The best anti-fugue collars for dogs in the UK 2023

Are you afraid of your canine's sudden disappearance? Try this simple solution: the anti-fugue collar. It is a small, trackable collar that is placed around the dog's neck and is often accompanied by a smart fence. The anti-runaway collar is automatically activated if the dog tries to escape from the predefined perimeter in the house or garden. Whether wired or wireless, read this guide to find the best anti-runaway collar for your dog.

PetSafe PRF-3004XW-20 1

Best value for money

PetSafe PRF-3004XW-20

The best anti-runaway dog collar

The PetSafe PRF-3004XW-20 wire dog fence with collar is still the best way to keep your dog safe. It is designed for medium and large dogs.

120 £ on Amazon

The PetSafe PRF-3004XW-20 helps keep dogs safe while allowing them to play freely. It can confine all types of medium and large dogs, especially the stubborn ones. This solution will create a perimeter of up to 30 acres. If your pet reaches the warning zone delimited by the antenna wire, a sound will warn the dog and then the receiver collar will emit an electrostatic stimulation. This will encourage your pet to move away from the limit. Note that the stimulation stops automatically after 30 seconds.

The PetSafe PRF-3004XW-20 has a 3-year warranty. It comes with a transmitter that you must place inside. An adjustable nylon collar-receiver that goes around the yard up to 71 cm. It has 4 adjustable levels of electrostatic stimulation, with a vibration option and a sound signal mode. You are also entitled to a 150 m long wire and 50 pennants that will help you train your pet. Finally, a 9V battery, a multifunctional test key verifies the proper functioning of the collar as well as a user's guide for training the dog.

Num'Axes FUG1030 2

Best value for money

Num'Axes FUG1030

The best entry-level anti-runaway dog collar

The Num'Axes Canifugue FUG1030 is a modern, effective and reliable anti-fugue collar. Sold with 800 m of wire, it offers the possibility of keeping one or more dogs free in a defined area.

75,92 £ on Amazon

The Num'Axes Canifugue FUG1030 anti-fugue system is suitable for all types of terrain and keeps dogs within a well-defined perimeter. Moreover, several dogs can be kept under guard with this system including a collar. It has several modes to adapt the setting to the sensitivity and character of the canine. The system includes 3 safety features, namely a wire breakage indicator, an evacuation of the sound warning zone and an evacuation of the stimulation zone.

With this device, you will have no limit to the number of receiver collars for the same transmitter box. You can therefore keep as many dogs as you want in the same area. For each collar, 8 levels of stimulation exist. Thus, you will have the possibility to adjust the intensity of the stimulations according to the size, the character and the sensitivity of your dog. The kit comes with a 100 m spool of wire to delimit your dog's territory, a 3 V CR2 lithium battery for the collar, as well as a nylon strap from 20 to 67 cm adjustable at the neck.

PetSafe PIF45-13479 3

Best value for money

PetSafe PIF45-13479

The best high-end anti-runaway dog collar

The PetSafe PIF45-13479 collar + fence system is suitable for people who frequently travel with their dog. Easily transportable and mobile, it installs in less than 10 minutes.

268 £ on Amazon

The PetSafe PIF45-13479 dog collar is wireless. If you are used to traveling with your pet, this accessory is the easiest and fastest way to keep an eye on him. Indeed, its nomadic function allows you to install it in a few minutes wherever you are. It does not require any specific work. The dog will simply have to get used to its environment. The anti-fugue fence can cover a radius of 32 m around the transmitter in a circular area. You are free to add transmitters to extend the area.

The PetSafe PIF45-13479 has 6 discharge levels, including 5 static levels and 1 sound mode. It also has a protection against over stimulation. The discharge stops after 15 seconds. This anti-fugue collar for dogs is suitable for dogs of all sizes from 3 kg, with a neck size between 15 cm and 71 cm. The other advantage is its recharge function which lasts only 2 to 3 hours. This system can support additional collars equipped to other dogs at the same time. The kit includes a transmitter with adapter, a receiver collar, a multifunctional test key to check the correct functioning of the collar, 50 flags and a user's guide.

Eyeleaf Basic 4


Eyeleaf Basic

A system that is both an anti-runaway collar and a training collar

The Eyeleaf Basic electric dog fence and remote dog training system is ideal for protecting your pet while letting him play outside. A device suitable for most gardens.

63,99 £ on Amazon

The Eyeleaf Basic underground fence is both a training collar and an anti-stray collar for dogs. A buried wire transmits a harmless radio signal. If the dog approaches the established safe limit, the anti-runaway collar receives a warning beep. The closer the dog gets to the safety limit, the higher the intensity level. If the dog insists, the system will emit a gentle shock that will intensify as your pet becomes more stubborn. And the faster your pet moves, the greater the intensity of the shock.

There is no limit to the number of collars this system can control. In addition, the vibration levels as well as the intensity of the electric shock of the anti-runaway collar are adjustable from 0 to 99. This will quickly stop stubborn dog behavior. The triggering distance between the receiver and the curb can be adjusted from 1 to 5 meters. The product includes a fence guide, a 2-in-1 remote control with LCD screen, but also a receiver with free conversion between vibration and electric shocks.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best anti-fugue collar for dogs

Any specific needs?

