The best electric tubing machines in the UK 2023

The tuber machine is flourishing since the meteoric rise in price of cigarettes. We therefore choose an electric smoking machine to make life easier or simply to enjoy a sufficient supply of cigarettes without breaking the bank. In order to tube your tobacco properly, we present you our comparative guide of the best electric smoking machines.

Zorr - Electric metal tubing machine 1

Best value for your money

Zorr - Electric metal tubing machine

The best electric tubing machine in 2021

Fast and efficient, it appeals to all categories of smokers. In addition, this model is suitable for all tobaccos. For the tubes, you can use the standard and 100s versions.

67,92 £ on Amazon

Easy to use, this tube maker has a handle by which you engage the tube filling system. You will have cigarettes like the ones delivered from the factory with this device of the best brand. To evaluate its speed, you should know that it produces up to 20 rods in less than 3 minutes.

You'll love its quality finishes. There's no need to look for a compatible cleaning tool since the manufacturer delivers a kit for that purpose. If you need to, use the user manual when maintaining it. With the following dimensions: 25 x 10 x 10 cm, this machine is suitable for more or less intensive use.

Champ - Blue Turbo Electric Tube Machine 2

Best value for your money

Champ - Blue Turbo Electric Tube Machine

The best entry-level electric tubing machine

This low-cost model is small enough that it easily fits in your bag so you can take it with you when you need it outside. Learn more about the benefits of this worm drive tubing machine.

16,46 £ on Cdiscount

It is an electric screw tuber. This means that it chops the tobacco before inserting it into the tubes. To avoid poor quality cigarettes, do not over-compact the tobacco. There are 5 levels of adjustment for this. Use the wheel dedicated to this adjustment to adopt the right packing position.

A 7.5 V adapter is required to operate it. Do not risk overheating the motor of this little machine and make it rest every 10 fags. It takes a few minutes before it starts working again. You have a cleaning brush to maintain it properly. It's a good deal for the price.

Powermatic - Powermatic II + electric tubing machine 3

Best value for your money

Powermatic - Powermatic II + electric tubing machine

The best high-end electric tubing machine

Discover this easy-to-handle electric cigarette maker for the production of your personalized cigarettes. It comes with a range of accessories to facilitate cleaning, but also to improve the use.

67,92 £ on Cdiscount

A top of the line electric tubing machine to quickly prepare your cigarette packs. Its reliability is proven. Indeed, the Powermatic 2+ is one of the most popular models for the real savings it allows. The quality of the result is impeccable. The tubes are well packed without you having to make any effort. The quality of the tobacco is not compromised. The injection system is fast.

With its compact dimensions, 25 cm x 18 cm x 11.3 cm, this machine comes with a complete cleaning kit. No tedious set-up is required before use and it works with both classic and 100s tubes. Just install the tube and tobacco and switch on the machine.

Jevx - Tobacco tube maker with OCB tubes 4


Jevx - Tobacco tube maker with OCB tubes

The best compact electric tubing machine

This is an offer that will appeal to fans of OCB tubes. This tubing machine comes with 200 tubes of this brand that are already equipped with filters. You'll have peace of mind for a few good weeks.

23,18 £ on Amazon

This electric tubing machine kit is compact enough to be used outside the home. Use the included tubes for your first preparations. We love the quality materials in this tubing machine. They aspire to a long life. Just trust this brand to have good equipment that will serve you for months.

This model is characterized by an undeniable ease of use. No complicated operation is required. You only need one button to control it to tube your cigarettes. In addition, there is an adjustment wheel for the packing. And finally, your tubing machine is equipped with a compartment to hold any accessories.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best electric tubing machine

Any specific needs?

