The best folding exercise bikes in the UK 2023

For some people, cycling is a leisure activity, for others it is a passion. But not everyone has the time or the desire to ride a real bike, hence the interest of the exercise bike. Especially since there are folding models, which are practical if you are short of space. In addition, you can use it for fitness, no need to go to the gym! Which folding exercise bike to choose? We tell you everything!

SportPlus SP-HT-1002 1

Best value for the money

SportPlus SP-HT-1002

The best folding exercise bike in 2021

With this folding exercise bike, your workouts will become a daily appointment. Note its silent operation thanks to a magnetic braking system.

144 £ on Amazon

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned exerciser, everyone can use the SportPlus SP-HT-1002. This folding exercise bike offers 8 adjustable resistance levels. You'll benefit from its adjustable seat height, non-slip pedals and magnetic brakes for quiet pedaling. The handles offer a comfortable grip and allow you to adopt a correct posture for a minimum of effort.

You will also notice the sober and aesthetic design that will make your bike a discreet element of your interior. The dashboard displays the duration of the session, the speed in real time, the distance covered and the calories burned. On the handlebars, sensors are even integrated to record your pulse.

TecTake 401715 2

Best low cost

TecTake 401715

The best entry-level folding exercise bike

With its sleek lines, the TecTake 401715 exercise bike almost makes you forget that it's a devilishly effective workout tool. A must-have for keeping in shape or starting a weight loss program.

79,20 £ on Amazon

Beginning with leg work, exercise cycling will also help train and strengthen all the muscles in your body, as well as exercise your cardiovascular system. As you work out on the TecTake 401715, you'll increase your endurance and improve your flexibility and coordination.

This folding exercise bike has large, comfortable, non-slip pedals and a height-adjustable seat. You can choose from 8 levels of difficulty, allowing you to adjust it to your preferences and goals. The brakes are magnetic, allowing for quiet operation, but avoiding wear and tear. Note the LCD screen on which you can follow your performance in real time.

Slim Cycle 2-in-1 3

Best high end

Slim Cycle 2-in-1

The best high-end folding exercise bike

This exercise bike allows you to combine 2 exercises. Enjoy cardio training while sculpting your upper and lower body muscles. A worthwhile investment, both for its design and its benefits.

379 € on Go Sport

The Slim Cycle is designed to sculpt your figure. A folding, 2-in-1 exercise bike, it allows you to work your cardio and your upper and lower body at the same time. The wide, padded seat is adjustable in height, while the memory foam backrest provides a comfortable seat without straining the back. This model also features non-slip grips on the front and sides.

To manage the intensity of your workout, the magnetic pedal board offers 8 degrees of intensity. By the way, pedaling does not generate any noise. The saddle position can also be changed from upright to semi-recumbent. And to monitor your performance, you will find a screen on the front displaying speed, calories burned, elapsed time, etc.

Tecnovita EVO B1500 4


Tecnovita EVO B1500

A folding exercise bike with all the comforts

With the Tecnovita EVO B1500, schedule your workouts according to your availability without the inconvenience of a crowded gym or the traffic jams to get there. Plus, it's very comfortable.

159 £ on decathlon

The Tecnovita EVO B1500 will be perfect to work on endurance, but also to strengthen the muscles of the lower limbs. This folding exercise bike is suitable for all body types, with a comfortable and well-padded seat that can be adjusted in height. It has non-slip handles on the front, as well as a lateral support depending on the efforts to be made.

To adapt the bike to your abilities, it can be set to 8 levels of intensity. In addition, the dual transmission pedaling and braking system make it extremely quiet. Monitor your efforts via the LCD monitor showing distance traveled, speed, and calories burned.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best folding exercise bike

Any specific needs?

