The best bicycle helmets in the UK 2023

Although not mandatory, the wearing of a bicycle helmet is highly recommended for the safety of cyclists. However, a model designed for city bikes and mountain bikes will not be suitable for mountain sports or even less for road cycling. How do I choose the right bike helmet? Find the answers in this buying guide and comparison.

Bike helmet - KASK Urban lifestyle 1

Best value for money

Bike helmet - KASK Urban lifestyle

Best Kask bike helmet

For your trips in the city, choose this bicycle helmet with a rigid polycarbonate shell, 4 air intakes for good ventilation and a breathable fabric padding for your comfort.

132 £ on Alltricks

Kask bicycle helmets are known for their quality; this model reinforces that good reputation. Designed to be a semi-open helmet, it has a rigid polycarbonate shell molded on a polystyrene interior. The interior is lined with a breathable fabric that can be removed and washed to ensure good hygiene. The leather chin strap has the same aspects to facilitate the maintenance of this city bike helmet.

For better protection while riding, this model has a retractable visor, certified CE EN 166 - EN 14458. It is smoked to allow you to keep your glasses when you ride your bike. Weighing only 320 g, this bicycle helmet, equipped with 4 air intakes for good ventilation, will not bother you at all, even if you travel long distances.

BELL Nomad women's helmet 2

Best value for money

BELL Nomad women's helmet

Best cheap women's bike helmet

A molded in-mold polycarbonate shell, a removable visor, flat and well positioned straps: these are all advantages of this cheap women's bike helmet.

39,96 £ on Alltricks

Here is a bicycle helmet for women that seduces by its versatility and the level of protection it offers. Designed to the standards of an open-face helmet, it can be worn in the city as well as when riding in the great outdoors. Even if you're riding your mountain bike on trails that wind through a forest, you won't have to worry about wind, dust or bugs clouding your vision. That's because this bike helmet comes with a removable visor.

The polycarbonate shell has been in-molded on a polyester padding. This combination guarantees good rigidity on the outside and excellent shock absorption on the inside. With Ergo Fit™ occipital support and No-Twist Tri-Glides™ technology, the flat straps will keep this women's bike helmet perfectly secure on your head once it's fastened. Lightweight and comfortable, it features 15 ventilation zones and weighs only 333g.

ABUS Airbreaker flipflop 3

Best premium headset

ABUS Airbreaker flipflop

Best top of the line Abus road bike helmet

This high-end road bike helmet will convince you with its aerodynamic appearance, ventilation zones with air inlets and outlets, and ultra-light weight.

151 £ on Alltricks

On a road cycling trip, speed is more important than anything else; hence the aerodynamic look of this top-of-the-line cycling helmet. It features the MultiSpeed design, which translates into a honeycomb shell, broken up by a ventilation area with 11 air inlets and 13 outlets. These devices, connected by channels, ensure that an ambient temperature is maintained inside the helmet.

Designed to fit both men and women, even if they wear a ponytail, this helmet is adjusted with a Zoom Ace dial for a perfect fit. And even though it doesn't come with a visor, you can wear your own glasses, as a bracket is already included to attach the temples. And, let's not fail to mention it: this road bike helmet is lightweight and weighs only 200-240g, depending on the size.

URGE Gringo de la sierra 4

Best full-face headset

URGE Gringo de la sierra

Best full face Urge bike helmet

If you are into mountain sports, enduro, downhill or freeride, choose this full face bike helmet with a removable chin strap.

119 £ on Alltricks

When you're a thrill seeker, protection is not to be minimized. So protect your head with this Urge full face helmet. Its in-mold design gives it rigidity and comfort, while its 22 air vents guarantee good ventilation. Indeed, keeping your head cool is a must when you're hurtling down a slope at high speed!

This full face bike helmet has an adjustable visor and a removable chin strap. It meets CE1078 - CPSC 1203 - AS/NZS 2063 standards and is distinguished from other models by its 5/7 eco-friendly rating. The occipital tightening, the Clip buckle, the adjustment, everything was thought to guarantee a good support so that the weight of this helmet does not weigh too much on your neck.

Cosmo Connected Road noir 5

Best connected headset

Cosmo Connected Road noir

Best connected bike helmet with light and blinker

Reflective strips to optimize visibility, turn signals linked to a remote control placed on the handlebars, sensors that warn your loved ones in case of a fall: this smart bike helmet has something to please.

79,99 £ on Alltricks
Buying guide • November 2023

Best bicycle helmet

Any specific needs?

