The best dog training collars in the UK 2023

It's not always easy to give your dog a command and make him obey. The use of a training collar is an excellent solution. But the wide variety of collars available makes it difficult to choose. To make it easier for you, we've put together this guide to the best dog training collars in 2020.

Dog Care Well-D LE TC08 1

Best value for money

Dog Care Well-D LE TC08

The best dog training collar in 2021

To teach rambunctious pooches the right behavior, meet the Dog Care Well-D LE TC08. This training collar has 3 discipline modes, including beep, vibration and static electricity.

27,19 £ on Amazon

The Dog Care Well-D LE TC08 dog training collar teaches your pet good behavior via 3 modes (beep, vibration or static electricity). This electric collar developed by and for owners, dog walkers and professional trainers will correct bad habits like barking, chewing, biting, digging. You can also train 2 dogs at the same time!

Note that the static level of this training collar is reduced to 10, so it becomes easier for the dog to feel the difference and the training becomes more effective. In addition, the Dog Care Well-D LE TC08 is suitable for dogs of all sizes, with a neck size adjustable between 25-68cm. Equipped with a battery, this device has an autonomy of 45 days. The remote control and the receiver of the collar are rechargeable.

Gleading AD116 2

Best value for money

Gleading AD116

The best entry-level dog training collar

With 3 training modes, this collar with IPX3 waterproof rating is suitable for a dog with a neck size between 21 and 53 cm. It is easy to use and preserves the dog's well-being.

See price

The Gleading AD116 training and anti-bark collar works in beep mode, shock mode and vibration mode. In this way, it encourages the dog to adopt the right behaviors gradually. To change the mode, simply press the corresponding button and adjust the level with the Y2 button.

The Gleading AD116 is effective in combating anxiety and behavioral problems in dogs. Certified IPX3, this training collar is not affected by rain or swimming. With a maximum range of 300 m without obstacles, it recharges in 2 hours for an autonomy of 7 to 10 days.

SportDog SD-425E 3

Best value for money

SportDog SD-425E

The best high-end dog training collar

Designed for training and hunting, the SportDog SD-425E is submersible. It offers 7 levels of electrostatic stimulation, and optional beep and vibration modes.

124 £ on Amazon

The SportDog SD-425E training collar features a two-step Static Correction mode with seven settings each. It also has optional vibration and beep modes for expanded training possibilities. This collar has a universal adapter that fits neck sizes ranging from 12.7 to 55.9 cm. The SportLiner remote control has a range of up to 450 meters on level ground.

The SportDog SD-425E training collar also stands out for its build quality. It comes with a 3-year warranty and is certified waterproof to IP67 and NEMA 6P. You can submerge it to a depth of 7.6 m and you don't have to remove it while grooming your dog! It takes only 2 hours to recharge the battery, for an autonomy of 50 to 70 hours. Finally, you should know that this high-end training collar is guaranteed for 3 years.

Dog Care TC05 4

A great choice

Dog Care TC05

A training collar that offers better dog safety

The well-being and safety of your dog should be a priority when it comes to a training collar. The Dog Care TC05 avoids any risk of accident thanks to its many modes.

39,98 £ on Amazon

Are you looking for a simple training collar that will protect your dog? The Dog Care TC05 meets both criteria. As a training collar or as an anti-bark collar, it is effective thanks to its electrostatic stimulation, vibration and sound signal modes. The electro-stimulation training mode is adjustable on 99 levels to adapt to your dog and avoid accidents.

Note that the Dog Care TC05 is suitable for all neck sizes between 8 and 70 cm. Waterproof IP65, it is not afraid of water jets, but is not suitable for swimming because not submersible. You can use the remote control to control up to 3 collars simultaneously, and change the collar easily with a specific button.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best dog training collar

Any specific needs?

