The best picnic blankets in the UK 2023

A must-have accessory for family outings or romantic get-togethers, the picnic blanket allows you to lounge around or accommodate the basket you've brought along. They come in all shapes and sizes. Which model would suit you best? Check out our comparison of the best picnic blankets to find out.

Femor 200 x 200 cm 1

Best value for money

Femor 200 x 200 cm

The best picnic blanket in 2021

This great picnic and camping blanket is large, comfortable, sturdy and waterproof. However, you will need help folding it.

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Comfortable and waterproof, the Femor is the best picnic blanket for this year. Measuring 200 x 200 cm, it is also suitable for camping, the beach or the garden. Made of 3 layers and equipped with a carrying handle, it can be folded. However, you will need help to do so. Also, the green striped design is great.

The simple flocked fabric on the front stands out for its softness, very pleasant to the touch. The 2mm terry in the middle layer provides extra comfort. And the aluminum foil on the back keeps water out while resisting heat and tearing. In short, it's the ideal cover for eating where no table or chair is available.

AmazonBasics TEX-180525 175 x 200 cm 2

Best value for money

AmazonBasics TEX-180525 175 x 200 cm

The best entry-level picnic blanket

The TEX-180525 picnic blanket is like many AmazonBasics products: simple, inexpensive and convenient. Plus, it's machine washable.

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AmazonBasics is a solid reference for picnic blankets. Its model TEX-180525 with dimensions 175 x 200 cm does not deny this reputation as it exudes quality. You can use it as a floor mat, picnic mat, beach mat or camping mat. Its thickness ensures that it is perfectly waterproof, even on wet ground.

For folding and storage, this AmazonBasics blanket features a handy Velcro fastener. But you need to have the knack for folding, otherwise it may become an ordeal. We love the charming plaid pattern in blue and white. Moreover, the TEX-180525 175 x 200 cm is washing machine safe!

SKYSPER 200 x 200 cm 3

A great choice

SKYSPER 200 x 200 cm

A great value for the money

For the price, you get a beautifully designed multifunctional mat. The SKYSPER 200 x 200 cm is machine washable.

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The SKYSPER 200 x 200 cm has a beautiful green leaf pattern. Waterproof and moisture resistant, this picnic, beach or garden mat provides excellent protection from wet grass in the morning dews. In addition, it is very well priced.

The 200 x 200 cm size is suitable for family use. The ease of folding disappoints a little, but this defect seems common to the mats and covers of this kind. In particular, it is impossible to fold it back into its original shape. And for cleaning, the SKYSPER 200 x 200 cm is not machine washable. You have to do it by hand, which takes a lot of time and energy.

4UMOR 140 x 200 cm 4

Very good choice

4UMOR 140 x 200 cm

The most practical

This all-black multifunctional picnic mat is a rare practicality. A must for camping or picnicking, despite its size.

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The 4UMOR 140 x 200 cm will surprise many. At first glance, you would have expected an ordinary rectangular rug. But in reality, it is much more clever than it looks! It actually makes a beach mat, camping mat or whatever. And you can wedge it in by putting pebbles in the little corner pockets or with the sardines buried. But it also has a multitude of details that make a difference.

Starting with the little pocket to store it. It is very small, but the 4UMOR 140 x 200 cm fits in it even if you fold it wrong. Underneath, there's a zippered pocket for a phone or other accessories of the same size. And there is also a hood, with a pocket, which turns this blanket into a raincoat in case of rain! Finally, the finishing touches are very good, the blanket comes with 4 sturdy plastic pegs. Too bad it is not 200 x 200 cm.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best picnic blanket

Any specific needs?

The best picnic blanket in 2021

The best entry-level picnic blanket

A great value for the money

The most practical

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Comparison table of the best picnic blankets

Femor 200 x 200 cm 5
AmazonBasics TEX-180525 175 x 200 cm 6
SKYSPER 200 x 200 cm 7
4UMOR 140 x 200 cm 8
Femor 200 x 200 cm
AmazonBasics TEX-180525 175 x 200 cm
SKYSPER 200 x 200 cm
4UMOR 140 x 200 cm
This great picnic and camping blanket is large, comfortable, sturdy and waterproof. However, you will need help folding it.
The TEX-180525 picnic blanket is like many AmazonBasics products: simple, inexpensive and convenient. Plus, it's machine washable.
For the price, you get a beautifully designed multifunctional mat. The SKYSPER 200 x 200 cm is machine washable.
This all-black multifunctional picnic mat is a rare practicality. A must for camping or picnicking, despite its size.
Great matting
Beautiful leaf pattern
Very compact when folded
Not easy to fold by itself
Folding takes practice
To be cleaned by hand