The best electric tubing machine in 2021

The best entry-level electric tubing machine

The best high-end electric tubing machine

The best compact electric tubing machine

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Comparison table of the best electric tubing machines

Zorr - Electric metal tubing machine 5
Champ - Blue Turbo Electric Tube Machine 6
Powermatic - Powermatic II + electric tubing machine 7
Jevx - Tobacco tube maker with OCB tubes 8
Zorr - Electric metal tubing machine
Champ - Blue Turbo Electric Tube Machine
Powermatic - Powermatic II + electric tubing machine
Jevx - Tobacco tube maker with OCB tubes
Fast and efficient, it appeals to all categories of smokers. In addition, this model is suitable for all tobaccos. For the tubes, you can use the standard and 100s versions.
This low-cost model is small enough that it easily fits in your bag so you can take it with you when you need it outside. Learn more about the benefits of this worm drive tubing machine.
Discover this easy-to-handle electric cigarette maker for the production of your personalized cigarettes. It comes with a range of accessories to facilitate cleaning, but also to improve the use.
This is an offer that will appeal to fans of OCB tubes. This tubing machine comes with 200 tubes of this brand that are already equipped with filters. You'll have peace of mind for a few good weeks.
Tobacco Treatment
Cleaning kit
Cleaning rod, cleaning brush, lighter, ashtray
Compatible Tubes
Classic and 100s
All tubes
Classic and 100s
Power Supply
220 V
220 V
220 V
Adapter Required

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Buying guide - electric tubing machine

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How to choose your electric tubing machine

An electric smoking machine is chosen primarily for the speed with which it tubes the cigarettes. Other equally important criteria are added to this factor for practical use.

#1 - Its speed

The goal of using a smoking machine is to be able to smoke 50 or more cigarettes in just a few minutes. It would be a shame to spend a fortune on a machine that works at the same pace as you do. The whole point is to save time. And this parameter is very different from one model to another.

At the same time, the quality of the tubes should not be sacrificed by this speed. There are of course models that promise a fast and well done preparation. Thus, you can have a cartridge in less than an hour and whose shape of cigarettes has nothing to envy to those already packed.

The average performance is equivalent to about 75 tubes every 30 minutes.

#2 - Its material

Poor quality material can alter the taste of the tobacco. Not only that, it is an important factor in relation to the longevity of the machine. The sturdier it is, the longer the tube maker will last. The best choices are stainless steel and metal. But you can also find good quality plastic that is affordable, but just as reliable.

#3 - Its accessories

The electric tubing machine always comes with some useful accessories. Some improve the condition of use, others participate in its maintenance. Needless to say, not all models have the same accessories.

Those with a good quality/price ratio seek to satisfy you with as many as possible. As long as they are all functional and not limited to simple gadgets.

The most essential elements are the cleaning brush, the anti-slip device that ensures good stability of the machine, the filters and the cigar boxes. These last two items can also be purchased separately just like the tubes and tobacco.

#4 - Its compatibility with your usual products

The tube maker should match the products you are used to using. This applies to tubes and tobacco. There are indeed different sizes for the former. If the classic models are small, the 100s tubes are longer, allowing you to tube more tobacco.

On the other hand, there are those that are even smaller: the slim and micro slim versions. Before the classic tube, you can opt for the compact model. Adapt the tube maker to your choice. The same applies to tobacco. In any case, you choose a special tobacco to tube for this use.

#5 - Its maintenance

Finally, the difficulty of maintenance can ruin your life when using an electric tubing machine. And poor maintenance deteriorates the quality of the tobacco and thus the cigarettes made.

The areas to be cleaned must be easy to access to prevent dirt from accumulating. Moreover, this criterion goes hand in hand with the one on accessories. Prefer machines whose manufacture includes cleaning instruments.

How to maintain your electric tubing machine

Cleaning your tubing machine is crucial. It is a must to preserve its life. The maintenance is therefore done after each use of the machine. Otherwise, the machine can become clogged with tobacco residues or other dirt.

The brush that comes with the device is used for this process. It can be replaced by a brush depending on the model. The instrument to be used depends on the condition of the machine, but also on the access to the area to be cleaned. In any case, the electric tubing machine is easier on this point. Just take a look at the user's manual to get through it. You don't have to be a mechanical wizard to get rid of any unwanted residue.

