The best dog kennels in the UK 2023

Between owners and pets, it is a growing love story on a daily basis that has been created... Of course, the dog remains the favorite animal of the French and 26.3% of households own at least one. If you are one of those who are particularly fond of the canine race, then you are at the right place! How about contributing to your dog's well-being and comfort by purchasing a dog kennel? Installation, structure, material, maintenance, accessories... Follow our guide to find what you need!

Iris Ohyama 530887 1

Editor's Choice

Iris Ohyama 530887

The best wooden dog kennel in 2021

The Iris Ohyama 530887 kennel will be perfect to protect the floor of the house from the damage that dogs can cause and to protect them from the weather at the same time.

99,99 £ on Amazon

You can easily train your dog with this indoor kennel. Indeed, the enclosure has a very solid structure with an epoxy coating that resists the animal's rough movements and the different weather conditions that may occur if you place it in the garden, as it can compete with the sun, rain or wind. It can be placed both indoors and outdoors.

It is very easy to disassemble and assemble the Iris Ohyama 530887. Indeed, there is no need to unscrew or force anything. Just open the 4 hooks that hold it together one by one, then move the pieces wherever you want and reassemble them. This kennel also has a removable roof that can be easily attached and detached with a Velcro fastener and eliminates the risk of the animal escaping.

Amazon Basics 9004-24B 2

The best cheapest

Amazon Basics 9004-24B

The best entry-level dog kennel

The Amazon Basics 9004-24B dog kennel has a rustproof metal frame. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, it is very easy to set up and take down with its 8 flat folding panels.

32,96 £ on Amazon

Here is a dog kennel that promotes the pet's freedom of movement and requires less time to set up. With a total surface area of 4.55 m², the Amazon Basics 9004-24B consists of 8 metal panels, each measuring 76.2 x 60.96 cm. This enclosure can be folded flat to occupy a space of 1.5 m accompanied by 8 anchoring pegs for easy installation outdoors. No tools are required for installation, just unfold the kennel as you wish.

The rustproof metal structure makes the kennel very durable, as it can withstand extreme weather conditions and the sometimes wild behavior of the animal. You can give it the shape you like since it includes welded metal hinges and 4 metal clips to assemble the 2 ends. It is also possible to assemble 2 Amazon Basics 9004-24B enclosures to have a larger space.

VidaXL 170890 3

The best high-end

VidaXL 170890

The best high-end dog kennel

Are you starting a dog breeding business or just want to provide a large enclosure for your dogs to enjoy the outside air? We highly recommend the VidaXL 170890.

728 £ on Amazon

Combining a steel structure and a huge living space, the VidaXL 170890 dog kennel measures 300 x 300 x 210 cm. If you have several canines, this model with a removable roof is sure to please you. However, you need to have space in the garden to install it and keep in mind that the structure weighs almost 70 kg. So, think about a definitive location before ordering!

Easy to assemble, the VidaXL 170890 is composed of 4 thick panels interspersed with grids. The bars prevent escapes and guarantee excellent ventilation. In addition to its hinged door, this outdoor kennel is covered with a waterproof awning to face the bad weather and the heat. Your dogs will be able to play, stretch their legs, take training courses...

Festnight Dog Kennel 4

With canvas roof

Festnight Dog Kennel

A great dog kennel with roof

Secure, covered, spacious, resistant, solid and what's more, all-purpose! What more could you want for your dog when all these criteria are combined in one kennel?

611 £ on Amazon

The Festnight dog kennel uses steel tubing to manufacture its panels. Equipped with a fireproof, UV protected and waterproof polyethylene canopy, this 300 x 150 x 200 cm structure has the main advantage of protecting your dogs from the sun, precipitation and snowfall. No need to worry about the weather or whether your dogs are comfortable or feel cramped.

For sturdiness and durability, but also to avoid accidents, the 4 galvanized steel panels are covered with a mesh. Also for safety, the 50 x 85 cm pivoting door is equipped with a latch locking system. The space offered by this dog kennel is suitable for canines of all sizes. However, the assembly and disassembly are tedious.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best dog kennel

Any specific needs?

