The best GPS dog collars in the UK 2023

The dog needs freedom and space. But when you care about your pet, you don't want to lose it! Whether you are in your neighborhood or out in the wild, give your dog a GPS collar. This way, you'll always be able to track him wherever he goes. To find the right GPS dog collar for your pet, read this guide.

Weenect Dogs 2 1

Best value for money

Weenect Dogs 2

Best GPS dog collar in 2021

Even from miles away, you'll have no trouble finding your dog with the Weenect Dogs 2 GPS dog collar. It informs in real time and without distance limits.

38,39 £ on Cdiscount

Don't lose your dog with the Weenect Dogs 2 collar. Classified as one of the smallest GPS collars for dogs, this little marvel allows owners to track the position of their dog from their cell phone without any distance limit, among other things, even from kilometers away unlike bluetooth trackers with a range of only a few meters. The location is in real time, the position will be indicated every 10 seconds, so it will be impossible that you lose your dog. The acquisition of this collar includes a multi-country and multi-operator SIM card that covers 99% of the European territory, except Switzerland. Check that there is at least one operator available in the area you are visiting. Otherwise, the necklace will not work.

Tractive TRAXL1 2

Best value for money

Tractive TRAXL1

Best entry-level GPS dog collar

Simple but effective, the Tractive TRAXL1 collar indicates not only the current position of your canine, but also the route he has taken to get there.

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Suitable for medium to large dogs, this Tractive GPS dog collar has a battery life of up to 6 weeks. The GPS tracker has an unlimited range and is very robust. It is also waterproof. This device works with a SIM card with 2G network already integrated that requires a subscription Tractive can cover the mobile connection. Easy to wear, this GPS tracker is easily attached with all kinds of collars or harnesses. Note that the Bluetooth link of the collar has a limited range of only a few meters.

SportDOG Add-A-Dog 3

Best value for money

SportDOG Add-A-Dog

Best high-end GPS dog collar

This GPS dog collar from SportDOG is compatible with TEK Series 1.5 and 2.0 dog tracking systems. It attaches to your dog's regular collar.

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Perfect for accompanying a dog weighing more than 3.6 kg with a neck size of 27 to 58 cm, this SportDOG Add-A-Dog GPS collar is compatible with TEK Series 1.5 and 2.0 tracking systems. The HopTek technology of this collar offers a range of up to 16 km. Multiple collars can be purchased for multiple dogs and used at the same time. Very waterproof, this product remains perfectly waterproof up to 7.6 m deep. You only need to charge the lithium-ion battery for about 4 hours and the collar will have an autonomy of 24 hours.

Tractive GPS Dog 4 4

A great choice

Tractive GPS Dog 4

Excellent GPS dog collar

Lightweight and durable, the Tractive GPS Dog 4 collar allows you to monitor your companion 24 hours a day. Accompanied by a GPS tracker and an activity tracker, this device keeps the dog in shape

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All you need is your smartphone to track your dog. Moreover, the GPS tracker also displays your dog's routes during the day. With the virtual fence, you'll have information when your pet crosses the line or returns to your yard, for example. You can even monitor your dog's rest and activity times with this GPS collar without moving from where you are. In the collar, a built-in SIM card that requires a subscription covering more than 150 countries accessible on the Android and IOS applications.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best GPS dog collar

Any specific needs?

Best GPS dog collar in 2021

Best entry-level GPS dog collar

Best high-end GPS dog collar

Excellent GPS dog collar

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Comparison table of the best GPS dog collars

Weenect Dogs 2 5
Tractive TRAXL1 6
SportDOG Add-A-Dog 7
Tractive GPS Dog 4 8
Weenect Dogs 2
Tractive TRAXL1
SportDOG Add-A-Dog
Tractive GPS Dog 4
Even from miles away, you'll have no trouble finding your dog with the Weenect Dogs 2 GPS dog collar. It informs in real time and without distance limits.
Simple but effective, the Tractive TRAXL1 collar indicates not only the current position of your canine, but also the route he has taken to get there.
This GPS dog collar from SportDOG is compatible with TEK Series 1.5 and 2.0 dog tracking systems. It attaches to your dog's regular collar.
Lightweight and durable, the Tractive GPS Dog 4 collar allows you to monitor your companion 24 hours a day. Accompanied by a GPS tracker and an activity tracker, this device keeps the dog in shape
25 g
142 g
65 g
34.02 g
up to 3 days
Up to 6 weeks
24 h
up to 5 days
2 networkRequires subscription
Unlimited range
up to 16km range.
Subscription required

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Buying guide - GPS dog collar

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How to choose your GPS dog collar

To avoid the risk of losing your little four-legged treasure, why not buy a GPS dog collar?

#1 - The GPS function

When purchasing a GPS collar, it is clear that the GPS option is a feature not to be taken lightly, the GPS allows you to track your dog at the same time. You will know where your dog is while you are busy with other things. Most are opted with options that allow you to monitor your dog's performance and health.

