83 thriller books to give for Christmas

Receiving a book for the holidays, whether it's for Christmas or a birthday, is always a real pleasure for enthusiasts. For this time, we propose you a list of 83 thriller books to give for Christmas. Suspense, horror, detective, fiction, psychology... that's what awaits you with this list of 83 sensational titles to discover or rediscover. You won't get tired of it. We took care to check the quality of the narration, the originality of the story, the intensity of the plot, because we know what you expect. Have a good read!

Thriller books

Franck Thilliez - Gataca 1

Franck Thilliez - Gataca

6,96 £ on Amazon

The discovery of the body of this young scientist, beaten to death by a great ape, launches ex-Commissioner Sharko and Lucie Henebelle on an unusual investigation, where they will have to dive into the origins of violence, where the human genome determines its future: extinction.

Åsa Larsson - The Black Track 2

Åsa Larsson - The Black Track

6,96 £ on Amazon

The tortured body of a famous industrialist's spokeswoman is found on the shore of a frozen lake. To solve the case, the two detectives in charge of the investigation will call upon a young assistant prosecutor to help them. They will plunge into a world of lies, hatred and pretense.

Damien LEBAN - Le sanctuaire d'Ombos 3

Damien LEBAN - Le sanctuaire d'Ombos

13,52 £ on Amazon

This is a thriller book that combines fantasy, science and psychology. Follow the adventures of Sheriff Neman as he solves cases of disappearance, gruesome murders and unexplained fires. To do so, he must exploit ritualistic clues.

Marc Laine - The variation of evil 4

Marc Laine - The variation of evil

15,16 £ on Amazon

In this last part of the "absolute evil" trilogy, meet Maxime, this being torn by life who fights evil. He follows and hunts down the killer who always acts in the heart of darkness. It is on the island of Reunion that his last waltz with the predator who raped and killed young women will be played out.

Michael Connelly - Le Cadavre dans la Rolls 5

Michael Connelly - Le Cadavre dans la Rolls

See price

Sébastien Theveny -Un crime parfait ? 6

Sébastien Theveny -Un crime parfait ?

15,20 £ on Amazon

Sébastien Theveny finds here the duo of journalists-investigators appreciated by his readers. After the French Riviera, it is in the tropics that he installs the new plot. The book is a real narrative bet where he insidiously provides all the keys to understand the plot ... diabolical.

Alex - Pierre Lemaître 7

Alex - Pierre Lemaître

6,39 £ on Amazon

Alex, a beautiful young girl, suddenly disappears. Superintendent Verhoeven leads the investigation and discovers that she is more of an executioner than a victim, determined to make her kidnappers pay. A chilling thriller full of twists and turns by Pierre Lemaître.

Harlan Coben - Winning is not playing 8

Harlan Coben - Winning is not playing

18 £ on Amazon

A story that comes to life from a murder, a robbery and a kidnapping. The victim is an influential family, one of whose descendants is an expert in thorny cases. Windsor Horne Lockwood takes on the case with assets that only he has.

Olivier Norek - Between two worlds 9

Olivier Norek - Between two worlds

6,08 £ on Amazon

A world within a world where evil dominates, where no one moves a finger to change things. Traffickers, smugglers and recruiters rule the world. Bastien and Adam intend to put an end to this mess at the risk of their lives.

Olivier Norek - Code 93 10

Olivier Norek - Code 93

6,08 £ on Amazon

Here is a must-read thriller by the great Olivier Norek. Readers love the writing style, simple, fluid and gripping. It relates intriguing cases, linked together to lead the investigator, Captain Victor Coste to the cellars of the 93. The story is animated by all sorts of characters ranging from drug dealers to greedy politicians and corrupt police officers.

Franck Thilliez - Sharko 11

Franck Thilliez - Sharko

6,96 £ on Amazon

Lucie Henebelle and Franck Sharko are drawn into a delicate situation. Supporting each other against all odds, they are nevertheless assigned to solve a murder they committed. On their way will appear all kinds of unimaginable abominations. At the same time, they are afraid of being unmasked by their team of experts.