Note that the tube maker can produce some sort of alert when the tobacco delivery channel is clogged. The first thing to do to solve the problem is to unplug it before running the scrubbing tool through the tobacco chamber and tube area. Once this is done, you can turn it back on and it's ready to go again.

The different types of electric tubing machines

Choosing between the two types of electric tubing machines is not complicated, because their advantages and disadvantages are very obvious. Let's go to the deciphering.

Electric piston tubing machine

The electric piston tube maker is the most widely used variation and its popularity is well justified. It preserves the quality of the tobacco, as it does not need any special preparation such as chopping or heating before being inserted into the tube. The whole process is done automatically. That's why the best brands rely on this type of product.

This machine adjusts the packing according to the convenience of the user in order to have a result worthy of an industrialized cigarette.

The perfection of the work is similar to that of a handmade product, except that you make almost no effort to achieve it. The piston tube maker offers a longer lifespan in addition to its efficiency. It also provides the speed that users have come to expect with its automated system that speeds up the filling of tubes.

And of course, the electric piston tubing machine is more expensive. Especially if the model is fully automatic, meaning it has a tube loader and a built-in tamper.

Electric screw casing machine

It is the best choice if you want to have an electric tubing machine on a budget. It features easy handling. On the other hand, it is only good for occasional smokers.

The fact is that the electric screw tuber is far from the speed of the first category mentioned above. Its name comes from its filling system.

It uses a screw to push the tobacco into the tubes. Prior to this action, the tobacco is chopped by the machine. Although this is a condition for its proper functioning, this step reduces the quality of the tobacco.

It will be more difficult to draw a cigarette with this method, since the leaves are too compacted. On the other hand, it allows you to get rid of the ashes easily when you smoke. Also, it should be noted that this machine is less durable than the piston machine.

Electric tubing machine or manual tubing machine

Electric tubing machine

The electric tube machine is a revolution in the world of smokers. Not only is it fast, but it is also very economical. Sure, the purchase price can be high, but it allows you to have several tubes of cigarettes over the long term without having to buy them by the pack.

The savings can quickly reach 50% compared to the normal expenses if you buy in retail. All you need is a good jar of tobacco and good quality tubes and you're done.

Manual casing machine

As for the manual smoking machine, it is less fast, because it is you who take care of the whole process. It is sure that the stamina will not be the same and the cigarettes made will be less numerous.

On the other hand, it is very easy to use. With its compact shape, it is quite easy to handle. This is also an advantage when you need your smoking machine for a trip.


If you are looking for a more affordable option, go for the manual version. Its working principle is suitable for small smokers and for those who want to experiment with home-made cigarettes.

The electric smoking machine is on a different level. It offers impeccable results at all times and its speed is impeccable. It is the best solution to have several packs of cigarettes in less than an hour.

Why buy a (good) electric tubing machine?

To make big savings

With the regular increase in the price of a pack of cigarettes, the use of an electric smoking machine becomes vital. Indeed, such a machine will allow you to put money aside thanks to the savings made. They are about 50% depending on your consumption. This is not nothing compared to the other expenses you have to bear. You buy the machine only once and you can enjoy it while making your cigarettes.

To have a good stock of cigarettes at the least effort

Buying a smoking machine has several advantages. In addition to saving money, you save time using the electric tube maker and it is easy to handle. Fast and efficient, it is a must have for heavy smokers. You press a button and have nothing to do but wait.

To adapt the consumption to your needs

Heavy smokers are able to control or even reduce the number of cigarettes they smoke each day by using this machine. However, it must be said that this requires great self-control. But with the possibility of limiting the dose with specific products, the tubeuse represents a real boost.

To have more freedom on the choice of tobacco

The big advantage of the tubing machines is that you can make different types of cigarettes depending on the tobacco. Clearly, you can enjoy a Marlboro or a Philip Morris whenever you want. The major distributors are now offering tuber tobacco for sale. What is sure is that you will never be disappointed, because the choice depends on your taste.

To be able to tube your cigarettes everywhere

With a compact model of tuber, make your cigarettes everywhere you go. Provided you have a power outlet nearby. A cigarette lighter will do the trick. All that's left to do is enjoy your favourite tobaccos.

