The best hamster cages in the UK 2023

Originally desert creatures, hamsters were very territorial. This protective nature remains in their personality even though they are domesticated today. A hamster cage should reflect their need for solitude. Although it may seem small, your hamster needs more space to move around, run, climb, chew and dig. If you want to invest in a good hamster cage, read our complete guide.

Ferplast Combi 2 1

Editor's Choice

Ferplast Combi 2

The best hamster cage in 2021

The Combi 2 is one of Ferplast's best-sellers. This modular plastic hamster cage is the perfect home for your new hamster, especially if you are on a tight budget.

36,79 £ on Amazon

The Ferplast Combi 2 is a hamster cage that combines comfort, fun and exercise! It is made of plastic with a transparent roof and has a useful mesh grid on top to ensure internal ventilation, which is also guaranteed by the special slots on the side walls. Connected to the cage you will find Gym, a real gym that will allow your hamster to keep fit. Thanks to the clips on the sides, the base of the cage can be completely detached from the top, a simple action that makes cleaning quick and easy.

Combi 2, like many other rodent cages manufactured by Ferplast, is a modular habitat and is therefore designed for the connection of tubes or other accessories. You can have fun creating new paths and play areas for your hamster.

Habitrail Hamster Cage 2

Best entry-level

Habitrail Hamster Cage

The best entry-level hamster cage

The Habitrail hamster cage is an innovative and rewarding habitat developed to enhance your hamster's life while providing a unique and useful environment to entertain both pet and owner.

23,07 £ on Amazon

The Habitrail Hamster Cage offers a 360-degree view with clear components specially designed to keep your little pet safe, healthy and vibrant. It features rounded edges to prevent annoying gnawing and raised feeding areas to prevent waste and litter from coming into contact with the food. This plastic mesh cage is durable and has excellent air circulation. The space between the bars is 1 cm, which fully complies with safety standards.

The cage comes with many accessories such as an observation post, a ramp, a food bowl, a bottle, an exercise wheel and a binder. These add-ons are waterproof, ventilated and fun, and help enrich your hamster's life while entertaining a child owner during the building process.

EUGAD Wooden Hamster Cage 3

Best high-end

EUGAD Wooden Hamster Cage

The best high-end hamster cage

The EUGAD brand is quite popular on the market for manufacturing different models of cages that are very practical, useful and relatively affordable. This EUGAD hamster cage is undoubtedly one of the best all-wooden models available.

64,79 £ on Amazon

The design of this cage is very special since the wooden structure is combined with transparent plastic panels, which makes it more attractive. These are all solid and good quality materials that will guarantee the durability of the equipment. The cage is quite spacious with its dimensions of 115 cm long and 60 cm wide. The roof is made of wire mesh, which guarantees excellent ventilation. It has 2 doors, one at the bottom for easy cleaning, and another at the top.

This wooden hamster cage has three levels offering your pet all the freedom and comfort needed. Finally, this model is very easy to assemble and has different accessories that will allow your hamster to have fun and avoid boredom.

Ferplast Criceti 15 4

Excellent choice

Ferplast Criceti 15

Very good modular hamster cage

The Criceti 15 is definitely one of the best hamster cages from Ferplast, and even from the market, with its excellent quality/price ratio. It stands out for its modularity, its wire mesh structure and the raised plastic base.

57,44 £ on Amazon

The Ferplast Criceti 15 is a large hamster cage with a large plastic retention base to prevent litter from spilling out of the cage. This habitat consists of a column structure and a plastic top frame as well as an openable mesh roof with safety fasteners. A spacious shelf with a ladder divides the cage into two levels. This is designed for the different activities of your small rodent.

The lower, quieter level can be used as a resting area while the upper level is suitable for eating, drinking and playing. Perfectly habitable, the Ferplast Criceti 15 comes with a small house for resting, a bottle, a bowl and a wheel. The accessories can be positioned differently according to the needs of your pet.

