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Fixed on the frame of a door or on a Roman chair, the pull-up bar allows you to build up your abs, arms, back and legs. Nevertheless, not all models are equal. Some are suitable for beginners while others are designed for experienced users. Check out our guide to buying the best pull-up bars.

Sportstech Premium 2in1 Traction Bar with Dips KS700 1

Best value for your money

Sportstech Premium 2in1 Traction Bar with Dips KS700

The best drawbar

Gain significant muscle mass in record time with this versatile pull-up bar for indoor and outdoor use. Portable and easy to set up, it allows for multiple movements.

63,96 £ on Amazon

Fixed to a wall, a tree trunk or a solid support, Sportstech Premium resists a 150 kg load. For boxers, there is an attachment ring on this pull-up bar to hang a punching bag. The 4 perpendicularly arranged handles are non-slip, padded and, above all, resistant to the risk of tearing.

The distance between the two ends of the bar measures 1.05 m. This equipment is used to work the body parts such as biceps, triceps, pectorals or back. In total, the number of physical exercises that can be performed on Sportstech Premium 2in1 is around 40. The pull-up bar comes with a backpack for transportation.

Ultrasport 2 Handle Pull-Up Bar 2

Best value for your money

Ultrasport 2 Handle Pull-Up Bar

The best entry-level drawbar

Realize your ultimate dream of sculpting your body by exercising with Ultrasport which is a pull-up bar. With a load capacity of 150 kg, it is reserved for upper limb strength training.

30,85 £ on Amazon

The main advantage of the Ultrasport bar is its adjustable length depending on the support on which it will be hung. In its shortened form, it measures only 65 cm against 103 cm after being deployed. The bar has 2 handles at the end of which is placed a robust rubber fastener with a tightening lever.

For the comfort and safety of the user of the bar, its padded handles are made of 3 thick layers. Being non-slip and sweat resistant, these handles will not tear, no matter how much you move. On Ultrasport, you can perform at least 7 types of physical and strength training exercises.

Pullup & Dip 3

Best value for your money

Pullup & Dip

The best high-end drawbar

The design of this Pullup & Dip bar allows it to be used both indoors and outdoors. It offers more than thirty exercises to do to build up the body.

1 959 £ on Amazon

This Pullup & Dip bar revolutionizes weight training equipment. Made of stainless steel, it can be attached to any indoor or outdoor support. The presence of an adapter allows it to be placed on a wall, a post or a tree trunk. With an increased load capacity, you can perform many exercises such as leg raises, muscle-ups and many others.

This pull-up bar can be easily disassembled and stored in a bag, allowing you to take it with you wherever you go so you can exercise at any time. It comes with a workout guide that includes over 30 exercises so you can be totally self-sufficient and work out at your own pace.

Gorilla Sports professional pull-up bar 4


Gorilla Sports professional pull-up bar

A versatile drawbar

Take care of your body and be proud of your physical evolution with the magic of this excellent pull-up bar. Gorilla Sports is to be fixed on your indoor or outdoor walls for a safe use.

71,92 £ on Cdiscount

The fixation of this pull-up bar is done by bolts and nuts that guarantee its stability and solidity. Entirely made of steel, Gorilla Sports can support the weight of its user which does not exceed 150 kg. It is composed of 2 main bars whose ends are inclined downwards. The 2 remaining bars are placed in parallel.

Gorilla Sports offers you the possibility to perform several types of physical exercises in order to build up your muscles. This pull-up bar weighs 12.5 kg and is recommended for great athletes like weightlifters. The main part of the body that will benefit from the use of this sports equipment is the back. The diameter of the bar is 30 mm.

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The best drawbar

The best entry-level drawbar

The best high-end drawbar

A versatile drawbar

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Comparison table of the best drawbars

Sportstech Premium 2in1 Traction Bar with Dips KS700 5
Ultrasport 2 Handle Pull-Up Bar 6
Pullup & Dip 7
Gorilla Sports professional pull-up bar 8
Sportstech Premium 2in1 Traction Bar with Dips KS700
Ultrasport 2 Handle Pull-Up Bar
Pullup & Dip
Gorilla Sports professional pull-up bar
Gain significant muscle mass in record time with this versatile pull-up bar for indoor and outdoor use. Portable and easy to set up, it allows for multiple movements.
Realize your ultimate dream of sculpting your body by exercising with Ultrasport which is a pull-up bar. With a load capacity of 150 kg, it is reserved for upper limb strength training.
The design of this Pullup & Dip bar allows it to be used both indoors and outdoors. It offers more than thirty exercises to do to build up the body.
Take care of your body and be proud of your physical evolution with the magic of this excellent pull-up bar. Gorilla Sports is to be fixed on your indoor or outdoor walls for a safe use.
Stainless Steel
Maximum load
150 kg
100 to 150 kg
150 kg
150 kg
Number of exercises possible
40 exercises and climbing bar
7 exercises and more
35 exercises
10 exercises and more
Indoor and outdoor
Wall or outdoor stand
Door frame

