The best orthopedic dog beds in the UK 2023

Just like us, dogs are prone to joint disease and sometimes have trouble sleeping. They need a comfortable bed that perfectly fits their body shape and supports their full weight. These are the advantages of the material used for the bed's padding. Find the best orthopedic bed for your dog at the best price.

Joyelf – Lit de chien orthopédique 1

Best value for money

Joyelf – Lit de chien orthopédique

The best orthopedic dog bed in 2021

This orthopedic bed is distinguished by its firm support. Water resistant, it is also fire resistant. It offers a very long life to the advantage of the dog and his owner.

62,39 £ on Amazon
Bedsure - Orthopedic bed cushion 2

Best value for money

Bedsure - Orthopedic bed cushion

The best entry-level orthopedic dog bed

A very simple orthopedic bed cushion, this model provides all the comfort your dog needs to have a good quality of life. A zip closure is located on the body of the bed to easily remove its washable cover.

33,59 £ on Amazon

This orthopedic dog bed is Certipur-EU certified, guaranteeing the high quality of its memory foam. Equipped with an anti-slip mat, it is as comfortable as it is safe. No risk of falling during your friend's restless moments. This cushion can be used in many ways. Being very ergonomic, it can be easily transported in a cage.

Its sober color harmonizes with all types of interior decorations. Therefore, its location should not be a problem. Its covering is made of velvet, which gives the surface a certain softness. In addition, the material is sufficiently waterproof for maximum durability.

Knuffelwuff - Orthopedic dog bed 3

Best high end

Knuffelwuff - Orthopedic dog bed

The best high-end orthopedic dog bed

You can tell the quality of workmanship of this high-end orthopedic bed just by its appearance. The manufacturer uses two layers of foam, one of which is memory foam to ensure your friend's well-being.

137 £ on Amazon

Entirely designed to last, this bed is resistant to dog scratches and is not affected by humidity. For maintenance, the cover is machine washable and easily removable from the bed. However, it should be noted that this product is not compatible with outdoor use. It is particularly recommended for dogs with joint problems, especially in the hip area.

The German brand guarantees a restful sleep for your pet, regardless of its age. The memory foam of this bed conforms to the dog's body shape and adapts to its body temperature. The cover is made of a material that resembles lamb's fur.

Pecute - Orthopedic sofa bed 4

Large size

Pecute - Orthopedic sofa bed

The best aesthetic orthopedic dog bed

Give your dog the opportunity to lounge on his own comfortable couch. Buy this orthopedic sofa bed from Pecute, made with quality fabric for both indoor and outdoor use.

51,67 £ on Amazon

The large size of this comfortable and orthopedic sofa bed will accommodate all breeds of dogs from the largest to the smallest. There are enough support zones here to ensure stability for the entire body. The orthopedic sofa bed has a backrest and two other side supports on either side that serve as a pillow for your friend during his naps.

They are stuffed with soft, quality sponge debris while the sleeping area includes egg-crate foam. Another side of its length remains open for easy access to the bed. A great plus for fragile animals. This provides comfortable support for joints and pressure points on the body. With the removable cover of this bed, its maintenance is a child's play.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best orthopedic dog bed

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The best orthopedic dog bed in 2021

The best entry-level orthopedic dog bed

The best high-end orthopedic dog bed

The best aesthetic orthopedic dog bed

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Comparison table of the best orthopedic dog beds

