The best online clothing sites in the UK 2023

9 out of 10 English people have understood that shopping in physical stores is not always a pleasure. And for good reason, online clothing sites have reported an increase in sales of over 100% in 2020 compared to their performance 7 years ago. If you're in the mood for a wardrobe makeover without moving from your couch, one of these online clothing sites might be of interest to you!

La Redoute 1

Best value for money

La Redoute

The best online clothing site in 2021

La Redoute has been around for a long time. Much more than a magazine, it is now a major online clothing retailer. Offering a rich collection, the site is aimed at women, men, children and teenagers.

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La Redoute is far from being out of fashion. With the creation of its online store, the brand has renewed its style by targeting aficionados of chic and casual looks. You will find on the platform a lot of products of all styles. La Redoute prides itself on its authentic creations on the one hand and other trendy collections on the other.

Several famous brands collaborate with La Redoute for various types of clothes: sporty, classic, summer fashion... From now on, the site does not leave any more place for the dull and tasteless clothes. Customers are delighted with this constant novelty. Like any good online clothing site, La Redoute offers a free application to make ordering easier.

Vinted 2

Best value for money


The best entry-level online clothing site

The mastodon of the sale of second hand clothes on the Internet, Vinted deserves its place in this selection because of its seriousness and reliability. Add to that the possibility to choose among the thousands of items available on the site.

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Vinted's success is certainly not due to chance. It is the essential site to find real bargains without being ripped off. Vinted is a platform that puts buyers and sellers in touch with each other, all of them private individuals who wish to do a wardrobe clearance or on the contrary renew their wardrobe.

The site mainly manages the payment process via credit card, PayPal, Apple Pay, iDEAL, and of course the Vinted wallet. Although it offers a few categories, women's clothing is the most numerous.

Asos 3

Best value for money


The best high-end online clothing site

If you're looking for brand name clothing that's up to date, check out the Asos website. Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Levi's... there is really everything. Moreover, the products on the site are accessible to all budgets.

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Asos is currently the reference for online shopping. You can find all the styles of urban fashion. From the first glance, one is immediately seduced by the design of the site in addition to the professional and quality photos, the organized presentation of the offers as well as the explicit display of the conditions and operation of the site.

The items are so well described that you can find the related information in a few minutes, just enough time to decide whether to buy or not. As a bonus, Asos offers a free test to identify the perfect size for each profile. Customers benefit from free shipping on orders over €35.

H&M 4

Various deals


The best site for virtual window shopping with the family

You love casual style? Then H&M will be happy to serve you. Not only for adults, the children's collection of the site is just as irresistible. You can buy your clothes there to be well dressed for all occasions.

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Buying guide • November 2023

Best online clothing site

Any specific needs?

The best online clothing site in 2021

The best entry-level online clothing site

The best high-end online clothing site

The best site for virtual window shopping with the family

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Comparison table of the best online clothing sites

La Redoute 5
Vinted 6
Asos 7
H&M 8
La Redoute
La Redoute has been around for a long time. Much more than a magazine, it is now a major online clothing retailer. Offering a rich collection, the site is aimed at women, men, children and teenagers.
The mastodon of the sale of second hand clothes on the Internet, Vinted deserves its place in this selection because of its seriousness and reliability. Add to that the possibility to choose among the thousands of items available on the site.
If you're looking for brand name clothing that's up to date, check out the Asos website. Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Levi's... there is really everything. Moreover, the products on the site are accessible to all budgets.
You love casual style? Then H&M will be happy to serve you. Not only for adults, the children's collection of the site is just as irresistible. You can buy your clothes there to be well dressed for all occasions.
Site design
Category Baby & Kids
Mobile version
Used clothing
Category Outlet and/or private sale

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Buying guide - online clothing site

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How to choose your online clothing site

When you buy on the Internet, other criteria of choice are added to the classic and unavoidable parameters of the purchase of clothing in general.

#1 - Your style

We are looking to combine functionality and aesthetics. To do this, ask yourself what look you want and turn to the site that offers that style. Specialized e-tailers are more likely to offer you exactly what you expect.

In principle, unique designs are preferred to very standard cuts that don't look like much. Next, check to see if you already have a garment in your closet to match your new purchase. Since you have the picture of the item at your disposal, this task is easier. Go through the collections of major brands to find the stylish clothes to your liking.

#2 - Sizes you are looking for

It's not easy to find the right size on the Internet due to lack of fitting. Fortunately, the sites adopt a size guidance system for clothes. Be aware that the advertised size may be slightly larger or even narrower than the reality. Check the comments to see if other shoppers have encountered this problem.

#3 - New or used?

Numerous sites offer used items that are still great. They are often overlooked in favor of new clothing sites. This is quite normal, because shopping queens are afraid of being disappointed once the items are delivered, whether it is about the quality of the products or their hygiene.

