The best sweaters for men in the UK 2023

The sweater is among the clothes that a man should have. Its first asset is that it can be worn in all seasons. It remains for you to find the perfect compromise between warmth, comfort, breathability and aesthetics. To help you in your choice, we will present you below the best sweaters for men of the moment.

Men's shawl collar sweater Leif Nelson 1

Editor's Choice

Men's shawl collar sweater Leif Nelson

The best men's sweater in 2021

Need a high quality knit sweater? Buy this shawl collar sweater by Leif Nelson. Modern and classy, it enhances any male silhouette.

35,99 £ on Amazon

This sweater from Leif Nelson definitely stands out for its original design. The sweater's slim fit enhances the silhouette. Having a modern aesthetic, it is a great garment to wear at the office or rather for any occasion. The fabric is made of 100% acrylic, a soft and light material. The particularity of the fabric is its softness to the touch of the skin. It provides a real comfort.

Available in long sleeve, this Leif Nelson sweater will keep you warm during the winter. It combines beautifully with chino pants, jeans or even dress pants. This beautiful sweater will bring elegance both day and night. Thanks to a shawl collar, just as stylish as the rest of the piece, you can put a t-shirt inside the sweater.

Amazon Essentials Men's V-Neck Sweater 2

The best cheapest

Amazon Essentials Men's V-Neck Sweater

The best entry-level men's sweater

This is a beautiful Amazon Essentials V-neck sweater! Lightweight and comfortable, it is made of 100% cotton. Its regular fit suits all body types.

14,32 £ on Amazon

The V-neck sweater from Amazon Essentials is perfect for people who want to wear something pretty, comfortable, simple yet classy. With its V-neck, it slims the neck and can be worn with a nice shirt. Another advantage is that the sweater has a way of making a man with a small or wide face look more elegant.

It is available in solid color or with patterns. For the latter, you have sweaters with stripes on the chest. The sleeves of the Amazon Essentials sweater are long to better insulate you from the cold, even though this model is quite thin. It is indeed a 100% cotton sweater. On the other hand, it is very elastic and it is an easy to care for fabric. So that it does not wear out very quickly, this type of fabric can be washed at 30°C.

Plain sailor sweater Armor Lux 3

The best high-end

Plain sailor sweater Armor Lux

The best high-end men's sweater

Are you looking for a round neck sweater? Here's a piece with a button placket on the left shoulder for added style. Made of wool, it promises softness and warmth even in winter.

95,20 £ on Amazon

This plain sailor sweater by Armor Lux will fit you perfectly. We have here an authentic garment made of 100% wool. This material is known to be a good regulator of body heat. It will protect you effectively from the cold during the winter. The round neck of the sweater gives a cool look to the wearer.

The color a little sober also brings elegance. Original, the sweater has a placket with buttons signed in corozo on the left shoulder. This makes it even more awesome. We recommend it for casual events and outings with friends. It will go well with a jacket, teddy or coat.

Cardigan à capuche pour homme Leif Nelson 4

The best alternative

Cardigan à capuche pour homme Leif Nelson

A great alternative

This cardigan is a stylish and fashionable design for any occasion. Buying this beautiful hooded cardigan adds a distinguished touch to your outfit.

40,79 £ on Amazon
Buying guide • November 2023

Best men's sweater

Any specific needs?

The best men's sweater in 2021

The best entry-level men's sweater

The best high-end men's sweater

A great alternative

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Comparison table of the best sweaters for men

Men's shawl collar sweater Leif Nelson 5
Amazon Essentials Men's V-Neck Sweater 6
Plain sailor sweater Armor Lux 7
Cardigan à capuche pour homme Leif Nelson 8
Men's shawl collar sweater Leif Nelson
Amazon Essentials Men's V-Neck Sweater
Plain sailor sweater Armor Lux
Cardigan à capuche pour homme Leif Nelson
Need a high quality knit sweater? Buy this shawl collar sweater by Leif Nelson. Modern and classy, it enhances any male silhouette.
This is a beautiful Amazon Essentials V-neck sweater! Lightweight and comfortable, it is made of 100% cotton. Its regular fit suits all body types.
Are you looking for a round neck sweater? Here's a piece with a button placket on the left shoulder for added style. Made of wool, it promises softness and warmth even in winter.
This cardigan is a stylish and fashionable design for any occasion. Buying this beautiful hooded cardigan adds a distinguished touch to your outfit.
Thermal insulation
100% polyacrylic
100% cotton
100% wool
93% polyacrylic, 7% wool
Collar type
Shawl collar
Round neck
High neck with hood
Sizes available
S to 5XL
S to 3XL
Easy care

