The best electric treadmills in the UK 2023

Walking every day increases life expectancy, reduces cholesterol and exercises memory. You can practice walking at home with the help of an electric treadmill. An ideal complement to the exercise bike, this fitness equipment provides a complete workout that includes cardio, fitness, rehabilitation and muscle strengthening. But which electric treadmill to choose? To find out, check out our comparison guide.

TOORX WalkingPad ultra-compact

Editor's Choice

TOORX WalkingPad

The best electric treadmill in 2021

This electric treadmill takes up little space. It attracts by its aesthetic and especially by its possibilities. The remote control supplied allows you to set it up as you wish.

663 £ on Alltricks

The TOORX WalkingPad will not clash with the overall look of your home. Compact and practical, it is the ideal solution for those who want to start (re)exercising without going to the gym. This electric treadmill allows you to track each of your sessions, adjust the speed, distance covered, etc., depending on the training mode chosen.

Of course, you have the opportunity to check your training data from your smartphone or tablet thanks to the WalkingPad application. After use, this electric treadmill folds in half. The 2 integrated wheels make it easy to move. Finally, the aluminum alloy structure ensures high strength and high supported load.

CitySports WP2-1

Best Cheap

CitySports WP2-1

The best entry-level electric treadmill

The CitySports WP2-1 is an excellent electric treadmill that you can buy at a great price. It allows you to practice walking or running without any strain and in complete safety.

239 £ on Amazon

CitySports, a specialist in fitness equipment and devices, presents its WP2-1 electric treadmill. The speed can be adjusted between 1 and 6 km/h depending on your pace. You don't have to interrupt your session since the adjustment is simply done with a remote control. The LCD screen displays data such as your speed, calories burned, number of steps and distance traveled.

The CitySports WP2-1 offers the option of listening to music during your workout. Speakers built into the electric treadmill have been designed for this purpose. Connect your smartphone or tablet to the speakers and play the tracks of your choice. Moreover, this piece of sports equipment is equipped with transport wheels, which will only make it easier to move. Just slide it to where you want to store it.

BH Fitness Pioneer R9 TFT G6587TFT

Best High-End

BH Fitness Pioneer R9 TFT G6587TFT

The best high-end electric treadmill

The BH Fitness Pioneer R9 TFT G6587TFT takes advantage of a compact, folding frame and a 4 HP motor. With a speed of up to 22 km/h, this electric treadmill can also tilt up to 12%.

1 199 £ on Alltricks

The BH Fitness Pioneer R9 TFT G6587TFT is equipped with a 4 HP motor. At maximum speed, it can reach 22 km/h. The platform also tilts up to 12% to increase the difficulty of the exercises according to your physical abilities. Whether you walk or run, you can choose from 36 training programs. In addition to classic cardio training, you can do sprinting, jogging, endurance and split sessions.

The 9-inch TFT display provides real-time information on distance traveled, workout time, speed, calories burned, incline and pulse. For more immersive experiences, you can simulate a run on the beach, in the countryside or in the mountains. Just draw a curve with your fingers. Moreover, 6 elastomers guarantee a remarkable cushioning to this electric treadmill that can support 130 kg of load.

ISE SY-T2702


ISE SY-T2702

A great semi-professional treadmill

Compactness, practicality and efficiency are the key words with the ISE SY-T2702 electric treadmill. You will love the comfort offered by this model and will not be able to do without it.

352 £ on Amazon

The ISE SY-T2702 is all about comfort. You will walk on a large 1000 x 400 mm 5-layer running surface. Active 8-zone shock absorbers are placed under the mat to limit friction in your joints. This means you can work out without leaving your home and without spending too much money at the gym.

The maximum speed of this semi-professional electric treadmill is limited to 13 km. That's enough for any pace you want, from a leisurely walk to a brisk run. There are 12 pre-set programs if you're looking for progressive results. Data related to your workouts such as distance covered, duration, calories burned and heart rate are displayed on the LCD screen.

Bodytone Home DT12

For Starters

Bodytone Home DT12

The best electric treadmill for beginners

Thanks to the Bodytone Home DT12, you can walk without leaving your home, which is good news these days! Its various features and technologies make it more comfortable to use.

359 £ on Alltricks

The Bodytone Home DT12 allows you to walk, run and especially work on your cardio. It reaches a maximum speed of 12 km/h. This electric treadmill takes advantage of the React technology which reduces the tension on your joints. To do this, the platform acts as a shock absorber with each stride. Note that this platform supports 100 kg of load.