Best Kask bike helmet

Best cheap women's bike helmet

Best top of the line Abus road bike helmet

Best full face Urge bike helmet

Best connected bike helmet with light and blinker

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Comparison table of the best bicycle helmets

TOP OF THE TOP NOT EXPENSIVE TOP OF THE RANGE Full face headphones Connected headphones
Bike helmet - KASK Urban lifestyle 6
BELL Nomad women's helmet 7
ABUS Airbreaker flipflop 8
URGE Gringo de la sierra 9
Cosmo Connected Road noir 10
Bike helmet - KASK Urban lifestyle
BELL Nomad women's helmet
ABUS Airbreaker flipflop
URGE Gringo de la sierra
Cosmo Connected Road noir
For your trips in the city, choose this bicycle helmet with a rigid polycarbonate shell, 4 air intakes for good ventilation and a breathable fabric padding for your comfort.
A molded in-mold polycarbonate shell, a removable visor, flat and well positioned straps: these are all advantages of this cheap women's bike helmet.
This high-end road bike helmet will convince you with its aerodynamic appearance, ventilation zones with air inlets and outlets, and ultra-light weight.
If you are into mountain sports, enduro, downhill or freeride, choose this full face bike helmet with a removable chin strap.
Reflective strips to optimize visibility, turn signals linked to a remote control placed on the handlebars, sensors that warn your loved ones in case of a fall: this smart bike helmet has something to please.
Type of helmets
Retractable smoke screen
Removable lid
Goggle holder with temple attachment
Adjustable visor, removable chin strap
Full light system, fall detector, geolocation
320 g
333 g
200 to 240 g
790 g (412 g without chin strap)
282 g

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Buying guide - bicycle helmet

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How to choose your bicycle helmet

The bicycle helmet is not chosen at random, because each practice calls for a particular model and each head size requires a helmet adapted.

#1 - The size of a bike helmet

As you probably know, a woman's bike helmet is different from a man's or child's bike helmet. However, without being limited to age and sex, the choice of this recommended safety equipment, whether you ride a road bike, a mountain bike or a city bike, depends mainly on the head size of each person.

Depending on the circumference of your head, you will choose between :

  • A size XS : 53-54 cm
  • A size S : 55-56 cm
  • A size M : 57-58 cm
  • A size L : 58-59 cm
  • A size XL : more than 60 cm.

For baby bike helmets, the minimum diameter is 45 cm; which corresponds approximately to a 9-month-old baby.

#2 - The intended practice

According to

the type of bikes you own and the related use, you should choose specific helmets



For urban travel

, prefer high visibility bicycle helmets that allow other road users to spot you quickly, especially if you are used to riding at night. However, there are less conspicuous models, generally round in shape and with a certain aesthetic requirement.


Those who practice bicycle touring

to get into the nature prefer light, well-ventilated bicycle helmets with a visor and nets to protect themselves from small insects ideally. This helmet design is recommended for long trips.


If you're looking for a road bike helmet

, look for an aerodynamic model that is recognizable by its elongated shape and ventilation zones. They are considered the top of the line in bicycle helmets.


For intensive sports

where the risk of falling is high, turn to closed and full face bicycle helmets. They offer a higher level of protection.

#3 - The features

Bike helmets come with important accessories that can be of great use. This can be mosquito nets, recommended for those who often practice sports in the forest. But it can also be integrated lighting: headlamp or bike blinker.

With the rise of technology, your bike helmet can be linked to a control box placed on the handlebars that allows you to turn on the directional lights. This feature is especially important when the trail and pedaling conditions do not allow you to let go of the handlebars.

It is also possible to combine these benefits with connectivity to your phone. These smart, connected bike helmets will allow you to receive calls hands-free. They also integrate sensors that will send a message to your loved ones in case of falls or accidents.

#4 - The weight

Truly carrying

a heavy object on your head while riding for several kilometers will soon prove to be tiring. In this sense, it is highly recommended to bet on a light and comfortable bicycle helmet. Generally speaking, the weight is between 170 and 300 grams; this depends mainly on the molding and the material used.

Modern manufacturers use the in-mold technique of casting the shell onto the polystyrene layer that will become the inner lining of the bike helmet. In this design, the polystyrene layer absorbs the impact while the shell ensures the rigidity of the helmet.

#5 - The maintenance

In direct contact with your head and therefore exposed to perspiration, the pads inside a bike helmet should be cleaned after each use. Also, prefer models with removable pads, as this makes maintenance much easier.

How do you measure the head size for a bike helmet?


Need a quick guide to bike helmet sizing? Here's one that's simple and easy to do. Get a tape measure, place the end in the middle of your forehead, about 2 cm above your eyebrows. Work your way around, making sure the tape measure reaches the bulkiest part of the back of your skull.

On the descriptions of some bike helmets, you have the corresponding head size; for others, you'll have to choose between a size S, M, L, or XL, the corresponding dimensions of which are explained previously.

