The best hiking boots for men in the UK 2023

Practiced by 5.5 million people throughout France, hiking allows you to be physically active while discovering new places. For a successful excursion, you need the right equipment, including hiking boots. To find yours, check out our complete guide.

Vectiv Exploris Futurelight Shoes 1

Best value for money

Vectiv Exploris Futurelight Shoes

The best hiking boots for men

The Vectiv Exploris Futurelight are the hiking boots that will satisfy you the most if you are looking for a light pair. They reduce fatigue thanks to the technologies present and contribute to the speed of hikers.

124 £ on The North Face

You'll love the Vectiv technology built into these shoes. It ensures the speed of hikers thanks to the design of the sole. In fact, there is a TPU plate that offers excellent grip and reduces the pressure of your body weight with each step. Not to mention that it helps with good posture while walking. Add to that the benefits of Futurelight technology for both breathability and permeability.

The pores of the membrane are highly resistant to moisture and allow air to pass through to ventilate the feet. This makes this pair ideal for all weather conditions. These hiking boots not only perform well, but also look great for an outfit in this category.

Litewave Futurelight Shoes 2

Best value for money

Litewave Futurelight Shoes

The best entry-level hiking boots for men

Stylish, practical and safe, these hiking boots from The North Face are a welcome addition to your mountain and wilderness trips. Get the best pair at a low price and take advantage of the brand's advanced technologies.

80 £ on The North Face

The North Face brand's waterproof hiking boots stand up to any test. The manufacturer expertly selects the materials used to ensure the comfort of hikers. As a result, they can be worn no matter what the weather. In addition to being water resistant, these fabrics are breathable and lightweight. They adapt to the temperature of the foot and avoid excessive sweating. In addition, this pair is equipped with Futurelight technology, guaranteeing flawless breathability. With a non-slip rubber sole, they are a safe pair of hiking boots for rough terrain.

Thanks to their design, they are worn like sneakers, comfortable and light. To avoid accidents, the manufacturer has implemented a heel counter that perfectly fits the shape of the heel, but also an additional protection for the toes. The reinforcements are made of thermoplastic, which are highly appreciated for their elasticity, providing all the comfort expected.

Quest 4 Gore-Tex hiking boots 3

Best value for money

Quest 4 Gore-Tex hiking boots

The best high-end hiking boots for men

This pair is designed to provide maximum safety and comfort when hiking. Equipped with a high shaft, it is suitable for long expeditions in high places. Its characteristics allow it to face the roughest conditions.

168 £ on Cdiscount

Thanks to its high-quality rubber outsole, this pair of men's hiking boots provides good grip on the ground and is therefore suitable for all terrains. The Ortholite insole contributes to its unbeatable comfort. Add to that the SensiFit technology that alleviates or even eliminates the discomfort caused by friction in the interior. An optimized frame protects the joints from possible shocks during walking. This protection extends to the ankle, which is less likely to be sprained.

Its support is exceptional and is greatly felt when used for hours on end. The lace-up fit does not compromise breathability. These shoes have a Gore-tex water repellent treatment. In addition to its unparalleled performance on the trail, it is also very popular on other less challenging terrain. It has proven itself through the excellent support it offers, especially when the backpacker is carrying a heavy backpack.

Adidas Terrex Swift R2 Mid GTX


Adidas Terrex Swift R2 Mid GTX

The best hiking boots for men from Merrell

The Adidas Terrex Swift R2 Mid GTX are one of the must-have hiking boots for men. They are stable, grippy, light and very breathable. There's no excuse not to go hiking.

88,80 £ on Amazon

On or off the trail, the Adidas Terrex Swift R2 Mid GTX hiking boots for men are a great value. They give you excellent protection thanks to Gore-Tex technology, whatever the weather conditions. Of course you can cross streams, mud puddles... without any difficulty. The grip is sensational thanks to their supportive Traxion outsole.