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Buying guide - men's sweater

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How to choose your men's sweater

We choose a sweater according to its morphology. The material, the cut, the density of the knit, the size, the color and the finishings are all equally important as purchase criteria.

#1 - The material

Regarding the material of a sweater, wool and cashmere are the most known to the public for their excellent thermal insulation. The quality of a sweater is not defined by its thickness. Indeed, a thin cashmere sweater will keep you warm, just like a thick sweater made of cotton. On the other hand, the latter is more breathable.

#2 - The cut

Prefer a cut that matches your morphology. A longer sweater with a trapeze cut covers the whole body and keeps you warmer. A well-fitted sweater is suitable for people with a large build. A sweater with a straight cut remains the most classic and timeless adapted to all morphologies. This one has a more linear shape, with well-fitted sleeves. With a V-neck, round, rolled or trucker neck, it can be worn alone or under a coat, a jacket, a suit.

#3 - The density of the mesh

The bigger and thicker the knit, the more it will keep you warm. But if it is less dense, the sweater will be lighter. To test the density, try stretching the sweater slightly to see its strength and insulating ability. When we talk about knitwear, we are talking about knitting. Knitwear is the set of threads forming small loops knitted on a garment. It is used to make sweaters, cardigans as well as T-shirts and underwear.

#4 - The size

It is best to buy a sweater that is neither too dry nor too large. To know if the sweater fits you perfectly, take time at the fitting. The seam should stop right at the acromion at the end of the shoulder. As for the length, it must stop below the waist, otherwise it will be too short, especially in the back and it will not be very aesthetic.

#5 - The color and the finishing touches

In terms of color, you have the choice between plain sweaters or patterned sweaters. The latter are very popular with young people now, although a sweater with very daring patterns are not always correct in the professional setting. For the finishing touches, make sure to observe if the sweater tends to pilling, if there are snags (which will then widen with time!), or if the fabric seems uncomfortable. Indeed, some materials seem less soft and likely to scratch when you wear the sweater.

How to look stylish in your sweater?


The sweater looks so chic with a dress shirt and matching tie. You'll look like a leader in this exceptional outfit. Whether you are short, tall, round, a sweater is there to help you in your dress style and give the best image of yourself.

Lunch with friends on the weekend

To chat and have a good time with friends, adopt a simple yet stylish look. Pair a white round neck sweater with a dark plaid shirt. Add a brown semi-sheer jacket and dark brown fitted cargo pants to the mix. If you like a bit of a vintage or casual chic look, a turtleneck sweater is also a great choice. Especially, if you have a long figure.


Classic and trendy at the same time

Suitable for a Friday look, a turtleneck sweater will look great. Pair it with rolled up blue jeans, a double-breasted overcoat and a nice pair of brown leather tassel loafers. This classic look will make an instant impact on your co-workers.


A James Bond look

Like in the movie, a navy blue ribbed sweater always makes a statement. This style of dress shows a man who is serious and decisive about his future actions. It can be paired with navy blue cargo pants or stryke. We harmonize it with military boots with side closure.


To each man, his sweater

Some men prefer a little casual look. They put on a tank top under the sweater, pair it with jeans and a pair of tennis shoes. Others prefer a formal look, for this, a cardigan is the centerpiece of the style. It can be worn especially under a suit. However, try to find the balance between colors, patterns and textures.

The different types of sweaters for men

When winter approaches, it's time to bring out our clothes designed to face this season. For this, you have a wide choice in terms of types of sweaters.

The round neck sweater

The round neck sweater is the most classic of all. Timeless, it should be found in all male wardrobes. It offers the advantage of being able to associate with many outfits, whether it is a t-shirt, a polo, or a shirt, even with a tie. It usually has long sleeves, which is perfect for keeping your arms warm.