Olivier Norek - Power Surges 12

Olivier Norek - Power Surges

6,36 £ on Amazon

A promising story with a pedophile, a robber, a murderer, a criminal legionnaire and a kidnapper. All the characters are pushed to the extreme in this novel based on the harshness and violence of prison life. The theft of five seals that allowed these criminals to escape is the beginning of the investigation.

Bernard Minier - The Circle 13

Bernard Minier - The Circle

6,96 £ on Amazon

Right from the start, this novel manages to get into the good graces of thriller fans with a blood-curdling scenario. A teacher is found dead in her bathtub. Her young student, to his great misfortune, present at the scene, has paid the price. But Martin Servaz is investigating another lead that should lead to a psychopathic assassin.

Michel Bussi - Black Water Lilies 14

Michel Bussi - Black Water Lilies

6,36 £ on Amazon

An 11-year-old girl, a seductive schoolteacher, an old woman considered a witch, a murderer, an investigator concerned with details. These are the characters that make up the setting of this detective novel, not without a captivating plot exposition, crowned with an appreciable denouement.

Michael Connelly - Innocence and the Law 15

Michael Connelly - Innocence and the Law

17,52 £ on Amazon

A crime thriller worthy of the name. Mickey Haller, a lawyer with some potential, finds himself in a trap whose motives he does not understand. Accused of murder, he is immediately incarcerated and tries to get out of it by putting forward a strong argument in his own person.

Viveca Sten - Under protection 16

Viveca Sten - Under protection

11,99 £ on Amazon

Prosecutor Nora Linde vows to bring down drug lord Andreis Kovac, unattainable in the courtroom ring. She will use the testimony of the criminal's wife to do so. However, it is clear that this attempt initiated by Nora turns into a war that puts many lives at risk.

Pierre Lemaitre - The Capital Snake 17

Pierre Lemaitre - The Capital Snake

16,72 £ on Amazon

Mathilde, a hit woman in her sixties, brings this story to life. Accompanied by her Dalmatian, she never gets caught and is very rarely suspected for her expert work. But her business is somewhat shaken by threats that she will soon identify.

Jorn Lier - The Katharina Code 18

Jorn Lier - The Katharina Code

11,99 £ on Amazon

Before she disappeared, Katharina Haugen left a note with numbers, lines and a cross on a piece of paper. Everyone sees it as gibberish. But Wisting does not give up the case and continues to investigate Martin, the husband of the missing woman.

Franck Thilliez - 1991 19

Franck Thilliez - 1991

18,32 £ on Amazon

This is the first investigation not to be missed of Franck Sharko, the famous character of Franck Thilliez. For his first adventure in the world of thrillers, he is looking for a kidnapper, rapist and murderer who attacks different women in the 80s. He has an address that is the beginning of the answers he seeks.

M.J Arlidge - Am Stram Gram 20

M.J Arlidge - Am Stram Gram

6,72 £ on Amazon

The kidnapper keeps his victims in pairs in a place where it is impossible to get out. He pushes them to kill each other with a gun loaded with one bullet. Killing to be saved. Such is the motivation of these people whose survivors turn into murderers. Helen Grace investigates these abductions.

James Patterson - Blood Diamonds 21

James Patterson - Blood Diamonds

11,99 £ on Amazon

It is on a theft of jewels that the NYPD Red investigates, a team of which Zach Jordan and Kylie MacDonald are at the head. On the other hand, another case preoccupies them, another robbery, but which takes place in hospitals this time. Between their professional relationship and their common past, their work is not easy.

Michael Connelly - The Poet 22

Michael Connelly - The Poet

7,52 £ on Amazon

A series of suicides in the police force, including that of Jack McEvoy's brother. The crime reporter wonders what the excerpts from Edgar Poe's poems found at the scene of the act mean and searches for the common thread between these actions while escaping this gloomy fate as well.

Marie Neuser - Taking Lily 23

Marie Neuser - Taking Lily

6,56 £ on Amazon

Damiano is accused of having killed his neighbor, found inert in her bathtub with mutilated breasts. The characters put on the skin of killers, of perverts, of psychopaths. Gordon goes to great lengths to bring down the culprit.