The best folding exercise bike in 2021

The best entry-level folding exercise bike

The best high-end folding exercise bike

A folding exercise bike with all the comforts

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Comparison table of the best folding exercise bikes

SportPlus SP-HT-1002 5
TecTake 401715 6
Slim Cycle 2-in-1 7
Tecnovita EVO B1500 8
SportPlus SP-HT-1002
TecTake 401715
Slim Cycle 2-in-1
Tecnovita EVO B1500
With this folding exercise bike, your workouts will become a daily appointment. Note its silent operation thanks to a magnetic braking system.
With its sleek lines, the TecTake 401715 exercise bike almost makes you forget that it's a devilishly effective workout tool. A must-have for keeping in shape or starting a weight loss program.
This exercise bike allows you to combine 2 exercises. Enjoy cardio training while sculpting your upper and lower body muscles. A worthwhile investment, both for its design and its benefits.
With the Tecnovita EVO B1500, schedule your workouts according to your availability without the inconvenience of a crowded gym or the traffic jams to get there. Plus, it's very comfortable.
Comfort Seat
Recommendation of maximum weight
100 kg
100 kg
130 kg
90 kg
Presence of computer with screen
Number of resistance levels

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Buying guide - folding exercise bike

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How to choose your folding exercise bike

To choose your folding exercise bike, it is important to determine the criteria to be taken into account according to the use and your objectives.

#1 - The height and weight of the user

The first criterion to keep in mind is the user's body size. In fact, there are different folding exercise bikes and each type takes into account the size and weight of the user, which is why it is important to know the maximum weight supported. The best option is to choose a quality folding exercise bike with a maximum weight that is much greater than the user's weight, in order to optimize the equipment's lifespan.

#2 - The frequency of use

The frequency of use of the folding exercise bike is another important criterion, since the lifespan of the chosen model depends on it. If possible, opt for a big brand equipment although more expensive for daily or intensive use. For occasional use, it is not necessary to invest a large budget in the acquisition of a folding exercise bike.

#3 - The comfort of use

Buying a folding exercise bike often results from needs associated with health and body maintenance. Also, it is recommended to focus on maximum comfort from the moment of purchase. For this reason, you should opt for a model equipped with an ergonomic seat, preferably adjustable, as well as a good padded backrest. As for the pedals, they will be better if they are non-slip.

#4 - The level of resistance and weight of the flywheel

Better to opt for a folding exercise bike equipped with mechanical resistance. If you can afford it, opt for a motorized resistance, benefiting from a minimum of noise and without any friction when braking. Otherwise, a heavier flywheel will guarantee quality and smoothness of pedaling. Below 4 kg, it offers more comfort, and above 10 kg, it confers more resistance.

#5 - The integrated technologies

According to the models, it is possible to find a folding exercise bike integrating technologies allowing a better use. For example, there are models with a touch screen to better monitor your performance (distance traveled, resistance adjustment according to the slopes programmed ...). Similarly, other models are equipped with sensors to monitor heart rate or blood pressure.

Does the exercise bike make you lose weight?


The folding exercise bike makes you do physical exertion. As a result, you will lose weight. The question is how much it could help you in losing weight and inches.

The pedaling motions and the way you hold onto the handlebars work many muscles, especially of the lower body as well as the back. All of the leg muscles are going to be intensely engaged. The abdominal muscles will also be trained in this chain. In the end, you will not only burn calories, but you will also gain muscle in the affected areas, thus improving your basal metabolism.

All of these physical efforts can burn a large amount of calories, depending on the intensity of your efforts. In any case, you will burn at least 240 kcal in thirty minutes while riding an exercise bike.

The answer to the question if exercise cycling makes you lose weight is positive. The question now is how to achieve palpable and sustainable goals. Provided you set clear goals, you could schedule intensive exercise bike sessions.

The first thing to consider is that, in order to lose weight sustainably, you will need to persevere in your daily efforts and aim for long-term results. Indeed, it is not about forcing yourself to achieve results quickly. What matters most is regular physical effort.


So, we recommend that you choose a program that matches your availability and set progressive goals spread out over two or three months.

The different types of folding exercise bikes

The folding upright exercise bike

The structure of this type of folding exercise bike allows you to pedal comfortably while keeping your back straight. It forces the user to adopt a good upright posture, so as to have a straight spine to preserve the back. This is because the backrest supports the back and neck during continuous exercise.