The best dog training collar in 2021

The best entry-level dog training collar

The best high-end dog training collar

A training collar that offers better dog safety

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Comparison table of the best dog training collars

Dog Care Well-D LE TC08 5
Gleading AD116 6
SportDog SD-425E 7
Dog Care TC05 8
Dog Care Well-D LE TC08
Gleading AD116
SportDog SD-425E
Dog Care TC05
To teach rambunctious pooches the right behavior, meet the Dog Care Well-D LE TC08. This training collar has 3 discipline modes, including beep, vibration and static electricity.
With 3 training modes, this collar with IPX3 waterproof rating is suitable for a dog with a neck size between 21 and 53 cm. It is easy to use and preserves the dog's well-being.
Designed for training and hunting, the SportDog SD-425E is submersible. It offers 7 levels of electrostatic stimulation, and optional beep and vibration modes.
The well-being and safety of your dog should be a priority when it comes to a training collar. The Dog Care TC05 avoids any risk of accident thanks to its many modes.
340 g
300 g
300 g
263 g
Training method
Bips, vibrations, electrical pulses
Stimulation, beep, vibration
Stimulation, beep, vibration
Stimulation, beep, vibration
Neck size
25 to 68 cm
21 - 53 cm
12.7 to 55.9 cm
8 to 70 cm
Recommended age or weight of dog
From 6 kg
Small, medium, large dog
6 months and up
8 months to 45 kg

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Buying guide - dog training collar

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How to choose your dog training collar

There are many dog training collars on the market. Here are the most important criteria to help you choose the right model for your favorite pet.

#1 - Compatibility with the dog

The neck size indicates the compatibility of the collar with the dog. Most often, the collar is expandable, with minimum and maximum measurements. In this case, all you have to do is measure your dog's neck size. Some training collars also come in different sizes, and each size corresponds to a specific size of dog. Take the time to read the specifications of the model to find out if it is for small dogs or large dogs, or if it is suitable for all types of dogs. Also check if it is suitable for puppies. Weight can also be a compatibility criterion.

#2 - The dog's character

It's important to consider your dog's temperament before making your choice. Indeed, anxious or fearful animals will have difficulty with training collars that work only in electrical stimulation mode. Also, these devices are not always recommended for training puppies.

#3 - The signal range

This criterion depends on the training environment. If you are training your dog in your backyard or in an urban park, a maximum range of 300 or 400 meters is sufficient. However, for a hunting dog, which is trained in the wild, you need to use a collar with a range of 900 m to 1.5 km.

#4 - The ergonomics of the remote control

Newer training collars have a remote control. The LCD screen is increasingly present on the models offered on the market. The LCD screen is a convenient way to access a wide range of information, such as the stimulation mode selected, data on the dog, and the battery charge level. The remote control on some training collars, however, does not have a display screen.

#5 - The autonomy

The transmitter and receiver of a training collar are either battery operated or battery powered. We recommend choosing a battery power mode, which offers better autonomy. In any case, be aware that the autonomy is usually indicated in the characteristics of the device.

How to use an electronic training collar?

The operation of an electronic training collar depends on the training mode chosen. The presence of 3 modes on the same collar allows you to switch from one to the other at will, thus reinforcing the training. Nevertheless, the use of the sound mode, or the electrostatic impulse mode, is sufficient in most cases.

The electrostatic impulse training mode

When you choose the Static Correction Training mode, the collar sends out 3V electrical pulses. Rest assured, they are not painful for the dog. At most, it will surprise him and make him understand that he must correct his behavior.

If the animal is difficult or if it is a large dog, choose a higher intensity level. Static Correction collars should not be considered torture, and the dog should feel comfortable wearing them.

Vibration mode

The vibration mode consists of sending vibrations around the dog's neck and up to its vocal cords. The purpose is to signal the dog to stop the behavior. Most of the time, this mode is used to fight against unwanted barking.

Sound mode

With this training mode, the collar emits a beep or an ultrasound whose intensity can also be adjusted. This sound signal is harmless to the animal's hearing. By hearing the signal after each bad behavior, the dog will eventually learn and adopt the right temperament.

It should be noted that the signals or stimuli can be triggered automatically, or manually if the dog is to be trained during short, regular training sessions.

How do I use a dog training collar?

It is recommended that you prepare your dog for training by planning at least a week in advance. Here are the key points to follow for successful training sessions:

  • Start by familiarizing your dog with the collar; he must be comfortable wearing it and the instrument must not provoke aggressive or nervous behavior in him;
  • Training sessions should last about 15 minutes;
  • The training sessions must be done in the open air and not inside the house. If you do not have a yard, go to a park;
  • Avoid contact with other dogs at the beginning of training;
  • Make sure that each signal is associated with a specific command;
  • When a signal is given, remember not to press the button for more than three seconds; one press is enough;
  • Once the training period is over, leave the collar in place for a while to prevent your dog from reverting to his bad habits.