R.J. Ellory - Only Silence 24

R.J. Ellory - Only Silence

7,12 £ on Amazon

Ernersto Perez kidnaps the daughter of the governor of Louisiana and asks for a meeting with a member of an organized crime unit, Ray Hartmann. The two protagonists engage in a nameless confrontation whose weight weighs on all of New Orleans.

R.J. Ellory - Vendetta 25

R.J. Ellory - Vendetta

7,12 £ on Amazon

Ernersto Perez kidnaps the daughter of the governor of Louisiana and asks for a meeting with a member of an organized crime unit, Ray Hartmann. The two protagonists engage in a nameless confrontation whose weight weighs on all of New Orleans.

Colin Niel - Only the beasts 26

Colin Niel - Only the beasts

6,96 £ on Amazon

The storm, a terrible winter wind, has carried off a woman who has ventured, by misfortune, too close to the farms occupied by a few solitary men. Five narrators give their opinion on this disappearance. As for the readers, they enjoy the series of surprises that appear little by little.

Fred Vargas - The Man with the Blue Circles 27

Fred Vargas - The Man with the Blue Circles

4,32 £ on Amazon

The man with the blue circles quickly moves from play to murder. He leaves blue circles on the sidewalks, in the middle of which are left all sorts of harmless objects. All of Paris wonders what is hidden behind these clues. Commissioner Adamsberg fears the worst. Very quickly, this pile of objects is replaced by a corpse.

Camilla Läckberg - The Stonecutter 28

Camilla Läckberg - The Stonecutter

8 £ on Amazon

A fisherman from Fjallback believes he has a huge fish in his trap that he tries everything to keep it there. To his dismay, it is not a large animal, but rather the lifeless body of a little girl. Patrik Hedström searches for meaning in this story.

Jo Nesbo - The Snowman 29

Jo Nesbo - The Snowman

7,36 £ on Amazon

Winter is here. So is the snowman. Birte Becker is his first victim. Others will join her. Behind the snowman is a serial killer who preys on married mothers.

Jean-Christophe Grangé - The crimson rivers 30

Jean-Christophe Grangé - The crimson rivers

6,72 £ on Amazon

Pierre Niémans and Karim Abdouf are going to confront two tragic events: the corpse found in the mountains of Grenoble on the one hand and the secret of a little boy's grave on the other hand. They are brought together by these cases and try to solve them side by side.

Stieg Larsson - Millennium 1, The Men Who Didn't Love Women 31

Stieg Larsson - Millennium 1, The Men Who Didn't Love Women

18,56 £ on Amazon

Mikael Blomkvist is far from being at the peak of success in his career. Yet he is recruited to solve a missing person case: Harriet Vanger vanished 40 years ago. And it is with the help of Lisbeth Salander, a champion computer scientist, that Mikael goes to find the truth.

Dan Brown - The Da Vinci Code 32

Dan Brown - The Da Vinci Code

7,12 £ on Amazon

Robert Langdon finds himself with a series of codes inscribed on the corpse of the chief curator of London's Great Gallery. Alongside Sophie Neveu, the police's top cryptographer, the symbol expert stumbles upon the Mona Lisa, a work that hides many mysteries.

Dan Brown - Inferno 33

Dan Brown - Inferno

7,12 £ on Amazon

For this adventure, Sienna Brooks accompanies Robert Langdon on another mystery that could change the fate of the Earth. A scientist has created an object that could end human life. It's a race against time, with a coded message and an intriguing poem by Dante as clues.

Dan Brown - Angels and Demons 34

Dan Brown - Angels and Demons

7,12 £ on Amazon

Robert Langdon must save the Vatican and fight against the Illuminati. This brotherhood has only one goal: to destroy the Catholic Church forever. Old religious secrets will stun the readers. At the same time, they accompany Professor Langdon to every corner of the Vatican.

Mary Higgins Clark - The night of the fox 35

Mary Higgins Clark - The night of the fox

4,72 £ on Amazon

Ronald Thompson is sentenced to the electric chair for a murder he denies until the end of his trial. However, all the testimonies are against him. Moreover, Neil, the son of the victim, insists on his guilt. But the appearance of Renard could change things. Maybe Ronald is innocent after all.

