The best men's pants in the UK 2023

The pants are part of the male clothing pillar. For the gentlemen, it is an essential piece in the daily life. In his dressing room, he should have several depending on its use. Many brands offer different types of pants. To help you at best, here are the most stylish and fashionable pants.

Dockers Men's Leisure Pants 1

Editor's Choice

Dockers Men's Leisure Pants

The best men's pants in 2021

Are you looking for a leisure pant? Discover these sublime pants from Dockers. Lightweight and versatile, they are very comfortable.

40,23 £ on Amazon

These pants signed Dockers are made of a blend of soft and breathable fabrics. It offers a total comfort to the man who wears it. Very stylish, this model is available in different colors according to your needs or preferences. The regular fit of the pants is adapted to all male silhouettes.

It is also very versatile. You can for example wear it to go shopping at the supermarket. But you can also combine it with elegant dress shoes and a nice white shirt. The ensemble will be impeccable for any occasion. And even to go to the office, these pants remain your best ally.

Pantalon chino pour homme Amazon Essentials 2

The best cheapest

Pantalon chino pour homme Amazon Essentials

The best entry-level men's pants

Looking for a classic, durable pant? This wrinkle-free chino from Amazon Essentials is a great fit for any situation.

15,92 £ on Amazon
Stryke Pants for men 5.11 3

The best high-end

Stryke Pants for men 5.11

The best high-end men's pants

Need a stryke pant? This durable garment is designed for people working in the security field and for men who do missions in hot regions.

68,33 £ on Amazon

These stryke pants are a favorite among men. The pants feature a mag pocket to securely hold your cell phone and bank cards. The pants are made of durable materials for your comfort. These pants have a double layer at the knees, which is a system that allows athletes to protect themselves from a possible fall.

In addition, they are ideal for people who need to move frequently in the field. If you work in construction, art, plumbing, or electrical work, it's perfect! With its many pockets with Velcro flaps, you can bring your wallet, notepad or even pens.

Men's G-Star Raw cargo pants 4

The best alternative

Men's G-Star Raw cargo pants

A great alternative

Are you looking for a durable casual pant? These cotton cargo pants from G-Star Raw provide the comfort and style you're looking for.

40,51 £ on Amazon

The pants are made of 97% cotton and 3% elastane. Also, the fabric of this G-Star Raw cargo is not only comfortable, but also perfectly stretchy. It is also soft and durable. We have a straight cut casual pant here.

As for the colors, you can choose between beige, gray, black and green. At the front, this one has deep pockets on the thighs. While in the back, it has flap pockets. There is also a zippered pocket enhancing its design. These modern cargo pants can be worn in the city or in the country during your hikes. It allows indeed a very casual look.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best pants for men

Any specific needs?

The best men's pants in 2021

The best entry-level men's pants

The best high-end men's pants

A great alternative

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Comparison table of the best men's pants

Dockers Men's Leisure Pants 5
Pantalon chino pour homme Amazon Essentials 6
Stryke Pants for men 5.11 7
Men's G-Star Raw cargo pants 8
Dockers Men's Leisure Pants
Pantalon chino pour homme Amazon Essentials
Stryke Pants for men 5.11
Men's G-Star Raw cargo pants
Are you looking for a leisure pant? Discover these sublime pants from Dockers. Lightweight and versatile, they are very comfortable.
Looking for a classic, durable pant? This wrinkle-free chino from Amazon Essentials is a great fit for any situation.
Need a stryke pant? This durable garment is designed for people working in the security field and for men who do missions in hot regions.
Are you looking for a durable casual pant? These cotton cargo pants from G-Star Raw provide the comfort and style you're looking for.
64% cotton, 34% polyester, 2% elastane
60% cotton, 40% polyester
65% polyester, 35% cotton
97% cotton and 3% elastane
Classic chino
Tapered cargo
Sizes available
28 to 44
28 to 42
28 to 44
24 to 40
Machine washable
Read the label
Machine washable
Machine washable

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Buying guide - pants for men

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How to choose your pants for men

The pants are the clothing par excellence for the man. It is an outfit that forges a positive or negative image of a man. Reason for which you will have to choose it carefully by taking into account these criteria.

#1 - The material

The material of the pants is on the label. The most popular materials are wool, cotton, velvet and polyester. Each material does not have the same characteristics. Wool has natural and insulating properties. While cotton is completely hypoallergenic, light and breathable.

#2 - The fit

The fit is as important as the cut of a pair of pants. Most of the time, a pair of pants that has not been sewn at a tailor's shop still requires alterations. When it comes to fitting a classic or casual pant, think carefully about the length of the crotch, the circumference around the waist, the seat, the thigh, the knee, and the ankle.