The V-neck sweater

The V-neck sweater is just as versatile as the round neck sweater. Worn with a tie, it will make you look more stylish when you go to work for example. Over it, a blazer or a jacket will be assets for an even classier look. But you can also adopt it for a more casual look, for example with jeans.

The trucker neck sweater

The trucker neck sweater is distinguished by the presence of a button or zip closure at the collar. Looking chic, it's popular with men in their 40s and up. But it is often associated with a more casual look, just like the round neck sweater. The trucker neck sweater fits well with all body types, although the zip neck model seems to make you look a bit old-fashioned. The button-down version, on the other hand, is much classier.

The turtleneck sweater

The sweater's elongated neckline will conceal the owner's neck and keep him warm. Sportsmen and sailors like to wear this type of sweater precisely for its insulating capacity. It is also associated with businessmen who wear it under a blazer for a more casual look. However, it does not fit all body types, and is best suited to men who want to lengthen their figure. It also has a variant which is the turtleneck sweater, with a collar covering the neck, but thinner than that of the turtleneck sweater.

The cardigan

The cardigan is the only type of sweater that is open and is worn by buttoning it in the front. There are two different types of cardigans, namely the classic V-neck cardigan and the shawl collar cardigan. The difference is that the classic V-neck cardigan uncovers your neck and does not protect you from the cold. While the shawl collar keeps you much warmer. If you have a belly, we advise you to use a light knit, because the thickness of the models with denser knit will tend to "inflate" your silhouette. Moreover, the light knit suits almost all morphologies.

The cardigan sweater

The cardigan sweater is distinguished by the absence of sleeves and a neck generally in V. It is very popular in the professional context. The shape of the sweater actually brings class, given that it is most often worn under a suit. In addition, the lack of sleeves makes it very comfortable to wear. Today, it is still very popular with seniors.

Sweater or hoodies?

The sweater

The real strength of a sweater is its versatility. It can be worn with most types of pants and shoes. The sweater is also an essential item in the men's dressing room. A great argument, a sweater offers a total freedom of movement. In terms of fabric, you can choose between wool, cotton, cashmere, synthetic or a mixture of materials. But in any case, you can wear it everywhere and for all occasions.

The hoodies

The hoodie has the particularity to be worn by people of all ages. Whether you are a teenager or a middle-aged man, the hoodie remains a must-have piece. It is found everywhere in urban and rural areas. Especially, for young people, the hoodie remains a flagship garment in streetwear looks. Therefore, it is not really made for special occasions.


A sweater as well as a hoodie can be transformed into a fashion accessory, by tying them around the waist or on the shoulders. However, a sweater is more versatile than a hoodie. The sweater is suitable for casual or dressy wear while the hoodie is seen as casual or sportswear.

Why buy a sweater?

Consider a woman's opinion

Women like men who wear sweaters. A man who puts on a sweater with various patterns and colors attracts her curiosity and attention. The shoulders are well highlighted in a sweater. And it is well known that women observe the upper body of men.

A special style for men

As soon as winter appears, we take out our collections of sweaters from the closets. Sometimes, a man can have more than 5 types of sweaters. It has even become a competition between guys. Some accompany it with scarves and others with hats.

An original gift

Your man will always need an extra sweater in his wardrobe. A red V-neck sweater is the perfect gift for a special moment between lovers. Lightweight and not very thick, the person can pair it with a white shirt and chino pants. This gift will only increase the flame of your love.

To keep you warm

In winter, many people travel to visit their family or to spend a vacation. Sweaters should be part of your luggage. In Europe, you'll need the thick turtleneck sweaters. You can also pair a beautiful fur bomber with a shawl collar sweater.

A fashionable garment for Christmas

A sweater is always in fashion during the Christmas holiday. It is the family's garment, as it has even been declared that the third Friday of December is Christmas Sweater Day. At this time, everyone puts on their red, green or white sweater, and even the three colors at the same time with Christmas tree and snowman designs. It is a warm moment between families with personalized sweaters.

