The best roof tents in the UK 2023

Passionate about camping? Treat yourself to a roof top tent! This remarkable piece of equipment allows you to stay protected from insects, wind and humidity in the wilderness. Whether soft or hard, the perfect model is sure to be found among the selection proposed in this comparison of the best roof tents of the moment.

LMHX 880-395-064 1

Best value for money

LMHX 880-395-064

The best rooftop tent in 2021

The LMHX 880-395-064 is characterized by its 300 kg load capacity and the quality of its fabric. Made of Oxford fabric, it is exceptionally resistant to humidity and wear.

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The LMHX 880-395-064 is one of the best hard-shell tents available. It effectively protects you and your belongings during your trip. With a maximum load of 250-300kg, this model has an ABS plastic shell, Oxford fabric and PU coating.

A comfortable sponge mattress measuring 205 x 120 x 5 cm is included with this roof tent. The LMHX 880-395-064 also has highly breathable zippered fly screens. The 2m telescopic ladder is made of aluminum alloy, which is both strong and light. This roof tent will fit all cars with a roof crossbar and is very spacious to hold 3 adults.

XLJH 931-882-791 2

Best value for money

XLJH 931-882-791

The best entry-level rooftop tent

If you're looking for a basic, standards-compliant piece of equipment to outfit your vehicle for your wilderness outings, this XLJH plaid soft top tent is highly recommended.

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Available at an affordable price, this soft top tent is still practical and efficient for spending many nights under the stars. It's made primarily of280G anti-deflection cotton plaid fabric. Its 1500-2000 mm thick coating is waterproof and offers 50+ sun protection.

Note the cover made of waterproof 420D Oxford fabric, also with sun protection. Measuring 240 x 140 x 126 cm, this roof-tent weighs 50.8 kg, which is well below the weight limit. Finally, to facilitate access to the equipment, there is a stable and robust telescopic ladder.

WANG2018 345-587-635 3

Best value for money

WANG2018 345-587-635

The best high-end rooftop tent

The WANG2018 345-587-635 roof tent is made of high quality T/C 280GSM ripstop fabric. Its robustness allows it to support a maximum weight of 300 kg.

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The large space available in the WANG2018 345-587-635 roof tent offers sleeping space for 4-5 people, ideal for large families. Besides, its rolling capacity is 250-300 kg, correct for such equipment. Besides its stainless steel structure with aluminum alloy, its main advantage is its waterproofness.

The WANG2018 345-587-635 is also very high performance. It does not fear weather conditions or even tears. When purchased, the sleeping equipment comes with a sponge mat, mosquito netting, LED light, various storage pockets and a 2.3m round aluminum alloy folding ladder.

XLJH 926-729-591 4


XLJH 926-729-591

The best fiberglass rooftop tent

Equipped with a fiberglass structure, this XLJH roof tent can equip a 4×4, a truck or a van. It has a telescopic aluminum ladder and a 310 x 143 x 5 cm sponge mattress.

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Looking for a great sleeping gear for your wilderness trips? This XLJH roof top tent offers the basic requirements for your shelter. Reliable and practical at all times, it measures 240 x 130 x 140 cm and weighs a total of 60 kg. It is therefore a piece of equipment that complies with the standards and easily fits on a 4×4 or an off-road truck.

The roof tent also hasa 2000mm polyester 420D Oxford ripstop cover with UV protection. The entire kit comes with a telescopic aluminum ladder and a 310 x 143 x 5 cm sponge mattress.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best roof tent

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The best rooftop tent in 2021

The best entry-level rooftop tent

The best high-end rooftop tent

The best fiberglass rooftop tent

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Comparison table of the best roof tents

