The best fitness floor mat in the UK 2023

Looking for a floor mat to perfect your home or outdoor fitness sessions? Our buying guide is for you. This accessory comes in several categories corresponding to specific uses. In order to find the model adapted to your needs, we propose you a selection of the best fitness floor mats available at the moment.

CCLife 180x60x5cm 1

Editor's Choice

CCLife 180x60x5cm

The best fitness floor mat in 2021

A large, durable, easy-to-clean floor mat is all you need for your daily exercise routine including fitness, gym and yoga.

39,92 £ on Amazon

The CCLife brand is one of the leading names in the fitness accessories market and the demand for fitness floor mats illustrates this excellent reputation. This model is designed with polyurethane and imitation leather, soft materials that will effectively protect your joints during abs, planks or even cardio sessions. Its non-slip surface is guaranteed lead-free, so you don't have to worry about anything because this material is 100% non-toxic.

This CCLife fitness floor mat is composed of 3 foldable panels of 5 cm thickness. This design will allow you to store and transport it easily, especially since it is equipped with handles. Its weight of 2.2 kg will help you when you need it during outdoor workouts. This fitness mat can also be used as a yoga mat or for intensive weight training. Considering its selling price and the features presented, this accessory represents an excellent deal.

EgoIggo P01 2

Best Cheap

EgoIggo P01

The best entry-level fitness floor mat

If you are looking for a quality fitness mat that is both light and easy to carry, Egolggo has come up with the 6mm thick P01 model.

16,79 £ on Amazon

When choosing a fitness floor mat, it is important to take into account some important parameters, including toxicity. Egolggo's P01 model has been designed with the essential health guarantees in mind, as it does not contain any contaminants. Made of environmentally friendly elastomeric thermoplastic, it has received SGS EU certification. These characteristics make it an ideal accessory for both fitness and yoga.

It is a model that adheres perfectly to the ground thanks to the veins sculpted on its surface. No matter how you move, the mat will not move. Some users may be discouraged by its thickness of only 6 mm. However, this parameter is anything but a disadvantage. In fact, this 6 mm is more than enough for daily exercise and makes the mat easy to transport and clean. In other words, this accessory has everything to please, including an unbeatable selling price.

Floor Mat 240cm Prisp 3

Best High End

Floor Mat 240cm Prisp

The best high-end floor mat

If you need a large surface fitness mat to exercise with others, Prime Selection Products, aka Prisp, offers this 4-panel mat that is expandable via velcro.

103 £ on Amazon

This fitness floor mat designed by Prime Selection Products has everything you need to satisfy your needs. Wide surface, perfect resistance, it has everything you need. This model is padded with EPE foam wrapped in strong PU leather. This ensures comfort and makes this accessory easy to maintain. The real highlight of this fitness floor mat is the presence of a Velcro interlocking system that allows you to connect it to other mats. So, with several mats, you can transform your gym into a dojo.

It is a foldable model made of 4 panels and equipped with 2 sewn handles. You can transport it if you want to do outdoor workouts. The only drawback is its weight of 6.48 kg which can make it difficult to move.

Toplus 183x61x0.6 cm 4


Toplus 183x61x0.6 cm

A cheap alternative

Toplus is one of the references in terms of fitness mats. With this model made of thermoplastic elastomer, the brand offers a product accessible to all.

20,79 £ on Amazon

By opting for this fitness floor mat offered by Toplus, you will benefit from a model designed for both exercise, gym or yoga. Thanks to its non-slip design, it will not move, no matter what postures you take during your workouts. Made of SGS 100% certified TPE material, it is guaranteed to be non-toxic and odorless, even in case of intensive sweating.

With a thickness of 6 mm and weighing less than 1 kg, you will have no difficulty moving it, especially since it comes with a shoulder strap. Note also that this model can be washed in the washing machine, a good point moreover. By choosing this Toplus fitness floor mat, you will benefit from a 1-year warranty, which is rare for this kind of product.

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Best fitness floor mat

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The best fitness floor mat in 2021

The best entry-level fitness floor mat

The best high-end floor mat

A cheap alternative

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Comparison table of the best fitness floor mat

CCLife 180x60x5cm 5
EgoIggo P01 6
Floor Mat 240cm Prisp 7
Toplus 183x61x0.6 cm 8
CCLife 180x60x5cm
EgoIggo P01
Floor Mat 240cm Prisp
Toplus 183x61x0.6 cm
A large, durable, easy-to-clean floor mat is all you need for your daily exercise routine including fitness, gym and yoga.
If you are looking for a quality fitness mat that is both light and easy to carry, Egolggo has come up with the 6mm thick P01 model.
If you need a large surface fitness mat to exercise with others, Prime Selection Products, aka Prisp, offers this 4-panel mat that is expandable via velcro.
Toplus is one of the references in terms of fitness mats. With this model made of thermoplastic elastomer, the brand offers a product accessible to all.
180 x 60 x 5 cm
183 x 61 x 0.6 cm
240x120x5 cm
183x61x0.6 cm
0.87 g
6.48 kg
0.88 kg
Polyurethane, Leatherette
Thermoplastic elastomer
PU leather, EPE foam
Thermoplastic elastomer

