The best electrostimulation devices in the UK 2023

Building up abs, buttocks and arms with a minimum of effort is possible with an electrostimulation device (also called an electrostimulator). Although many people are skeptical about the effectiveness of these devices, some models, whether they are battery-operated or not, provide convincing results. Find your muscle stimulator among our selection.

Slendertone Connect Abs + électrodes

Best value for money

Slendertone Connect Abs + set of electrodes

The best electrostimulation device in 2021

With this electrostimulation device, you will have the power needed for a progressive and effective muscle toning. It is controlled via the dedicated application.

115 £ on Amazon

The Slendertone Connect Abs will help you in many situations, whatever your goal (flat stomach, muscle gain ...). The results will be visible after 4 weeks of use knowing thata session of 30 min corresponds to 202 abdominal muscles. It provides you with a wide variety of specific programs such as fitness, advanced or essential toning... This device allows a simplified adjustment of the intensity of muscle stimulation.

Embedding Bluetooth Smart technology, all information about your daily sessions are easily accessible. Simply install the Slendertone Connect Abs app and sync it with your iOS or Android mobile devices. More than that, you can view your progress tracking there. It sends regular notifications, reminders and tips to your smartphone or tablet.

Beurer EM 37

Best value for money

Beurer EM 37

The best entry-level electrostimulation device

No matter what your sport goal is, the Beurer EM 37 can help you achieve it. Comfortable and effective, this model promises visible and fast results.

37,70 £ on Amazon

Presented in the form of an abdominal belt, the main purpose of the Beurer EM 37 is to work specific areas of your muscles without going through the "intense physical exercise" phase. Its operating principle remains simple. It transmits electrical impulses to the muscles using surface electrodes, which allows them to contract at the rhythm of the signals received.

This type of electrostimulation device is very well suited to those who do not always have the time to train or who plan to have concrete abs, firm buttocks or even a well-defined silhouette. 5 customizable programs are available, so you are free to choose. The intensity of the pulses and the duration of use are individually adjustable for a customized workout.

Compex SP 4.0 + électrodes

Best value for money

Compex SP 4.0 + electrodes

The best high-end electrostimulation device

With Compex SP 4.0, you have in your hands more than 30 programs dedicated to muscle strengthening, fitness, massage or pain relief.

511 £ on Amazon

This jewel of technology combines an excellent comfort of use, a high performance and an admirable effectiveness. It has the advantage of offering optimal muscle toning and a considerable reduction in pain felt in the shoulders, joints or back. Highly appreciated by sportsmen, this electrostimulation device gives the possibility to accelerate the rehabilitation phases while fighting against possible injuries.

Compatible with the Compex Coach mobile application, Compex SP 4.0 has up to 30 predefined modes so that you can benefit from the intensity and effects best suited to your objectives. These include programs for rehabilitation, fitness, massage, recovery, pain relief and physical preparation. For best results, it is recommended that you use it for a minimum of 20 minutes per day, but no more than 3 times per week.

TESMED Max 830 1

A great choice

TESMED Max 830

Excellent electrostimulation device

The Tesmed MAX 830 electrostimulation device is one of the best products in its sector, thanks to its customizable programs and numerous innovative functions. The muscle stimulator is equipped with a patented sequential wave system, which guarantees professional performance at the highest level.

144 £ on Amazon

The programs available on the Tesmed Max 830 allow you to meet the most varied needs of users, allowing you to get back into shape in no time or to tone and strengthen your muscles. As for the design, the Tesmed MAX 830 electrostimulation device has a backlit LCD screen that is clearly visible and extremely intuitive. In addition, this electrostimulation device is also equipped with the CE mark, which proves the conformity of the product to European safety requirements.

The TESMED Max 830 has 20 customizable programs, whose duration and preference can be changed according to your needs. Among these, 5 WAIMS-SYSTEMS programs can be identified, the so-called patented sequential stimulations that offer relaxing, lymphatic drainage, active recovery and anti-fatigue treatments. The 15 other programs are for relaxing, toning, aerobic, draining, muscle strengthening and cellulite removal treatments.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best electrostimulation device

Any specific needs?