Joyelf – Lit de chien orthopédique 5
Bedsure - Orthopedic bed cushion 6
Knuffelwuff - Orthopedic dog bed 7
Pecute - Orthopedic sofa bed 8
Joyelf – Lit de chien orthopédique
Bedsure - Orthopedic bed cushion
Knuffelwuff - Orthopedic dog bed
Pecute - Orthopedic sofa bed
This orthopedic bed is distinguished by its firm support. Water resistant, it is also fire resistant. It offers a very long life to the advantage of the dog and his owner.
A very simple orthopedic bed cushion, this model provides all the comfort your dog needs to have a good quality of life. A zip closure is located on the body of the bed to easily remove its washable cover.
You can tell the quality of workmanship of this high-end orthopedic bed just by its appearance. The manufacturer uses two layers of foam, one of which is memory foam to ensure your friend's well-being.
Give your dog the opportunity to lounge on his own comfortable couch. Buy this orthopedic sofa bed from Pecute, made with quality fabric for both indoor and outdoor use.
Cushioning quality
91 x 68 x 20 cm
89 x 56 x 8 cm
120 x 80 cm
101.6 x 66 x 20.3 cm
Sofa bed
Cushion bed
Panel bed
Sofa bed
Memory foam

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Buying guide - orthopedic dog bed

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How to choose your orthopedic dog bed

Here are the key criteria to consider when reviewing the offerings on the market.

#1 - The size of the bed

The bed should not be too small for the size of the dog. Especially since the dog tends to stretch out to its full width from time to time. It is better that his limbs do not exceed the bed to guarantee his comfort and a right posture.

There are various bed sizes ranging from M, for medium sized dogs, to XXL for large ones. Dog breeds are important in determining the perfect size of the accessory, as the way of sleeping is different for this animal depending on this factor.

Then think about the thickness of the bedding which should be about 10 cm at least for a perfect comfort.

#2 - The padding

The quality of the padding is a determining factor. When choosing an orthopedic bed, you should absolutely avoid classic foams that do not provide any particular benefit in the long term.

The same applies to synthetic materials, which are no better than elastic, water-repellent and flexible fibers, often made from viscose. They relieve pain in the spine and reduce the risk of allergies, as does cotton.

This does not mean that the padding should be too soft. This penalizes the dynamism of the animal. The best products have a solid covering that resists the dog's claws. Prefer memory foam to cushion the pet's weight and distribute it properly along the bed.

#3 - The ergonomics

Orthopedic dog beds come in several shape variations. Opt for the one that is most ergonomic.

Other than that, be sure to keep your pet safe and consider incorporating a non-slip mat into the bed, especially if it is already weakened by age or illness. This will make the bed more stable despite his frequent movements.

All good orthopedic beds have edges that can accommodate the animal's head in all positions. This avoids the need to use an additional cushion that may not be as effective as the bed.

#4 - The maintenance

An easy-care bed has a removable cover made of machine-washable material. Then, check the practicality of it. It shouldn't make your life difficult when it comes time to put it on once it's cleaned.

Be aware that your pet will undoubtedly clog its bed and that regular maintenance is necessary to ensure its well-being and hygiene.

#5 - The resistance

Between clawing and biting, a poor quality bed can quickly fail its owner. This is why it is very important to check the resistance of the material used to make it.

The objective is to adapt to the pet's lifestyle. This applies to both the covering and the mattress, but also the support of the bed. If you plan to take it out in the garden on hot days, for example, think about the resistance of the bed to outdoor conditions. In this case, it is often equipped with a waterproof cover.

How do you know if your dog needs an orthopedic bed?

Orthopedic beds are purchased to meet the comfort needs of dogs. You can buy one without your friend suffering any pain. However, there are some things that should alert you.

Signs of an orthopedic dog bed

There arebehaviors to note that are symptoms of illness or lack of comfort.

  • This is the case when he starts to occupy your bed even though he has a conventional bed that he has slept in before. This is because he enjoys the softness and support his body receives. That means you need to get him one that's specially designed to give him the same soothing feeling.
  • A second symptom is that he may spend a lot of time in cooler areas of your home.

Unless your dog has an illness that has nothing to do with articulation or general discomfort, he should not isolate himself too much to sleep. This is not normal and should prompt you to improve his sleeping arrangements. Then, you must not rush him. So choose a place that is adapted to his habits.

The different types of orthopedic dog beds

The design of orthopedic beds is totally different from one model to another. It's time to choose the right structure for your dog's needs and breed.