The best wooden dog kennel in 2021

The best entry-level dog kennel

The best high-end dog kennel

A great dog kennel with roof

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Comparison table of the best dog kennels

Editor's Choice Best value for money TOP OF THE RANGE EXCELLENT
Iris Ohyama 530887 5
Amazon Basics 9004-24B 6
VidaXL 170890 7
Festnight Dog Kennel 8
Iris Ohyama 530887
Amazon Basics 9004-24B
VidaXL 170890
Festnight Dog Kennel
The Iris Ohyama 530887 kennel will be perfect to protect the floor of the house from the damage that dogs can cause and to protect them from the weather at the same time.
The Amazon Basics 9004-24B dog kennel has a rustproof metal frame. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, it is very easy to set up and take down with its 8 flat folding panels.
Are you starting a dog breeding business or just want to provide a large enclosure for your dogs to enjoy the outside air? We highly recommend the VidaXL 170890.
Secure, covered, spacious, resistant, solid and what's more, all-purpose! What more could you want for your dog when all these criteria are combined in one kennel?
113 x 78.8 x 60 cm
122 x 122 x 76.2 cm
300 x 150 x 185 cm
300 x 150 x 200 cm
Indoor use?
Pet friendly?
Small dogs or rabbits
Dogs of all sizes
Dogs of all sizes
Dogs of all sizes
35 x 40 cm
76.2 x 61 cm
50 x 158.5 cm
50 x 85 cm
Mounting and dismounting

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How to choose your dog kennel

Whether it's to keep him warm, to ensure his safety or to give him a real living space, a dog kennel is a must have! Every good owner should buy one for their dog, provided they choose the right model. You may find it hard to decide when faced with all the choices on the market... Our guide has been designed to make it easier for you! Our guide has been put together to make it easier for you to make the right choice. Before you make that wise purchase, read on for the best advice on choosing the right one.

#1 - your dog's needs

If you are looking for a dog kennel today, it's because you are a passionate owner who has gotten to know your pet over the years. In doing so, you certainly know that not all dogs are alike and that they have their own needs.

If only to name one of these criteria that will completely impact the choice of a dog kennel, the breed of your pooch is a crucial detail. It's a matter of size, as a shepherd, a Saint Bernard or a Golden Retriever, for example, would need a lot of space to feel comfortable in their kennel. Smaller dogs, on the other hand, will be satisfied with a minimum of space, unless it is a puppy that will still have time to grow. A spacious area is even more crucial if you're going to leave him in his kennel for a long time, so he won't feel crowded and he can stretch his legs.

In addition to your pet's size, remember that not all dogs have the same temperament. Indeed, while some breeds are made to be calm, others are more reckless and agitated. On the other hand, the type of dog you have can also change the situation (utility dog, hunting dog, family dog, sport dog...). Make sure that your dog's kennel is well adapted so that he can keep his habits and lifestyle without any constraints.

Finally, always in the same concept, remember to take into account the number of dogs that will be placed in the kennel. If you have different breeds, you'll need a large kennel to prevent them from bickering too often, and for each one to have its own living space available.

#2 - the location

Before buying a dog kennel, it's essential to choose its location first, and to make sure that the installation complies with standards. Indeed, like any permanent modification to the exterior of the house, the installation or construction of a dog kennel requires a permit from the town hall. However, this permit is not required if you are thinking of buying a model that does not exceed 20 m².

As mentioned above, the size of the furniture will depend on the size of the dog. Usually, owners install their kennels in their garden. This is the most suitable alternative for the animal to feel in its element, especially if it is a dog that is not allowed to live indoors. Of course, you can opt for the terrace, patio or veranda as long as there would be enough space to install the enclosure.

#3 - the material

The choice of material is not to be taken lightly, because beyond the aesthetic aspect, this characteristic also guarantees the resistance, solidity and comfort of your dog. Of course, manufacturers juggle many materials whatever the case, we advise you to start essentially on a solid wood or metal structure.

At first, you will have to bet on the robustness of the panels, the floor and the roof. It is imperative to choose a heavy and indestructible material for fear that your dog will destroy the entire construction.

On the other hand, bet on the waterproofing and the resistance to bad weather, because in summer as in winter nobody is safe from bad weather. Finally, in order to offer your dog a comfortable and convenient space, do not neglect the insulation of the place. You don't want your pooch to catch a cold or fall victim to a heat wave while you're away.

#4 - the structure

Now that the basic criteria have been determined, it's time to move on to other specifics that play an aesthetic, safe and comfortable role at the same time. Consider, among other things, the shape, the roof, the door, the floor and the security system of your future dog kennel. You will notice that there are 4 types of kennels, namely :

  • The dog kennel with a protection
  • The dog kennel in the form of a pen
  • Professional dog kennel

As you may have guessed, each of these structures offers different formats: with or without roof, number of panels, lean-to or independent enclosure, complete kit... The latter is the most innovative and the most popular, as it includes several elements such as a floor, a roof, grids or fences as well as connections.

#5 - accessories in addition

You are going on vacation? Are you planning to go away for a weekend? You want to do some small errands? Whatever the situation that forces you to leave without your pet, you will have to take stock of the accessories that contribute to your dog's well-being while you are away, no matter how long. In this case, it would be wise to select a kennel with additional accessories included in the package. Among the essentials are:

  • The trap doors
  • The sleeping bench
  • Anti-fugue supports
  • The supports for dog bowls
  • Rubber pads
  • Cushions and mattresses
  • etc.