The best electrostimulation device in 2021

The best entry-level electrostimulation device

The best high-end electrostimulation device

Excellent electrostimulation device

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Comparison table of the best electrostimulation devices

Slendertone Connect Abs + électrodes
Beurer EM 37
Compex SP 4.0 + électrodes
TESMED Max 830 2
Slendertone Connect Abs + set of electrodes
Beurer EM 37
Compex SP 4.0 + electrodes
TESMED Max 830
With this electrostimulation device, you will have the power needed for a progressive and effective muscle toning. It is controlled via the dedicated application.
No matter what your sport goal is, the Beurer EM 37 can help you achieve it. Comfortable and effective, this model promises visible and fast results.
With Compex SP 4.0, you have in your hands more than 30 programs dedicated to muscle strengthening, fitness, massage or pain relief.
The Tesmed MAX 830 electrostimulation device is one of the best products in its sector, thanks to its customizable programs and numerous innovative functions. The muscle stimulator is equipped with a patented sequential wave system, which guarantees professional performance at the highest level.
Number of programs
Power supply
Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
3 x AAA 1.5 V batteries
Rechargeable battery
1 x AAA 1.5V batteries
Recommended run time
5 30-minute sessions per week
22-31 min
20 min per day, 3 times per week
20 min per day
Intensity levels

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Buying guide - electrostimulation device

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How to choose your electrostimulation device

The electrostimulation device is becoming more and more popular because of its practicality and versatility. This equipment offers many advantages, whether in the medical or sports world. However, choosing the right model according to your objectives is a complex task. These few tips will surely guide you towards the most suitable electrostimulator.

#1 - The power

More power means that you will be able to work your muscles more deeply. It will depend specifically on the goals you have set for yourself. Thus, a powerful machine is strongly recommended for athletes wishing to perform intense workouts. For those who are overweight, prefer a high intensity electrostimulation device, up to 100 A. It will easily reach the muscles without being slowed down by the layer of fat.

#2 - Food and autonomy

Exempt from wire, the electrostimulation device will make you benefit from a great mobility during your physical exercises in spite of the fact that the wired models are within the reach of all the purses. If it has a battery, the autonomy varies between 3 to 20 hours depending on the program, the level of intensity and the frequency chosen. The battery-operated models are inexpensive, but have limited autonomy. You will be forced to change the batteries quite frequently.

#3 - The canals

One channel gives you the possibility to connect 2 electrodes in order to work with precision on a particular area of your body. Generally, the 2 channel models are less expensive. They are suitable for occasional athletes and those who wish to treat muscle pain. With 4 channels, you will be able to work up to 4 different muscle groups. Some models offer a 2 + 2 channel option allowing you to enjoy 2 separate programs simultaneously.

CE standards

Give a particular advantage to electrostimulation devices bearing the CE mark. This means that they effectively meet European and medical safety standards, both in the sports and paramedical worlds.

#4 - The number of programs


number of programs can vary depending on your objectives and the model chosen. They specifically concern areas such as fitness, physical preparation, massages, recovery, pain relief and rehabilitation. If you are looking for a multi-purpose model, opt for a powerful electrostimulation device, with a minimum of 30 programs

, which will be able to satisfy all your needs.

#5 - The frequency or rhythm of the pulses

The muscle fibers are solicited differently depending on the pulse frequency of the electrostimulation device. For endurance work or massage, a low frequency is more than enough. On the other hand, if you want to work in depth your muscular strength, it is better to choose the high frequency. A satisfactory model will propose a frequency oscillating between 5 to 100 Hz.

#6 - Pulse width

The width of impulses can impact your level of comfort. Depending on its intensity, the device generates a sensation of painless contraction acting on the muscles. In order to optimize the effectiveness of the electrostimulator on the different parts of your body, choose models with a pulse width of 50 to 400 microseconds.

