The best yoga mat in the UK 2023

Unlike CrossFit or running, yoga can be practiced almost anywhere with minimal equipment. A true symbol of this discipline, the yoga mat comes in so many models that it is not always easy to choose one. So, in order for you to find the accessory that will allow you to excel as a yogi, we suggest you discover this guide of the best yoga mats of 2021.

Tresko Yoga Mat 1

Best value for money

Tresko Yoga Mat

The best yoga mat in 2021

The Tresko yoga mat has all the qualities yogis are looking for. It is thick, light, flexible, hypoallergenic and easy to carry. You can also use it for bushcraft and camping.

27,99 £ on Amazon

This yoga mat owes its versatility to the NBR foam. Innovative, this material contains no pollutants and is very pleasant to the touch. You will appreciate the sensation that it gets. Being about 15 mm thick, the Tresko insulates completely from cold floors, which is why you can use it as a camping mat. In addition, it is easy on the joints, relieves back muscles and prevents slipping thanks to its anti-slip properties.

This yoga mat is perfect for working on the most difficult postures. Whatever your level of practice, the Tresko will become your most valuable ally. It will help you to progress and succeed in the most improbable postures of this discipline. Being compact and light, transporting this mat will not be a problem. The same goes for its maintenance, a simple cleaning product is enough to give it back its shine.

Tapis de yoga en TPE Dustgo 2

Best value for money

Tapis de yoga en TPE Dustgo

The best entry-level yoga mat

This yoga mat by Dustgo is made of non-slip TPE. It stands out for its great thickness, which reaches 6 mm, while being easy to fold. Moreover, this model exists in 7 different colors.

26,39 £ on Amazon

One of the special features of the Dustgo is the use of TPE in its manufacture. Certified without chemicals, this yoga mat has a thickness of 6 mm, without affecting the ease of folding. In addition, its two-colored character allows the yogi to enjoy a double face without forgetting that it has a good adherence to the ground by its anti-skid properties.

Its body alignment markings will help perfect yoga postures as well as floor fitness exercises, handy if you are just starting out. Weighing 720 g, the Dustgo is 183 cm long and 61 cm wide. Its storage is very easy, as well as its transport. Note even that this yoga mat comes with a backpack and a strap for more convenience.

Tapis de yoga Liforme 3

Best value for money

Tapis de yoga Liforme

The best high-end yoga mat

The Liforme yoga mat is both ecological and hypoallergenic. It has a unique and original alignment system. You can even choose your color between blue, grey, pink and green.

112 £ on Amazon

Liforme offers us this non-slip yoga mat with the AlignForMe system. This system will intelligently guide yogis of all shapes and sizes towards a better alignment to better progress in the practice of yoga. In addition to offering excellent grip, the mat provides comfortable cushioning thanks to its 4 mm thickness.

This mat is made of biodegradable materials between 1 to 5 years, non-toxic and environmentally friendly, including ecological polyurethane and natural rubber. Its design has undergone a revolutionary process using heat welding, which does not require the use of toxic glues. Finally, it is a particularly light yoga mat.

Ativafit Yoga Mat 4

Made in the UK

Ativafit Yoga Mat

A great French-made yoga mat

Made of SGS certified TPE, the Ativafit yoga mat is latex and phthalate free. This model is entirely healthy, thick, recyclable and comfortable to use.

21,59 £ on Amazon

Whether you practice yoga, pilates or any other exercise that requires a non-slip mat thicker than 10 mm, the Ativafit will give you peace of mind. Its dimensions (183 x 61 x 1 cm) give you enough space to perform simple and complicated tricks. The strap makes it easy to carry to the gym or to the park, depending on your mood at the time!

This 12mm mat is made up of several layers. A cushioned felt is located between the natural rubber base and the non-slip top layer. This is what gives this mat its high resilience as well as its superb resistance. The lines of this mat will allow you to create a stable base and practice your discipline safely. If you are new to yoga, this mat made in Frnace will help you progress quickly.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best yoga mat

Any specific needs?