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Best hamster cage

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The best hamster cage in 2021

The best entry-level hamster cage

The best high-end hamster cage

Very good modular hamster cage

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Comparison table of the best hamster cages

The best Inexpensive Top of the line Excellent
Ferplast Combi 2 5
Habitrail Hamster Cage 6
EUGAD Wooden Hamster Cage 7
Ferplast Criceti 15 8
Ferplast Combi 2
Habitrail Hamster Cage
EUGAD Wooden Hamster Cage
Ferplast Criceti 15
The Combi 2 is one of Ferplast's best-sellers. This modular plastic hamster cage is the perfect home for your new hamster, especially if you are on a tight budget.
The Habitrail hamster cage is an innovative and rewarding habitat developed to enhance your hamster's life while providing a unique and useful environment to entertain both pet and owner.
The EUGAD brand is quite popular on the market for manufacturing different models of cages that are very practical, useful and relatively affordable. This EUGAD hamster cage is undoubtedly one of the best all-wooden models available.
The Criceti 15 is definitely one of the best hamster cages from Ferplast, and even from the market, with its excellent quality/price ratio. It stands out for its modularity, its wire mesh structure and the raised plastic base.
Plastic modular
Plastic modular
Dimensions (L x W x H)
79.5 x 29.5 x 26.3 cm
37.34 x 28.7 x 25.4 cm
115 x 60 x 58 cm
78 x 48 x 39 cm
Plastic, glass
Metal, plastic
Ease of maintenance
13.3 kg
0.48 kg
0.45 kg
4.66 kg

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How to choose your hamster cage

When choosing a cage for your hamster, there are several factors to consider. Most importantly, you will need to choose a cage that is large enough, safe enough, and easy to clean. Unfortunately, many hamster cages you find on the Internet do not meet all of these requirements. That's why you need to be very careful.

#1 - Cage style

Your main choices will be between a wire cage (usually on a plastic base), a modular plastic cage (equipped with many compartments and tubes) or an aquarium (with a secure mesh lid). Each style of cage has advantages and disadvantages in terms of ease of cleaning, ventilation and safety. We'll discuss these in more detail in the section on hamster cage types.

#2 - Ease of cleaning

Ingeneral, a wire hamster cage with a plastic tray is the easiest to clean. Just lift the bottom wire, clean the bedding, and wipe down the wire section if necessary. The more complex the cage configuration, the more difficult it will be to clean, which is very important if you are considering a plastic cage with multiple compartments and tubes. This type of cage can become a real chore to clean. Aquarium-shaped cages are not very difficult to clean, but can be heavy and difficult to handle when cleaning.

#3 - Ventilation

A metal cage is easily the best option for ventilation. The closed tubes and compartments of plastic modular cages can impede airflow, so air quality and condensation can become serious problems. Similarly, aquariums may have inadequate ventilation. Keep in mind that the openness of metal cages gives them excellent ventilation, but this means you must keep the cage free of drafts. Plastic cages and aquariums offer better protection from drafts.

#4 - Surface area

Fora hamster cage, 60 cm long by 30 cm wide are the minimum dimensions. The height of the cage should be at least 30 cm. However, to keep your hamster active and happy, try to have a larger cage. When it comes to hamster cages, the bigger the better. Hamsters need enough room to run and play, and the actual floor space of the cage is important for this. In general, many cages marketed for hamsters are too small for Syrian hamsters.

#5 - Safety

Thespace between the bars of the hamster cage should not exceed 1.3 cm. Horizontal bars provide an opportunity for your hamster to climb. Check the doors of any cage to make sure they are secure, as hamsters can become experts at opening doors. Metal bolt clips, like those at the end of a dog leash, can be clipped on to "lock" the doors for an extra level of security on screen doors. If you choose a multi-level cage, make sure there are no places where your hamster can fall a long distance.

How do you clean a hamster cage?


Hamsters are relatively clean animals. They don't like to mess up their resting and play areas, so they tend to create a separate potty area. If they use the entire cage as a bathroom or toilet, you will need to clean it more often. On a daily basis, check the bedding for urine and feces. Remove waste and soiled bedding and dry wet areas with a paper towel.

Each week, thoroughly wash the entire cage. Remove all toys and exercise equipment in the cage. Place half of them in a sink filled with hot, soapy water. Set the other half aside. These will still smell like the hamster's familiar surroundings, minimizing the risk of your pet becoming disoriented. You will wash them next week. Also scrub the food bowl and water containers.


