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As winter approaches, we already dream of wrapping ourselves up warmly in a new down jacket. The Jott brand stands out for its quality down jackets, accessible to all budgets. But not only that. The models of down jackets offered by Jott are numerous, take your time to find the down jacket that suits you. Our buying guide.

Jott Hooded Coat CLOE 1

Editor's Choice

Jott Hooded Coat CLOE

The best Jott down jacket in 2021

The brand Jott continues to spoil the ladies. The Cloe hooded jacket for women is now on the market. As its name suggests, this Cloe down jacket was designed exclusively in navy color and exclusively for women.

127 £ on Laredoute

The Cloe down jacket is made entirely of polyamide fabric. In terms of filling, the brand thought to use a padding composed of 90% goose down, and 10% feathers. It is a mid-length jacket with a fixed hood. The long sleeves ensure more warmth even in times of persistent cold. The fitted cut also helps to emphasize the harmonious lines of the woman who wears it, while also providing comfort.

Available in 5 sizes, XS, S, M, L and XL, this CLOE women's hooded down jacket has a zipper closure in a totally contrasting red color. It is fully quilted, both on the jacket and on the sleeves. Two side pockets are integrated to facilitate the storage of tissues and why not the phone? Otherwise, it also has a practical pouch optimizing the transport and storage of the jacket. As for maintenance, just follow the instructions on the label of the jacket.

Jott sleeveless jacket 2

The best cheapest

Jott sleeveless jacket

The best cheap Jott down jacket

The Jott brand is also thinking about children as winter approaches. It is precisely to guarantee their comfort, while bringing them warmth, that the Jott sleeveless down jacket was made. It is particularly intended for them.

96 £ on Laredoute

The Jott sleeveless down jacket is shaped like a vest with a slim fit. A brand patch is attached to the chest for easy identification. Regarding the cut, it has a high collar for better protection, as well as a main zipper closure. This down jacket is aimed at children, hence the 4 sizes available: 8/10 years, 10/12 years, 12/14 years and 14/16 years. As for the colors, children can choose between dark blue or black 4649.

The Jott sleeveless down jacket is made with polyamide fabric on the outside. The lining is also made of 100% polyamide. As for the padding, it is composed of 10% feathers and 90% down. This jacket has two inside pockets to put tissues, phones or other small accessories. Otherwise, two side pockets with invisible zipper are also part of this sleeveless down jacket Jott quilted seam. The logo is also printed on the lining on the back of the jacket.

Jott Mid-Long Hooded Jacket - PEARL 3

The best high end

Jott Mid-Long Hooded Jacket - PEARL

The best high-end Jott down jacket

Winter is on the horizon, and will make its appearance in a few months. In this case, Jott does not stop anticipating the protection of its followers. It is in this sense that this brand has manufactured the mid-length down jacket great cold hooded Pearl.

268 £ on Laredoute

Designed exclusively in black, the mid-length down jacket named Perle by Jott is designed to welcome the cold winter. With a stylish cut, the height of this jacket largely covers the hips, and it is particularly aimed at women. With the reference 5901PER-999, it is a quilted down jacket with a black fur-lined hood and a brown down trim. Sizes available for this model are XS, S, M, L, XL and the brand patch is attached to the sleeve for easy identification.

The Jott Pearl Mid-Long Hooded Down Jacket is a stylish jacket with a slim fit that adds elegance to your outfit. This fashionable jacket will easily fit into your winter wardrobe. Made of nylon inside and out, this jacket is closed with a large two-way zip. Two side pockets are integrated into this down jacket to ensure the storage of a few small things, or simply to warm up your hands.

Jott long quilted hooded jacket NOUR 4

The best long quilted

Jott long quilted hooded jacket NOUR

The best quilted Jottlong down jacket

To anticipate the winter in style and comfort, nothing is more clever than choosing the Nour long quilted down jacket with hood from Jott. Available in sizes XS, S, M, L and XL, this down jacket will warm up your days even in the middle of cold weather.

156 £ on Laredoute

The Nour model from Jott is a long down jacket with a removable hood. The structure is quilted, with a feather and goose down filling. To top it all off, this down jacket is sewn in a water-repellent polyamide fabric, so as to ensure better water infiltration, and even a certain waterproofness. This jacket has a patch pocket inside, as well as a zippered pocket on each side. The brand crest is sewn on the sleeve, above the shoulder for more visibility.