#3 - The cut

Before you buy a pair of pants, think about the look you want to achieve. The main fashionable cuts in the world are skinny cut, slim cut, semi-slim pant cut, straight cut, carrot cut, clip-on cut. Go for straight, slim or semi-slim cut pants for a classic jean or pants.

#4 - The color

For a men's clothing, gray, blue and brown color are the most prominent. A pair of pants is no exception to this male preference. Your choice is therefore going to be made from the whole of your outfit. Take into account the basics you own: tops, shoes, tie, belt, a hat or scarves.

#5 - The finishing touches

Whatever the pants, they must stop at 2.5 cm from the ground. They should fit well to highlight assets and hide imperfections in your body. A good view from behind is a point not to forget, for that, the buttocks should be well maintained. A quality pant is the one that has the best finishing.

How to wear your pants well ?

To wear well his pants is a know-how. You can't associate them with just any shirt or shoes. You have to try them on and take a good look at yourself in the mirror before you leave your house.


Tuck your shirt tightly into your pants

The belt or suspenders are trouser accessories. Nevertheless, you should not wear them simultaneously. Choose one or the other that incorporates your look. The belt keeps your pants tight around your hip, while the suspenders mostly support your pants. To better help you, if your pants don't have belt loops, they're pants made for suspenders only.

Don't forget your accessories

Wear a watch or bracelet on your wrist. It doesn't necessarily have to be a gold watch or bracelet. You can choose leather bracelets, these dress up your wrist for any occasion. As for the watch, many people consider it cheesy, while it is a must-have and elegant accessory on his left or right wrist.

Shoes, a priority

Shoes should never be overlooked. The secret is to keep the balance of proportions between your pants and shoes right. A pair of sneakers goes well with a stryke. While boots or booties can accompany a chino and even a lot of looks. Most importantly, for every look, you should have the right shoes to match. For a pair of skinny jeans, prioritize leather loafers and without socks.

The different types of men's pants

Always have pants in your wardrobe ready for any occasion. A sport pant is designed for sports activities and vice versa for a classic pant. Chino, clip-on pants, cargo, suit, sarouel and jogging pants are the favorites of youth and adults.

The chino

The chino is a fashionable and very popular pants among young people. They are usually made of cotton fabric. Chino pants are chic and casual at the same time. It has a straight cut and without clips. Among other things, they come in different colors, especially light colors.

The cargo pants

The cargo pants are inspired by military clothing. It looks like a trellis. In particular, it has two large patch pockets on the side between the top and the middle of the thighs. For an original look with a cargo pants, choose a shirt, a polo shirt or even a tee shirt close to the body.

The pinstripe pants

The clip-on pants are usually made of cotton. For its maintenance, 30 to 40 degrees are enough to clean it well and not to deteriorate it. It includes two to four longitudinal darts. If you like to follow the trend, it is a good choice of pants according to your personal look.

The suit

The suit is a type of pants very similar to the pinch pants or tuxedo. It is usually a tailored pant. A master tailor will know how to give you satisfaction and will be attentive to your wishes. A very chic pant, the suit brings out the best in you and reflects your lifestyle.

The sarouel

The sarouel is a pant appreciated by Europeans. It is an ethnic garment. Its great comfort attracts men who appreciate loose pants with a more or less low crotch. But, it tightens at the ankle or calf. This ethnic look is now accentuated with graphic or geometric patterns coming from the Indian culture.

The jogging suit

At the beginning, the jogging was simply dedicated for sports activities. Later, it is found at work. The jogging offers an optimal freedom of movement. Many brands have managed to make it very stylish, and this has revolutionized the world of jogging. Ideally, wear it with sneakers for a sporty and young look.

Pants or Bermuda shorts?

The pants

Pants are multipurpose. As far as comfort is concerned, they can amply satisfy you. For each season, there are pants adapted to keep you warm or on the contrary to make you more comfortable by being well ventilated. Among others, you have a wide choice according to your silhouette and the cut you like. You can therefore vary your look without limit.

The Bermuda shorts

Bermuda shorts are an outfit for the warm season. It is of the long pants type, a mix between the pantacourt and the shorts. Indeed, it is a short with sticky legs that stops at the knee or a little above. It is worn perfectly at the seaside and during your summer vacations. Also, it allows only a casual look.


Each garment is useful for a given moment. On the one hand, the pants are perfect in the professional context. And on the other hand, Bermuda shorts are simply associated with a moment of relaxation, especially during vacations or sports activities. The advantage of having different types of pants is that they can be worn for chic or more casual events.

Why buy a pair of men's pants?

A pair of pants has it all. If you are not convinced, here are some good reasons to buy one.

Everyone has jeans in their wardrobe

A pair of jeans is and will always be in fashion. Like a shirt, pants are an important accessory for your wardrobe. Don't wash them at more than 30°C and don't use fabric softeners when washing them, as this could break the fibers and make them fade quickly. But, you still have to be careful with the choice because pants that are too tight are not suitable for legs that are a bit thin.