This fitness equipment is antistatic so as not to disturb your body during your workouts. For the rest, the 1.5 HP Autoboost motor and the 125 x 42 cm walking surface do their job perfectly. The device is sold pre-assembled, there is even an orthopedic running belt sold with it. You just have to install it thanks to the Plug & Train system and start walking.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best electric treadmill

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The best electric treadmill in 2021

The best entry-level electric treadmill

The best high-end electric treadmill

A great semi-professional treadmill

The best electric treadmill for beginners

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Comparison table of the best electric treadmills

TOORX WalkingPad ultra-compact
CitySports WP2-1
BH Fitness Pioneer R9 TFT G6587TFT
ISE SY-T2702
Bodytone Home DT12
TOORX WalkingPad
CitySports WP2-1
BH Fitness Pioneer R9 TFT G6587TFT
ISE SY-T2702
Bodytone Home DT12
This electric treadmill takes up little space. It attracts by its aesthetic and especially by its possibilities. The remote control supplied allows you to set it up as you wish.
The CitySports WP2-1 is an excellent electric treadmill that you can buy at a great price. It allows you to practice walking or running without any strain and in complete safety.
The BH Fitness Pioneer R9 TFT G6587TFT takes advantage of a compact, folding frame and a 4 HP motor. With a speed of up to 22 km/h, this electric treadmill can also tilt up to 12%.
Compactness, practicality and efficiency are the key words with the ISE SY-T2702 electric treadmill. You will love the comfort offered by this model and will not be able to do without it.
Thanks to the Bodytone Home DT12, you can walk without leaving your home, which is good news these days! Its various features and technologies make it more comfortable to use.
0.5 - 6 km/h
1 to 6 km/h
22 km/h
Up to 13 km/h
12 km/h
Load capacity
100 kg
110 kg
130 kg
120 kg
100 kg
Working area
43 x 120 cm
430 x 1080 mm
140 x 51 cm
100 x 40 cm
125 x 42 cm
1/2 (peak) HP DC
440 W
2 to 4 HP
750 W
1,5 CV DC
Number of programs

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Buying guide - electric treadmill

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How to choose your electric treadmill

Before you decide to buy, you need to know the features of a good electric treadmill. This includes your body type, goals, build quality, ergonomics, exercise range, price and safety. Feel free to check out the FAQ for more details on how it works.

#1 - Goals and motivation

According to a study conducted by OpinionWay and IRMES, 58% of English people play sports for well-being, relaxation, exercise or to burn calories. 73% are motivated by physical maintenance and 40% play sports for fun. Knowing why you will use your treadmill will help you identify the right model. Workouts are based on goals. This will help you determine which treadmill is right for your fitness level. Not all users have the same physical condition. You will therefore have to choose according to what you can bear and what you are willing to do.

#2 - Body type

The length of the deck must be adapted to the length of your steps. On average, the rolling belt is 125 cm long and 40 cm wide. The weight supported varies between 110 and 150 kg, and can reach 200 kg for top-of-the-line models. In any case, an engine of at least 2 HP is highly recommended for overweight users. If you also plan to run, consider how comfortable you are on the treadmill. A standard size Treadmill and an XXL size Treadmill will not offer the same comfort depending on your size and build. So choose based on your weight and height.

#3 - Treadmill speed and incline

Most treadmills have a top speed between 16 and 20 km/h. Some models go even faster. But for walking, a treadmill with a speed of 10 km/h should be sufficient. Also consider the 10% maximum incline for walking. To do this, determine your workout style. Do you need to be distracted? Or do you like to create physical challenges? For the former, entertainment features and automated programs will take priority. Otherwise, consider maximum speed, incline settings, heart rate monitoring, and interval programs.


Evaluate the accessibility of the emergency stop button. Also check the operation of the safety key as well as the ease of folding on foldable electric treadmills.

#4 - Features

Docking stations for iPods or smartphones, USB ports and wireless connectivity are available on many treadmills. Indeed, manufacturers are trying to make exercise less monotonous and more interesting. Decide what features you need and avoid paying for options you won't use. To do this, determine your workout style. Do you need to be entertained? Or do you like to plan your fitness routine and create physical challenges? For the former, entertainment features and automated programs will take priority. Otherwise, consider maximum speed, incline settings, heart rate monitoring and interval programs.