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Buying guide - picnic blanket

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How to choose your picnic blanket

It is often unpleasant to sit on the ground and grass when you go on a family picnic. In this case, the best solution is to buy a picnic blanket. Here are our tips for choosing the right one.
choisir couverture de pique nique

#1 - The size

To determine the size of the picnic blanket you need, consider the number of people who will be sitting on it. Make sure you have one that is large enough to keep your friends and family members comfortable. It is not uncommon to find picnic blankets that are rectangular, square or round in shape. Sizes vary with sides measuring 140 cm to over 200 cm.

#2 - Practicality

In most cases, the picnic blanket is ultra convenient. It folds or rolls up to be as compact as possible for easy transport. Some models even come with carrying handles while others come with a cover or bag. It's best to choose a picnic blanket that is lightweight, waterproof and space-saving so it won't take up space in the trunk of your car.

#3 - The material

Prefer a picnic blanket with a soft outer cover and thick enough padding if you want to relax comfortably. It should be resistant to wear and moisture. Typically, this type of equipment consists of several layers including flannel or velour, foam or sponge composite, and aluminum foil or PVC.

#4 - Ease of cleaning

Since you'll be using the picnic blanket primarily outdoors, sometimes on wet grass, dirt, or sand, it's best to look for a model that's easy to maintain. This criterion depends mainly on the quality and type of material used in its design. A model with a water-repellent treatment would be ideal if you have children. You can get rid of stains without difficulty with a few strokes of a damp cloth. Some models are machine safe, which will make cleaning even easier.

#5 - The design

The design as well as the pattern of your picnic blanket will influence your mood. It should remain stylish whether folded or unfolded. The choice of the pattern is based on where you will be picnicking. You can choose it in a specific style (Scandinavian, natural, traditional, checkered...) or personalized. In addition, choose models with soothing colors if you want to use it to relax while enjoying nature.

How to maintain your picnic blanket ?

An essential piece of equipment for a picnic with friends, family or lovers, the picnic blanket allows you to enjoy this moment of happiness without any annoyance. Since it is used outdoors, perhaps on wet grass, sand or even gravel and dirt, it is quickly contaminated.

The ground could be muddy or dirty and therefore there could be dirt stains to the splashes of grease from the barbecue. Therefore, it is essential to maintain it well so that it can last long and withstand the rigors of outdoor use.

Cleaning a picnic blanket doesn't take much. Easy to maintain, most picnic blankets can usually be washed by hand. Just use a slightly damp cloth to remove any stains. For the underside of the blanket, simply sponge or use a garden hose to rinse it.

But you can also find on the market a special product for picnic blankets like the Brief Power Grease & Burns. It is very effective and can immediately remove even the most stubborn stains.

Many types of picnic blankets can be put in the washing machine, for example, plastic blankets. This saves you a lot of time. For optimal cleaning, you should take into account the washing symbols that are provided on the care label.

Picnic blanket or simple tablecloth?

Picnic blanket

This is a stronger, softer tablecloth. A picnic blanket replaces the old standard gingham picnic blankets. Very soft and well padded, it is multi-layered and provides much more comfort than its classic competitors. Its thickness absorbs the hardness and small imperfections of the ground. You will hardly feel any small pebbles or twigs that may be underneath.

The picnic blanket is also versatile. You can take it camping or to the beach. Some people even use it as a rug. In addition, this type of blanket is tear-resistant, and protects against moisture and cold from the ground. But despite its many strengths, the picnic blanket has some drawbacks that should not be overlooked. Its folding is for example, it is difficult to get it right. This can be annoying for people who have no patience. Moreover, it should be washed only by hand.

Simple tablecloth

A picnic blanket is not a must have for those who want to have a good and enjoyable picnic. A simple tablecloth can do the trick. You can even use it as a plaid for your sofa. This type of tablecloth has the advantage of being economical. All these models are cheaper and available in several designs on the market.

Unlike the picnic blanket, these alternatives are not specifically designed for picnicking. Thus, they can have many disadvantages for their users. Because of their thinness, expecting maximum comfort can be unrealistic. Unless you double them up or place them on tall grass or sand. Moreover, you should always look for a dry place to lay them out, as their backs are not waterproof. Their tips can easily be blown off by the wind if they are not sufficiently weighted.