The best anti-runaway dog collar

The best entry-level anti-runaway dog collar

The best high-end anti-runaway dog collar

A system that is both an anti-runaway collar and a training collar

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Comparison table of the best anti-fugue collars for dogs

PetSafe PRF-3004XW-20 5
Num'Axes FUG1030 6
PetSafe PIF45-13479 7
Eyeleaf Basic 8
PetSafe PRF-3004XW-20
Num'Axes FUG1030
PetSafe PIF45-13479
Eyeleaf Basic
The PetSafe PRF-3004XW-20 wire dog fence with collar is still the best way to keep your dog safe. It is designed for medium and large dogs.
The Num'Axes Canifugue FUG1030 is a modern, effective and reliable anti-fugue collar. Sold with 800 m of wire, it offers the possibility of keeping one or more dogs free in a defined area.
The PetSafe PIF45-13479 collar + fence system is suitable for people who frequently travel with their dog. Easily transportable and mobile, it installs in less than 10 minutes.
The Eyeleaf Basic electric dog fence and remote dog training system is ideal for protecting your pet while letting him play outside. A device suitable for most gardens.
Ultra effective in solving runaway problems
Allows you to monitor several dogs at once
Effective and reassuring
Training collar and anti-fleeing collar at the same time
Freedom for both pet and owner
Simple installation
Instructions are clear
Wire long enough to go twice the perimeter
Allows you to mark a perimeter of up to 9 ha
Good equipment, good brand and inexpensive
Excellent alternative to wire zoning
Installation is super easy

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Buying guide - anti-fugue collar for dogs

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How to choose your anti-fugue collar for dogs

First of all, you should know that the dog's temperament remains an important factor. There are many anti-runaway collars on the market. But not all of them will be equally effective on different dogs. It is therefore essential to take the following 5 criteria into consideration

#1 - The size of the dog

The anti-fugue collar you choose depends on the weight of your pet. All collars have a minimum weight of the animal on which you can use it. You should also take into account the size of your pet. Large dogs often need a strong enough shock so that their body can feel the signal, while small dogs do not. However, make sure you don't opt for a receiver that is heavy for them.

#2 - The age of the dog

We don't recommend putting an anti-runaway collar on your dog until he is an adult. The same goes for dogs that are too old. This could have very serious consequences on their health. While vibrations are suitable for all ages, dogs under 10 months of age and older dogs cannot withstand the electrostatic shock. Instead, choose a light, low-intensity one.

#3 - The quality and robustness of the anti-fugue collar

If your dog is the type that likes to play and water, opt for a collar that is waterproof and water-resistant. Some can be submerged several feet in water. This way, it will never be damaged after a swim for example. Just be sure to choose the features that would best suit your companion.

#4 - The range of the collar

The anti-runaway collar should also be in harmony with your companion's environment. The range will vary depending on the type of fence you have established and set up. But as a general rule, the range of the receiver collar should be more or less equal to the perimeter of your yard or garden. However, avoid changing the area too often. This could confuse the dog.

#5 - The autonomy of the collar

The duration of the power source of the anti-fugue collar depends on your availability. We therefore recommend that you choose a collar with an autonomy in line with this. For a low use of the collar, choose a collar that works with batteries. On the other hand, if it is for regular and frequent use, it is better to take a collar equipped with a rechargeable battery. Models with very good autonomies are often more expensive than others.

Why does my dog run away?

For any pet owner, having a pet run away is always a tragic and painful event. This does not mean that your best friend hates you. In most cases, it is an animal instinct that owners often have difficulty understanding. To reduce this type of behavior, you have to ask yourself the right questions and try to understand what led him to run away. Here are a few reasons that can encourage this type of running away.

The environment

A dog pays particular attention to the environment in which he lives. His sensitivity and character play very important roles in his daily life. Because of his heightened senses, he can, for example, smell food in the distance, which will arouse his curiosity and encourage him to go and see. If he feels in danger or afraid, his instinct will push him to go to a place where he will feel safe. Thunder and thunderstorms will inevitably drive him to hide. If he's outside unsupervised at that time, your furry friend may leave his territory.


A dog is above all a sociable and very sensitive animal. He is able to feel and get attached to a person very quickly. If you devote time to him by walking him, by playing with him often, you can be sure that he will always love you. If, on the other hand, the rhythm of your daily life does not allow you to do so, he will quickly get bored. If he's left alone at home a lot, he'll soon feel lonely and abandoned. In this case, we advise you to broadcast ambient noise such as a radio in your home. These voices will simulate human presence and reassure him. Don't forget to give him signs of affection once you get home. He will associate this with a wonderful moment.

Sexual maturity

A dog's animal instincts naturally kick in when he reaches sexual maturity at about 6 months of age. His sexual desires will then incite him to escape to mate. In this case, castration will not calm his aggressiveness. Instead, choose a method where he can stay with you, such as using hormone treatments. This method will keep him away from his temperamental urges and he can continue to live a quiet life in your home.