Orthopedic Sofa Bed

Stylish, comfortable and wide, the orthopedic sofa bed is a popular choice for both owners and pets. You will love its modern style that blends well with the rest of the home's interior design.

On the other hand, the shape of this type of dog sofa bed improves his quality of life and allows him to feel like a full member of the family.

Manufacturers choose a removable cover for these models to simplify their use. Sometimes composed of two layers of foam, they provide an impeccable level of comfort. Add to that its non-slip structure.

Orthopedic Basket Bed

The basket bed is easily found on the market. It is the best-selling variation for treating joint pain in dogs. Each side of the bed is delineated by raised edges that also form a hollow bed to accommodate small and large pooches.

Made of soft material, it has a cuddly feel that dogs especially love. Plus, their entire body is comfortably supported from snout to paws. It's a good choice to give them a chance to rest peacefully after an outing, activities or at night.

The shape of the orthopedic bed basket makes it easy to carry, making it an accessory not to be forgotten during trips or car rides with your pet.

Orthopedic Cushion

The orthopedic dog cushion is the most simplified form of this bedding. The mattress is made of high quality terry cloth and provides the same level of comfort as the other two. Plus, it's covered with a silky material like velour.

Nevertheless, it is not very practical for large enough animals. For medium-sized dogs, this orthopedic cushion does them a world of good on cold days with its padding and cover.

Orthopedic bed or standard bed

Orthopedic dog bed

The orthopedic bed treats special cases such as joint pain or constant fatigue in older dogs by acting on the spine and blood circulation. This does not mean that younger dogs cannot benefit from it.

The high quality foam in this bed relieves the aches and pains they experience after an operation or injury.

Standard dog bed

Certainly, this type of bed fulfills the role of resting place well. However, the materials from which it is made are somewhat limited in their strengths.

Their flexibility is not always what dogs need to recover quickly from an accident for example. However, the classic bed is by far more affordable, both on the web and in pet stores.


As the name suggests, the orthopedic bed has benefits for the joints, muscles and bones of dogs. It is a specificity in no way comparable to the characteristics of the classic bed.

This one is also equipped with a thinner mattress that cannot support the weight of the animal for too long. Not to mention the fact that an already sensitive spine will be further damaged because of its non-upright posture. The orthopedic bed is a great investment to ensure the dog's well-being and to prevent certain diseases.

Did you know?

Not all orthopedic beds contain memory foam. It is a comfort feature that is best included in your criteria, but remains optional even so. It can be replaced with cotton debris, which is less expensive and just as satisfying.

Why buy a (good) orthopedic dog bed?

To relieve your dog's pain

Dogs that are prone to pain have physical or mood disorders. The orthopedic bed is designed to improve their daily life by relieving these discomforts. They may have trouble getting up because the bed is too soft or too pliable. The resulting inappropriate movements and poor posture lead to illnesses in the long run. That's why you need to think about a suitable orthopedic bed.

To give your pet a comfortable sleep

Thanks to the soft and resistant foam of this type of bed, your friend will find a better and more restful sleep. He doesn't need to be sick to enjoy this privilege. Its improved bedding engages an ideal posture for a good long-term health.

A bed perfectly adapted to the dog's weight

Large dogs often pay the price of an inadequate bedding choice and that's why it's considered a vital purchase. This type of bed has several major advantages. With an orthopedic bed, the padding is firmer and fits the body perfectly. It's not too hard though, just the right balance to keep the support straight and stable.

A long-term investment

Buying this type of bed for your dog is not a futile gesture. In fact, the lifespan of an orthopedic bed is extended by its premium materials. They are perfectly adapted to each movement of the dog and do not collapse easily under the pressure of its weight.

To meet the needs of dogs of all breeds

This special bed is a great asset for all breeds of dogs from small to large. There is no age limit for its use, although it is more a necessity than a comfort choice for older dogs.