#6 - maintenance

When you buy a dog kennel, you have to maintain it! If, until now, you thought that adopting a pet like dogs was just about feeding and grooming them, you should know that their environment must also be properly maintained. In this sense, you can choose a dog kennel that is easy to clean to avoid big chores (removable trays, washable cover for cushions and mattresses, etc.).

Nevertheless, maintenance must be provided to ensure the durability of the enclosure. The wood, for example, must be treated regularly to avoid humidity and insect infestation at all costs. In the same way, a metal kennel must be disinfected and treated against corrosion and rust.

Dog kennel: why do it?

Whether you are already the proud owner of a dog or you are planning to adopt one in the near future, a kennel is a must. It is one of the most popular equipment for dog owners, and one that you simply cannot do without these days. Between well-being and comfort, security and organization, here are the multiple uses of a dog kennel!

A story of mutual comfort

A dog kennel is above all a story of comfort! Are you looking for the best for your dog's well-being and development? If so, don't skip this equipment, even if it means transforming it into a cozy little corner for your dog. It's a way to show your pet that he's earned his place in your family and that you've reserved a place of his own for him to enjoy a better quality of life. It will be all the more advantageous for you, insofar as it will be able to do its toilet, its needs, to feed itself or drink.

A toilet corner for your dog

Do you have trouble calming your dog down while he is being groomed so that no place seems suitable for washing him? Exit the bathroom or the lawn! These places are reserved for another use, while the kennel is more convenient to groom your dog. This way, he can wash himself as much as he wants and enjoy his shampoo without fear of messing up or wetting everything around him.

To train him

Beware of your rose bushes, your cushions, your carpet or your best suit... Dogs often have this playfulness and playfulness that quickly turns into anger when their master does not give in to their whims. The kennel allows you to train your dog to be more respectful and obedient. After a little misbehavior, it is enough to keep him locked up for a few minutes or even a few hours in his pen so that he can learn a lesson. Don't think of it as abuse, but rather as a punishment that will help him understand where he can't go and what he can't have.

A question of freedom

Your dog needs comfort, but he also needs plenty of room to stretch his legs. So, a short walk in the park every week won't be enough to make him feel like his natural self. Rather than keeping him at the foot of your bed or on the porch all day, give him a place where he feels free. Once he's settled into his kennel, he can rest, play and roam around as much as he likes.

For the safety of your pet (and your guests)

Unless your dog follows you everywhere and you keep him locked up in the house all day, he is never safe from accidents. By opting for a kit enclosure, you can protect your dog from bad weather or heat, which is essential if you're going away for a long time. Moreover, it will prevent him from venturing dangerously in the neighborhood and on the road or worse, from running away.

Also for safety reasons, this is the best way to keep him quiet when you are entertaining at home and need some peace and quiet. Most often, dogs are frightened by new faces and then put them on guard by barking and growling, which could also terrorize your guests. The kennel is the best solution!

Leave your home with peace of mind

Are you planning a vacation? A quiet weekend away from home? An impromptu business trip? A family emergency in another city? If you're not planning on taking your dog away or simply can't afford it, the kennel is the safest and coziest place you can give him. He won't even notice you're gone, as he'll have everything he needs right at his fingertips. Instead, have someone you trust drop by to feed him and take a look around from time to time. Once again, dog kennels are convenient because you won't have to leave the keys to your house for your friend to drop by for your pooch.

When the neighbors get involved

It's hard to deal with, but those grumpy neighbors who come knocking on your door every time your dog jumps over the fence will never stop complaining... Teach your dog the crucial rules of life by preventing him from barking at the neighbor's cat or trampling on the neighbor's yard while he's outside. The best way to do this is to have a kennel. It is impossible to go beyond the forbidden zones, he will have to be satisfied with his little playground to have fun and get some fresh air.

The different types of dog kennels

So as not to be caught off guard and to have a head start on the different types of dog kennels that exist on the market, discover the options available to you!

The dog kennel with a protection

This is the most classic of all, as it consists of panels that serve as a barrier for your dogs. Of course, they should be high enough to prevent your dog from jumping over them. To protect him from the sun, heat, cold or rain, it can be covered with a tarp or a polyester fabric.

Advantages :

  • Inexpensive
  • Simple and space-saving
  • Practical to prevent the dog from running away or going to the neighbor's house in your absence


  • Not practical if you have to cover it every time
  • Not secure enough
  • Lack of thermal insulation

Who is it for?

This is the ideal installation if you have a small dog and you rarely go away. As it is not cumbersome and requires little space, this type of kennel can be installed in your garden or even on your terrace.