The best yoga mat in 2021

The best entry-level yoga mat

The best high-end yoga mat

A great French-made yoga mat

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Comparison table of the best yoga mat

Tresko Yoga Mat 5
Tapis de yoga en TPE Dustgo 6
Tapis de yoga Liforme 7
Ativafit Yoga Mat 8
Tresko Yoga Mat
Tapis de yoga en TPE Dustgo
Tapis de yoga Liforme
Ativafit Yoga Mat
The Tresko yoga mat has all the qualities yogis are looking for. It is thick, light, flexible, hypoallergenic and easy to carry. You can also use it for bushcraft and camping.
This yoga mat by Dustgo is made of non-slip TPE. It stands out for its great thickness, which reaches 6 mm, while being easy to fold. Moreover, this model exists in 7 different colors.
The Liforme yoga mat is both ecological and hypoallergenic. It has a unique and original alignment system. You can even choose your color between blue, grey, pink and green.
Made of SGS certified TPE, the Ativafit yoga mat is latex and phthalate free. This model is entirely healthy, thick, recyclable and comfortable to use.
NBR foam
Natural rubber
10 to 15 mm
6 mm
10 mm
Not reported
720 g
920 g
Slip resistant
Folding and transport

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How to choose your yoga mat

Each discipline requires specific equipment. For yoga, you will need a mat. Here are the criteria to keep in mind so you don't regret your purchase.

#1 - The style of yoga you practice

There are several styles of yoga, from the most gentle to the most dynamic. If the more complex and fast Vinyasa yoga, Iyengar yoga and Ashtanga require a mat with a good grip and less thickness, Nidra yoga or Hatha yoga considered as soft require a more comfortable mat therefore thicker.

#2 - The material used

The material also has its importance, since some components of the mat are not really adapted to yoga practice. While PVC is an economical but not environmentally friendly choice, the jute medium resides in an inexpensive and natural lightweight material. Rubber, for example, absorbs shocks well and has an excellent grip on the ground. As for TPE, it is easily recyclable. But it is impossible for it to degrade completely.

#3 - The thickness of the carpet

The thickness of the mat is a criterion considered paramount, as it directly impacts stability. If a mat that is too thin does not isolate the temperature of the floor and is uncomfortable for the muscles, a mat that is too thick can unbalance the movements. The ideal would therefore be to choose a model that is between 4 and 6 mm.

#4 - The weight


criterion follows directly from the thickness. The thicker a yoga mat is, the more comfortable it is, but what about its weight? In case you are doing yoga away from home and therefore need to carry the mat, it is best to go for a lightweight mat. If you are doing yoga at home, go for comfort, a thick and heavy mat will be at your ease.

#5 - The anti-slip property

Some yoga mats have a non-slip property, which allows the yogi to do their yoga exercises, postures and asanas without slipping. The choice largely depends on the style of yoga you want to practice. In the case of a gentle discipline, this property is not so much required. On the other hand, dynamic styles such as Ashtanga yoga or Vinyasa yoga require the use of a non-slip mat that cushions and stabilizes.

How do I care for a yoga mat?

The yoga mat is the most important element for a good floor yoga session. Its maintenance is essential, because it can extend its life. The way of maintenance varies according to the material with which the mat is made:

  • Yoga mat in PVC

It is most easily cleaned with warm water and a microfiber cloth. It is possible to refresh it with a spray of essential oils between two big washes. It is important to dry it well before storing it.

  • Yoga mat natural rubber

This type of carpet can be machine washed as long as you respect the 30°. It is, however, strongly recommended not to use fabric softener to keep its adherence. As for drying, put it in the open air and avoid the sun so that it does not crack.

  • Yoga mat jute rubber and natural jute

It can be washed with warm soapy water and refreshed with an essential oil spray. To keep their adherence, avoid dust and creams. After washing, let it dry in the open air without putting it in the sun.

  • The mat in polyurethane and synthetic rubber

It should be cleaned regularly with warm, slightly soapy water and a microfiber cloth. Deceive a few minutes if the dirt is encrusted and prefer the storage in "rolled".

The storage

Move this box and put it at the place of the article where you want to use it. If necessary, you can also duplicate it to use it in several places.

The different types of yoga mat

There are several styles of yoga: Iyengar yoga, Ashtanga yoga, Vinyasa yoga, Bikram, hot yoga, etc. The best classification will be made according to the material that composes the mat. Here are those most often used:

PVC yoga mat

PVC is a classic material that is widely used for various purposes, including yoga mats. Its major advantages are its light weight and lower price. Containing 57% chlorine and ethylene, it is a sticky material that is very cheap to produce. It is also easy to maintain.

The main disadvantage of PVC is its short life span. It is a material that is quickly damaged. Moreover, it is neither ecological nor biodegradable. Due to its manufacture, its chemical compounds are harmful to the environment.