The cut of the Nour down jacket by Jott has been well thought out to ensure optimal protection against wind, rain and snow. Thus, it is a long jacket with high collar, hood and zipper. The best part is that the hood is removable, with a zipper and drawstring with snap collar. Available in navy, blue and black, Jott's Nour is also easy to care for, either by machine or by hand.

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Best Jott down jacket

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The best Jott down jacket in 2021

The best cheap Jott down jacket

The best high-end Jott down jacket

The best quilted Jottlong down jacket

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Comparison table of the best Jott doucounnes

Editor's Choice pas cher high end Jott long quilted jacket
Jott Hooded Coat CLOE 5
Jott sleeveless jacket 6
Jott Mid-Long Hooded Jacket - PEARL 7
Jott long quilted hooded jacket NOUR 8
Jott Hooded Coat CLOE
Jott sleeveless jacket
Jott Mid-Long Hooded Jacket - PEARL
Jott long quilted hooded jacket NOUR
The brand Jott continues to spoil the ladies. The Cloe hooded jacket for women is now on the market. As its name suggests, this Cloe down jacket was designed exclusively in navy color and exclusively for women.
The Jott brand is also thinking about children as winter approaches. It is precisely to guarantee their comfort, while bringing them warmth, that the Jott sleeveless down jacket was made. It is particularly intended for them.
Winter is on the horizon, and will make its appearance in a few months. In this case, Jott does not stop anticipating the protection of its followers. It is in this sense that this brand has manufactured the mid-length down jacket great cold hooded Pearl.
To anticipate the winter in style and comfort, nothing is more clever than choosing the Nour long quilted down jacket with hood from Jott. Available in sizes XS, S, M, L and XL, this down jacket will warm up your days even in the middle of cold weather.
100% polyamide
100% Polyamide
100% Nylon
100% polyamide
Fitted cut. 2 side pockets. Convenient and portable pouch. Filling, feather and goose down
Two inside pockets, Two side pockets with invisible zipper, Stand-up collar, Slim fit
mi long cold-weather fabric
High neck, removable hood with feather and goose down filling in a water-repellent fabric. Removable zip-off hood with drawstring and snap collar. Inside patch pocket and zippered pocket on each side
XS, S, M, L, XL
8/10 years old, 10/12 years old, 12/14 years old, 14/16 years old
XS, S, M, L, XL
XS, S, M, L, XL
type of closure
with zip
with zip
with zip
with zip

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Our opinion on the JOTT down jackets

The brand Jott, specialized in manufacturing down jackets has a good reputation among consumers. But like all brands, it has its strengths and weaknesses.

Light and comfortable clothes

The down jackets of the Jott brand benefit from a proven lightness. This is mainly the result of the goose down and feather padding, known for its effectiveness in providing warmth, as well as the enveloping polyamide material. In addition, by opting for the water-repellent polyamide fabric, the brand prioritizes quality and comfort insofar as the stuffing keeps warm while remaining in place, and the fabric protects from the elements.

Even better, Jott down jackets can be stored in a small bundle already provided to optimize the storage nearby, whether on the move (top case of a plane) or while hiking. In short, Jott accompanies your outings in the wind or in the cold.

Fitted cuts for a more elegant look

Elegance is always the order of the day, even in winter. Jott has thought about this aspect of the winter season in the design of its down jackets. In this case, the brand favors fitted and body-hugging cuts to highlight curves and fit the lines, while ensuring the comfort of users. Thus, children, women and men can always look good in these refined and elegant down jackets.

The length has been studied to meet expectations and the down jackets are offered in various heights, normal or medium length. They are also presented with or without sleeves for more comfort depending on the activities.

A solution for all seasons

Jott down jackets are available in models specially designed for winter, but others can be adapted to less harsh seasons. So, to avoid cold snaps, it is preferable to opt for models adapted to each season. Especially since it is a practical solution to be protected from the elements, while saving money. Simple, elegant or chic, the range offers models for all tastes and seasons.