A tool for well-being above all

Remember, a treadmill is just a tool to help you achieve your cardio and health goals. Keep these goals in mind to help you identify the features that are most important to you.

#5 - Ergonomics

A good treadmill should be able to cushion and absorb the shock of your steps. When you walk, make sure your feet don't hit the housing containing the motor. Also, make sure you are comfortable leaning on the side rails and have easy access to the controls. If not, return the Treadmill. Also, a Treadmill is a heavy piece of fitness equipment. Ask about delivery and assembly. The latter is often tricky, even for experienced DIYers. The simpler the electric treadmill, the easier the assembly will be.

#6 - Budget

When buying a treadmill, determining the budget is crucial. Investing in a more expensive machine ensures stronger construction, more running surface, higher top speeds and steeper inclines. But if your goals are limited to walking, an entry-level or mid-range model will suffice.

Where to buy your electric treadmill?

Buying your electric treadmill on the Internet is more interesting. Besides the lower price, you don't have to worry about delivery. In the case of Amazon, the seller takes care of sending you the package. In some cases, the manufacturer provides a technician to help you during the installation.

Moreover, buying online allows you totest the mat for 2 weeks, with the possibility to send it back if you are not satisfied. In a store, you will only have a few minutes of testing, 1 hour at most.

Some brands sell directly from their website. Others use a specialized store or an online giant likeAmazon. Still others work with stores like Decathlon. For our part, we recommend Amazon.

The different types of electric treadmills

Electric treadmills are all based on the same design: a moving belt, powered by an electric motor. Depending on the price range and features, we can distinguish 3 types of treadmills for walking.

Cheap folding electric treadmill

Shorter than the top-of-the-line model, this type of treadmill is enough to keep walkers happy. It usually includes a display for speed, distance, time and calories burned, as well as a shelf with water bottle holders. It is difficult to find one with a heart rate monitor or heart rate control programs.


  • If walking is your primary exercise, this is for you
  • Price
  • Lightweight and space saving


  • Bridge too short to run properly
  • Less stable than high-end treadmills

Who is it for?

As mentioned above, this type of electric treadmill is suitable for those who limit themselves to walking. Besides, its size and lack of stability will prevent you from running.

Folding electric treadmill


general, this model offers more features than the budget folding models. There are also more exercise programs, including heart rate-controlled setups. Some even come with a heart rate monitor. And if you suddenly feel like running, the treadmill will respond.


  • Sturdy construction
  • More feature-rich
  • Better suited for casual running


  • Sometimes short bridge for runners with very long strides
  • Price can be very high

Who is it for?

If you happen to be a runner, this is the type of treadmill you want. It will make your workouts less monotonous. But make sure the treadmill's measurements are right for your stride length.

Non-folding electric treadmill

This type of treadmill is equally suitable for walking or running. It offers a sturdier deck and frame. The running belt is also longer. Often, the non-folding treadmill has a very large running surface. On the other hand, it is expensive, not to mention the space it takes up and the difficulty of assembly.


  • The best choice for intensive users
  • Robust and able to support high weights
  • Many built-in programs


  • High price
  • Very bulky and almost impossible to move

Who is it for?

This type of device is found in gyms. But you can use it at home. It is very efficient and can be used intensively. However, the price and the size of the equipment give food for thought.

Avoid potentially dangerous connections

Do not use extension cords, surge protectors, power strips or grounding adapters. The reason is simple: the Treadmill has a controller that sends out a series of pulses, varying the motor voltage. All four of these devices can cause interference.


A folding treadmill will be half its length when stored. A non-folding treadmill takes up an average of half a room. In all cases, allow enough empty space around your unit for access and safety.

Electric treadmill or treadmill?

Electric treadmill

The electric treadmill is a device designed for walking, that is to say, for moving at speeds that require fewer muscles than running. Indeed, walking on a treadmill involves less back bending and less knee extension. Also, this type of machine is less sophisticated than the treadmill which often has more features. On the other hand, the cost of this device is much lower.


The treadmill is specifically designed for endurance sports. This type of device generally includes features such as a cardiometry device. Thus, the treadmill designed for running is a little more advanced than the one designed for walking. As a result, it is much more expensive.


It all depends on your condition and your budget. If you are prone to high blood pressure, walking is a better option than running. So you'll need a treadmill. But if you're looking for athletic performance or intensive cardio work, you'll need a treadmill.