Empty all the bedding and wash the floor and walls of the cage with warm soapy water. Rinse it and let it air dry. Do the same for any tubes or extensions you've added to the cage. Once everything is dry, replace all bedding and other equipment. Add any toys you didn't clean last time.

The different types of hamster cages

Choosing the right type of cage for your hamster is almost as important as choosing the animal itself. The habitat option you finally choose will be the place where your little friend will spend most of its life. So the cage should be as comfortable as possible. Here are the options available!

Wire hamster cage

A wire hamster cage has a plastic base covered with a wire frame . Wire cages can take many forms, and for hamsters, they can be single-level or multi-level with tubes, stairs or ladders connecting the levels. Hamster wire cages are often marketed in two varieties: one version for larger Syrian hamsters, and another version for Chinese or dwarf hamsters.

The best wire hamster cages have doors placed so that a human can open them as needed and reach any part of the enclosure to access the hamster or clean the bedding. A cantilevered design for the upper levels of wire cages can wobble if the cage is not well designed, and if it is, this defect could bother hamsters, as they prefer a stable floor.

Modular plastic hamster cage

Modular plastic hamster cages can be simply designed as simple boxes or they can be more elaborate to encourage the hamster to explore tubes, levels, and rooms. Plastic modular hamster cages can be expanded with additional modulesthat connect to the main enclosure with clamps or connecting tunnels.

Most plastic modular cages are too small for a hamster and it could quickly become bored or prone to unwanted behavior. Also, smaller modules may not have good ventilation, which poses health risks to hamsters.


Inreality, we're talking about an aquarium, because this type of hamster cage is made of glass . Hamsters are unable to climb the smooth walls of a glass cage. The main disadvantages of glass is that the tanks are heavy and difficult to move and it can be difficult to find appropriate bedding for the cage, especially if modules are placed in the enclosure, giving the hamster the opportunity to attempt an escape.

Wooden hamster cage

Wooden hamster cages are not mass marketed. Therefore, they are an option for hamster owners who are do-it-yourselfers. The same is true if they and wish to make the cage themselves or for breeders who need to custom make a large number of enclosures for a large number of hamsters. Wooden cages should be made of untreated wood that a hamster will not be able to gnaw on.

Mesh hamster cage or modular plastic hamster cage?

Mesh hamster cage

The wire hamster cage is the most common, most available and most economical of all hamster cages. These cages typically consist of wire sides and top, a small wire door and a plastic bottom base. Manufacturers offer a wide range of sizes from very small to very large. The best construction material for a wire hamster cage is galvanized steel.

This type of metal is corrosion resistant, does not rust and therefore will not collapse if a hamster gnaws on the bars. Additional levels can easily be added and attached to the crossbars and a cage door adapter can always be added to allow a tunnel to connect to another hamster habitat. The metal bars that make up the floor of a wire cage are hard on a hamster's feet and do not provide a comfortable floor. However, floors can be made more comfortable by adding carpet or canvas.

Modular plastic hamster cage

As its name clearly indicates, a plastic modular hamster cage is a modular habitat that can be stacked or attached to each other through a span of tunnels or tubes. If you decide to purchase this type of cage for your hamster, be aware that a single module is too small and was designed with the intention of connecting at least two separate modules.

It is also important to note that if you only have one cage, even if it is large enough, the cage should not be round. Hamsters are often confused, which causes stress. They will be much more comfortable if they can get their bearings by moving around a corner. Corners are also a good place to designate as a litter box or hiding place for food.


A modular plastic hamster cage is an excellent choice if you want to recreate a hamster's natural habitat. In the wild, a hamster spends most of its life in its den traveling to and from different enclosures through a network of tunnels. By connecting hamster habitats together, you can mix and match the pieces as you wish.

The best brands of hamster cages

In our opinion, the best brands of hamster cages in 2022 are :


Ferplast is an international manufacturer of pre-designed pet accessories and habitats. Ferplast offers a variety of types of rodent cages, including hamsters, to meet the special needs of these small pets, all of which are available in different sizes and types, for all budgets.

