The best mini-trampolines 1

The best mini-trampolines

What is a mini trampoline?

A mini trampoline is a small-scale model of an outdoor trampoline. It is usually made up of several basic elements, such as the mat or jumping surface, the frame, the legs and the elements that hold the mat to the frame. Very popular and easy to use, the mini-trampoline is an ideal ally if you don’t want to go to a gym anymore.

It is complemented by several accessories to optimize your exercises: support bar, elastics, protective nets. However, the latter can be cumbersome for the more accustomed. The mini-trampoline is intended for domestic use to amuse children or to train. But it is also an equipment used by sports professionals to strengthen and tone muscles or to perform Jump Fitness tricks. In addition, a mini-trampoline will be in the medical field as rehabilitation equipment.






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