The best thermos in the UK 2023

Much more than a brand name, the thermos today designates the container that keeps soups and drinks at a constant temperature for several hours. It ensures an exemplary thermal insulation and can accompany you elsewhere than at work. Thermos flask, insulated coffee cup, thermos flask..., choosing the right model can become a headache. Rely on our guide of the best thermos flasks to save time.

Stanley Legendary Classic

Best value for money

Stanley Legendary Classic - 1 L

The best thermos in 2021

The Stanley Legendary Classic will accompany you on your travels, no matter what the situation. Presented in its classic form, this thermos is no less practical.

39,60 £ on Amazon

That's a very telling name! The Stanley Legendary Classic is still as popular as it was when it debuted 70 years ago. The double-walled vacuum insulation system allows this 1L thermos to keep drinks at their original temperature for 24 hours. The screw cap and lid are leak-proof, so the risk of spills is very limited. The Stanley Legendary Classic delivers on its promise. Its stainless steel body ensures a long life and exceptional resistance to shocks, falls and corrosion. This thermos is dishwasher safe.

720°DGREE milkyBottle

Best value for money

720°DGREE milkyBottle - 350 mL

The best entry-level thermos

Eco-chic, that's what could sum up this 350 mL thermos flask. With its Climate Pledge Friendly label, this model will help you keep drinks hot and cold.

15,98 £ on Amazon

The 720°DGREE milkyBottle can be used for sports, travel and nature outings. You can even take it to the office and to school because of its compactness and maneuverability. Its elegant design and isothermal capacity will inevitably make people jealous. Made of 304 stainless steel and featuring KeepDGREE technology, this 350 mL thermos keeps your drink hot for 12 hours or cool for up to 24 hours. The liquid will only come in direct contact with food grade materials (guaranteed BPA and phthalate free). This model is also available in 500, 750 and 1000 mL versions.

Thermos Stainless King

Best value for money

Thermos Stainless King - 1.2 L

The best high-end thermos

The Stainless King is signed Thermos, the brand that created the name of the isothermal bottle. Design, isothermal efficiency, robustness, reasonable price... a must.

56,22 £ on Amazon

It's not just drinks that you can store and transport in a thermos. And if you enjoyfood to go, you'll love the Stainless King Thermos. With its 1.2 L capacity, it allows you to take a meal with you and enjoy it at the right temperature. Your meals will stay warm for 14 hours while fresh preparations stay warm for 24 hours. This isothermal food box is also characterized by its wide mouth, allowing you to eat directly from it. At the same time, the cleaning becomes easier as well as the filling. This thermos comes with 2 multipurpose compartments that can be used separately.

Newdora Modern Classic

Thermos mug

Newdora Modern Classic - 380 mL

The best mug thermos

Barely taller than an iPhone 12 Pro Max, the Newdora Modern Classic is a thermos mug capable of keeping your drink warm for 6 hours. It has a capacity of 380 mL.

9,59 £ on Amazon
Buying guide • November 2023

Best thermos

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The best thermos in 2021

The best entry-level thermos

The best high-end thermos

The best mug thermos

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Comparison table of the best thermos

Stanley Legendary Classic
720°DGREE milkyBottle
Thermos Stainless King
Newdora Modern Classic
Stanley Legendary Classic - 1 L
720°DGREE milkyBottle - 350 mL
Thermos Stainless King - 1.2 L
Newdora Modern Classic - 380 mL
The Stanley Legendary Classic will accompany you on your travels, no matter what the situation. Presented in its classic form, this thermos is no less practical.
Eco-chic, that's what could sum up this 350 mL thermos flask. With its Climate Pledge Friendly label, this model will help you keep drinks hot and cold.
The Stainless King is signed Thermos, the brand that created the name of the isothermal bottle. Design, isothermal efficiency, robustness, reasonable price... a must.
Barely taller than an iPhone 12 Pro Max, the Newdora Modern Classic is a thermos mug capable of keeping your drink warm for 6 hours. It has a capacity of 380 mL.
Thermos bottle
Thermos flask
Food thermos
Thermos mug
810 g
220 g
1,34 kg
360 g
1 L
350 mL
1,2 L
380 mL
Food and beverage storage time
Hot and cold : 24 h
Hot : 12 h - Cold : 24 h
Hot : 10 h - Cold : 24 h
Hot : 12 h - Cold : 24 h
Aperture size
3.5 cm
7,5 cm

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Buying guide - thermos

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How to choose your thermos

Here are a few parameters to consider when choosing a thermos that meets your needs.

#1 - The size and volume

If it's for carrying tea/coffee, a small thermos (300 mL) will do. However, if it's for carrying something else, such as cold or hot water, then you can choose the size that suits you. A 1.5L capacity will be sufficient, but the catch is that your thermos will take up a lot of space because of its large size. Also, if you are faced with two thermos jugs of the same capacity but with different exterior dimensions, opt for the larger one because it will offer better thermal insulation.

#2 - The neck of the thermos

According to the use, there are thermos jugs for drinks and thermos jugs for food. Externally, they differ significantly, as thermos flasks for tea, coffee and other drinks have a narrow neck. If you want to retain the heat of food, choose a thermos with a much wider neck that makes the process of loading and unloading food from the thermos more convenient and at the same time speeds up the cooling of the food.

#3 - The material

At first, almost all thermos were made of glass. They are easy to wash, do not retain odors, but are fragile. Dropping the thermos, even with a low height is often enough to break the glass bulb into pieces, making it unusable. For this reason, opt for modern, well-engineered metal thermoses. However, they are difficult to clean compared to glass models and the smell of mildew can build up if you keep it closed all the time. Economical thermos flasks are also coming on the market, which have a plastic bulb with a mirror coating. Avoid buying these as much as possible because over time, their coating will flake off and contaminate the liquid inside the flask.