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How to choose your drawbar

Even though all pull-up bars appear to have the same shape at first glance, they each have their own purpose. Therefore, it is essential to make your choice according to some basic criteria. This will also help you to find the right equipment that suits your sports habits.

#1 - The solidity of the device

This is a factor that should never be overlooked if you want a heavy duty pull bat. Two things to consider are your weight and the maximum load the unit can support. Some bars can support up to 350 kg and others a little less. But it also depends on how it is attached.

Do you feel uncomfortable with a bar on a door? Opt for a wall-mounted model that gives you freedom of movement. There's also the freestanding bar, which is still the most affordable and sturdy option. If you often reach for a variety of exercises, the pull-up bar with dips will be perfect for you.

#2 - Ease of installation

It's essential to see where you're going to install your pull-up bar before any purchase. A telescopic bar, for example, is ideal for small spaces. That way, you can store it in a corner of your home when you're not using it.

Wall-mounted or freestanding models are for more professional use as well as those with a large space.

#3 - Frequency of use

The lifespan of your pull-up bar also depends on the model you choose and your exercises. If you practice occasionally, a bar on a door frame is sufficient. Not only is it suitable for limited use, but the cost is also very affordable.

On the other hand, if you're more of a strength training enthusiast and work out regularly, a more sophisticated pull-up bar won't go amiss.

#4 - Versatility

The pull-up bar, even a basic one, should allow you to perform a number of exercises. For a complete workout, the ideal is to choose a higher range. This will allow you to link many movements: push-ups, pull-ups, dips, arm muscle work, etc.

The versatility of a pull-up bar thus depends on the number of holds you can perform on the machine.

#5 - Ergonomics

This is also an essential element that helps you make the right decision. On it depends the effectiveness of the exercises you will perform on your pull-up bar. Therefore, it is important that the model is equipped with one or more padded, non-slip handles to avoid any accidents during your workouts.

It should also have a good fastening system. Moreover, it should not hinder your movements from one room to another, if you choose the door pull-up bar.

For wall or ceiling mounted models, choose one that can retract when not in use.

How to install your pull-up bar?

To successfully install your pull-up bar, it is imperative to follow the instructions provided in the guide with your equipment. In addition, the installation depends on where you want to mount it.

First, to mount a wall or ceiling pull-up bar, it is highly recommended to do so on a brick or concrete wall. Since you will be doing pull-ups over the bar, make sure there is some distance between your bar and the ceiling. You may hit your head with each pull up if you don't put that distance. Use the accessories that came with your bar for proper attachment.

In addition, you need to make sure that the diameter of the holes to be drilled and the diameter of the bolts to be used match. To install a ceiling pull-up bar, you must first do so on a stable and solid surface. There should also be some distance between the bar and the ceiling. If you have an extendable bar and you want to install it on a ceiling that is too high, make sure you can make all the necessary adjustments for.

For a door pull bar, the pull bar needs to be centered in the door frame. In addition, you will need to raise the pull bar to rest the rear horizontal beam on top of the cladding. In fact, you must ensure that the horizontal beam inside the door frame is actually resting on the frame and is parallel to the frame and the floor.

To check that everything is good after installation, feel free to apply pressure on your bar.

Pull-up bar or Roman chair?


There's nothing like 30 minutes of exercise a day on a pull-up bar to stay in shape. A pull-up bar remains the best tool for building upper body strength. This tool is used to strengthen the muscles of the back, the arms, as well as the shoulders. It is also very useful to increase grip strength that helps you easily lift your weight. In short, it helps to improve your physical condition.

However, the pull-up bar still has some drawbacks. When a beginner starts to discover this pull-up bar, he may feel discomfort and pain. This may cause him to give up on the pull-up bar. In addition, some pull-up bars can be hazardous to the shoulders, elbows and neck.

