The best dog cages in the UK 2023

If you are among the 20.2% of French households that own at least one dog, it is essential to have a cage adapted to its size and needs. It will make your pet feel truly at home, not to mention that it is also an excellent means of transportation. Are you looking for a dog crate? Our guide will advise you in detail!

Iris Ohyama Pet Circle CLS-960

Best value for money

Iris Ohyama Pet Circle CLS-960

The best dog crate in 2021

The Iris Ohyama Pet Circle CLS-960 is the ideal metal crate for small dogs such as Chihuahua, Pekingese or Yorkie. Available with or without roof and in 6 colors.

65,81 £ on Amazon

The Iris Ohyama Pet Circle CLS-960 is not just for dogs. This cage is also suitable for all small pets such as cats, rabbits... Possibly serving as a training cage, this device has a removable roof that can be scratched for maximum safety. It also has a lockable sliding door. It allows the animal to circulate freely and to return to the metal park when it wishes.

Thanks to 4 relatively strong hooks, the Iris Ohyama Pet Circle CLS-960 dog crate can be assembled without difficulty. The structure gives strength to the whole. It is coated with thick epoxy to ensure perfect resistance to weather conditions in case you need to expose it outdoors. You can choose it in 2 sizes and among 6 colors.

Amazon Basics 6009-M

Best value for money

Amazon Basics 6009-M

The best entry-level dog crate

Your dog will enjoy privacy in this Amazon Basics 6009-M travel crate. It has 2 doors, one of which is on top. Available in 2 sizes: 58 and 48 cm.

24,96 £ on Amazon

Whether you're the proud owner of a small Yorkie or a cute little cat, the Amazon Basics 6009-M cage will help you transport your pet from one place to another with ease. It has been specifically designed to provide maximum safety and comfort for your four-legged friend while on the go. The carrier is 58 cm long, which gives your pet plenty of room. It is also available in a smaller version, 48 cm.

This model is equipped with 2 doors to ensure your dog has free access at all times. The top one has a handle and well-made locks. On the other hand, the front door has a spring-loaded opening and closing mechanism, but also a durable steel bar. On the sides, there are several holes that serve as a ventilation system.

Petsfit DCC10413-L

Best premium value for travel

Petsfit DCC10413-L

The best high-end dog crate

The Petsfit DCC10413-L comes in a foldable and washable cage. It comes in 3 different sizes so you can choose the one that best suits your dog.

92,80 £ on Amazon

This carrying case benefits from the efficiency of its main construction material, namely 600D Oxford fabric. The patented steel frame will only add to its solid appearance. The breathable mesh offers the advantage of optimal ventilation. It is present on the top and on the sides so that the air circulates in the best conditions. In addition, your dog will have 2 easy access doors.

The Petsfit DCC10413-L has been designed to make it easy to store, fold and install. Cleaning the carrier will only take a few minutes. Warm water and a soft brush are all you need. The inner cushion is both removable and machine washable.

Eugad 0106HT

Eugad 0106HT

A dog carrier with handles

Internal metal frame, reinforced corners, removable cushion, good ventilation, easy to assemble and disassemble, soft and comfortable carpet... What more could you ask for?

31,19 £ on Amazon

Do you want to make your dog's journey as pleasant as possible? Then why not give him the Eugad 0106HT carrier? Made of 600D Oxford fabric, which is a guarantee of quality and sturdiness, it is resistant to bites and scratches. The cage has a PVC coating, which makes it water resistant. The tube support is made of steel.

Your pet will enjoy the comfort of the removable and odorless interior cushion. In addition to the excellent ventilation system, this pet carrier has zipper openings on the front, side and top respectively. The presence of storage pockets and its foldable nature make its use even more practical.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best dog crate

Any specific needs?