#4 - The lid


thermos cap plays an important role in its practicality. The classic screw cap version (without valves or knobs) offers simplicity in design. This thermos never leaks, even if the container is tilted or turned upside down. This is convenient if you plan to travel with your thermos. On the other hand, if you're in a fixed location (office or home), the thermos with a knob is much more ergonomic because it doesn't need to be unscrewed in order to pour out its contents. All you have to do is press a button to open the valve. However, breakage and clogging of the valve occurs quite often with this type of lid. If not maintained regularly, the thermos valve may leak in the horizontal position or clog if the clogging is severe.

#5 - The quality

When purchasing a thermos, open the tube and smell the air inside the flask. If you smell a strong chemical odor, do not buy it. Shake the thermos several times to make sure all its parts are in place. Make sure the tube is tight against the flask and that there are no cracks, chips or dents in the body of the thermos. Check the insulation quality of a thermos by filling it with boiling water and closing the lid. If after 10-15 minutes, the outer walls of the thermos heat up considerably, the quality of the thermos is poor. The walls of a thermos with excellent insulation should not heat up under any circumstances.

Good habits to adopt to ensure a longer life for your thermos

  • Always clean your thermos with lukewarm water and make sure to wash it well before its first use.
  • Never put your thermos in a microwave oven
  • Avoid overfilling the bottle. Make sure there is enough room to insert the cap
  • Rinse the thermos with warm water if you haven't used it in a while
  • Avoid immersing the bottle in water as it can seep between the liner and the bottle
  • Avoid using bleach to clean the thermos as it can damage the steel weld

Good to know

Hot food will not spoil in a thermos as long as it stays above 60°C or 74°C especially for meat. Hot food usually lasts about 4 to 6 hours before dropping below this temperature. Once this happens, harmful bacteria can grow and make your food unhealthy.

Thermos or flask?


Beyond personal use, the thermos is also used for science, medicine and technology, especially as a storage for food and drink. In fact, its function continues to grow over the years. In medicine, the thermos is used to safely transport insulin, human tissue samples and donor organs. It is also used in aircraft instrumentation as a temperature sensing device. However, thermos flasks are more cumbersome during travel and take up a lot of space in your luggage.


The gourd is a simple container for carrying hot or cold drinks. It is easy to wash and can withstand high temperatures. The stainless steel versions are safe because they are BPA and phthalate free. Elegant, portable and easy to recycle if necessary, the gourd does not offer good thermal insulation. Indeed, the drink inside a gourd gets warm. Moreover, if you carry extremely hot or cold drinks in it, you risk getting hurt or burned by the temperature because the outer surface of the gourd does not offer a safety system for its user.


The best eco-friendly alternative to reduce plastic bottle waste is to buy a water bottle or thermos. If you don't need to keep your beverage hot, choose a water bottle which is both compact and sturdy. However, if you are going to carry hot or cold food/drink and want to preserve their temperature, then turn to a thermos.

Be careful!

Do not use the thermos to keep dry foods like fried rice or scrambled eggs warm. These foods won't stay warm in it. It's best to put dishes like muffins or cheesy vegetables in an ice pack.


Cleaning the inside of a thermos

Pour vinegar or peroxide into the bottom of the thermos. Add baking soda to the mixture. Then fill the rest of the thermos with hot water. Let it sit for several hours or overnight. Finally, empty the container and rinse thoroughly.

Keeping your food warm all day long


towels around each container for better thermal insulation. This will keep your food warm. Then place the wrapped food in towels, insulated coolers or cardboard boxes to avoid spilling.

Optimizing thermos efficiency for keeping food cold


best results, cool your thermos first. Put it in the refrigerator or freezer. You can also put ice and cold water in it for a few minutes. Quickly put your cold food or drink in it and immediately close the lid on the thermos to keep it cool.

Optimizing thermos efficiency for keeping food hot


store hot food, first preheat your thermos by pouring boiling water into it. Let it sit for a few minutes, don't forget to close the lid, then drain. Quickly add the hot food or drink (100°C if possible) and close the lid instantly. Also use a towel or an insulating pouch/scarf to cover the thermos.

Getting rid of soap taste in a thermos


do this, pour a mixture of one tablespoon of powdered dishwasher detergent and boiling water into your thermos. Cap the thermos, shake vigorously, and let it sit for at least an hour before brushing it out with a swab. Once this step is complete, rinse your thermos several times.


What is the best thermos?

The best thermos depends on your needs and your budget. Read our buying guide for the best products out there.

Are thermos bottles susceptible to wear and tear?


. Thermos flasks are not likely to succumb to wear and tear. However, their seals can deteriorate. When this happens, the bottles quickly lose their thermal insulation capacity and no longer retain heat.

Can I put alcohol in a thermos?


't pour alcoholic or oily liquids into a thermos for the simple reason that the thermos is not able to withstand the pressure that builds up in it once the lid is closed


Can I put milk in my thermos?


can put milk in a thermos, but the temperature must be below 4.4°C or above 60°C, otherwise harmful bacteria can develop. This will cause your milk to spoil quickly, making it unsafe for the body. Because it's difficult to monitor exact temperatures, manufacturers strongly advise against putting milk in a thermos.

What kind of food could I put in a thermos?


thermos can hold beverages such as tea, fruit juice, hot chocolate, or even coffee. You can also store soup like Asian noodle and meatball soup, crispy foods like stew, chili, curry, pasta or hot oatmeal in it.


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Stanley Legendary Classic
Stanley Legendary Classic - 1 L
720°DGREE milkyBottle
720°DGREE milkyBottle - 350 mL
Thermos Stainless King
Thermos Stainless King - 1.2 L
Newdora Modern Classic
Newdora Modern Classic - 380 mL


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