Yoga mat in TPE

TPE or Thermoplastic Elastomer is a flexible plastic. It is much easier to recycle and benefits those who want to have more lightness. In addition, the TPE yoga mat has good elasticity and is strong. Its longevity is thus more privileged.

The disadvantage of TPE yoga mats is that they can lose flexibility, because they dry out over time. As for their price, they are generally more expensive than PVC yoga mats. It should be noted that this material is not fully biodegradable

Hessian Yoga Mat


grown for its fibers, jute is a plant that grows in tropical regions. Jute yoga mats are therefore made of a natural material that is totally biodegradable, a great advantage on the ecology. Costing less and being light, they are also more adherent.

The jute yoga mat is not a choice to be privileged counting on the comfort. It is a rough material that can be unpleasant to the touch and uncomfortable for the joints. Because of its fragility, it is not recommended for an intensive or demanding practice for the joints.

Yoga mat made of natural rubber

The natural rubber yoga mat comes from different plants like rubber tree, rubber, grass rubber, etc. It is foldable, has excellent grip on the floor and does not bounce. However, this type of accessory is more expensive as the raw material is much more expensive to produce. In addition, it weighs more.

Bio TPE, really?

Bio TPE is a TPE that is partly of natural origin and therefore partly biodegradable. Of course, it will not be as environmentally friendly as natural rubber or jute.

Yoga mat 4 mm or 6 mm?

Yoga mat 4 mm

4.5 mm is the standard thickness of yoga mats. It can, therefore, accommodate any practice, gentle or dynamic, although the cushioning of falls is not always among its priorities. Lighter, this one does not take much space during the storage either. Moreover, it can be easily transported during your outdoor sessions.

Yoga mat 6 mm

A mat with a thickness of 6 mm is much more comfortable. It is, indeed, much more comfortable for the knees, the back and the legs. It is also better able to absorb falls. Although this type of mat is ideal for meditation, gentle yoga and Pilates, it turns out that it is not very sticky and slippery at the same time. It is therefore recommended to use a towel when using it.


The 4 mm yoga mat is recommended if you need to move it regularly or if you lack storage space. But for daily use at home, it is better to opt for the 6 mm.


Solve articulation problems

For those who suffer from joint problems, it is advisable to double the mat with a towel or another mat for more comfort during knee postures. Don't forget to take into account the material with which the accessory is made.

Yoga for pregnant women


fact, yoga is highly recommended for pregnant women, but with some measures like using a thick yoga mat. It helps to be more comfortable during prenatal yoga classes.

Hot yoga and Bikram mats


hot yoga and Bikram, the mat has non-slip properties and a strong grip, as these disciplines are practiced in 40° atmosphere. Currently in vogue, these practices develop a natural detoxifying and slimming sweat.

Maintaining a yoga mat


is sometimes marked on the instructions if the mat can be machine was


It is also recommended to disinfect your carpet with a spray made of water, vinegar and antibacterial essential oils after each use. To eliminate odor-causing bacteria, wipe it down with a microfiber cloth.

Carrying a yoga mat


a yoga mat throughout a day can indeed be daunting. To remedy this, you can opt for a non-slip towel. Thanks to its shape and lightness, it is a good compromise. However, it is necessary to put it on a yoga mat already present in the room.


What is the best yoga mat?

The best yoga mat depends on your needs and your budget. Read our buying guide for the best products available.

What is a yoga mat

The mat is used for the practice of yoga on the ground. It is an accessory which allows not to be cold by isolating from the temperature of the ground. According to the yogic form practiced, the yoga mat must be chosen according to the dynamics of the postures standing or sitting.

What thickness for a yoga mat?

A standard yoga mat is about 4.5 mm thick, while the thickest is about 6 mm. There are also very thin yoga mats, often described as "travel yoga mats", which are only 2.8 mm thick.

How to use the yoga bricks?

Yoga bricks can also be used to stretch the calves. To do this, simply place them on the floor, step on them with the soles of your feet and lower your heels to the floor. As with any movement, move down gradually and breathe calmly.

Where to buy a yoga mat?

You can buy a yoga mat at Go Sport or Decathlon or in specialty stores. But they are usually quite expensive. The Internet is the best choice to buy a yoga mat at the best price.


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Tresko Yoga Mat
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Tapis de yoga en TPE Dustgo
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Tapis de yoga Liforme
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Ativafit Yoga Mat


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