Models adapted to the extreme cold

The Jott brand adopts models with high collars for optimal protection, so that we no longer have any excuses for going out in the winter. In addition, the side pockets practically present on all models are assets to stay warm without having to put on gloves or mittens, but just by slipping your hands in.

An after-sales service to improve

Despite all the strengths of the Jott brand, the after-sales service deserves to be reviewed. Indeed, in terms of guarantees, it is often difficult to access them once the receipt is lost or misplaced. However, a genuine branded item should benefit from this service until the expiry of the period stipulated in the purchase conditions.

In short, Jott jackets are privileged brand items. In this case, it is important to check the down jackets and make sure that the products purchased really meet the needs.

Jott down jackets or Canada Goose down jackets

Jott Down Jackets

Jott down jackets are distinguished by the comfort they offer, as well as their aesthetic, especially since the brand has something for everyone. Light and soft, they can be worn in any season. And to top it all off, the Jott down jacket comes with a carrying pouch, so you can easily store it.

However, Jott down jackets will not be of much use in case of cold weather. The cost and the fragility of the materials can also make many people shy away. So they won't be able to protect you effectively when you're out running errands on your scooter in winter, for example.

Canada Goose Down Jackets

The Canada Goose down jackets have been tested many times on their ability to fight against extreme cold. Thus, the Canada Goose down jacket will insulate you from the cold up to a temperature of -10°. Lined with a water-repellent microfiber material, it ensures a perfect waterproofness and will protect you from humidity.

Unfortunately, Canada Goose down jackets are constantly being criticized by environmentalists. Indeed, using a goose down filling, and even coyote fur, Canada Goose is accused of cruelty to animals.


JOTT brand down jackets are perfect for urban outings, while Canada Goose down jackets are recommended when you really need to protect yourself from the cold in extreme conditions.

How to choose your Jott down jacket

Unlike a winter coat, a down jacket can be worn in all seasons and in all circumstances. If you are going to wear it all year round, you might as well not make a mistake when choosing it.

Criterion 1 : According to the morphology

It is clear that if you are looking for a garment, it is also to look good when you put it on. So choose a Jott down jacket that will perfectly match your figure. Do you have a slim waist? Opt for the slim-fitting down jacket from Jott that will enhance it even more.

Criterion 2 : The material

To keep you warm, the presence of down or feather, in the down jacket is important. However, synthetic materials, less expensive can very well replace it. Synthetic will also have the advantage of being easy to maintain. If you are looking for a Jott down jacket for fun, opt for the very attractive leather down jacket which will also have the merit of being waterproof.

Criterion 3 : The hood

The hood is an option that will direct you in your choice of down jacket. It protects the head, as well as your ears when the cold becomes aggressive, its protection can extend to the neck. If you are cold or your daily activities are spent mostly outside, the down jacket with a hood can be a wise investment.

Criterion 4 : The partitioning

The horizontal and vertical seams on a down jacket, i.e. the H-shaped partitioning, are the guarantors of a good partitioning of materials. The pressure when storing the down jacket in a bag can reduce its insulating capacity. Partitioning serves to limit this by preserving as much of each cell in the system as possible.

Criterion 5 : The price

As mentioned, Jott down jackets come in a wide price range. Standard models are suitable for all budgets. Depending on the specifics or options, the prices will increase. The leather down jacket or the fitted down jacket will show a more substantial cost.

How do you properly wash and dry your Jott down jacket?


1. Pre-wash preparation

Before washing your down jacket, consider removing any loose dirt with a brush. Be sure to close zippers or Velcro, close flaps and make sure there is nothing in the pockets. Down jackets can tear against rough or sharp objects and surfaces, so be very careful.


Turn your jacket inside out, and if it's really dirty, you can even soak it for an hour in warm (not hot) water, before putting it in the washing machine. This will help remove any excess dirt, just try to squeeze out some of the water before putting it in the washing machine, but make sure you don't wring out the jacket, as this can damage it.


2. Washing:

  • In the machine:

It is important to note that you should only use a front-loading washing machine for this step. If you don't have access to one, we recommend doing the washing by hand instead. Do not use a top-loading washing machine, as this may damage the jacket. The first thing you should do when washing your down jacket in a washing machine is to clean the detergent section of any foam or powder residue. Then, if you can, do a hot wash with nothing inside the drum. This will ensure that there is no residue left in the machine that can damage the delicate plumes of your jacket.