Being foldable, it can be easily stored to optimize space inside the house. Moreover, this type of exercise bike is equipped with an adjustable seat on at least 3 levels to adapt the height to the user's height.

The folding semi-extended exercise bike

This type of folding exercise bike is for people suffering from back and neck pain. It is an ideal fitness device for seniors. The semi-recumbent models focus on comfort during exercises, thanks to a seat with exceptional back support to avoid feeling fatigue as a result of the reclined body position.

The semi-recumbent folding exercise bike is a great way to get healthy, whether you are a fitness beginner or an expert. Indeed, it contributes to the correction of the defects of support of the back and the bust, and moreover, it is also easy to use. In this case, suitable for all types of users, it can be used by people in good health, or with reduced mobility safely.

The folding biking bike

It is a folding exercise bike dedicated to athletes. It is suitable for the preparation of decathlon, triathlon or other disciplines competitions. Equipped with an adjustable saddle and handlebars, this type of exercise bike offers the user the opportunity to experience sensations similar to road cycling. It has an adjustable resistance according to the level of practice, the desired performance and the objectives.

The folding biking bike allows the user to benefit from a fluidity of pedaling and confers an optimal comfort of use. Moreover, it does not require any detachment of the buttocks from the saddle for the work of the abdominal muscles, while gaining in intensity of race, thanks to the naturally leaning position.

Folding exercise bike or stationary bike?

Folding exercise bike

A folding exercise bike allows you to stay in shape without having to go out or to the gym. Easy to store and compact, it can be used at any time, which is its main advantage. Some models offer programming options to vary the intensity of your sessions.

The use of a folding exercise bike requires you to push the exercises to the maximum to optimize performance, especially to have a stable training level throughout the year. Over the long term, its use will have a negative impact on the resistance and power of the pedal strokes.

Stationary bike

A stationary bike fits in a small apartment. It allows you to train anywhere, given its small size. There are mechanical models, equipped with a controller to vary the intensity without having to get off the equipment. Better yet, it can accommodate different equipment for monitoring performance from a smartphone or computer.

However, the use of a stationary bike has a big disadvantage in that it must be installed on the base every time you use it. The wear of the rear tire is also another point to consider as it is not heat resistant, so it will wear out quickly.


Before choosing between a folding exercise bike and a basic bike, it is important to determine the criteria for use, the frequency, and especially the objectives of use. In any case, both types of training bikes allow you to stay in shape and prepare for sports competitions.

Why buy a folding exercise bike?

To save space and money

A folding exercise bike will save you money, but especially space. Indeed, because of its folding design, it can be used in a limited space and then stored right after use. Economically, it is also cost-effective in that the price remains within reach of most people. And you won't have to spend money on memberships or fuel to get to the gym!

To train more often

An athlete can choose a folding exercise bike to optimize his or her performance. This is because, in addition to sessions with a coach, he or she can perform exercises at home, such as long-distance cardio. In this context, this equipment also helps to strengthen the endurance, as well as the myocardium, after long-term activities.

To stay healthy

The folding exercise bike helps to keep fit while sculpting the users' figure. Indeed, the use of this fitness equipment helps to refine the body, especially in the thighs and buttocks muscles. At the same time, the use of this equipment helps to strengthen its muscles in the long term.

To keep a healthy mind

Pedaling on a folding exercise bike allows you to clear your head and therefore relieve stress. This is due to the fact that the exercises performed contribute to the secretion of endorphins, the happiness hormones, which help to keep the worries of everyday life at bay and make you feel better in mind and body.

To start exercising gently and safely

The folding exercise bike is the ideal equipment for people who want to start exercising without risk. With this equipment, the practice is done in a soft way, in particular at the level of the musculoskeletal system. In addition, the bike protects the joints so that you can work out without discomfort.