However, there are serious sites that apply some conditions to benefit buyers and encourage sellers to offer items in the rules. The pearls found on these platforms are very affordable. Not to mention that you can easily find rare items from a particular collection. Of course, nothing beats new items if your budget allows it.

#4 - Delivery

One of the reasons to buy online is the delivery. One of the reasons to buy online is delivery, so it must be advantageous, especially with regard to waiting time and fees. There are sites that offer free shipping at a certain purchase threshold. If the amount fits in the budget, then you might as well take advantage of this offer. In any case, always check the charges before you place the order. It would be a real shame to buy a pretty dress that costs less than its delivery.

#5 - The quality of the clothes

The quality of the products is a crucial point and a risk factor when buying on the Internet. The pictures are sometimes misleading. The idea is to find an item with a quality material, well-made seams and impeccable finishing. Sometimes, we risk to find a color that is not at all identical to the one on the picture. Here again, the reputation of the site allows you to be more sure in your approach.

Apart from that, check the advertised characteristics that are normally in line with what you see in the picture. Then, if you have clothes of the same material, try to imagine the style and the aspect of the product. If you are an experienced fashionista, you should be able to see if you will like the item or if it will be comfortable. In any case, some materials should be avoided right away, such as synthetic materials.

The country of manufacture is another indicator to take into account. Just the fact that it is displayed in the product description proves that the site is reliable.

What is the advantage of shopping on sites with labels?

Labels are a guarantee of the good faith of online clothing sites. Optimal data and payment security, proper delivery, impeccable product quality: these are the advantages of these certificates. You should pay attention to this parameter when comparing sites. The idea is to feel completely confident when ordering. Check those little logos that normally appear on the sites concerned. Some labels are not very well known, but are no less effective.

The most common are Fia-net and Labelsite. The first one guarantees the good functioning of the online payments and the second one, very serious, reassures the customers about the identity and the reliability of the activity of the site. Merchants who benefit from this label respect the principles and rules of online sales, especially in terms of security of confidential data.

Being on the same pedestal as Labelsite, ChamberTrust and Webcert are certificates you can trust for their interest in transparency and honesty of sellers.

The different types of online clothing sites

Between all the online clothing sites, some are more qualitative and others are to be avoided. Discover them all.

Classic e-commerce sites

Classic online clothing sites are open to the general public. It is easier to access their offers and scams are almost non-existent. The best sites offer free returns if needed. And promotions are not rare. The biggest e-commerce sites sell a wide range of clothing of all styles for men and women. The only drawback is that you can get lost in the search as there are so many items on offer.

Meanwhile, the good products are sold out, as customers are just as likely to be chasing bargains. To avoid wasting time, you can use the filters when searching. The best results are displayed first and the criteria used are price, size, color, material and many more.

Craft clothing sites

These are the sellers of unique clothing models, made mainly to order. The materials are of high quality and the manufacturing is impeccable in this case. These sites bring together budding designers looking to make their mark in the vast fashion market. It is therefore normal that we receive beautiful articles perfectly in accordance with the request. On the other hand, one goes to these platforms only to order clothes with out-of-the-ordinary styles.

Private sales and outlet sites

Private sales sites are somewhat scary, as one encounters low-quality products that are destined for massive destocking. This is the same case on Outlets sites. Of course, the prices are tempting, but they sometimes hide traps. You can even find discounts of up to 80%. And to think that the big brands occupy the biggest place on these sites. It is in these cases that you should not rely too much on the images.

The materials of the clothes on the private sale sites are not the most resistant and the quality of sewing leaves something to be desired. However, not all sites are put in the same basket, because some, more conscientious, offer real bargains. With the right shopping technique, you can get branded items at a very low price. These platforms empty the stock of renowned designers without denigrating the quality. Nevertheless, these are products that are dated and could be out of fashion by the time you acquire them.

Shopping on the Internet or shopping in a store?

Shopping on the Internet

More than one is buying clothes from websites because of their lower prices. The web beats online stores in this respect, regardless of the field. It must be said that the absence of logistical constraints benefits Internet shopping enthusiasts. The offers are plethoric on the Internet. There is really everything and for all age groups. Moreover, these products are accessible from everywhere. Of course, this process is not without risks: insecurity of the payment method, non-conforming product, expensive delivery...

Shopping in store

Physical stores still have their loyal customers who love to try on and see the clothes in person before buying. It's always fun to shop as a couple or with girls. Plus, there is no waiting time for delivery. You can enjoy your new clothes as soon as you get home. The downside is that you may not find the products you are looking for in the first store.


Both online clothing sites and physical stores have their share of pros and cons. If you prefer physical contact with the salespeople and products, store around. On the other hand, if you don't like to go out, online sites are your best option, as long as you know all of the e-tailer's terms and conditions and deal with a reliable site. You shop at your own risk.