LMHX 880-395-064 5
XLJH 931-882-791 6
WANG2018 345-587-635 7
XLJH 926-729-591 8
LMHX 880-395-064
XLJH 931-882-791
WANG2018 345-587-635
XLJH 926-729-591
The LMHX 880-395-064 is characterized by its 300 kg load capacity and the quality of its fabric. Made of Oxford fabric, it is exceptionally resistant to humidity and wear.
If you're looking for a basic, standards-compliant piece of equipment to outfit your vehicle for your wilderness outings, this XLJH plaid soft top tent is highly recommended.
The WANG2018 345-587-635 roof tent is made of high quality T/C 280GSM ripstop fabric. Its robustness allows it to support a maximum weight of 300 kg.
Equipped with a fiberglass structure, this XLJH roof tent can equip a 4×4, a truck or a van. It has a telescopic aluminum ladder and a 310 x 143 x 5 cm sponge mattress.
Quality material for added strength
Sturdy and durable structure
Sleeps 4-5 people
High quality workmanship
Comfortable sponge mattress and mosquito repellent devices included
50+ sun protection
Easy to use
Ultra durable
Safe and secure
Easy to fold and unfold
Incomparable waterproofing
Relatively spacious

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Buying guide - roof tent

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How to choose your roof tent

When buying a roof tent, it's important to have a clear idea of the parameters involved, as you can quickly get lost in the wide range of choices available on the market. Fortunately, we have put together the necessary criteria to guide you and advise you on the purchase of the most suitable model. Take stock!

#1 - The size

Before you start looking for the best roof top tent, we advise you to define your uses to know the ideal dimensions. Some models are very large and designed to accommodate more than two people. On the other hand, many rooftop tents are designed to be narrow to accommodate the needs of the eternal loner. Also, don't forget to consider the amount of space available on the roof of your vehicle. In other words, for it to be comfortable enough, your future equipment will have to be able to meet your capacity, width and height needs.

#2 - The weight

According to manufacturing standards, themaximum allowable weight of a roof tent is 75 kg, whether the car is stationary or in motion. This weight includes, among other things, the sleeping area and the accessories that you will add to it to enjoy maximum comfort. But first of all, you should know that the roof tent is supported by roof poles to be perfectly stable. Thus, you should absolutely bet on an equipment whose weight is compatible with these supports to guarantee its stability. You should also note that a roof tent that is too light is likely to be blown away by the wind. Therefore, opt for equipment below the limit by systematically taking into account the additional accessories you plan to add to it (solar panel, tarpaulin, mosquito net, LED lamp, etc.).

#3 - The material of manufacture

The materials of manufacture of roof tents are a guarantee of strength and durability. Usually, these includestainless steel at the supports. The fabric can be made of polyester, polyamide or nylon, while others are made of PVC. Of course, seasoned campers will opt for a high-quality material to ensure the roof tent's long-term effectiveness. Those who camp infrequently may be less discerning, without compromising the durability of the material. In any case, in order to benefit from excellent manufacturing quality, pay particular attention to:

  • Thickness and finish of the fabric.
  • The waterproofness and impermeability of the fabric, data indicated in Schmerbers.
  • The firmness and resistance of the seams.
  • Ventilation of the fabric.
  • Thermal protection of the cover.

#4 - The comfort


rooftop tent is not intended to compete with a hotel room. On the other hand, it can perfectly replace an accommodation depending on the comfort offered. This criterion naturally depends on the space available and the ease of installation, but it is also possible to increase the level of comfort thanks to the addition of some accessories such as:

  • LED lighting (lamp, ceiling light, etc.).
  • A mosquito net.
  • Telescopic ladder.
  • Storage pockets.
  • A storage bag or tarp for easy storage.
  • A remote control if it is a hard top tent.
  • A solar panel for a power source.
  • Sleeping bags.
  • A mattress.

#5 - The guarantee

A manufacturer's warranty (often between 12 months and 5 years) is a guarantee of the quality of the roof tent. It reflects its robustness and durability. The longer it is, the more you will be sure to have a reliable equipment. You will always be able to make use of your warranty (replacement or refund) in case of a defective model.

How do I set up a soft top tent?