Marry Higgins Clark - A Sweet Song 36

Marry Higgins Clark - A Sweet Song

6,39 £ on Amazon

As Kate lies unconscious in her hospital bed, she is accused of a serious crime. A building containing valuable antique furniture and antiques has caught fire. Kate escaped the fire, but her freedom is at stake. Hannah, her sister, takes matters into her own hands and returns to the scene to find something, some details that might help Kate.

Mary Higgins Clark - We won't go to the woods anymore 37

Mary Higgins Clark - We won't go to the woods anymore

6,32 £ on Amazon

Laurie Kenyon had a terrible experience as a child. At the age of 21, she was accused of murder. Knowing her well, her sister Sarah does everything to clear her name. But won't this attempt come at a price? Especially since Laurie's kidnappers have resurfaced.

Mary Higgins Clark - Dr. H's Clinic 38

Mary Higgins Clark - Dr. H's Clinic

6,56 £ on Amazon

Katie DeMaio does not believe at all in the suicide of this woman, since she saw her the day before carried by a person whose face she did not see. So she decides to find out what really happened. On her way are characters with different motivations and mysteries.

Jane Harper - Heat Wave 39

Jane Harper - Heat Wave

6,56 £ on Amazon

The Kiewarra heat wave is hitting the land and desperate farmers so hard they are killing. That's what happened to Luke Hardler. After murdering his entire family, he killed himself. Aaron Falk can't sleep well when he thinks about this tragedy. Returning to the scene, he conducts his own investigations.

Psychological thriller books

Niko Tackian - Avalanche Hotel 40

Niko Tackian - Avalanche Hotel

6,16 £ on Amazon

January 1980. Joshua Auberson, a security guard at the Avalanche Hotel, investigates the disappearance of a young guest. A trail leads him into the mountains, in the middle of a snowstorm where the cold makes him lose consciousness. He wakes up in a hospital room... but in 2018. And little detail, he is no longer a security guard, but a cop.

John La Galite - The Guardian Angel 41

John La Galite - The Guardian Angel

13,50 £ on Amazon

Thanks to a premonition, Anna narrowly escapes a natural disaster. To rebuild her life, she takes refuge with her daughter Céline in a village in the Jura. But she senses a persistent threat to her fragile tranquility.

Like you - Lisa Jewell 42

Like you - Lisa Jewell

15,60 £ on Amazon

After Ellie's disappearance when she was 15, her mother had never been able to fully move on. But she has rebuilt her life with Floyd, a single father. When she meets his daughter, she discovers that she is the spitting image of Ellie, except that she was 9 years old.

Find me - Lisa Gardner 43

Find me - Lisa Gardner

18,32 £ on Decitre

Detective DD Warren and her collaborator Flora Dane find themselves on a macabre crime scene: 4 members of the same family are murdered and a 16 year old girl disappears. Is she a suspect or a victim, because it seems that she has planted clues for the investigators? One thing is sure: she is the key to this case.

Daryl Delight-Amalia 44

Daryl Delight-Amalia

11,99 £ on Amazon

How did an attempted marital reconciliation turn into murder? Daryl Delight takes you on an incredible journey with its heroine, Amalia, who is doing everything she can to cover up any evidence that may indict her in front of the investigators.

Olivier Norek - Surface 45

Olivier Norek - Surface

6,36 £ on Amazon

With her life on the brink, Noémie Chastain unearths a case that could save her career after her terrible accident. On the surface of the lake of Avalone, the skeletons of children who disappeared more than twenty years ago appear. She takes advantage of this case to rebuild her life.

Claire Favan - Hold me tight 46

Claire Favan - Hold me tight

6,08 £ on Amazon

A serial killer, a broken family, a valiant policeman. This novel has all the ingredients of a good thriller. Adam Gibson tries to find the person responsible for a pile of bones found in Alabama. He succeeds in this task with some difficulty. From then on, his mission is to bring down the killer with physical as well as psychological attacks.