The best brands of folding exercise bikes

In our opinion, the best brands of folding exercise bikes in 2022 are :


SportPlus is a pioneer in the fitness equipment sector. The brand quality materials (lightweight and strong ABS plastic or stainless steel). In addition, it is known for designing exercise bikes, regardless of the level of practice.

TecTake manufactures a wide range of products, ranging from home, to decoration, to leisure. The German brand also designs exercise bikes that are known to be comfortable and durable. In addition, the after-sales service of TecTake and top.

Here is a German brand recognized for the manufacture of sports equipment (exercise bike, treadmill ...). It is aimed at both individuals and professionals. UltraSport privileges the balance between quality and price while proposing robust equipment.

Ativafit manufactures material and equipment for sport, fitness and yoga. It signs sturdy folding apartment bikes that are within reach of many users. Oriented entry and mid-range, Ativafit is very popular with athletes on a budget.

Created in 2006 to manufacture cheap sports equipment, Physionics offers a wide range of apartment bikes, depending on the level of practice. You can find equipment for beginners as well as professional models.

What is the price for a folding exercise bike

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

75 £ to 150 £
150 £ to 225 £
more than 225 £
Price range diagram


Strengthen your muscles with a folding exercise bike

Sports equipment that allows an overall workout of the lower body muscles, the folding exercise bike is also suitable for working those of the back. In addition to that, thanks to regular activities, it is possible to gain also on the muscles of the abdominal part and the buttocks.

Use a folding exercise bike for a rehabilitation program

The use of a folding exercise bike can be carried out within the framework of a cardiac rehabilitation. In this case, it is recommended to choose an ergometer bike, whose braking is specified in Watts. The best option is to choose a bike with a low straddle threshold, or a low frame.

Prioritize equipment that is adapted for use to optimize its lifespan

As far as possible, it is best to adapt the purchase of the folding exercise bike to the use. In this case, in terms of range, either resistance, it is advisable to choose a device according to the frequency of use so that the equipment is cost-effective and meets the expectations of the user.

Be sure to regularly maintain your equipment for better performance

Like all sports and fitness equipment, maintenance is a factor of durability. Also, for a folding exercise bike, it is advisable to take good care of it, that is to say to clean it regularly, and to make sure to grease the parts requiring this care so that it lasts a long time.

Choose an exercise bike that is adapted to your goals and your morphology

To take full advantage of the benefits provided by a folding exercise bike, opt for a material adapted to your weight and size. Also, make sure you choose a device with uses that meet your goals to maximize results.


What folding exercise bike for cardio?

In order to do cardio at home, any folding exercise bike can be suitable, as long as the characteristics are appropriate for the user's morphology. Whether it's an upright or a semi-recumbent bike, all that's required is that it be adapted to the user's height and weight. Otherwise, the backrests and seats should be adjustable to adjust the working height at each session, depending on the needs and duration of the exercises.

What folding exercise bike for weight loss?

For a better health and a slimmer figure, the integration of a weight loss program can be adapted in its daily exercises. In this context, the adapted exercise bike has an adaptable programming to the needs. Whenever possible, opt for a connected exercise bike, allowing the rigorous monitoring of each session, including both cardio and weight loss program.

What part of the body does the folding exercise bike work?

By opting for a folding exercise bike and practicing regular or occasional exercises with it, the muscles most solicited are those of the lower body, among others, the thighs, calves and glutes. Ideal for cardio, this equipment also allows you to work the abdominal muscles, as well as those of the lower back. By pedaling with high resistance, the arms and back also work to gain muscle.

What folding exercise bike to choose for senior?

Elderly people undergoing cardiac rehabilitation, will be better off using a bicycle ergometer. Indeed, this model is perfectly suitable insofar as it allows a training taking into account the power, translating the power developed during the exercise. It also allows for the precise definition of the level of difficulty of the sessions, according to the needs. Otherwise, for seniors with mobility problems, an exercise bike with a low step-threshold is the most suitable, to reduce the pressure on the muscles and joints.


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SportPlus SP-HT-1002 9
SportPlus SP-HT-1002
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TecTake 401715
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