough calculations for rendering. When the color deviates from its true fidelity level, this error is represented by a Delta E number. Note that a value lower than delta E is required for good color reproduction. The best recommendation is 1.0.

#3 - The refresh rate

Manufacturers offer 4K PC displays with varying refresh rates for various applications. For example, gaming PC displays have a refresh rate of 60 Hz to 144 Hz, while most standard 4K PC displays have a refresh rate of 30 Hz. Difficult to handle video and image editing needs at 30 Hz, as it makes window and mouse manipulation slower. A 60 Hz rate will then be better when it comes to 4K PC displays. The higher the refresh rate, the more expensive the 4K PC monitor is going to be.

#4 - Response time


time it takes for a pixel to change color is called response time. Older PC monitors suffered from ghosting, which occurs due to a very slow response time when pixels cannot operate in sync with moving images. Recent 4K PC monitor models erase this defect, offering an improvement in response time between 1 and 4 ms.

#5 - The contrast ratio

Choose a 4K PC monitor with a higher contrast ratio, as this means much better differentiation between lighter and darker scenes. However, each manufacturer adds different contrast ratio settings to their 4K PC monitors, with no standard. You'll have to rely on customer feedback and various tests in the trade press.

Can you use a 4K TV as a PC monitor?

At the very beginning, computer monitors were just TVs, but then the HD revolution happened. We now have large, high-end 4K TVs that cost less than a good quality 4K PC monitor. Can you simply use one of the best 4K TVs in place of a conventional PC monitor, and would you want to? There are two parts to the answer to this question.

The first part of the answer is simple: yes, you can use any TV with HDMI inputs in place of a computer monitor. If you are really interested in this alternative, you will need a graphics card that supports HDMI 2.0. This applies to all models of the Nvidia 10 series and the GTX 950 and 960, as well as the AMD RX Vega 56/64 and 500 series cards. If your hardware meets this requirement, a 4K TV should work well as a display for your PC. After all, that's precisely what most console gamers do. But there are other things to consider.

That brings us to the second part of the answer. Replacing a PC monitor with a 4K TV is not automatic and depends on factors such as how you use your PC, where you plan to install the TV, your home environment, etc. The other potential problem is input lag. Some TVs do a lot of signal processing and can add a 50ms or even 100ms delay to the signal before it appears on your screen. If you're watching video content, this will hardly be noticeable at all, but it's a serious drawback on an interactive PC display.

4K PC monitor G-Sync or FreeSync?

4K G-Sync PC monitor

Launched in 2013, G-Sync is a technology developed by NVIDIA that synchronizes a monitor's display with the output of a PC's graphics card, leading to smoother performance, especially with games. G-Sync ensures that when the GPU speed is not synchronized with the monitor refresh rate, the graphics card adjusts its output rate.

The most notable benefit of G-Sync technology is the elimination of screen tearing and other common display issues associated with vertical synchronization. G-Sync technology does this by manipulating the vertical blanking interval (VBI) of the display.

While G-Sync offers exceptional performance across the board, its main drawback is the price. To take full advantage of G-Sync technology, users must purchase a G-Sync enabled PC monitor and graphics card. This equipment requirement limits the number of G-Sync devices consumers can choose from. It should also be noted that these monitors require the graphics card to have DisplayPort connectivity.

4K FreeSync PC monitor

Released in 2015, FreeSync is a standard developed by AMD that, similar to G-Sync, is an adaptive sync technology for LCD displays. It is intended to reduce latencies that occur when the display is not synchronized with the frame rate sent by the graphics card.

Since this technology uses the Adaptive Sync standard built into the DisplayPort 1.2a standard, any monitor with this input can be compatible with FreeSync technology. FreeSync is not compatible with legacy connections such as VGA and DVI.

Many FreeSync PC monitors on the market cost less than models with G-Sync technology. And in general, FreeSync is much more common than G-Sync. People who want to buy 4K FreeSync PC monitors have a wider choice than those looking for G-Sync displays.

While FreeSync is a significant improvement over the basic V-Sync standard, it is not a perfect technology. The most notable drawback of FreeSync is the creation of ghosting due to inaccurate power management.


If performance and image quality are your top priorities when choosing a monitor, G-Sync and FreeSync equipment are available in a variety of offerings to meet virtually any need. The main difference between the two standards is the levels of input delay or image tearing.

If you want low input lag and don't mind it, the FreeSync standard is for you. On the other hand, if you're looking for smooth motion without tearing and don't mind minor image jumps, G-Sync enabled 4K PC monitors are a better choice.


Study the features of your PC.

If you've just bought a high-end 4K gamer PC display but still experience tearing during games, don't blame your monitor just yet. The problem may lie with the PC's components. Often, your graphics card may not be up to the task. So, before you buy your device make sure your computer has the features you need to get the most out of your monitor.

Plan in advance where to put your screen.


you choose a 4K gamer PC screen that is 40 inches or larger, you will need to put a distance of 5 to 8 feet between you and the monitor. So, if you want to set it up on your desk, it would be better to choose a 24 to 27 inch unit.

Make a calculation of the lights.

Light reflection affects the performance of your monitor. 4K gamer PC monitors are no exception to this rule. So, to get the best visual experience with your monitor, keep it away from lights, especially the sun. Also remember to choose the right settings or take advantage of the dynamic backlighting feature that automatically adjusts the light based on the ambient brightness.

Familiarize yourself with the standard modes.

In order to

have the best gaming experiences with your PC monitor, familiarize yourself with the standard modes on it. In general, you'll have three of them; apart from the dynamic mode explained earlier, you can choose the normal mode which is perfectly suitable, if you're playing in a dimly lit place. If you are playing in a room with no lighting, choose the home theater mode. You won't feel any discomfort due to the darkness.

Take care of your posture.


you're in front of a high-performance gamer screen, you'll find it hard to move, as you'll be so absorbed in the game. Also, think regularly to resume a straight back position and to move regularly to avoid getting stuck somewhere. This is very important to prolong your sensations as long as possible while you play.


What is the best 4K PC monitor?

The best 4K PC monitor depends on your needs and budget. Read our buying guide to find out which products are the best right now.

Where can you buy the best 4k PC gamer monitor?

Online shopping is recommended because e-tailers offer particularly good prices.

Which brand to choose?

You have plenty of choice in terms of brands of 4K gamer PC displays. Sony, LG, Benq Asus and Samsung are the most recognized on the market today.

Does it make sense to go to 8K?

8K is a new resolution that is starting to appear and compatible sources and media are still rare. For now, a 4K display will be more than enough to get the most out of the gaming experience.

What is the purpose of the backlight on a PC monitor?

The backlight is a plate made up of LEDs, lighting the screen from behind and creating a diffuse light source. It reinforces the overall brightness of the screen. Before LED technology, backlighting was provided by fluorescent tubes.


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