Bernard Minier - Sisters 47

Bernard Minier - Sisters

6,72 £ on Amazon

Captivated by a particular writer, two sisters in communion dresses are found dead and mutilated in the woods. Such is the beginning of this novel. Martin Servaz, in charge of the investigation, is faced with his first case and will make the connection between this terrible act and the author in question.

Karine Giebel - All hurt, the last one kills 48

Karine Giebel - All hurt, the last one kills

7,60 £ on Amazon

This book by Karine Giebel deals with the modern slavery of which Tama is the victim. She has known too much violence during most of her life: rape, humiliation, torture. At the same time, we discover the story of Gabriel, a killer invaded by his demons and wounds of the past. Fate wanted to cross their path.

Donato Carrisi - The flayed 49

Donato Carrisi - The flayed

6,56 £ on Amazon

If you have ever read The Whisperer, this title is a must read. Mila Vasquez deals with people who disappeared years ago, resurfacing and eliminating everything in their path. Aided by her teammate Simon Berish, she searches for an explanation for these violent murders.

Paula Hawkins - The Girl on the Train 50

Paula Hawkins - The Girl on the Train

6,36 £ on Amazon

We get to know three main characters. Rachel, devastated by her separation with Tom, idealizes a couple, Jess and Jason, whom she meets every day. Jess has mysteriously disappeared. Rachel decides to conduct her own investigation. And then Anna, Tom's new wife, ends up crossing paths with Jess.

Gillian Flynn - The Dark Places 51

Gillian Flynn - The Dark Places

6,96 £ on Amazon

A family drama where Libby, a 7 year old child witnesses the murder of her sisters and her mother. Her 15 year old brother is the culprit. A victim of severe depression, Libby tries to recover by reliving her dark past.

Barbara Abel - Duelle 52

Barbara Abel - Duelle

6,32 £ on Amazon

Lucy leads a peaceful life. Although abandoned by her biological mother, she has had a wonderful childhood and an equally wonderful adult life. However, an impending encounter threatens the balance she has built over the years. A secret she never imagined will come to light.

Barbara Abel - The innocence of the executioners 53

Barbara Abel - The innocence of the executioners

5,56 £ on Amazon

This is a thriller about the tensions in an ordinary robbery gone wrong with "normal" characters marked by unexpected life experiences. A psychological thriller behind closed doors that creates fear, suspense and anguish for readers.

Leïla Slimani - Sweet Song 54

Leïla Slimani - Sweet Song

6 £ on Amazon

Two terrible infanticides committed by a nurse who later tried to kill herself, without success. As the pages turn, the reader gradually understands why and how. A book that shows that appearances are deceiving, this is valid for the nanny as well as for the parents of the murdered children.

Chevy Stevens - Sequestered 55

Chevy Stevens - Sequestered

6,08 £ on Amazon

Annie O'Sullivan will live a year of fear, torture, sexual abuse and psychological suffering with a kidnapper who abducted her when she least expected it. Although she managed to escape, it has not been easy for her to return to normal life. Trauma and depression followed.

Donato Carrisi - The House of Voices 56

Donato Carrisi - The House of Voices

17,20 £ on Amazon

And now the patient manages to awaken his psychiatrist's demons with each hypnosis session. Pietro Gerber helps a patient, Hanna Hall, to find the answers to her doubts and sorrows. But won't it be him who will be drawn into a quest for the truth about his own existence?

Valentin Musso - May I Never Forget 57

Valentin Musso - May I Never Forget

11,19 £ on Amazon

Another family story to seduce Valentin Musso's faithful readers. A family that hides things from each other. A widow caught in an act of such violence that her son wonders what motivated this abominable behavior. Nina has mercilessly stabbed a man just moments after her peaceful sunbathing.

M.J. Arlidge - Madly, not at all 58

M.J. Arlidge - Madly, not at all

6,72 £ on Amazon

This novel contains a series of murders that Helen Grace is trying to understand in order to avoid more bloodshed. And all this in just 24 hours. Will she be able to solve the case in time?