How an electrostimulation device works

The electrical impulses, up to 150 Hz, produced by the electrostimulation device act instantly on a specific muscle area and contract it. This very fashionable practice is mainly used in the world of muscle strengthening and physical recovery. In addition, it can also play the role of analgesic insofar as it relieves continuous or chronic muscular pains (backache, lumbago...).

To be effective and help you gain muscle, it is essential to combine the actions of electrostimulation with regular physical activity. In no case can they be substituted. It is easy to achieve a double contraction of a muscle group by simply stimulating a targeted area and by carrying out suitable exercises. During recovery, the electrostimulator offers the possibility of reducing muscle soreness.

The different types of electrostimulation devices

There is currently a plethora of electrostimulation devices on the market. In order to make the right choice, it is important to look at the different existing models. The easiest way to distinguish between them is to look at their power supply: battery or rechargeable battery.

Battery operated electrostimulation device

Although less expensive, the battery-operated electrostimulation device (type AA or AAA) only offers a very short autonomy. Thus, you will have to replace the batteries on a regular basis. The device can operate for a total of 10 hours

and is suitable for occasional use. Generally with 2 ways, it should however be considered that this autonomy varies at the rate of the selected program and intensity. Note also that the use of this type of power supply greatly impacts the environment.

Battery operated electrostimulation apparatus


a battery or an accumulator often with lithium-ion, this type of electrostimulation device displays a more important autonomy, between 3 to 20 h. You will even have the opportunity to adjust the intensity without having to worry about it. Some models are even equipped with a fast charge battery, which allows them to be used without interruption, intensively and regularly.

EMS or TENS electrostimulation device?

EMS electrostimulation device

The EMS or muscular and sports electrostimulation device is aimed above all at sportsmen and women who aspire to gain muscle mass. It is also intended for those who wish to maintain their body. Allowing an improvement in muscular resistance, this type of equipment is ideal for regular use as it ensures optimal physical endurance. This electrostimulation technology requires no great effort on your part.

Its operating principle is quite simple. You do not feel any pain when wearing the device. Place the electrodes on the target muscle groups that you want to stimulate and then send the electrical impulses (at variable intensity and according to the adapted program) in order to reach your objectives. The EMS electrostimulation device allows you to work your muscles efficiently, to increase strength and endurance or to recover after intense efforts.

TENS electrostimulation device

TENS or transcutaneous electrical neurostimulation is particularly suitable for reducing muscle and joint pain while improving blood circulation. Very practical in the field of rehabilitation, the electrostimulation device uses electrical impulses and acts directly on the nerves and muscles to reduce pain. Anyone can use it, whether they are a sportsman or not.

The TENS electrostimulation device serves as a painkiller and guarantees an excellent well-being to its user. This method is completely painless and has no negative impact on your body and does not cause addiction. In general, the device treats osteoarthritis, stress and depression, back pain, neuralgia or muscle and joint pain.


While the EMS electrostimulation device is predestined for sportsmen and women with the aim of optimising their physical performance, the TENS is more suitable for the treatment of muscular and articular pain. There are specific devices on the market adapted to each need. However, for a better performance, it is advisable to choose a model that combines both functions. Note that TENS and EMS offer the same operating principles, i.e. the use of electrical stimulation giving you the opportunity to achieve a precise result.

Why buy an electrostimulation device?

For muscle strengthening

The electrostimulation device allows you to gain up to 50% more muscle mass in just one month of use. However, this performance depends solely on the person and the muscle group chosen. It should be noted that the most sensitive part to the effect of electrostimulation is the abdominal muscles, followed by the biceps and quadriceps.

For physical rehabilitation

The electro-stimulator is still effective if you have suffered from muscle atrophy. It ensures a rapid recovery of volume and strength after inactivity due to a surgical operation or even prolonged immobilisation. This method is currently used in physiotherapy.