The different types of anti-fugue collars for dogs

There are two types of anti-fugue collars: the wired anti-fugue collar and the wireless model.

The wired anti-fugue collar

It is the most common product on the market and the most reliable. It is for outdoor use only and is designed for dogs weighing less than 3.6 kg. Installation is simple, just create a zone by inserting the wire into the ground and that's it. When the dog gets a little too close to the fence line, the collar will send an audible warning. If it doesn't, the dog will receive an electric shock. This will encourage the dog to be more careful the next time.

The wireless anti-fugue collar

This model has the same principle as a wired anti-runaway collar, except that there is no wire to install. This makes it easier to set up. You have to place the box in a specific place. You can mark the authorized area with flags, which will serve as visual cues to your pet. As soon as the dog approaches the limit of the perimeter, a sound signal warns him, then an electrostatic stimulation if he persists.

Fence or leash?

The anti-fugue fence

The purpose of the anti-fugue fence is to prevent a dog from running away. It is an invisible fence connected to an anti-fugue collar. It helps to ensure the safety of the animal, especially if it tends to wander off the property. There are two types of fences: wired and wireless. When the dog tries to go beyond the defined perimeter, it receives a mild electric shock that tells it to go back. This system is particularly suitable for dogs that tend to jump over fences or dig under the fence. The fence needs a transmitter and a collar to work.

While this is an ideal solution, one of the drawbacks of this type of system is that it relies on pain as a means of training. It only seeks to address the problem on the surface, not the depth. Electrical shocks can be detrimental to the dog's well-being and health. In fact, they are too strong for small dogs. The sound associated with the shock can traumatize your dog. When he hears a similar sound, he may be afraid of receiving a shock. Most often, these dogs will bark or growl at the sound.

The tether

The tether is still a classic way to protect your dog from running away or to make sure he doesn't put himself in danger if he's on unfenced land. Today, this method is still offered for a variety of reasons. It is long enough to keep your dog mobile and strong enough to withstand the test of time. It is often used in adult dog or puppy training and allows the animal controlled freedom. It has a snap hook at each end and can be used with either a collar or a harness.

Even though the tethering system is effective, it should be remembered that a tethered dog has limited freedom of movement. He must therefore always be supervised to prevent him from injuring himself. Dog experts also strongly advise against leaving a dog tied up for hours on end. This can have serious consequences on the dog's behaviour. He could feel isolated and this will make him aggressive and increasingly difficult to live with.


The purpose of the anti-runaway fence is to make the dog understand the space that must not be exceeded. With this method, he will not approach the limits anymore. However, it is not a universal solution. On the other hand, buying a dog leash can be useful in all circumstances if the dog's owner follows the imposed safety measures.


Check the contents of the kit that is delivered to you.

When you buy a product, always check the contents. This is a very simple thing, yet most consumers do not pay too much attention to it. Always have the reflex to check what you bought, to avoid unnecessary expenses.

Read the operating instructions carefully.

Most users tend to overlook the importance of reading the user's guide. If the manufacturer has provided a manual with the product, it is to avoid inaccuracies. This small manual is not only for first-time buyers, but also for experienced ones to solve specific problems.

If necessary, watch video tutorials.

It is the reference teaching method to learn the operation of a product step by step. If you have trouble with the manual provided by the manufacturer, you can, for example, search YouTube to find videos that match your experience. Tutorial videos are usually between 2 and 10 min in length and they can cover several topics through different teaching practices.

Opt for a branded case rather than a low cost one

Branded products are always tested and approved by professionals before being put on the market. They ensure reliability and durability. On the other hand, a low-cost box has no guarantee even if you got it at a discount. There is no assurance of product compliance.

Be sure to adjust the anti-fugue collar properly.

The basic rule when placing the collar around the dog's neck is that it should be tight enough, but not so tight that you can fit two fingers through it. The electrodes must be in contact with the skin or the correction will not work. For long-haired dogs, the area should be lightened by trimming some of the hair.


What is the best anti-fugue collar?

The best anti-fugitive collar depends on your needs and your budget. Read our buying guide to find out more.

Do anti-fugue systems work in the winter in the snow?

It depends on the product you bought. If it is of good quality, there should be no problem. However, it is recommended that you increase the signal height with the transmitter so that your pet's collar can continue to receive the signal above the snow.

How do I change the battery in an anti-fugue collar?

To replace the battery in an anti-runaway collar, you must first remove it from the collar. To do this, use a coin or small tool included with the collar. Insert it into the slot on top of the battery, then twist it off. Now all you have to do is replace the battery.

What is the autonomy of an anti-fugue collar?

The autonomy of an anti-fugue collar depends on the power supply mode. If it works with batteries, the charge lasts between 2 weeks and 3 months depending on the model. For collars that work with batteries, some can resist up to 3 months depending on the use. In addition, the recharge time depends on the model. If some recharge in a few hours, others on the other hand take days to recharge.

At what age can a dog wear an anti-runaway collar?

Some veterinarians advise wearing an anti-fugue collar from 3 months of age. On the other hand, the instructions for the devices indicate that the minimum age is generally 6 months. In any case, it is necessary to respect this limit for the well-being and the comfort of the animal.


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