The best brands of sweaters for men

In our opinion, the best brands of sweaters for men in 2022 are :

Leif Nelson
Armor Lux
Tommy Hilfiger
Jack & Jones
Pierre Cardin

With Leif Nelson, you will always be perfectly dressed. Each of the brand's knitwear styles is unique. The brand uses original accessories, including, cool leather appliques and elegant wooden closures. Leif Nelson also offers men's clothing for an oversized look and for sportsmen.

Armor Lux is a French brand created in 1938. It is inspired by the colors of the sea as well as the values of Brittany to make its sweaters. It is notably recognized by the indisputable quality of its plain navy sweaters for men.

Tommy Hilfiger is an American brand of luxury in the world. It works in the manufacture of clothing and leather goods. The symbol Tommy Hilfiger stands for excitement, patriotism, elegance and excellence. It has a wide collection of men's round neck and V-neck sweaters.

The brand is one of the European leaders in men's fashion. It has to its credit more than 1,000 stores in 38 countries around the world. Jack & Jones was inspired by indie pop and urban culture. It focuses on items such as printed T-shirts, sweaters, casual shirts and five-pocket jeans.

The French brand is synonymous with simplicity and class. Pierre Cardin, the founder, was the first Western fashion designer to parade in Beijing. Pierre Cardin is known for his colorful and futuristic clothes. Very present in the clothing market, the brand offers a wide range of shorts, polos, shirts and jackets.

What is the price for a men's sweater

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

15 £ to 30 £
30 £ to 75 £
more than 75 £
Price range diagram


Inspect your wardrobe to better choose your sweater

Take an inventory of your dressing room. This will allow you to identify sweaters that can be matched with existing clothes, whether in terms of color or style.

Don't neglect the weight of the sweater

Always choose a thick, long-sleeved sweater to protect you from the cold. The ideal weight of a sweater for your protection from the icy blast of winter is at least 300 grams.

Care for your sweater

The ideal temperature for washing is 30°C maximum. Be careful with the laundry, there are special shampoos for wool. But in this case, do not let it soak more than a minute in water. To avoid deforming the garment, favor a flat drying only (so no tumble dryer, nor display on a hanger).

Invest in a good pilling razor


good razor is a simple and precise tool to get rid of pilling sweaters. They must actually be removed in order to maintain the weave of the sweater.

Prefer knitted sweaters

To design a sweater, the manufacturer has a choice of two techniques to assemble the piece: sewing it together or knitting it entirely. The latter is the option for remade sweaters, which are of better quality, especially because no material is lost.


What type of wool to choose for a sweater?

A sweater is a garment designed to keep you warm. Merino wool is the most suitable for winter. Indeed, it is a softer, warmer and more robust material. Compared to a classic wool, it is notably thicker. Wool is generally found all over the world. However, the highest quality wool is found in New Zealand and Australia.

Why does my sweater pellet and how to fix it?

The pilling sweater is a natural phenomenon. It is caused by the fabric rubbing on different areas. Pilling is observed under the armpits or at the elbows. In general, this reaction appears at the first washings, but can disappear little by little. To remedy this, as soon as they first appear, remove them one by one with tweezers.

When should I wear my sweater?

The sweater is a garment that is worn for the cold season. In order to fight the cold, we do not hesitate to solicit coats and overcoats in addition. However, there are light sweaters suitable for spring. Indeed, many men wear a sweater without putting a garment underneath. In short, the sweater is suitable for all seasons. The decision is yours as to which model is most appropriate.

Who invented the sweater?


word sweater is derived from the English pull-over. It is considered a derivative of the sweater. Historically, it is associated with garlic merchants at markets in Paris in the 19th century. The majority of sweaters are made from sheep's wool. However, many other materials have appeared to offer you authentic and stylish sweaters.


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Men's shawl collar sweater Leif Nelson 9
Men's shawl collar sweater Leif Nelson
Amazon Essentials Men's V-Neck Sweater 10
Amazon Essentials Men's V-Neck Sweater
Plain sailor sweater Armor Lux 11
Plain sailor sweater Armor Lux
Cardigan à capuche pour homme Leif Nelson 12
Cardigan à capuche pour homme Leif Nelson


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