The Adidas Terrex Swift R2 Mid GTX have been specially designed for all kinds of outdoor activities such as hiking, trekking, walking... You will appreciate the high level of comfort, ideal for off-road excursions.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best hiking shoes for men

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The best hiking boots for men

The best entry-level hiking boots for men

The best high-end hiking boots for men

The best hiking boots for men from Merrell

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Comparison table of the best hiking boots for men

Vectiv Exploris Futurelight Shoes 4
Litewave Futurelight Shoes 5
Quest 4 Gore-Tex hiking boots 6
Adidas Terrex Swift R2 Mid GTX
Vectiv Exploris Futurelight Shoes
Litewave Futurelight Shoes
Quest 4 Gore-Tex hiking boots
Adidas Terrex Swift R2 Mid GTX
The Vectiv Exploris Futurelight are the hiking boots that will satisfy you the most if you are looking for a light pair. They reduce fatigue thanks to the technologies present and contribute to the speed of hikers.
Stylish, practical and safe, these hiking boots from The North Face are a welcome addition to your mountain and wilderness trips. Get the best pair at a low price and take advantage of the brand's advanced technologies.
This pair is designed to provide maximum safety and comfort when hiking. Equipped with a high shaft, it is suitable for long expeditions in high places. Its characteristics allow it to face the roughest conditions.
The Adidas Terrex Swift R2 Mid GTX are one of the must-have hiking boots for men. They are stable, grippy, light and very breathable. There's no excuse not to go hiking.
Mesh and textile
Synthetic textile
Upper material
Cordora mesh
Leather and fabric
Textile and synthetic
Outer sole
CTRL Grip surface
Contagrip TA rubber
Continental rubber
Inner sole
Ortholite X55 surface
Lightweight TPU plate, Vectiv Rocker Midsole technology, Futurelight technology
Nonslip, lightweight insole/ Waterproof materials
Drop: 12 mm/ Heel height: 34 mm
Good grip, Traxion technology, TPU reinforcements

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Buying guide - hiking shoes for men

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How to choose your hiking shoes for men

In order to guarantee you long hours of walking in total comfort, here are some parameters not to be neglected when choosing your hiking boots.

#1 - The coating

Be aware that an unsuitable material offers less breathability and can make your feet uncomfortable and confined. So opt for synthetic, which is often nylon or polyester. Synthetic hiking boots are easy to put on, lightweight and dry faster when wet, but are less water resistant.

Grained leather, half leather and half synthetic, is very breathable. But it is less resistant to wear and water than full grain leather. Finally, full grain leather is a very resistant material that will satisfy the most demanding hikers. Although full grain leather hiking boots are suitable for mountaineering, they are less breathable and heavy.

#2 - The weight

Experienced backpackers prefer to wear lightweight hiking boots while others give more credit to leather hiking boots that are sturdier and more reliable. If you're looking for shoes that can serve you for many years, choose leather models that are rather heavy. If you are looking for practicality, then go for the lighter models. However, you should know that there are also models that reconcile these two criteria.

#3 - The size


easy to get caught up in the bells and whistles of a product and ignore any adjustments. Therefore, before buying hiking boots, make sure they fit you both size-wise and comfort-wise. The shoe should fit snugly around the ball of your foot and keep your heel in place to avoid blisters. Also consider trying on your hiking boots while wearing socks to get an accurate feel for comfort and fit.

#4 - The grip of the sole


grip of a hiking boot generally depends on the manufacturing material used and the notching. Soft rubber grips well on rocks and rocky surfaces but wears out more quickly. Hard treads are more solid but will tend to make you skid.

Choose a compromise between these two models depending on the type of terrain you will be hiking on. Currently, there are hiking boots with soles that offer more grip on rocks and do not slip on wet surfaces.

#5 - The protection

Waterproofing/breathability is an important factor for mountain activities. Some shoes with plastic shells are very waterproof but don't let your feet breathe. Look for models that allow your feet to breathe and do not allow water to enter the environment.

For added protection, choose hiking boots with self-locking hooks that lock your footwear in place while hiking, or ones that are shock-absorbing to absorb vibrations and take the pressure off your joints.

Some shoes also have stone guards. This is the rigid part at the front of the hiking boots that prevents shocks and limits the abrasion of the front part of the boots.

Things to know

There is a bag on the market that is used as a portable washing machine when you go camping or hiking. More efficient than a hand wash, it allows you to clean your clothes in only 3 minutes. Some brands even sell kits that include a wash bag, drying towel, clothes line and other useful equipment.

Cleaning hiking boots by material

A good cleaning will not only make your shoes look good, but also make your feet feel good.