How to choose a child's bike helmet


As of March 22, 2017, the law requires that children under 12 years of age must wear a child's bicycle helmet, whether they are driving or riding as a passenger. Just as with adults, you must take your child's head circumference and choose a helmet accordingly. In order for it to do its job of protecting your child, the child's bike helmet must be just right.

Baby bike helmets are designed for a minimum head size of 45 cm. They are suitable for toddlers aged around 9 months. If the head size is too small for your baby, you should look for a size XS or S.


Never get a bigger helmet because your child is going to grow up!

The different types of bicycle helmets

The shape of bicycle helmets allows us to distinguish them into three main types: open bicycle helmets, closed bicycle helmets and semi-open bicycle helmets.

Open face helmet

The open face helmet is easily recognized by its shape that covers the head to the back of the skull. Whether rounded or slightly elongated, this type of helmet is suitable for urban travel as well as for light sports. It is equipped with ventilation zones that guarantee maximum comfort for the cyclist.

The open face helmet can be equipped with or without glasses and lighting system. But above all, it seeks to maximize the visibility of the cyclist through bright colors or the integration of reflective strips. Generally speaking, they are light, aesthetic and equipped with an adjustable fastening mechanism.

Closed face helmet or full face helmet

When the planned practice presents great risks of falls, one chooses a closed bicycle helmet. Its shape is no different from motorcycle helmets and it protects the head, neck and face at the same time. Depending on the closed bike helmet you choose, you can get transparent or smoked visors. However, for the rider's comfort, the shell has built-in ventilation zones to ventilate the inside of the helmet.

Enduro, downhill, freeride, these practices where the risks of falling are important require this type of bike helmets. It is possible to invest in a model with a removable chin strap. This way, when the need is not felt or if you ride on less constraining bike paths, you can remove it. Obviously, such a full-featured piece of equipment will be heavier than the previous variant, but the closed bike helmet is still designed to offer a balance of weight and comfort.

Semi-open face helmet

Alternative between an open and closed bike helmet, the semi-open bike helmet is popular with electric bike, city bike and mountain bike owners. Protection extends from the top of the skull to the back of the neck with a rounded shell that conforms to the shape of the head. Typically, the semi-open bike helmet has a transparent flip-up visor to protect the eyes from wind, dust and even insects.

Semi-open bicycle helmets are aimed at a very wide audience and are attractive because of their versatility. In fact, it is not uncommon to find children's bicycle helmets that follow this design, given the right balance between lightness, protection and comfort. Of course, they also have some ventilation zones, which are very appreciated, especially in summer.

Open or full face helmet?

When choosing your bicycle helmet, are you hesitating between an open model or a full face version? Here are a few lines that should help you.

Open bike helmet

If you're one of those people who use bicycles as a means of daily transportation or if you like to take a leisurely ride in the countryside on the weekends, an open-face bicycle helmet is recommended. In addition to its light weight, the open face helmet has ventilation zones that ensure good airflow and allow you to stay on your bike longer.

The open face helmet protects the head from the top of the forehead to the back of the skull. It is compatible with mountain bikes, city bikes, some types of road bikes and mountain bikes. Classic women's bike helmets are usually open-face models, as are those designed for children.

Full-face bicycle helmet

Unlike the open face helmet, the full face or closed face helmet protects the face and head, including the neck and chin. A visor allows you to keep your eyes on the road while ensuring that no dust, wind or insects distract you. Sure, it's heavier and more imposing than the open models, but the level of protection offered is well worth it.

So if you're a freerider, if you like to go downhill or if you're an enduro fan, you need a full face helmet. Of course, the appearance of these helmets is very similar to that of a motorcycle; the only difference is that you can remove the chin strap when you don't need it.


The choice between an open face helmet and a full face helmet depends on the type of cycling you plan to do, the level of risk involved and the level of protection it requires.

Why buy a good bicycle helmet?

If the bike lock protects your two-wheeler from any attempt at theft, the helmet protects you against possible accidents.

Bicycle helmet: a safety equipment

The main purpose of a bicycle helmet is to protect the cyclist's head in the event of a fall or impact. As we know only too well, the skull, face and neck are among the most vital parts of the body. They must be protected to prevent accidents from turning into tragedies. Today's smart and connected bicycle helmets have fall detectors that send alerts to your loved ones if, by some misfortune, something happens to you.

Bike helmet: a legal requirement

For children under the age of 12, the law mentions a mandatory helmet wearing since 2017, whether the child is riding a bike or is a passenger. In addition, the child bike helmet must carry the CE certification meaning that it meets the required safety and hygiene standards. Violating these measures will cost the adult responsible for the child a fixed fine of 135 euros, although this can reach 750 euros depending on the situation.

For adults, wearing a helmet is not mandatory in the UK, but it is highly recommended. However, since electric bikes are counted as motorized vehicles, you must wear one when you ride one.