Roman chair

Allowing to work the upper body like the pull-up bar, a Roman chair is composed of handles, a dips post and backrest and cushion for more comfort. This tool is generally used by fitness trainers, physiotherapists. The main advantage of Roman chairs is that it improves your exercise routine to get a more toned body and better posture.

Also, by using a Roman chair you can prevent lower back pain. However, a Roman chair does have its drawbacks. Excessive use of a Roman chair can lead to muscular injuries. On the other hand, a Roman chair is not suitable for everyone. It is only suitable for people who can lift their weight.


These 2 fitness tools all provide benefits to the body. For a quick and easy set-up, choose a pull-up bar that can be easily attached to a wall or door. On the other hand, to strengthen your physical capacity and make your body more agile, opt for the Roman chair.

The advantages of having a pull-up bar?

Varied exercises

Having a pull-up bar will allow you to train and perform a variety of exercises to work your entire torso. First of all, you can perform different movements thanks to pronation, supination or hammer grip pull-ups for example. You can also do a leg raise or hanging knee raise to work on the abdominal area.

Less expensive

A pull-up bar is the best tool to have if you want to build muscle at a lower cost. If it is multifunctional, it is even better. Indeed, a pull-up bar allows you to work serenely while being at home. You can avoid paying a monthly or annual subscription to a gym, and all you have to do is choose a quality machine to make your investment worthwhile.

Gain muscle and burn calories

With a pull-up bar, you can mobilize many muscles of the body by doing pull-ups. For those who weigh too much and want to cut back, one of the safest ways is to use a pull-up bar. By consuming this, eliminate fat for several hours and boost your metabolism. However, these exercises do not only help to burn calories. In fact, they promote muscle mass gain.

Easy to set up

The common advantage of pull-up bars is the ease of installation of the equipment, the small amount of space needed to train and the quick results you will get if you use them regularly.

Training at home

The use of a pull-up bar allows you to train and build muscle at home and at a lower cost if you compare it to the cost of a gym membership.


You can move it perfectly.

It can be difficult to decide where to mount your pull-up bar. Be careful, however, to determine whether your type of pull-up bar requires a permanent installation or whether it can be moved from time to time.

Start in the right position.

People often start in a dead hang position, with their shoulders close to their ears and their shoulder blade in the air. However, this kind of position can put you in danger. When you're in the dead hang position, your weight will be too much in your ligaments and tendons, rather than in your muscles. Instead, start by locking your shoulders and lowering your shoulder blades into the proper position. This position is much safer for your body and puts more stress on your shoulders than on your ligaments and tendons.

Bend your elbows slightly during your sets.

In addition to being in the right position, it's also important to keep your elbows slightly bent during your sets. This will help improve your elbow health.

Make it a habit.

Practice pulling often, establish a routine and discipline yourself. You won't improve if you don't do it often. Make it a routine.

Try different types of gripping positions.

There are several types of ways to increase the number of pull-up reps. For example using different grip positions. Using different grip positions allows you to activate different muscle groups.


Is it mandatory to wear gloves?

No! Wearing gloves (gym gloves, protective gloves, workout gloves or training gloves) is completely optional. However, you should know that these accessories will make your palm less sore. You can choose between half-finger gloves and lifting grips, either of which prevents calluses from forming while providing a good grip even when you sweat.

Can children also use a pull-up bar?

Yes, and you can even find models specifically for children. With a pull-up bar, your toddler will have the opportunity to exercise daily to help his muscles and bones develop better. It is often foldable, horizontal and adjustable in height. This last feature means that the sports equipment can be used for years to come.

Is it necessary to hire a professional sports coach?

If you are a beginner in this field, it is always better to hire a professional coach. He or she will teach you everything you need to know to get the most out of your pull-up bar like how to position your hands. Of course, you can do it on your own by watching training videos on YouTube.

At what height should the pull-up bar be placed?

The height of the pull-up bar depends on your height. In principle, you should be able to reach it without having to jump or stand on your tiptoes. In practice, if you are 180 cm tall, the pull-up bar should therefore be placed at a height of 195-210 cm from the ground.


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Sportstech Premium 2in1 Traction Bar with Dips KS700 9
Sportstech Premium 2in1 Traction Bar with Dips KS700
Ultrasport 2 Handle Pull-Up Bar 10
Ultrasport 2 Handle Pull-Up Bar
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Pullup & Dip
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Gorilla Sports professional pull-up bar


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