Set the machine to a gentle, cool wash at about 30°C (some machines call this the wool cycle). We recommend using a down jacket specific detergent, these are designed not to damage the water resistant coating or the down itself. If you can get NIKWAX Down Wash Direct, it's a great detergent to use.


Follow the instructions on the down jacket detergent, regarding how much detergent to use, and start the cycle.

Once the machine has completed its cycle, run an additional rinse cycle to ensure that all detergent residue in the down has been removed and place the machine on a low speed or gentle spin cycle to remove any excess moisture. After that, it's time to begin the drying process.

  • By hand:

Machine washing your down jacket will give the best results, however, if you don't have access to a front-loading washing machine or you don't trust your washing machine very much and prefer to wash your beloved down jacket by hand, you can do this by placing the jacket in a large bathtub, or in a basin.

First, fill the tub with warm (not hot) water and let your jacket soak for about 30-60 minutes. Then, using the same detergent suitable for down jackets (that you would use with a washing machine so), gently hand wash the jacket to remove dirt and stains. Finally, rinse the jacket well under cold water, making sure to remove any excess detergent, and then carefully dispose of the excess water (making sure you definitely don't wring it out or wring it out) before beginning the drying process.

3. The drying process:

Once your comforter has been thoroughly cleaned, gently remove it from the washing machine or bathtub (or tub), being careful not to wring it out or wring it out, and put it in the dryer. Before putting it in the dryer, gently squeeze the excess moisture out of the jacket, again without twisting or wringing the fabric (this is really very important, as you'll probably have figured out by now).

Tumble dry the jacket on low heat (some dryers call this a wool or delicate drying cycle) and before closing the door, throw in a couple of clean tennis balls. They will help tighten the down as it dries and keep it from clumping. Do not try to speed up the drying process by using a high heat setting, as this may damage your jacket.

Take your down jacket out of the dryer every 15 minutes or so to plump it by hand, just as you would a pillow or cushion. This may seem like quite a long time, but it will get your down jacket back to its best shape and appearance. Depending on the amount of down in your jacket, it can take up to 2 hours for it to dry completely, so make sure you have a good book and a cup of tea handy. Once the jacket is almost dry, you can start shaking it around a bit to reposition the down in areas that feel a little empty, then put it back in the dryer for about 15 minutes. Once completely dry, your down jacket should be as good as new and ready for your next adventure together.

Reasons to buy a Jott down jacket

Models for the whole family

The Jott brand has thought of each member of the family and does not make jealous. There is no need to go to great lengths to find a jacket, everyone will be happy and warm in a Jott down jacket. Even babies will be happy with a down jacket whose material and cut are specially adapted for them. This is one of the reasons why the brand's sales increase every year.

An essential fashion accessory

Designed to protect us from the wind, the Jott down jacket has finally become an urban fashion reference to have in your wardrobe. You will find many models and colors of down jackets from the brand, and adapted to different styles, with which you can perfectly complete your look of the day.

A comfortable and light down jacket

Insulating you from the cold and wind, the Jott down jacket is so light you'll barely feel it. It leaves you free to move around and doesn't get in the way when you're riding your scooter. And when you're not wearing it, it's discreet in its little carrying case.

A down jacket that keeps you warm

Down and feather padding and water-repellent material make the Jott down jacket an excellent protector against cold and wet. This ability of the Jott down jacket has paved the way for its use in outdoor and extreme sports.

A down jacket for every season

Jott has won you over and become your best friend? At Jott you will find not only down jackets for winter, but also ultra light sleeveless models for cooler evenings or for scooter rides in summer.

Our opinion on alternative brands

We believe these are the best alternative brands to the Jott doucounnes:

Triple Zéro
Canada Goose
The North Face

Triple Zero is a brand that specializes in the design of winter products and clothing made from pure goose down and has a reputation as a pioneer in the field of down jacket manufacturing. This French brand favors handcrafted products, and has done so since the brand was founded in 1860. In addition to clothing, Triple Zero also manufactures bedding accessories.