Bike helmet: a comfort asset

By choosing a good bicycle helmet, you put all the assets on your side to spend a pleasant and comfortable moment on your bicycle. As a minimum, a helmet should be lightweight and have ventilation zones. A good model will be equipped with eye protection and even a mosquito net. All of these features will ensure that nothing, not the sun, bugs or even rain, gets in the way while you're riding.

Bike helmet: A great piece of equipment

Riding a bike requires certain equipment, and the helmet is one of them. Not only does it protect you, but it can also do other things, especially if it's connected or equipped with functional accessories, such as headlamps or turn signals, shock sensors, fall warning systems, etc.

Bicycle helmet: for a serene ride

This sums up all the reasons mentioned above; the bicycle helmet will ensure that you ride with complete peace of mind. Not only do you have the guarantee that your head will be protected, but you also benefit from the comfort it offers, you respect the law and you gain small bonuses that will make riding enjoyable.

The best brands of bicycle helmets

In our opinion, the best brands of bicycle helmets in 2022 are :

Cosmo Connected

It is an Italian company, specialized in the manufacture of safety helmets of all ranges. Its bicycle helmets are rooted in a fair balance between lightness, comfort and safety.

Well known in the world of sports equipment, Cosmo Connected offers items at the cutting edge of new technology. We understand why these bike helmets are both connected and smart.

For good bike helmets made in the UK, we turn to Urge, this French company known for the quality of its products. The bike helmets of this brand are making headlines for their aerodynamic aspects.

Bike saddle, lighting, turn signal, anti-theft, bike helmet and many others: these are the specialties of the brand Abus which strives to offer high quality accessories and equipment for cyclists.

We recognize this brand by its slogan: "the bikers' den". Since 1923, this brand has been offering car bike equipment that stands out for its incredible prices.

What is the price for a bicycle helmet

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

45 £ to 100 £
100 £ to 175 £
more than 175 £
Price range diagram


How to know the size of a bicycle helmet?

To determine the size of a bicycle helmet, you need to measure your head circumference with a tape measure. Start at your forehead, 2 cm above your eyes, and work your way around to the most bulging part of the back of your head. Now all you have to do is choose the right bike helmet for your head size.

When to change your bicycle helmet?

If you're a road cyclist, an open-face road bike helmet will do just fine. It's aerodynamic, lightweight, and well ventilated; so it won't make you lose speed. If you decide to ride on the beaten path, prefer a semi-open model with eye protection.

What helmet for electric bicycle?

The bicycle helmet is a safety equipment designed to absorb shocks efficiently. Following a fall, even if the helmet does not appear to be damaged, you should change it, as some of the internal components may have been altered. Similarly, if you change your discipline, if you go from bike touring to mountain bike freeride, for example, you must change your bike helmet for a model more adapted to the practice.

What helmet for woman bicycle?

The electric bike helmet depends on the type of bikes and the practice you are passionate about. For a mountain bike or a city bike, for example, an open bike helmet will do. On the other hand, if you're riding downhill on an electric mountain bike, you'll have to opt for full-face helmet.

The bike helmet for women can be open, full-face or semi-open, it depends on the type of bike she will have. The same rules apply: it is necessary to respect the guide of bicycle helmet sizes and to choose a suitable model. By doing so, you are sure to choose a safe and comfortable equipment.


Is it mandatory to wear a helmet when cycling?

For a child under 12 years old, a bicycle helmet is mandatory, whether he or she is a driver or a passenger. However, for an adult, wearing a helmet is highly recommended. Of course, this rule does not apply to motorized two-wheelers where it is an obligation. In any case, compliance with the law is among the many reasons why you need a bike helmet.

How to adjust a bicycle helmet?

Bike helmets have an adjustable fastening mechanism to adjust to your head carriage. However, for a model to fit your head circumference, you need to take this measurement yourself using a tape measure to see if you are a size S, M, L or XL. Note that the head circumference is measured from the forehead to the most domed part of the skull.

How to choose a bicycle helmet?

There are a few criteria that will help you choose a good bike helmet. Obviously, the size, or more precisely the head size, is among the most essential. Added to that are the type of bikes, the different features built in, the weight of the equipment, the type of bikes you have as well as the related practice.

How to wear a bicycle helmet?

The way you wear your bike helmet essentially depends on the type of helmets you have chosen and that your bike requires. An open-face model will fit almost like a cap, and, indeed, its design doesn't stray far from that. A full-face bike helmet will fit like a motorcycle helmet, and a semi-open version will function as an in-between.

Why should I wear a bicycle helmet?

There are many reasons to wear a bike helmet; these include safety, law enforcement, and your own comfort. That's why we've carefully selected different models of bike helmets for different practices. Road bike helmets, enduro helmets, women's bike helmets, it's up to you to choose according to your needs and your budget.


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