The best brands of electric tubing machines

In our opinion, the best brands of electric tubing machines in 2022 are :


Gizeh, the favourite brand of smokers, offers various accessories and products to make their lives easier. Between filters, rolling papers, tubes and tobacco boxes, the tube maker automatically finds its place. It is a leader in the advanced cigarette industry.

OCB also offers a wide range of products such as foils, filters, tubes, and tubers. It provides consumers with several product lines with different qualities for novices and experts. It is also a brand that acts for the preservation of the environment.

A must-have German brand for tobacco consumers, Zorr goes beyond products for making your own cigarettes. It also offers fashionable accessories such as cigarette cases, lighters in different styles and many more. Tubing machines are not left out. Zorr has a fairly large market share in the electric models of this tool.

Powermatic is a specialist in industrial machines. It also manufactures top-of-the-range tubing machines while taking into account the comfort of the users. The brand's revolutionary tubing machines are equally practical.

This brand is known for its unbeatable price/quality ratio. It offers cheap and reliable tubing machines for small and large consumers. Easy to use, these products at mini price are not afraid to compete with other high-end machines. In addition, they are very well equipped, so consumers have all the useful accessories.

What is the price for an electric tubing machine

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

14 £ to 32 £
32 £ to 50 £
more than 50 £
Price range diagram


Unplug the unit after use

Leaving the machine on the plug can be dangerous. Therefore, take the trouble to unplug it after every use. Besides, it might shorten its life.

Adjust the filling mode of the tubes to your liking

The electric tubing machine has a control device to set the packing mode according to your preference. It comes in several levels usually ranging from 1 to 5. Prefer the medium level to avoid pulling too much to get a good puff of smoke.

Moisten tobacco to restore its taste

Too dry tobacco is not very good. There are several ways to moisten it, but the most common method is to use a moistening stone. Otherwise, use natural products that also give flavor to your cigarette: orange peel, bread, carrot or potato.

Tube your cigarettes a little at a time to maintain your usual consumption

If you plan to reduce your nicotine intake, start by decreasing the amount of stems you prepare daily or weekly. Above all, do not exceed the usual quantity even if the playful preparation with a tube maker is quite tempting.

Choose your tubes carefully

Apart from the choice of tobacco, the tubes must be well selected to ensure the quality of your cigarettes. Besides, their characteristics influence the choice of the machine. It can be standard, a slim or micro slim model, a compact tube or another longer version.


My tubing machine is clogged, what can I do?

When the machine can no longer tube your cigarettes,it needs cleaning. Use the appropriate tool to do this, either a brush or a rod. All three tools may need to be used at the same time. For the next time, avoid accumulating dirt and clean after each preparation.

Is the design of the electric tubing machine important?

Of course it is! Since it's an innovation in the field of cigarettes, you might as well opt for a stylish and compact model. Also, there are circumstances where you will be using it with friends. It is best if the machine looks good for these situations. The best models have a cutting edge design.

What kind of tobacco to use with an electric tube maker?

Choose your tobacco according to the taste you expect. The choice is between brown or blond tobacco. In any case, you need a product that is intended to be tubed. Otherwise, it may not be suitable for the machine's operation. As for the quantity, it's up to you to decide according to the method of conservation.

How to tube your cigarettes with this machine?

Start by plugging in the machine, then access the tobacco tank. Fill it up and insert the tube through the nozzle on the bottom of the machine. Be careful not to damage it. Replace the cover if there is one and then engage the injection button. At the end, manually pack the cigarette if necessary. But, all tube machines should already have this option.


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Zorr - Electric metal tubing machine 9
Zorr - Electric metal tubing machine
Champ - Blue Turbo Electric Tube Machine 10
Champ - Blue Turbo Electric Tube Machine
Powermatic - Powermatic II + electric tubing machine 11
Powermatic - Powermatic II + electric tubing machine
Jevx - Tobacco tube maker with OCB tubes 12
Jevx - Tobacco tube maker with OCB tubes


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