Michel Bussi - Nothing Erases You 59

Michel Bussi - Nothing Erases You

18,32 £ on Amazon

What a mother won't do to find her missing child? Maddi lost her son ten years ago. As she returns to the scene of his disappearance, she meets a look-alike of her little Esteban, except it's not him. However, she does everything to get closer to him.

Keigo Higashino - The house where I once died 60

Keigo Higashino - The house where I once died

6,16 £ on Amazon

This novel does not lack mystery, the one that comes to life in a large building housed in the mountains. It is to the life of Sayaka Kurahashi that it is connected. Having no memories or photos of her childhood, she is sent by her father to this building to find traces of terrible events.

Dennis Lehane - Shutter Island 61

Dennis Lehane - Shutter Island

6,52 £ on Amazon

Teddy Daniels is joined by Chuck Aule to investigate the escape of a criminal psychopath who was committed to Shutter Island Mental Hospital after killing her children. At the same time, Teddy Daniels might be tempted to take revenge on his wife's killer.

Harlan Corben - Don't tell anyone 62

Harlan Corben - Don't tell anyone

6,36 £ on Amazon

David Beck's wife Elizabeth was murdered by a serial killer. To his surprise, he discovers her on a surveillance camera many years later, and in real time. Could it be that his beloved is still there?

Fantasy thriller books

AB.Blackwood - Les Murmures du Diable 63

AB.Blackwood - Les Murmures du Diable

5,33 £ on Amazon

Camille is 13 years old, she had to leave London and her best friend and live in the north of France where everything goes wrong. She is a victim of school bullying, but above all she begins to hear disturbing noises and to have hallucinations. Convinced that she is haunted by the Devil, she isolates herself and sinks into paranoia.

Sealeha - The Gateway 64

Sealeha - The Gateway

11,92 £ on Amazon

Alex is a lonely student who loves books. He wants to please, he's desperate to be accepted and to do so, he decides to set the mood at a Halloween party by using a mysterious old grimoire. But Lucas and his friends learn the hard way that you can't play with unknown forces.

Marie Alsina - The Warren Files 65

Marie Alsina - The Warren Files

11,99 £ on Amazon

In this novel you will have access to the investigations carried out by the famous Warren couple, experts in haunting and demonology in the USA. They intervened in famous cases like Amityville, the Smurl family, the werewolf of London, Arne Johnson, the Snedeker family, etc.

Michael Connelly-On a bad farewell 66

Michael Connelly-On a bad farewell

6,96 £ on Amazon

Michael Connelly returns with his hero Henry Bosch. Now a reserve detective with the San Fernando Police Department, he is tasked with finding a possible heir for a wealthy aviation tycoon. But the board of directors, eager to divide up the pie, will do anything to prevent Bosch from accomplishing his mission.

The Devil's Island - Nicolas Beuglet 67

The Devil's Island - Nicolas Beuglet

5,56 £ on Amazon

In a macabre setting deep in Norway, a former detective tries to solve a strange homicide with disturbing clues. Nicolas Beuglet's Devil's Island offers us endless moments of suspense. Thrill guaranteed.

The Woman at the Window - A.J. Finn 68

The Woman at the Window - A.J. Finn

11,99 £ on Amazon

A.J. Finn tells the story of a tormented woman who lives far away from everything and watches her neighbors in her spare time. But everything changes when she witnesses a live murder. How can she persuade the police of the truth of her story?

José Rodrigues Dos Santos - Sign of life 69

José Rodrigues Dos Santos - Sign of life

8 £ on Amazon

This novel deals with the mystery of life on board a space shuttle. Cryptanalyst Tomas Noronha is part of the crew that will discover what might be going on beyond life on Earth. One thing is sure, there is a sign of life.

Diane Chamberlain - The Silent Sister 70

Diane Chamberlain - The Silent Sister

4,34 £ on Amazon

A heavy family secret finally comes to the surface. As always, the truth is hard to take. Riley McPherson is shocked to discover that her sister, declared dead by her family, is actually alive. A good thriller in English to read in one sitting.