To set up your soft top tent properly, start by choosing the right location. During rainy seasons, it's best to park in a spot that's safe from the elements and lightning. If the weather is temperamental and the sun is out, choose a shady spot. Finally, avoid exposure to the wind to ensure the constant stability of your roof tent.

Once you've chosen a location, unpack all your equipment and bring along any tools you may need during setup (screwdrivers, gloves, etc.). Distinguish the different surfaces of the tent starting with the bottom of the tent, then the ceiling and finally the supports. Then prepare the roof poles and make all the necessary attachments according to the instructions. Finally, check the stability of the structure and adjust it to your liking.

The different types of roof tents

To finalize your choice, it is important to know how to distinguish the 2 main existing models of roof tents. Indeed, you will discover on the market the flexible roof tents and the models with rigid shell.

Soft top tent or wallet tent

Available at an affordable price and spacious to boot, the soft top tent is the most common tent available today. It is also appreciated for its strength, because even though it is usually made of fabric, it is firm enough to stand up to any

situation. Light and flexible, this traditional equipment fits any type of vehicle. The only drawback is that its installation is not as easy as it looks, as it is completely manual and requires some time to adapt.

If you are looking for a roof tent that is light and spacious, we recommend that you choose the soft-sided versions. In fact, these are the models most favored by professional campers who want to practice setting up and taking down the equipment.

Rigid roof tent or vertical deployment tent


hardtop tent is a trendy model par excellence. It is synonymous with ease of installation and practicality

, because equipped with a crank or a remote control, the installation is done quickly and without hassle. It is also a robust roof tent that can cope with all weather conditions. That said, it does have some drawbacks compared to the soft-top model, namely: higher price, heavier structure and much less space.

If you want to focus on ease of setup and sturdiness in the face of all odds, hard-sided roof tents are still the most appropriate choice. Those who camp with family or friends favor these models to save time and enjoy the outdoor activities that await them in the great outdoors.

Roof or floor tent?

Roof Tent

The roof tent takes the hassle out of setting up. You don't have to put stakes in the ground to pack everything up when you leave. The tent is set up on the roof of your car before you leave and that's it. This will save you a lot of time and you can enjoy your stay better. The comfort is also better in a roof tent, as a mattress is usually placed inside. Since the tent is placed on the roof, you will have more storage space in your trunk.

However, you will have to take into account an increase in wind load, which will increase the fuel consumption of your car. The purchase of a roof tent requires a relatively large investment. Nevertheless, you are investing in comfort and quality.

Floor tent

The main attraction of the floor tent is its price. This camping equipment is particularly affordable. It is also available in many sizes. Moreover, it is possible to carry several of them to accommodate the whole group going on an adventure. In addition, the floor tent is lightweight, which limits the amount of space it takes up in car trunks even though it needs space for storage.

When choosing a floor tent, you'll need to allow for a few tools and time to set it up in the area where you plan to spend the night. You will then need to pack it up in the morning if you are not staying there. Also be prepared for a minimalist level of comfort unless you carry a suitable mattress which will be particularly bulky.


The choice of a roof tent requires an increase in your expenses related to the purchase of the equipment and the increase in fuel consumption of your car. On the other hand, you will enjoy a much better sleeping comfort compared to a ground tent. You will also be relieved of the hassle of setting up your sleeping space. Investing in a roof tent is therefore more advantageous, especially if you go camping quite regularly.

Why buy a roof tent?

Easy to use

The roof tent is easy to set up and is usually supplied with a user's manual that you can consult at your leisure. Regardless of the type of model chosen, the equipment can be set up quickly and easily in a few minutes on the roof of a car equipped with crossbars.

Safe accessory

Even in a camping tent, you tend to be afraid of small insects and damp or cold ground. To overcome this problem, the roof tent is the ideal solution. It is a safer sleeping option because you sleep high up.

More comfortable

Going camping doesn't always mean a camper van or a camping tent. In fact, you can organise your outdoor holiday in a different way. The roof tent allows you to be in the greatest comfort without the above-mentioned equipment. Some models can even accommodate up to 5 people.