The best dog crate in 2021

The best entry-level dog crate

The best high-end dog crate

A dog carrier with handles

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Comparison table of the best dog cages

Iris Ohyama Pet Circle CLS-960
Amazon Basics 6009-M
Petsfit DCC10413-L
Eugad 0106HT
Iris Ohyama Pet Circle CLS-960
Amazon Basics 6009-M
Petsfit DCC10413-L
Eugad 0106HT
The Iris Ohyama Pet Circle CLS-960 is the ideal metal crate for small dogs such as Chihuahua, Pekingese or Yorkie. Available with or without roof and in 6 colors.
Your dog will enjoy privacy in this Amazon Basics 6009-M travel crate. It has 2 doors, one of which is on top. Available in 2 sizes: 58 and 48 cm.
The Petsfit DCC10413-L comes in a foldable and washable cage. It comes in 3 different sizes so you can choose the one that best suits your dog.
Internal metal frame, reinforced corners, removable cushion, good ventilation, easy to assemble and disassemble, soft and comfortable carpet... What more could you ask for?
92 x 63 x 60 cm
57.99 x 14.96 x 32.99 cm
89 x 58 x 58 cm
49.5 x 34.5 x 35 cm
7.3 kg
2.22 kg
2.4 kg
2.85 kg
Steel with epoxy coating
Plastic with steel bar door
600D Oxford fabric, breathable mesh and steel frame
600D Oxford fabric, PVC coating, steel tube support
Roof opening
Puppy, rabbit or small dog
Dog and cat
Dog and cat
Dog and cat

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Buying guide - dog crate

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How to choose your dog crate

Buying a dog crate is a wise choice that depends on several criteria, as the equipment will be useful for a long time. For this reason, your choice should not be made lightly, and to help you, we have gathered the criteria to consider before paying.

#1 - the use

To find the perfect dog crate, start by defining your uses by asking yourself the right questions. These canine equipments vary according to their uses, knowing that some cages are used to transport the pet while others are made to stay still. In the first case, you will need a lightweight accessory that you can move with ease. This is the type of dog crate that is usually used to take your pet on a trip or in the car.In the other case, you will basically need a heavy accessory so that your pooch can't destabilize it when playing or pouting to get out. This is the kind of dog crate that you use to train your pet or for them to sleep in. Some are suitable for an outdoor environment, while others are used in the home.

#2 - the dimensions

This criterion will necessarily depend on the size of your dog, otherwise its breed and age. Be careful, because many canines continue to grow until he has reached a certain life cycle. Therefore, you should definitely choose a crate that will suit his needs in the long run. The equipment should allow him to get in and out comfortably, to stand on his four legs and to lie down without the slightest encumbrance.

#3 - the material

The choice of the cage's material is a determining point in terms of resistance and solidity. Remember that dogs are playful and sometimes even destructive by nature, especially when they are locked up for too long. That said, you can choose between a wire mesh cage, a plastic cage and a wooden cage. We advise you to select yours according to the temperament of your doggie:

  • Wire mesh dog cages offer an excellent compromise between strength and robustness. If you prefer this type of equipment, make sure that the bars are not sharp, as this could injure your pet.
  • Plastic dog cages are appreciated for their lightness. That said, you'll need to combine this feature with good strength to ensure the durability of the accessory.
  • Wooden dog cages offer a more charming and friendly look: everything your doggie needs to feel truly at home. In this case, opt for treated wood to keep insects away as much as possible.

#4 - the design


but not least, the design is a guarantee of comfort and conviviality for your dog. Moreover, this criterion is decisive in your purchase insofar as you can count on the dog crate to serve as a decorative accessory. Whether it is installed in the garden or in your home, choose a style that matches the environment. On the other hand, never put your preferences at the expense of your pet's well-being. To feel comfortable, your pet will naturally need good ventilation, excellent visibility and space to sleep, eat and play.

When and how to use a dog crate?

A dog crate can be used in many contexts, whether it's for training your pet or for transportation. It is also a piece of equipment that can be used as a living space and a play area. Thus, you can use it for :

  • Train your pet.
  • Secure your pet when you are away or when you take it outside.
  • Avoiding the damage your pet can cause in your home when it is cranky.
  • Punish your pet when it gets into mischief, when it is excited or when it is too rowdy.
  • Carry your pet more easily on trips, especially when you don't want to part with him.
  • Keep your pet in sight when you take it outside.

The different types of dog cages

Dog cages are distinguished by the material they are made of. To help you make the right choice for the long term, check out the options below.

The wire mesh dog crate

The wire mesh dog crate is the best known of all, and it is also the most widely used today. It guarantees a good stability and an infallible resistance to the untimely moods of the dogs. Moreover, its solidity ensures durability, which should be a relief since you won't need to buy one every year. Designers also recommend this type of construction as a wire mesh dog crate is easy to maintain and clean. Noisy and more or less heavy, this cage is not always suitable for moving.