The dog kennel in the form of a pen

The recommended model par excellence, this type of kennel, also known as a kit kennel, is fully equipped: panels (wire mesh or wooden fences adorned with wire mesh windows), floor (optional), roof, door equipped with a locking system... You have a wide choice of materials (wood, metal, pallet, plastic, straw...) however, the most used are wood and metal. Another advantage to take into account: this type of kennel is modular so that you can choose the shape it will take (kennel, small house leaning against the wall or independent, small cage fitted out...).

Advantages :

  • Well equipped
  • Secure
  • Modular
  • Comfortable
  • Protects from bad weather and heat


  • Regular maintenance required
  • The level of insulation and resistance depends on the material chosen

Who is it for?

No matter what type and breed of dog you have, the kennel enclosure is always suitable for the circumstances. It is perfect for owners who are going to be away for a long time or for a few hours. If you want your dog to stay safe and have everything he needs at his disposal, don't hesitate to choose this alternative. It's convenient to keep him safe from bad weather or prying eyes while you're away, but it's also the best way to keep him away from the neighbors.

The professional dog kennel

Much larger than traditional dog kennels, professional models are more complete, elaborate and elaborate. They are usually designed by manufacturers and custom-made to meet the needs of the users who place the order. The design must comply with regulations, and the price is significantly higher.


  • Very complete and elaborate
  • Very secure
  • Very spacious
  • Complies with regulations


  • Very expensive
  • Not suitable for domestic use

Who is it for?

As their name indicates, this type of kennel is mainly intended for breeders and owners of canine pensions. Indeed, considering the quantity of dogs and the different breeds that can be found there, the enclosure must be in conformity with the standards in force, and thus take the form of a kennel for professional dogs.


Choose a suitable location

Again, the location of the dog kennel is a major criterion and should be chosen sensitively. It is best to choose a ventilated, dry and shaded area that will not expose your pet to strong winds and humidity. Likewise, if you're going to skip the floor, ideally choose a tiled concrete slab, or a dirt, grass or gravel floor, not a swampy one.

Respect your counterpart


any discord with your neighbor by choosing a location near their house or fence. If you are away too long and your dog stays in his kennel, he will start barking louder and louder, which will inevitably annoy your neighbors.

Don't downplay the aesthetic side


beautiful appearance is in order when choosing your future dog kennel. It must be in accordance with the decoration of your outdoor space and bring it more charm than it already has. Don't hesitate to play with materials to ensure a flawless aesthetic.

The right way to maintain your dog kennel

Daily maintenance is essential to ensure the hygiene of the dog kennel. Remember to clean it as soon as you can so that your dog can find its comfort. In addition, consider treating the wood or metal to make it more waterproof. Finally, regular disinfection is in order to limit the proliferation of bacteria and microbes.

Using a dog kennel: what to avoid


the good habits are indisputable, know that it is for as much in regards to the gestures to avoid. Don't leave your dog in his enclosure for more than 8 hours a day, unless there is enough space and accommodation so that he doesn't feel neglected or mistreated. Never tie up your dog while he is in his kennel. Finally, don't leave any sharp or dangerous objects within his reach.


Which dog kennel to choose?

In our opinion, the best dog kennel for most people is the pen. It can be modified at will and is easy to set up, and it quickly becomes a private and pleasant place for dogs to live. It can be set up as a kennel or as a small house and is the safest type of kennel available. On the other hand, by opting for this type of kennel, you can juggle with the materials and make it a decorative piece of garden furniture. Clever, isn't it? To find out more, read our buying guide.

When to use a dog kennel?

You may need a dog kennel at any time: for your dog to sleep in, to take a nap in, to calm him down when you have guests, during your long trips, for grooming, for training, for breeding...

How to disinfect a dog kennel?

To disinfect the floor or walls of a dog kennel, use chemicals such as bleach, cresols or cre-sylic acids, and formalin. Once the disinfectant has been applied, keep your dog out of the kennel for several hours or even days until the harmful substances have worn off.

What facilities should a dog kennel have in summer?

With summer coming, it's impossible not to let your dog go outside and enjoy the nice weather. Think about fitting out your dog's kennel with thermal insulation. Kennels with mesh windows are also recommended in summer. Finally, don't forget the accessories that are essential to his well-being: toys, cushions, a soft mattress, a sleeping bench, a feeding hatch...

How to set up a dog kennel in winter?

If your dog has to stay outside even in the winter, make sure that his kennel is set up according to the circumstances so that he can spend the winter comfortably. This includes excellent thermal insulation, cushions with a thermal blanket, a carpet...


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Iris Ohyama 530887
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Amazon Basics 9004-24B
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VidaXL 170890
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