Extra sleeping space

Do you already have a camping tent or motor home? The roof tent provides additional sleeping space. It is especially suitable for outings with friends or family.

Compatible with a wide range of car types

Most roof-tent models are compatible with different types of cars. However, you should ensure that the weight of the tent (up to 50-75 kg) matches the capacity of the car roof and that the car is equipped with adequate roof racks.

The best brands of roof tents

In our opinion, the best brands of roof tents in 2022 are :


The brand specialises in the manufacture of car equipment and accessories. These products, roof tents among others, are known for their excellent price/quality ratio and for the innovations that prove to be very practical.

XLJH offers a wide range of camping accessories and automotive equipment. Marketing its products only on the Internet, the brand manages to offer unbeatable prices for very good quality products.

Directly linked to the creators of the roof tent in 1958, Autohome is a true pioneer in the field. With its extensive experience, the brand offers the best roof tents on the market and is constantly innovating to better satisfy its millions of customers around the world.

Wang2018 is a Chinese brand specialized in the manufacture of tents and accessories. Its range of roof tents stands out for their quality and their very competitive prices.

XPHW is the Chinese specialist for roof tents. The brand offers a wide range of innovative roof tents for all types of vehicles at attractive prices.

What is the price for a roof tent

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

1000 £ to 2000 £
2000 £ to 3500 £
more than 3500 £
Price range diagram


Take the necessary time to unpack your roof tent.

Don't rush into setting up your roof top tent, especially if it's a soft top. Remember to unpack the kit and check all the materials to make sure they are complete. This is also a crucial step in the assembly process, as you will necessarily need to place each item in its place before attaching anything.

Dry your roof tent before storing it.

Mold can quickly surface due to moisture, and the risks are even higher if you fold your roof tent immediately after use. Before storing your gear in the tarp or cover it is stored in, consider laying it out in the sun to remove any moisture.

Store your roof tent in a safe place.


folded, it is recommended that the roof tent be stored away from moisture. Choose a dry place and always in its storage bag to avoid tears and damage.

Choose a waterproof and windproof model.


seasons of the year are good for camping that's why it's crucial to choose a roof tent that is resistant to the vagaries of weather and climate. You may have to camp in the rainy season, which is all the more reason to choose a waterproof model. For their part, double-roofed versions are recommended to resist wind.

Make your roof tent comfortable.

Always keeping in mind the weight limit, don't hesitate to make your roof tent more user-friendly and comfortable. The presence of a portable solar panel, for example, is plebiscite to have continuous access to an energy source.


What is the best roof tent?

The best rooftop tent depends on your needs and budget. Read our buying guide to find out which products are the best at the moment.

Which car is suitable for a roof tent?

Whether you own a 4x4, a sedan, an SUV or a station wagon, all cars can accommodate a roof tent, regardless of make and model. The most important thing is to check whether your vehicle is compatible with the roof racks, the weight and the dimensions of the tent.

How to unfold and fold a roof tent?

To properly unfold and fold a roof tent, choose a spacious area that can accommodate the entire structure. Take your time to avoid tearing the fabric cover. Once folded, the tent should be placed in its storage bag immediately.

Where to put up a roof tent in rainy weather?

If you are camping in the rainy season, choose the least exposed places, avoiding rocks and trees that could easily collapse in the lightning. Consider getting a roof tent with a high Schmerbers value to protect you from the rain. Also, don't hesitate to get a tent with a double roof to reduce water infiltration.

Which roof bar should I choose to support a roof tent?

Ideally, choose a roof rack that is compatible with your equipment. To do this, choose roof bars of the same brand as the structure. They should also be able to support the weight of the tent to avoid accidents and unpleasant surprises, especially when the car is in motion.


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LMHX 880-395-064
XLJH 931-882-791 10
XLJH 931-882-791
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WANG2018 345-587-635
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