The best brands of orthopedic dog beds

In our opinion, the best brands of orthopedic dog beds in 2022 are :


Joyelf offers a wide range of dog beds, with orthopedic models being among the best offers on the market. They vary in different shapes, sizes, coverings and styles. The brand comes to the aid of young dogs and older pets with exceptional materials.

This brand produces both human and pet accessories, the dog in particular. Quality mattresses are available in both cases to give maximum comfort to these users. The brand's customers are attracted by the quality/price ratio of its products.

It is a specialist in canine and feline accessories. Concerned about the well-being of these animals, it produces a large number of products related to their health and lifestyle. Individuals make up the largest portion of its clientele.

Petfusion favors special treatments for its products to enhance their effect on the well-being of the animals that use them. In addition to water-repellent fabrics, the company offers anti-microbial and anti-stain accessories. Among its flagship products are dog beds, pet feeders, litter boxes and toys.

This German brand makes a wide variety of dog baskets, both orthopedic and non-orthopedic. In all cases, it focuses on aesthetics and quality finishes. You can find various shapes of dog cushions, beds and baskets from this brand on the web.

What is the price for an orthopedic dog bed

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

30 £ to 65 £
65 £ to 108 £
more than 108 £
Price range diagram


Replace the bed when the dog doesn't use it as it used to be

His bed is one of his favorite places to be, especially when it's orthopedic. You should be concerned when your dog doesn't go near it as often as he used to. So consider replacing it to keep him comfortable.

Clean the accessory regularly to avoid bad odors

Like yours, your dog's bed needs regular maintenance, at least once a week. It's not immune to urine leaks causing bad odors on the surface of the blanket and into the heart of the foam. And if not washed, they persist and cannot be removed over time.

Don't keep a bed with deteriorated padding

The purpose of investing in an orthopedic bed is to be able to enhance your dog's quality of life. However, you can't do that if the padding is damaged. Don't cheap out on the quality of the bedding, not only is this a problem on the comfort side, but also for the pet's health. He can swallow the materials in the bed.

Install your dog's bed near yours

Your dog needs to feel safe. We advise you to put his bed in your room or in the room of one of your children if it is possible. He will feel close to his family and will have peaceful nights without necessarily climbing on your bed.

Your healthy dog can use this type of bed

The orthopedic bed prevents a lot of pain to your young dog in excellent health. It allows the spine to be straight and firm reducing joint disease that occurs with age.


How does the orthopedic dog bed work?

All the advantages of the orthopedic dog bed come from its structure, padding and materials. All of these together provide stable and firm support for the body. It benefits from a balanced and sturdy design suitable for all breeds of dogs, from large to small. The foam used for these beds regulates the temperature according to the season.

What is an orthopedic dog bed used for?

The main role of an orthopedic bed is to relieve pain along the body of these animals whether it is due to an accident, illness or age. More flexible than the classic bed, it is a full-fledged and irreplaceable element of comfort. Its firmness and support act effectively on the spine, neck and joints of the dog.

What dogs in particular need an orthopedic dog bed?

Especially fragile dogs are the most privileged. Included in this category are sick, elderly and injured dogs. Apart from that, this type of bed is prized for giving a comfortable bedding to dogs with little fat. The padding of the accessory avoids an uncomfortable contact with the ground. Likewise, those with a large size need some kind of cushioning in consideration of their high weight.

Is an orthopedic dog bed a good solution for a dog with osteoarthritis?

The joints become even more fragile due to this condition. So it's only natural that you want to improve your pet's daily life with this comfortable and safe accessory. The orthopedic bed contributes to this initiative, but it is not enough. Its use must be combined with physical exercises and medical treatments.


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Joyelf – Lit de chien orthopédique 9
Joyelf – Lit de chien orthopédique
Bedsure - Orthopedic bed cushion 10
Bedsure - Orthopedic bed cushion
Knuffelwuff - Orthopedic dog bed 11
Knuffelwuff - Orthopedic dog bed
Pecute - Orthopedic sofa bed 12
Pecute - Orthopedic sofa bed


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