Stand out at the office

For your first day at the office, you must already leave your mark. It will be important to choose nice clothes, not too remarkable but presentable. Dressy pants are perfect for this occasion. Choose a dark gray or black pants. You can associate it with a white shirt, a burgundy tie and brown shoes.

Impress your lover

A date is a moment of pure delight. Choosing your outfit to impress your partner is not easy. Buy a casual chino for a chic look. You can pair it with a light jacket, a pink shirt and brown casual shoes.

A weekend look

On weekends, go for a casual chic look. Except for a big event, leave out the suits and your ties. Blue skinny jeans are a must for the weekend. This type of pants goes with a short sleeve or long sleeve patterned shirt. This look goes perfectly with ankle boots or sneakers.

Do regular sports activities

We must be concerned about our health. For this, practice sports activities regularly according to your availability. You can choose between a jogging suit, cargo pants, training pants or a stryke. A jogging suit is made for running sports. A cargo pants is designed for hiking in the mountains. A workout pant is used for weight training, dance or fitness.

The best brands of men's pants

In our opinion, the best brands of men's pants in 2022 are :

G-Star Raw
Amazon Essential

The Dockers brand is a reference in chino pants. It perfectly embodies the balance between jeans and suits. The SMART 360 flex is one of the pants known for its quality and modern silhouette. A Dockers chino can be used as a uniform at your office.

The 5.11 is a popular brand regarding tactical gear and quality clothing. Its clothing outfits have been designed for extreme conditions. In fact, thanks to the high-tech breathable system, they thus allow soldiers or climbers to wick moisture quickly. In addition, the 5.11 brand offers socks woven with Nanoglide fiber, providing total comfort to users.

G-star Raw is a clothing brand created in 1989. Its targets are mainly young people. It is distinguished by the use of denim fabric. It specializes in streetwear trends to design urban luxury jeans. It also offers raw unwashed jeans or almost white washed jeans.

At the beginning, Amazon is just a very visited marketplace on the web. Later, Amazon Essential was born and became a brand in its own right. It offers accessories, clothing for women, men and children. It offers essential products and according to the needs in quality. Amazon essential offers, among others, many ranges of pants, shirts, shoes.

The prestigious brand brings a new youth in its collections with trendy pants and T-shirts. After a total silence for several decades, Levi's has returned in 2019 with a desire to offer the best products. The king of jeans has returned to old cuts and offers pieces in "selvedge" fabric. The brand currently sells both men's and women's products.

What is the price for a pants for men

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

15 £ to 40 £
40 £ to 80 £
more than 80 £
Price range diagram


Choose pants that fit your body type

Basic men's pants fit all body types. Not too slim, not too wide, they're a safe bet for you.

Test your pants before you buy them

It's possible that the size on the label won't fit you. Take your time in the fitting room before making a decision.

Make sure they're comfortable

On the move, while sitting in your car or on your desk and while traveling, you should always feel comfortable in your pants.

Make sure they fit properly

The right pants will fit your hips well. The size of a woman's pants and a man's pants are not the same.

Make sure you hem them if necessary

Hemming is a necessary modification so that the pants fit properly at the right length.


How to store and fold a pair of men's pants? How to iron a pair of men's pants? How to keep your shirt in your pants? How to wash a pair of jeans?

Try to keep work pants and casual pants separate. For best storage, put them in a dry place. The best tip is to have a storage box. Roll and fold your classic pants for space saving inside your drawers and on your shelves.

Ironing pants depends on the type of pants. The goal is to eliminate creases. Set the temperature of your iron according to the type of fabric. Then, iron the waist and back pockets of the pants by rounding it off at the end of your ironing board. As soon as finished, turn the pants over to do the front. Then iron the legs vertically.

To keep your shirt in your pants, we show you a well-known trick. It is the use of suspenders. Take the two clips and attach the other end to your shirt and the other end to your pants. Of course, you have to buy a pair. The suspenders are adjustable and easy to use.

We often notice that the washing machine damages the fabric and makes the color of your jeans dull. To remedy this, add half a cup of vinegar to two liters of water. Turn the jeans inside out before putting them in the basin. Let the jeans soak for two hours for the vinegar to take effect. Don't forget to wring them out and dry them in the sun.


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Our selection
Dockers Men's Leisure Pants 9
Dockers Men's Leisure Pants
Pantalon chino pour homme Amazon Essentials 10
Pantalon chino pour homme Amazon Essentials
Stryke Pants for men 5.11 11
Stryke Pants for men 5.11
Men's G-Star Raw cargo pants 12
Men's G-Star Raw cargo pants


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