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Buying guide - fitness floor mat

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How to choose your fitness floor mat

The fitness floor mat market offers a wide range of products, from the basic to the most sophisticated. There is something for every taste and every need. So, before you decide on a product, check the following parameters:

#1 - Material

The material the fitness mat is made of determines its performance in terms of comfort, durability and ease of cleaning. You can choose from a variety of materials including thermoplastic elastomer, polyethylene and leather. Choose according to your preferences, but also your financial possibilities as materials affect prices.

#2 - Dimensions

Before you make your choice, also check that the dimensions match your needs. Be especially careful with the width of the equipment. Define whether you'll be using it alone or with more than one person to find out how wide you need it. Also check the thickness of the mat, it is decisive for the comfort of use.

#3 - Weight

The weight of the mat is among the main criteria to consider when choosing the model that suits you. Here again, you will have to take into account your usage habits. If you need a mat for home fitness sessions, the weight is not very important. On the other hand, if you are planning outdoor sessions or in a gym, choose a model that is not too heavy.

#4 - Adhesion

When we do fitness exercises, we tend to sweat as we perform various movements. All this can cause loss of grip on the mat, if it is not equipped with the necessary features preventing this. Also, it is best to opt for a fitness floor mat that will not move, even if the floor is made up of slippery tiles or parquet.

#5 - Ease of cleaning

In order to allow you to enjoy your mat whenever you want, it should be ready to use at any time. Since you're going to be sweating with each session, it would be best if the mat can be easily cleaned. Also, look for models that will only take a few minutes to wash to avoid further inconvenience.

Maintenance of a fitness floor mat

Since it is a piece of equipment on which you will sweat, it is more than recommended to clean it regularly. The maintenance depends on the materials of manufacture. If you have a machine-washable mat, just follow the instructions and you're done. If not, you'll have to wash it with a high-pressure water jet. Make sure your equipment is thoroughly cleaned, as embedded dirt will quickly impair its performance and you risk particularly unpleasant odors during your sessions.

After cleaning, also remember to dry it in the sun. Consider cleaning it after each session to prevent perspiration from soaking into the mat's components. Finally, when you're not using your mat, especially for extended periods of time, consider storing it in a place that is free of moisture and dust. This can help you reduce the frequency of cleaning and avoid some unpleasant surprises when you use your carpet.

The different types of fitness floor mat

The various fitness floor mats available at this time can be classified into two product categories: foldable and rollable models. Zoom in on the characteristics of these two types of mats:

Foldable fitness floor mat

The category of foldable fitness mats includes various families characterized by the presence of three detachable plates or not. They can be folded into a single plate, an excellent way to transport this equipment, even without a vehicle. In addition, this type of mat is often equipped with a handle, again to facilitate transport.

These models are often designed with at least two materials. One is used as padding while the other is used as a cover. While foldable fitness mats are designed to be easy to carry, they are still heavier, if compared to roll-up models.

Rollable fitness floor mat

Roll-up fitness mats are among the most popular on the market. Its main advantages are ergonomics, comfort and selling price. In fact, they are two to three times more affordable than foldable fitness floor mats. These models are also very versatile as they can be used for fitness, gym and yoga.

The choice in roll-up fitness floor mats is particularly wide. The models vary in design, strength level and design. The only drawback is the lack of thickness, a detail that may bother those who need maximum comfort.

Fitness floor mat or Yoga mat?

Fitness floor mats

The fitness floor mat is a piece of equipment used for exercise and can also be used for yoga or pilates. In short, it is a versatile model. This type of equipment is in high demand and offers maximum comfort to users. On the other hand, to get it, you have to pay the price because it is often less affordable compared to the yoga mat.

Yoga mat

Unlike the fitness mat, the yoga mat is for meditation only. It can be made of synthetic material or natural rubber, such as rubber, and is generally thinner and easier to carry than a fitness mat. More affordable, it can also be used during fitness exercises. On the other hand, it offers less comfort compared to the fitness floor mat.


If you want to do fitness exercises and alternate with yoga sessions, you need a fitness floor mat. If you only plan to do meditation, a yoga mat will suit you. In order to be prepared for all eventualities, it would be wiser to choose a versatile model, i.e. a fitness floor mat.

Why buy a fitness floor mat?

To optimize your fitness exercises

On a fitness floor mat, you will benefit from more comfort. In fact, compared to planks, crunches or stretching sessions on the floor, this equipment allows you to experience more pleasant moments that are always good to take. These mats absorb perspiration, another detail that will make your workout easier.