Canadian brand, Canada Goose is an iconic brand in terms of down jacket manufacturing. Founded in 1957 by Polish immigrant Sam Tick, this company focuses on designing outerwear, and in its lineup are down-filled down jackets, wool jackets, winter uniforms and raincoats.

The North Face brand is a brand produced by an American company evolving in the clothing industry. The down jackets of this brand are particularly popular but the products are not limited to these winter clothes. Since its inception in 1964, the brand has also offered sportswear and accessories, including effects for outdoor activities such as trail riding, climbing, hiking or camping.

Easily recognizable thanks to its logo featuring a rooster between two mountains in the colors of Italy (blue, white, red), Moncler is a luxury brand. Born in the UK, then moving to the Alps, it produces high-end quality down jackets. In this case, in terms of down jackets, Moncler offers fur as the basis of its fabrications to embody luxury.

K-Way is a French brand known in the mythical nylon windbreaker jackets integrating a banana pocket storage. But it also evolves in the manufacture of down jackets, which are part of its range of waterproof clothing. Also, it is quite common to find waterproof padded jackets bearing this brand in large stores.


Prefer machine washing to preserve the quality of the down jacket

Whenever possible, it is preferable to machine wash to preserve the quality of the garment. Indeed, the puffiness represents a certain asset to add elegance and refinement, hence the need to avoid that the down jacket loses it. After washing, it is advisable to proceed to two rinses. If necessary, a dry cleaning service is recommended.

Be sure to respect proper hand washing

It is possible to wash a down jacket by hand, provided that it is done gently and thoroughly. This involves emptying the pockets first, then removing the removable fur from the hood if applicable. Next, immerse the down jacket in soapy water (mild cleaner or special down cleaner) at room temperature, not exceeding 30°C. After scrubbing all surfaces, it remains to rinse and wring without wringing.

Assure yourself of the authenticity of a Jott down jacket

To ensure that the Jott brand down jacket is truly authentic, you need to know how to identify it. These signs are in the logo. The logo of a real Jott is smaller without any white color protruding from the seam. Besides that, the writing of the logo is not connected to the outer circle for the real brand. Finally, a real Jott down jacket has no inner label at the neckline.

Choose the right size for a Jott down jacket

As a general rule, the fit of Jott down jackets is always quite close to the body, either more or less fitted. In this case, since the down jackets are going to be used as stylish protection of winter periods, it is better to go up a size. This allows for more ease when wearing the jacket.

Be stylish, even in the middle of winter, and with a big down jacket

Just because it's cold, and you're wearing a big down jacket doesn't mean you can't look stylish. To do this, simply choose a bag in a color that contrasts harmoniously with the color of the down jacket.


Are JOTT down jackets warm?

Since they have goose down and feather padding wrapped in quilted polyamide fabric, Jott down jackets are undoubtedly very warm. Better than that, they are also light, elegant, refined and stylish. They are also waterproof, while being comfortable thanks to the softness of the water-repellent nylon fabric.

How to wash a Jott down jacket?

Washing a Jott down jacket is not really difficult, but it does take time, especially when it comes to drying, and it has to be done very carefully so that the jacket doesn't lose its loft. For example, it is necessary to put it in the tub with two or three tennis balls, as well as other clothes to air the down. Next, it remains to set the program to synthetic washing, at a maximum temperature of 30 ° and this on the usual cycle.

How to repair a tear on a Jott down jacket?

First, you need to cut the threads that protrude from the area where there is a snag. After that, you need to put the padding of your down jacket back in place or if necessary cut what is protruding with scissors. Then, you have to apply a patch like Tenacious or sew a label on the area to be repaired. The size of the patch should be larger than the size of the snag, so that it completely covers the hole.

How to fold a Jott down jacket?

Folding the Jott down jacket allows you to optimize the storage in the travel bag. To do this, you need to hold the jacket vertically by the hood with one hand, then wrap the bottom of the down jacket and that of the sleeves with the other hand. After that, it remains to roll the down jacket from bottom to top to fit everything in the hood. If the down jacket has a drawstring, you just have to adjust it.


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Jott Hooded Coat CLOE
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Jott sleeveless jacket
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Jott Mid-Long Hooded Jacket - PEARL
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