Peter May - Quarantine 71

Peter May - Quarantine

17,60 £ on Amazon

This book is about an avian flu pandemic that is ravaging London. Published in March 2021. The least we can say is that the publisher and the author chose their timing well. But its success also comes from the originality of the story, the endearing characters and the reason for the police investigation that we find there.

Matthieu Biasotto - The extra soul 72

Matthieu Biasotto - The extra soul

8,90 £ on Amazon

It is in a coma that Thomas was able to travel back in time to review his past choices. He has the opportunity to change some decisions to repair some mistakes. But can he change his present from this space between life and death?

Maxime Chattam - The Arcane of Chaos 73

Maxime Chattam - The Arcane of Chaos

6,72 £ on Amazon

The author shows another side of the world. One discovers that the tragic events that have marked the life of humanity are the result of plots orchestrated by men of power. One begins to doubt what is true and what is not by the last page of the book.

Maxime Chattam - In Tenebris 74

Maxime Chattam - In Tenebris

6,96 £ on Amazon

In Tenebris is the second part of the evil trilogy. Julia survives the confinement of the Devil himself. A traffic in human meat awaits detective Annabel O'Donnel and Joshua Brolin, a specialist in serial killers.

Stephen King - Misery 75

Stephen King - Misery

6,96 £ on Amazon

Paul Sheldon, a renowned novelist, made the mistake of killing Misery in his latest book. Annie Wilkes, a great admirer of Paul's work, did not take kindly to this. After his accident, he lost the use of his legs. Annie takes care of him, but not only! She demands that Misery live again.

Stephen King - Shining 76

Stephen King - Shining

7,12 £ on Amazon

Jack Torrance is the new janitor of the Overlook Palace, a hotel inhabited by evil. Danny, the janitor's son, has the gift of sensing the demons that live there and the tragic events that will occur. They will soon take possession of Jack's mind. It's up to the kid to save his family.

Stephen King - 11/22/63 77

Stephen King - 11/22/63

8,72 £ on Amazon

Jake Epping will prevent the death of John Kennedy in November 1963 thanks to a time travel that will take him to 1958, not without consequences. His mission is to get rid of Lee Harvey Osward, the man responsible for the fate of all America.

Stephen King - Running Man 78

Stephen King - Running Man

6,96 £ on Amazon

Ben Richards had the idea to start a race against death. He has 30 days to run, to survive. Because behind him, hunters are looking for only one thing, to take his life by any means possible. No rules, no respite.

Stephen King - It (1 and 2) 79

Stephen King - It (1 and 2)

15,92 £ on Amazon

It's back. That abominable being that mercilessly kills six-year-old boys. Derry, Ben and Eddie have dealt with this evil in the past. 27 years later, they try to stop it once again.

Youth thriller books

Florian Dennisson-A strange village 80

Florian Dennisson-A strange village

7,99 £ on Amazon

This book tells the adventures of three young people on a school trip who find themselves stranded by a snowstorm in a strange village. An age-old legend involving a fabulous treasure and an unsolved riddle hangs over the village and as soon as they arrive, a strange feeling grips the three youngsters. This story full of mystery will captivate you.

Chevy Stevens - After Dark 81

Chevy Stevens - After Dark

5,59 £ on Amazon

Tony Murphy is convicted of his sister's murder. When she gets out of prison, she tries to find a normal life, but nothing is easy. Between her parents acting strangely, the distance between her and her former boyfriend, and her particularly difficult environment, she has to discover the truth.

Kimberly McCreight - Amelia 82

Kimberly McCreight - Amelia

6,88 £ on Amazon

Kate's only daughter Amelia committed suicide. Before her death, they had a very close relationship that she was devastated to hear about. Soon after, she discovered that there was, in fact, a much darker story behind the face that Amelia displayed while she was alive. Yet Kate thought she knew her daughter well.

Delia Owens - Where the Crayfish Sing 83

Delia Owens - Where the Crayfish Sing

17,20 £ on Amazon

Abandoned by her entire family at the age of 10, Kya lives alone in their cabin surrounded by swamps. Friends have helped to make her life a little better. But as the story unfolds, she is confronted with a change that turns her life upside down. A man has been found dead in her living quarters.


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