The choice between a spade cover and a simple tablecloth depends on your preference. Choose the former for the comfort it provides when you sit or lounge on it. Consider the latter if you're less strenuous and not picky.

Why buy a picnic blanket?

For its appreciable practicality

The blanket is one of the essential elements of the picnic! It can be folded easily and you can slip it in a bag to carry it everywhere. For its cleaning, you can wash it in the machine.

For its comfort

When you arrive at your picnic spot, the grass can get wet. With a padded blanket, you don't have to change places to eat, because it protects you from the humidity and the cold! Some models are even waterproof for optimal resistance to liquids.

For its large size

A picnic blanket is designed to accommodate all family members. It offers you a seating area suitable for several people! In addition, you have enough space to place your various containers and utensils. The large size of a picnic blanket means that you won't feel any crowding effect.

For its multiple uses

The picnic blanket is not just for enjoying your meals in comfort. Once the feast is over, you can use it to relax! There's nothing better than a nice nap under the shade of a tree. You can also use it during your escapades, hikes, camping or beach outings.

For its ease of use

Using a picnic blanket is a breeze! You can even entrust its installation to your toddlers given the lightness of the product. Once the picnic is over, simply fold it up and use the Velcro closure that comes with most models. You can then carry it easily thanks to the handle provided for this purpose. Some models even come with a small bag for easy storage.

The best brands of picnic blankets

In our opinion, the best brands of picnic blankets in 2022 are :


AmazonBasics is Amazon's private label. Launched in 2009, AmazonBasics has grown from a small selection of charging cables and batteries to thousands of "everyday items. The products sold by AmazonBasics have an excellent reputation, which is why the brand now has a loyal community.

Since 2007, SKYSPER has been providing outdoor enthusiasts with quality products in a friendly and discreet shopping environment. The brand combines a wide selection, great prices and knowledgeable, expert staff. They create products designed to get people outside and keep them biking, hiking, or fishing. Their picnic blankets are no exception.

Songmics is a brand that sells its products exclusively online. It is an Amazon partner brand. It offers mainly home goods, fitness equipment and garden and outdoor items. The products of this brand are particularly appreciated.

Femor is a brand that sells its products exclusively online, especially on Amazon. It offers a variety of products that range from office chairs, fitness equipment to items for outdoor activities. Its products, including picnic blankets, are always popular on Amazon.

Ikea is a Swedish company founded in 1943 and known for its quality and affordability. Ikea offers a wide range of home furnishings, furniture, and outdoor items. Its picnic blankets are as comfortable as they are robust.

What is the price for a picnic blanket

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

10 £ to 15 £
15 £ to 20 £
more than 20 £
Price range diagram


Put your picnic blanket in the right place

It is important to know that the place where you set up will determine the atmosphere of your picnic. It should not be chosen at random. For example, you can choose to have lunch under a big tree for a rural moment in the shade or by a lake to enjoy a magnificent view. Besides, you can even concoct your little dishes according to the chosen place.

Set up a cosy corner

The picnic blanket is not the only accessory to make your picnic a quite pleasant moment of relaxation. Also bring small comfortable pillows, a mini Bluetooth speaker to listen to music and a parasol to keep you in the shade. You can also bring a few board games for family fun.

Wipe off food stains immediately

It's not uncommon to get stains on your picnic blanket (mayonnaise, tomato sauce, strawberry juice, etc). You don't want to wait until you get home to deal with them, or they may be hard to remove and some won't even come off. Dampen the end of a towel and wipe the stain while it's still fresh.

Consider buying two picnic blankets

Two is always better than one, if you can afford it. That way, you can alternate the two blankets, preventing them from wearing out quickly. Having two different blankets will also allow you to vary the tones of your picnic.

Use your picnic blanket for camping

Other than picnics, camping is also a good opportunity to use your picnic blanket. You can put it inside your tent to act as a mattress, but you can also use it to sleep under the stars if you feel like it. Soft and thick, it will give you the most comfortable sleep.


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Femor 200 x 200 cm 9
Femor 200 x 200 cm
AmazonBasics TEX-180525 175 x 200 cm 10
AmazonBasics TEX-180525 175 x 200 cm
SKYSPER 200 x 200 cm 11
SKYSPER 200 x 200 cm
4UMOR 140 x 200 cm 12
4UMOR 140 x 200 cm


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