Improved sports performance

To be used preferably during training, under the effect of the double stimulation action, it considerably increases the sports performance of athletes such as cross-country skiers, professional swimmers... The electrostimulation device also increases their muscular strength and improves their endurance.

Suitable for physical recovery

For use after physical effort, the electrostimulation device is suitable for recovery because it evacuates lactic acids and avoids the risk of muscle cramps. Similarly, it reduces aches and pains and drains toxins while relaxing the muscles. The "massage" programmes are particularly interesting in this case.

To firm up the body

For both men and women, the electrostimulator promotes muscle tone. The localized strengthening of the muscles will help you sculpt a relatively firm figure. It should be noted that this device helps prevent orange peel skin and cellulite.

The best brands of electrostimulation devices

In our opinion, the best brands of electrostimulation devices in 2022 are :


Compex is one of the brands that have dominated the electrostimulation market for several decades. Appreciated by many users, its electrostimulation devices ensure better athletic performance and optimal well-being.

Having been born in 1986, Sport-Elec is a French brand which markets articles intended for the professional sportsmen, the private individuals and the medical personnel. It is distinguished by the quality of finishes and the effectiveness of its electrostimulation devices.

Cefar's electro-stimulators are specifically designed for the medical field and are very popular worldwide. They are highly recommended by health professionals.

This London-based brand has been on the market for about fifty years. It specializes in the sale of abdominal belts and electrostimulators that can be easily used at home. These have the ability to tone your body, reduce your back pain, strengthen your buttocks muscles...

Beurer offers a wide range of products specialising in the world of health and well-being, such as the electrostimulator. This equipment is renowned for its quality and its ability to meet customer expectations.

What is the price for an electrostimulation device

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

25 £ to 250 £
250 £ to 500 £
more than 500 £
Price range diagram


Decide which muscles you want to work and how.

Deciding which muscles to work during the workout and how to work them is the key to proper application of electrostimulation. This allows you to connect the electrodes to the muscles you are really interested in and perform the appropriate programming to optimize your workout.

Start slowly.


you start the workout and can't handle the contractions, you need to decrease the intensity. Everyone's ability is different and you should never choose an intensity you can't handle.

Choose a high intensity.


optimize workouts that aim to improve your strength, stamina, and endurance, it is necessary to choose a high, but bearable intensity. That way you can work as many muscle fibers as possible.

Do not use the electro-stimulation device in a humid environment.


is important that, in addition to knowing how to train with an electro-stimulator, you know where to do it safely. It is essential to do it in a place without high ambient humidity. Avoid swimming pools, saunas, spas or hydrotherapy areas, for example. You could be electrocuted.

Determine the time of the workout before you start.


you start the workout, decide how long you will work with the electro-stimulator. If you are using muscle stimulators for fitness or indoor sports, get professional advice. Depending on your physical condition, your goals and the schedule you choose, you can determine the appropriate time for your electro-stimulation training.


What is the best electrostimulation device?

The best electrostimulation device depends on your needs and your budget. Read our buying guide to find out which products are the best at the moment.

Who can use an electrostimulation device?

Both men and women can use an electro-stimulation device, whether they are amateurs or professional sportsmen. However, it is strongly forbidden for pregnant women and people with pacemakers.

Can I move an electrode from one zone to another?

Yes, it is possible to move the electrode. To do this, switch off the electro-stimulation device before removing the electrode in question.

What should I do if redness appears after using the electro-stimulation device?

As a rule, these rednesses disappear within a few minutes and do not leave any marks. As long as the marks have not completely disappeared, refrain from using your electro-stimulation device on that particular area of the body.

Can the electro-stimulation device hurt me?

Even with intensive use on a single muscle group, the electro-stimulator will not hurt you. However, this area may no longer be receptive to the electrical stimulation, making the device ineffective.


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Slendertone Connect Abs + électrodes
Slendertone Connect Abs + set of electrodes
Beurer EM 37
Beurer EM 37
Compex SP 4.0 + électrodes
Compex SP 4.0 + electrodes
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TESMED Max 830


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