Why choose a (good) online clothing site?

To have a clear description of the products

Thanks to the product sheet, consumers have access to true and complete information on each item. It provides all the details: price, size, material, color, description and promotion if applicable.

For a better follow-up of the purchase

From the moment you place your order, you can follow the progress of your order from the customer area. However, this service is not necessarily offered by all sites. This makes it an important criterion of choice.

For better warranty clauses

Of course, not all clothes are covered by a warranty, but it is not impossible. For high-end products, this benefit can be offered as an option. It's not just a refund, but also a return or replacement depending on the situation.

To enjoy better after-sales service

The customer service and after-sales service of online clothing sites are part of their strengths. Reachable at any time by private message, email or phone, they offer better customer support and respond to all requests regardless of their nature.

To be able to use all payment methods

On these sites, the most revolutionary payment methods are allowed. Apart from credit and debit cards, various fintechs like PayPal come into play. In addition to being flexible, the method of payment here is well secured.

The best brands of online clothing sites

In our opinion, the best brands of online clothing sites in 2022 are :

Yves Saint-Laurent
Tommy Hilfiger

Leader of the streetwear market, Off-White specializes in the high-end. Its success is unheard of and it is making a place for itself on the best online clothing sites. The brand is known for its perfect modern cuts, whether it's for clothing or sneakers. Apart from these fashion products, the brand has also ventured into cosmetics.

A brand with charisma, Gucci is among the great luxury brands. The public knows it as a pillar of ready-to-wear. Popular with stars and individuals alike, it knows how to vary its creations and satisfy the most demanding requests with refined products.

Balenciaga is synonymous with elegance and refined style. These characteristics can be found in the cut of the brand's clothes. Apart from ready-to-wear, the name can be found in the footwear, fashion accessories and leather goods market.

More famous in the field of perfume, Yves Saint-Laurent is also making a name for itself among fashionistas. Women and men alike are pampered by the brand. Between jackets, dresses, shirts, coats, t-shirts, pants, leather and fur, there is something for everyone.

Also an icon of streetwear, Tommy Hilfiger seduces its clientele with comfortable clothes and warm-toned colors. Besides coats, jackets, sweatshirts, shirts... the brand produces shoes and other fashion accessories for men and women.

What is the price for an online clothing site

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

8 £ to 75 £
75 £ to 150 £
more than 150 £
Price range diagram


Don't skimp on customer service

Take advantage of the hyper accessible customer service of online clothing sites. Contact the site if you have any concerns. They should be available for any questions. More importantly, use this service if this is your first online purchase from the site in question.

Before making your online purchase, check your size in-store

The problem of product non-conformity is avoidable with a few approaches. In relation to the size for example, take the time to check yours, beforehand, in a store. This will serve as a reference for your next purchases. Check your line and update your size from time to time.

Imagine how your choice will look before you decide

When you have all the information about the item, take a break and imagine yourself wearing it. Would you like the look? If you're in doubt, you might as well skip it and continue the "imaginary fitting" with other products. You can use the clothes that are already in your dressing room for this. Admittedly, it's more complicated than that with sophisticated pieces.

Take inventory of all possible choices

There are so many options on the Internet whether it's for clothes or for the sites themselves. Consider all your options carefully before you commit to the purchase. You may find better deals elsewhere for the same price, not to mention promotions and other discounts.

Adopt best practices for your safety

Some unscrupulous sites collect personal information and bank details from Internet users for their own benefit. To avoid these fraudulent practices, you need to take certain measures:

  • Shop from a private browser window
  • Do not save your account access codes
  • Prioritize secure sites
  • Browse reviews of new sites


How to order clothes on the Internet?

Once you've gone through all the selection criteria, it's time to place your order. Normally, you already have the merchant's website in front of you, the one that offers the item of your choice and the delivery conditions that suit you. If you haven't already done so, add all the products to the shopping cart. The site asks for your identity and your bank account number and the payment is then made remotely. Do not delete the proofs of payment and purchase in case there is a dispute with the seller.

How to contact online clothing sites?

You can use the contact form on the site. If their email address is displayed, this is also a more formal alternative. For immediate answers, use the phone number on the platform's interface. All these means are generally available 24/7. Most sites are reachable on holidays.

How to find specific items on the web?

For specialized items, you need to go to an equally specialized site. Unless you already have a few references after reading reviews, there are currently applications that can detect these particular sites. This is the case with Screenshop for example. By sending a picture of an item, you can find out in no time its price and brand and also the sites that offer it.

Can you buy in bulk from online clothing sites?

Yes. There are online wholesalers that offer clothing of all kinds. They are interesting for resellers and individuals who want to get into this business. The terms and conditions of sale are similar for all sites. And the criteria remain valid for finding quality products at the right price.


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