Why buy an electric treadmill?

We don't walk enough!

On average, the French take 7,889 steps per day. Those who practice at least one sport take 8722 steps, against 7128 for those who do not practice any sport. Unfortunately, these statistics remain below the 10,000 daily steps recommended by the WHO. It's time to do something about it by getting an electric treadmill.

Walking is the favorite sport activity of the French

It's a fact, sport is in the top three of good resolutions for each new year. But this is rarely accompanied by concrete actions. And the ranking of the favorite sports activities of the French may surprise you. Indeed, 48% choose walking or running as their favorite sport activity.

To exercise at home

Less than 1 out of 2 English people practice a sport activity. The main reason given is lack of time, followed by weather conditions (snow, wind, rain, high heat, etc.). Some of us even have a complex about going to the gym, citing the cost of a membership.

In the face of all this, walking remains the least restrictive and most accessible sport. And the electric treadmill makes it possible to have convenient workouts at home. You won't have to join a gym, go out, or depend on the weather! Plus, there's something for everyone.

For a healthy body in a healthy mind

The benefits of the electric treadmill are numerous. It helps improve the cardiovascular system, burn calories, decrease body fat and increase muscle mass. In addition, walking helps relieve stress and reduces the risk of high blood pressure, diabetes or even cholesterol. As you can see, it's good for your health and your morale! So what are you waiting for?

For a variety of workouts

In addition to walking, many electric treadmills allow you to run. In addition, good treadmills tilt and decline to vary the exercises. You can also intensify your sessions by increasing the speed!

Use Your Treadmill

Many people buy a treadmill as a fad, use it for a while, and then turn away from it. Instead of spending money on other equipment or following trends, it's better to keep using what's available and what works!

The best brands of electric treadmills

In our opinion, the best brands of electric treadmills in 2022 are :

BH Fitness
ISE ou Isefit

The German brand manufactures all kinds of fitness and weight training equipment. Based in Berlin, it is seriously starting to overshadow the American market leaders Nordic Track and Proform. In fact, its share of the European market is growing steadily. Sportestech treadmills range from entry-level to mid-range.

This multinational company makes most of its sales in fitness equipment. Based in Spain, it offers treadmills ranging from entry-level to high-end. In addition to treadmills, BH Fitness also manufactures rowing machines, weight benches, exercise bikes, and elliptical bikes.

Known for its treadmills, this brand produces entry-level equipment. Generally small in size, their treadmills are more for walking. But they don't really allow you to run. Besides, the prices do not exceed 350 euros.

Very young company, the French ISE or Isefit was born in October 2017. Its best-seller is the folding treadmill ISE SY-1005, sold for a little over 200 euros. Note that ISE stands for Inspiration, Health and Aesthetics and that it specializes in fitness equipment. This brand will surely be talked about in the years to come.

Little known in the UK, Landice treadmills are among the best possible choices whether you are a walker, jogger or an experienced runner. Regardless of your physical condition or available space, the American brand has a model adapted to your needs and capable of helping you reach your goals.

What is the price for an electric treadmill

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

200 £ to 300 £
300 £ to 600 £
more than 600 £
Price range diagram


Combine your physical activity with a proper diet

The treadmill works a large number of muscles, and burns a large number of calories. But to lose weight effectively, this energy expenditure must be greater than your food intake. It is therefore essential to follow a proper diet at the same time.

Optimize your sessions

By making your sessions a little more difficult, you will get better results. For example, you can gradually increase the speed of the treadmill or the incline. Also, try not to hold on to the dash. Also, carrying small dumbbells in your hands is also a good option to stimulate your arm muscles and increase energy expenditure.

Hydrate well

Dehydration can cause cramps, muscle contractures, digestive problems, decreased performance and premature fatigue. In order to be at your best during the activity, you must therefore plan recovery time and drink water in small sips.

Get the right shoes

Not just any shoe is suitable for an electric treadmill, especially if you want to run. Go for running sneakers for optimal comfort and to avoid any risk of injury such as periostitis, tendonitis, blisters, etc.

Be careful with the headphones and the towel

Headphones and towel often accompany you during your physical activity. However, they have a tendency to fall off on the treadmill, and risk causing a fall. To remedy this, opt for wireless Bluetooth headphones, and make sure to place your towel away from the treadmill.


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TOORX WalkingPad ultra-compact
TOORX WalkingPad
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