  • If your shoes are made of synthetic fabrics or canvas, wash them by hand. To do this, wash the shoes and their laces separately with a mild soap, a soft brush and water.
  • Nylon is known for its durability and breathability. To keep it breathable, do not apply creams, polishes or silicone solutions that may block the pores of the fabric. Use only a soft brush or damp cloth and water.
  • Forleather shoes, keep them free of dust, use a soft brush to remove mud and a moisturizing soap to clean the outside of the shoe.
  • For suede, use only a dry brush or sponge.
  • Nubuck is very vulnerable to wear and stains and is more absorbent than other leathers, so add a protective layer with a quality waterproofing spray. Use a dry brush or sponge to clean it. There are also special sprays and cleaners that are compatible with different types of shoe materials.

Things to remember

Choose light hiking boots because they dry much faster than waterproof shoes or hiking boots. And always wear thin socks for optimal comfort during long hours of walking.

The different types of hiking boots for men

Hiking shoes for men are sold by category. Their characteristics are not the same according to the use and the particularities of the routes. The models are divided into these 4 groups.

Hiking shoes for short distances

This type of hiking shoe has a low shaft. If they are mainly intended for short paths, they are nevertheless more versatile than that. Hikers are seduced by the lightness of these pairs. They are therefore very pleasant to wear. The grip of the sole is perfect on all types of terrain. Very flexible, these shoes face the rather rough paths. This characteristic also allows to walk quickly. However, they are not very water resistant.

Hiking shoes for treks

These shoes are for long distance hiking and complex paths. With a high shaft, they are often made with leather, because robustness is the key here. These shoes for treks are waterproof. They are suitable for the most difficult conditions. The pairs have side reinforcements and stone guards as safety features. You can put them on while carrying heavy loads like a heavy pack. The cushioning of trekking boots for treks is remarkable compared to other types.

Hiking shoes for mountaineering

Equipped with crampons, mountaineers' hiking boots are meant for technical activities. The material used here is thicker for maximum protection of the wearer. Leather or plastic is often used for this type of shoe. The design, the material, the upper are all designed to protect you from rain and cold. Snowy trails are no problem. In fact, these shoes are good enough for all types of mountaineering trips. Note that they are rigid and lack flexibility.

High or low hiking shoes?

High hiking shoes

Offering excellent balance and ankle support, this type of shoe is ideal for the adventurous hiker who is progressing off trail and through potentially dangerous terrain. However, high hiking boots are heavier and lack some flexibility.

Low hiking shoes

These are models more or less similar to running shoes. While they are great for light, casual hiking, these models make you vulnerable to ankle injuries. Therefore, low hiking shoes should be worn on well-groomed trails.


Low shoes take care of ankles, knees, thighs, and back and prevent blisters. However, they are not suitable for mountaineering, climbing down large rocks or winter hiking. For these activities, you should consider high shoes, as they can also provide optimal comfort even when hiking in the rainy season.

In conclusion, the choice between these two types of hiking boots will depend mainly on the use you intend to make of them, the type of climate and the place where you plan to venture. However, you should know that there are mid-height hiking boots that combine the two models.

Why buy hiking boots for men?

Incomparable comfort

Your feet are under a lot of pressure when you are out in the wilderness. Hiking shoes therefore allow you to evolve in comfort. They are therefore equipped with good cushioning to limit the impact on the ground as much as possible. Desirability being an essential criterion in terms of hiking or outdoor activities, equipment manufacturers have designed shoes with a good breathability function. This prevents overheating and keeps your feet cool.

Optimal protection

As an outdoor activity, hiking is largely dependent on the weather. In order to protect your feet ideally, hiking boots are waterproof and some models are designed for walking in cold weather. In addition, the shoes dedicated to the mountain are equipped with stone guards to prevent you from injuring yourself. They also have reinforced heels and extra protection on the sides to limit the impact of rocks or branches during the session.

Maximum grip

On technical or uneven terrain, good grip is essential. Most hiking boots have a rubber sole to give you the grip you need. You don't have to worry about walking on wet ground.

Increased durability

It's not really practical or economical to change shoes frequently. With hiking boots, you won't have to, as they come with thick soles and reinforcements. You are sure to use them for a long time. In addition, you can choose a high top or high top shoe for optimal protection or a low top shoe for more freedom of movement.