#2 - The size of the GPS collar

The size of the collar is usually modest and lightweight that easily fits the dog with an average size. You need to consider the size of your dog and buy a collar that fits him. If the device is too small or way too big, it will bother your pet and it will feel uncomfortable causing multiplications of bacteria that could cause skin disease, or even worse, it can prevent blood circulation.

#3 - The resistance of the GPS collar

In case your dog can't stand still, he is very active and likes to swim, it is advisable to acquire a waterproof and shockproof collar.

#4 - Battery life


monitoring devices are equipped with rechargeable battery, so it is essential that the battery life is very long and the charging time is minimal. The risks to your dog are many, it would be unthinkable to leave the battery empty or charging while the dog is walking around unattended.

#5 - The weight

To ensure that the dog doesn't feel any charge on his neck while running, the tracker should definitely be light. This way, he will have the confidence to continue during a sporting activity for example.

The importance of a GPS dog collar

It is sometimes difficult to keep a constant eye on your dog, like a child, he plays, you turn a second and he disappears.

Many pet owners lose their dog, when a few minutes ago he was playing in the yard or garden. That's why the GPS dog collar was designed, so you can work, be in the kitchen or relax while monitoring your sweet pooch on your smartphone screen.

Therefore, we can say that the GPS collar protects your dog. In addition to the GPS function, it is also possible that the collar analyzes the characteristics of your dog and informs you of the problem. You can also install a virtual safety zone, as soon as your dog leaves it, you will be informed immediately.

The different types of GPS dog collars

There are 3 types of tracking devices that can accompany your dog.

The connected GPS collar

The connected GPS dog collar is connected to your phone through the GSM network, so the coverage area depends on your smartphone. As long as your dog is in this area, it is impossible for you not to track him. To benefit from all these features, you will have to install an Android or IOS application on the collar, an application that is compliant with your smartphone.

You should also know that this collar requires access to the Internet from the GSM network. There are collars that work with a SIM card in most cases, imposed by the manufacturer. To maximize the operation of the location with precision, it is necessary that the GSM network, the connection to the server as well as the GPS location are available.

Radio / GPS trackers

Comparable to

walkie-talkies, the radio / GPS tracker collar is devoid of GSM network and its range can reach 120 km provided that the area is well cleared. It works from a radio signal and GPS, no need for GSM network or connection, among other things, no need for the area to be covered by a telephone network.

Compared to a connected GPS collar, this device is much more accurate but with a high price, suitable for professionals and hunters. Unlike the connected GPS collar, its range is very limited but the radio/GPS tracker has an ultra sensitive GPS and a powerful radio antenna.

Tracking collar BIP sound


designed for hunting dogs and pointing dogs, the beep tracking collar helps you find your dog with the help of a beep that the collar emits. When your companion is on the move, the beeping sound is spaced out and if he stops, the beeps speed up.

It is the friend of the hunters, after a hunting session, no question of looking for the dog everywhere, you must have a fine ear and listen to the signal of stop not to run everywhere. Very easy to use, this type of collar has batteries with an autonomy reaching 6 months, in addition they are very waterproof and opted with an anti-shock, which gives free rein to your little adventurer.

GPS dog collar or GPS radio trackers?

The GPS dog collar

It is an accessory which facilitates the localization of your dog with possibility of seeing its way to arrive at the place where it is. The autonomy of the collar varies from one hour to several days, so it must be recharged often.

The GPS radio tracker

This type of location offers an autonomy of a few months, and the location is very accurate. Its range is less long than the GPS collar with only 120 km with a constraint of well cleared ground.


If you want to know where your dog is in the neighborhood, the GPS collar is the best thing for you. This way you can track your dog.
If you are in an area not covered by a telephone network, the radio tracker is what you need.


Don't forget to recharge the collar

To be on the safe side, remember to recharge the collar battery.

Watch your dog while the collar is charging


you don't want to tie your dog up, watch him.

Do not forget to adjust the collar before use

Specific settings and sponsoring to your phone must be done manually.

Take the necessary measurements on your dog before buying the collar


the time to measure his neck size so that the collar fits him


The weight is important

Based on your dog's weight, buy a GPS collar that will be easier to wear. Otherwise, the GPS collar will become an ordeal on his neck.


What is the best GPS dog collar?

The best GPS dog collar depends on your needs and your budget. Read our buying guide to find the best products out there.

How does a GPS tracking collar for dogs work?

Basically, a GPS dog tracking collar sends radio signals to the GPS unit with the specific area of the animal. The GPS unit indicates information that you can observe such as your dog's movements.

What is the minimum age for the puppy to use the GPS monitoring device?

Basically, dog monitoring devices are acceptable for dogs that weigh more than 3.5 kg and have a neck length of 34.5 cm. It is preferable that the dog can achieve basic obedience commands such as "stay", "sit", "eat", "come", "move"

Why a GPS collar ?

So you can track the dog instantly.

Which collar for my pet dog?

The connected GPS dog collar is more suitable for your dog


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Weenect Dogs 2
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Tractive TRAXL1
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