The plastic dog crate

Plastic dog crate is popular for small dogs as well as puppies .Lightweight and compact, it can be carried anywhere, even during train or plane travel. As you can see, this version can be used indoors and outdoors without any clutter. Just make sure that it is of good quality to provide enough ventilation and comfort for your pet. Furthermore, you will need to commit to regular maintenance to ensure that it is durable and hygienic at all times.

The wooden dog crate

Thewooden dog crate is appreciated for its aesthetics and charm. It is the perfect accessory for the indoor space, but also for the garden, knowing that it can add a decorative touch to the landscape. Dog owners use it mainly as a play or resting area for their doggies, as this equipment is naturally heavy. The maintenance of this type of cage involves time and a number of products to keep insects away.

Wire mesh or plastic dog crate?

Wire mesh dog crate

The wire mesh dog crate guarantees excellent strength and sturdiness. These are essential criteria when dogs have a strong and grumpy temperament. In most cases, this type of crate offers a considerable amount of space for the animal to play comfortably. It is an accessory that is mostly used at home, indoors or outdoors, knowing that it can be heavier than one would imagine.

Plastic dog crate

The plastic dog crate is lightweight and portable par excellence. These are the main criteria that dog owners look for when they are nomadic in nature. Most of the time, these accessories are small in size and offer less space to play. Given the dimensions it has, the plastic dog crate does not offer the best ventilation conditions. Also, unless you choose a high-end item, the strength of the crate is directly questioned.


The wire mesh dog crate is best suited for on-site use. Whether it's for training your pooch or providing a friendly living space, it's the ideal equipment. It is also the type of crate that is used for large dogs.

The plastic dog crate is best suited for travel by plane, train or car. If you have a puppy or a small dog, you should definitely choose this type of crate.


Tips for instilling crate hygiene in your dog

Put your dog in his crate at night so that he learns to respect his environment and the cleanliness of the place. The crate should also be equipped to be comfortable enough so that your dog doesn't feel left out. Also, don't give him any more drinks before his bedtime keep the cage warm.

Always lock your dog crate


you want to keep your dog in his crate while you're out together, always remember to lock it so he doesn't escape. You may lose sight of him and he may even get knocked over. Likewise, lock it if you leave him in the house for a few hours to prevent him from making a mess while you're away.

Inform yourself about the conditions of transport companies


you buy your dog crate, always remember to check the terms and conditions offered by the airlines to make sure you're meeting the standards. Some airlines refuse to carry pets, while others accept them as long as they meet the size requirements.

Don't lock your dog in its crate for too long

At the

risk of your dog feeling neglected and abandoned, avoid leaving him in his crate for more than 2 or 3 hours. If you are going to be away for a long time, remember to leave your dog in a comfortable environment.

Place your dog crate in a safe place

Never leave your dog in an area where he may be lonely. Keep him in a quiet place to avoid being disturbed by other animals. Also, if you take your dog outside, don't abandon him or risk him being kidnapped.


What is the best dog crate?

The best dog crate depends on your needs and your budget. Read our buying guide for the best products out there.

How to get your dog used to his crate?

To get

your dog used to his crate, set up a cozy space with everything he will need. Get him used to sleeping in his crate. During the day, you can put him in it for a few hours until he gets used to it. Also, when you go out, remember to bring the cage with you so that he can adapt to this rhythm.

How to maintain a dog crate?


maintain your dog crate, remember to clean it regularly. Remove any waste left behind by your pet. If it's a wire mesh crate, clean the grids with a brush. You can also use water mixed with white vinegar and a damp sponge to remove tough stains. If it's a wooden cage, consider treating the wood to get rid of bugs.

How to design a dog crate?


furnish your dog crate, install a cushion, a dog bowl and toys. Also, don't forget to set up a small toilet area.

Where to place his indoor dog crate?


your indoor dog crate in a quiet, sunny area, such as the living room or


Avoid areas near windows and doors at all costs where your dog can quickly catch a cold.


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Iris Ohyama Pet Circle CLS-960
Iris Ohyama Pet Circle CLS-960
Amazon Basics 6009-M
Amazon Basics 6009-M
Petsfit DCC10413-L
Petsfit DCC10413-L
Eugad 0106HT
Eugad 0106HT


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