An appreciable versatility

When you're out and about, your route may consist of different types of terrain. There are hiking boot models that can handle a variety of terrain. This will save you from having to take another pair with you.

The best brands of hiking boots for men

In our opinion, the best brands of hiking boots for men in 2022 are :

Mountain Warehouse

When it was founded in 1947 in Annecy, France, the Salomon brand started out designing skis and then expanded into outdoor activities and equipment, including trail running. Today, the brand is a leader in the marketing of hiking boots made of high-performance materials (breathable, waterproof, non-slip, etc.) and of premium quality.

Randy Merrell started out as a solo artist over 30 years ago and made a name for himself with his boots, which were voted best hiking boots in North America by Backpacker magazine. Since then, Merrell has continued to innovate and build on its many years of expertise to become one of the most specialized brands in hiking boots.

Founded in 1930, Lafuma was a pioneer in the field of sports equipment, namely metal-framed backpacks, before finally launching into the marketing of hiking boots in 2000. The brand's walking shoes are particularly popular with fans because of their breathable and waterproof shell.

Founded in 1938 in the United States, Columbia is now a world-renowned outdoor brand. The brand's clothing, footwear and hiking equipment are highly regarded for their state-of-the-art technology.

Since 1997, the Mountain Warehouse brand has been designing outdoor products. With years of experience, the company has become popular with trekking enthusiasts for its high quality, comfortable, breathable and grippy hiking boots that are accessible to all.

What is the price for a hiking shoes for men

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

29 £ to 50 £
50 £ to 150 £
more than 150 £
Price range diagram


Polish leather hiking boots properly.

Always condition your leather hiking boots with a suitable product that you can find in specialized stores. Try not to apply too much conditioner so that the leather can absorb it without looking greasy. Buffing hides scratches and adds color, shine and extra protection. There are four basic forms of polish to choose from when polishing your leather shoes: cream, liquid, paste and wax. Some forms of polish like paste or cream polish also act as conditioners, so if you have them, you won't need to use conditioner, unlike with wax or liquid polish bases.

Beware of drying!


best way to dry a pair of hiking boots is to let them air dry. So avoid drying them near a fire, next to a car heater, oven or home heater. If you're in a hurry, simply place newspaper or paper towels inside your shoes to quickly reduce the moisture and speed up the drying process. For best results, replace the newspaper regularly and keep your shoes in a warm, dry, well-ventilated area.

Proper care of waterproof hiking boots.


keep your hiking boots waterproof for as long as possible, coat them regularly with wax or oil as well as a waterproofing spray. The latter is best suited for more delicate leathers while the former is mainly used for nylon, regular leather or mixed materials. You can also follow the manufacturer's recommendations via the instructions that came with your shoes when you purchased them.

Store away from heat and moisture.

When not in use, keep your hiking boots in a cool, dry place. Use supports to keep the shape of leather shoes when not in use. They come in many varieties and shapes. Wooden shoe trees, for example, are more expensive than plastic shoe trees but can help absorb moisture and eliminate odors in your shoes.

Retie your shoelaces after 20 minutes of hiking

The reason, your feet swell after a few minutes due to blood circulation. Your feet will expand and that's why you need to retie your laces. This way, your feet will be comfortable inside your hiking shoes.


What are the best hiking boots?

The best pairs of hiking boots depend on your needs and budget. Read our buying guide to find the best products out there.

Is it safe to wear hiking boots every day?

Yes, you can wear hiking boots every day. However, the treads on hiking boots are more likely to wear out faster if they are used frequently, but their support is strong enough for daily use.

How often should I replace my hiking boots?

Some footwear manufacturers recommend that consumers replace their hiking boots every three to six months or every 550 to 800 km depending on usage.

How do I know if my hiking boots are worn?

Whether you walk in mud, on hard ground or on slippery surfaces, the bottom of your shoes will take a beating. With that in mind, inspect your soles to see how worn the treads are. If the tread pattern is hard to see, it's time to replace it. Feeling the effects of worn soles will also give you a heads up.

Can I waterproof my hiking boots?

Yes, there are waterproofing treatments designed for full grain or "rough" leather such as suede or nubuck. If your hiking boots already have a Gore-Tex membrane, or another type of waterproof/breathable membrane, no treatment is necessary in this case. Simply clean the fabric.


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