For outdoor workouts

You are not very comfortable with indoor exercises and you prefer the outdoors? You're absolutely right, it allows you to oxygenate and relax outdoors when you need to. When it's time to stretch, you'll appreciate resting on a comfortable mat. All in all, the fitness floor mat will also optimize your outdoor stretching sessions, moments that must be experienced when you like to practice a physical activity.

To work on your cardio

A fitness floor mat will also allow you to work on your cardio. Indeed, there are several types of exercises such as push-ups or squats that require a high effort. When used properly, the fitness mat is a real gym that will allow you to work several parts of your body. For example, you have the new trend which is HIIT. It is a high intensity split workout that allows you to lose weight, for example.

To encourage a loved one to exercise

Your parents, your friends or your spouse needs some fitness sessions to get back in shape but always finds an excuse not to do it, offer him a fitness floor mat. If they appreciate the gesture and start exercising, everyone will be happy. If not, you'll have given him a gift that's still less expensive than a treadmill or elliptical.

For Yoga

One of the advantages of fitness mats is their versatility. You can use them for fitness, but also for the gym, to doze off from time to time, but especially for yoga and meditation sessions. Indeed, the comfort offered by this equipment will help you relax during the sessions.

The best brands of fitness floor mat

In our opinion, the best brands of fitness floor mat in 2022 are :


Toplus is a brand, since its innovation, has put innovation at the heart of its manufacturing process. Apart from fitness floor mats, it designs other sports accessories including bocce balls.

CClife is a brand producing many useful objects for everyday life including fabulous barbecues. But its fame is mainly in the sports accessories sector including weight benches, and, of course, fitness floor mats.

The Sports-tech brand is very appreciated by sportsmen all over the world, amateurs as well as professionals. The German brand is one of the references in terms of fitness floor mats.

Adidas is just a must in the world of sports accessories. In order to please its millions of customers around the world, it has also launched into the design of fitness floor mats.

The German brand Ultrasport designs and markets dozens of sports items including fitness floor mats of excellent quality at prices accessible to the vast majority of consumers.

What is the price fitness floor mat

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

10 £ to 30 £
30 £ to 80 £
more than 80 £
Price range diagram


Stick to a strict program

In order to get the most out of your fitness mat, you must adopt a training discipline and follow a well-defined program. Remember to exercise regularly and improve your performance as regularly as possible. By exercising in this way, you will be very fit and very fast.

Alter the use of your fitness floor mat

Once you have adopted your fitness floor mat, it becomes difficult to do without it. However, becoming addicted to it is never good, at the risk of discouraging you from exercising if this equipment should run out. To avoid this, try alternating and, from time to time, perform the same exercises but without the mat. This will ensure that you don't stop and lose your gains in case your mat is in the wash.

Opt for a lightweight fitness floor mat

Fitness floor mats help you optimize your home exercises. However, you will also appreciate having it during sessions performed outside. For example, after a jog, set up your mat to do your stretching and you will experience an indescribable moment of relaxation. But to achieve this, you need a lightweight model that you can wear while running.

Eat healthy

This type of mat is designed for fitness. If you want to achieve your fitness goals, it is important to know that a healthy diet is in order. It is important to emphasize the fact that without a balanced diet, your exercise efforts may be in vain.

Buy two fitness floor mats

Always in order to boost your fitness cravings, make sure your fitness floor mat is available when you need it. In case this one should fail, just use the second one and you're done. To be in shape with sports, you have to put all the assets on your side.


What type of fitness floor mat should I choose if I'm just starting out?

If you are starting a fitness exercise program, it is best to opt for the thick models that offer maximum comfort and grip. This type of fitness floor mat will allow you to start smoothly, encourage you to persevere and avoid accidents that can so quickly happen, especially when you are not used to it.

Should I clean my fitness floor mat regularly?

Effectively, it is necessary to clean your fitness floor mat as regularly as possible. If possible, give it a quick wipe after each sports session and leave it in the open air. Also remember to wash the mat regularly according to the instructions provided. Regular maintenance will affect your comfort of use.

Are floor mats machine washable?

The frequency of cleaning depends on the type and material of design. If you use a machine-washable fitness mat, don't skip cleaning it, even after each use.If you have a mat made of a non-washable material, run your mat through a high-pressure water jet and you'll get rid of all the dirt.

What material should I use for an optimal grip on my treadmill?

Generally speaking, today's fitness mats are designed to offer maximum grip, even if you're exercising on a slippery tile or wood floor. But vinyl and foam have been shown to be the materials that best meet this grip requirement.


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CCLife 180x60x5cm 9
CCLife 180x60x5cm
EgoIggo P01 10
EgoIggo P01
Floor Mat 240cm Prisp 11
Floor Mat 240cm Prisp
Toplus 183x61x0.6 cm 12
Toplus 183x61x0.6 cm


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