No choke collar for a fragile dog!

It is not recommended to use a choke collar to train a dog with respiratory problems. Indeed, this type of collar can cause him even more discomfort. A harness will be much more comfortable for your pet.

Electric training collar or choke chain?

Electric training collar

Most electric training collars work with three training modes, including two optional modes that you can use depending on your dog's temperament. If you need to train a dog that's stubborn or agitated, you'll definitely need the Static Correction feature.

The optional modes can be useful if your dog does not respond to stimulation. Keep in mind, however, that this type of collar is not suitable for puppies or sick dogs.

Choke collar

The choke collar has no electrical device. It does not emit sounds, vibrations or electrostatic stimulations. This type of collar tightens as soon as the dog tends to pull or run, and relaxes as soon as it stops pulling.

This method of training is effective while eliminating the risk of stress or shock caused by electrical impulses, sounds and vibrations.


If you need to train a puppy not to pull on his leash during walks, a choke collar is the ideal choice. However, you need to make sure it's of good quality to avoid physical damage.

On the other hand, to train a dog, to teach him the right behaviors or to train him to hunt, the functions of electrostatic stimulations, vibrations or sounds remain indispensable. They are particularly useful for training dogs with a difficult character.

Why buy a dog training collar?

Corrects behavior at a distance

Most training methods only work up close. But with these collars, you can also correct your dog's behavior when you're not next to him. This makes the method ideal for training your dog to respond to off-leash commands. When your dog is off-leash, it's still important to be able to use the commands to keep your pet safe. Without a collar, you may not be able to achieve the behavior you want.

Help when voice commands are not an option

Some dogs simply do not respond to verbal commands. Other dogs may not be able to hear them at all. If your dog doesn't do well with verbal commands, a shock collar can be a way to let him know what to avoid.

Still works when you're away

Sometimes you're not around to give commands. A shock collar will work even when you are away. This is important for your dog's safety, as well as for good behavior. For example, a collar combined with an invisible fence can prevent your dog from running into a busy street. It can also curb aggressive behavior or barking.

Reduces aggression

A dog training collar allows you to effectively prevent aggression without putting yourself in danger. It also works when you're not around, so your dog gets a clear signal every time he does something aggressive. This prevents dog fights and even worse situations from occurring.

Does not cost much

Dog training collars are one of the most affordable training tools you can get. Of course, there is a range of prices. The higher you go, the more features you get. But even a very basic collar can be very effective if used with the right techniques.


Avoid showing your dog that you are the source of the stimulation or vibration.

Your dog must make the connection between the discomfort caused by the electrostatic stimulation or vibration and his bad behavior. He must not associate them with your will. For these reasons, he must not know that you are the cause.

Remember to reward your dog.

It is

always helpful to reward your dog after each change in behavior, to encourage him to continue in the right direction


Learn how to use the dog training collar properly.


should also get used to using the dog training collar, by reading the manual carefully or watching video tutorials. This will help avoid false manipulations.

Use the sound mode first.

Try to

begin training your dog by starting with the beep signals. If he is not receptive to this, switch to vibration mode, before choosing the Static Correction training mode.

Use a training collar alongside or in addition to dog training.

Preferably, the dog should be trained before using a training collar. This way, he will receive and understand commands better.


What is the best dog training collar?

The best dog training collar depends on your needs and budget. Read our buying guide for the best products out there.

How much does a dog training collar cost?

Electric training collars cost between 30 and 70 euros, with high-end models costing up to 150 euros. Models for hunting dogs can cost up to 300 euros. Choke training collars, on the other hand, are available for around 10 euros.

When should I use a training collar?


may be necessary to use a training collar to fight against unwanted barking, to call the dog back to its perimeter, to prevent it from running away, or to train it to walk on foot


How long does it take to teach my dog the right behaviors?


depends on his temperament and the education he has received. Sometimes it only takes three or four training sessions to teach him the right behaviors.

How sturdy is a training collar?


models are certified waterproof, others are submersible. Training collars from major brands come with a warranty ranging from 1 to 3 years, which is a testament to their strength. They can withstand the dog's movements as well as any shocks.


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Dog Care Well-D LE TC08
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Gleading AD116
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