Pawhut is a company known for producing bedding, grooming equipment, and a range of other products for dogs. However, for some time now, the company has expanded its catalog to include cages for rodents, including hamsters. Pawhut now offers the best high-end hamster cages on the market.

ZOLUXis a group of 3 brands that offers accessories and consumables for all types of animals: dogs, cats, ornamental fish, birds, small animals and poultry. Through its subsidiary Saint-Bernard, this consortium also manufactures excellent hamster cages mainly marketed in specialized networks.

TRIXIEis a world leader in pet products, based in Germany. The company currently offers a wide variety of products for dogs, cats, small rodents, chickens and other birds. The quality of their hamster cages is very good, although a large majority are mid-range models.

Vadigran's mission is "to inspire pet lovers to live a joyful life with their pets." This company has 60 years of experience selling products for pet owners of all kinds. It also does support and consulting. Among other things, the company manufactures hamster cages from high-end raw materials.

What is the price for a hamster cage

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

25 £ to 50 £
50 £ to 100 £
more than 100 £
Price range diagram


Place your hamster cage in a quiet, low-traffic area

Hamsters need to rest during the day, which means they don't appreciate a lot of noise. Don't place your hamster cages next to televisions, radios, or appliances that make a lot of noise or vibration.

Place your hamster cage in a low-light area

In thewild, a hamster spends most of its life underground, which means it doesn't like a lot of bright light and certainly not direct sunlight. Avoid placing a hamster cage next to a window that receives a lot of light during the day and at night, avoid bright bulbs. Also, a hamster will have trouble falling asleep if the lights are always on.

Place your hamster cage in an optimal temperature area

Tokeep a hamster happy in its cage, the inside of its cage should be no cooler than 15°C and no warmer than 25°C. This means you should avoid placing your hamster next to radiators or open windows.

Add toys and accessories to your hamster cage

Hamsters need exercise to avoid boredom. Most vets recommend getting a plastic wheel. Avoid ones with slats. Your hamster could get its neck or feet stuck in the tiny spaces. Hamsters are rodents and their teeth never stop growing. They need lots of wood to chew on.

Prepare a good depth of bedding

Whateverstyle of cage you use, make sure you can provide a nice deep layer of bedding to digin.This is most important for wire cages. Choose one with a deep tray to allow for a nice deep layer of bedding, and also to reduce the amount of bedding your hamster will expel from the cage.


How to make your own hamster cage?

If you want to create a hamster cageyourself, you'll need to make sure you have the right equipment. First, choose a plastic storage box with a smooth lid, as textures crack easily. Next, you will need to get a wire mesh. When choosing which net to buy, we recommend choosing one with small squares (no more than 0.5 cm apart), so that your hamster can't escape. Finally, you will only need to use cable ties to secure the mesh in place of the storage box lid.

Is a plastic cage safe for a hamster?

Yes, hamster cages are safe as long as they are large enough and well-constructed with small-square mesh, plenty of ventilation holes and no sharp edges. Many people fear putting their hamster in a plastic storage bin and think that it carries long-term health risks. But these concerns are unfounded. There are no studies indicating long-term health risks to hamsters.

Can a hamster gnaw on a garbage cage?

Ifyou have a good hamster cage purchased online or homemade, sturdy, made with thick plastic, using a small square mesh and several cable ties, your hamster will be perfectly safe. In fact, wooden cages often have more space than other types of hamster cages, materials and construction. Just be careful not to use wood as part of the structure, as this can be unhygienic if your hamster decides to defecate on it or starts chewing on it.

How often should I clean a hamster cage?

Youwill need to clean your hamster's cage regularly to make sure it is a healthy and hygienic place for him. It's best to do this at night when he's awake, instead of waking them up and moving them around when he's trying to sleep. In addition to daily cleaning, thoroughly clean the cage once a week with a pet-safe cleaner. You can buy them at pet stores or online.


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Our selection
Ferplast Combi 2 9
Ferplast Combi 2
Habitrail Hamster Cage 10
Habitrail Hamster Cage
EUGAD Wooden Hamster Cage 11
EUGAD Wooden Hamster Cage
Ferplast Criceti 15 12
Ferplast Criceti 15


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