The best connected home trainers in the UK 2023

Unlike a traditional model, a connected home trainer will allow you to improve. With the help of its various sensors, you will be able to monitor important data such as heart rate or speed. In addition, they are able to connect to the internet and applications such as Strava. To help you make the right choice, we've put together this comprehensive guide.

Tacx Flux S 1

Editor's Choice

Tacx Flux S

The best connected home trainer in 2021

The best connected home trainer is Tacx Flux S. Its perfect compatibility, reliability and stability guarantee exceptional comfort. Among other things, it is the best pedalling ally you can have.

479 £ on Décathlon

The Tacx Flux S is reliable and precise and has the right capacity for intensive exercise. It works by means of an electromagnetic resistance, which guarantees an extremely smooth pedaling action. The stand has a good stability that allows you to hold your bike without problems. Its slope simulation reaches 10%, a high performance for a device of this type.

It also has the enormous advantage of a lower noise level, which gives you a better auditory comfort, conducive to a firm concentration. The device is compatible with common training applications like Kinomap, Virtual Training and TrainerRoad. You will easily work with this connected home trainer from your smartphone or PC. It has a good responsiveness depending on your exercises.

Elite 344590001 2

Best Cheap

Elite 344590001

The best entry-level connected home trainer

You'll find just what you need when you get this high-performance, affordable connected home trainer. This model is the unanimous choice among many others in its range.

333 £ on Amazon
Saris Adult H3 3

Best High End

Saris Adult H3

The best high-end connected home trainer

If you want to invest in a connected home trainer of the highest quality, there is still the Saris Adult H3, with its unique simulator properties and effective compatibility. Stable and quiet, this device is reliable.

719 £ on Amazon
Elite Zumo 4


Elite Zumo

The best interactive connected home trainer

Quality and prestige are the hallmarks of this interactive connected home trainer: the Elite Zumo is equipped with fully immersive features that provide a unique and realistic experience.

463 £ on Decathlon

The Elite Zumo is an upgraded version that was designed to provide you with reliability, precision and stability in use. Its total interactivity allows you to manage your workouts from any application of your choice. The simulations of ascents and descents have been especially thought out for exceptional realistic sensations.

You'll pedal smoothly from the top of your bike thanks to the responsiveness of this connected home trainer. The Elite Zumo is fully stable and systematically flexible, easily following your body's movements. The best part about this unit is its versatility, as it easily accommodates the usual sprocket cassettes you may already have.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best connected home-trainer

Any specific needs?

The best connected home trainer in 2021

The best entry-level connected home trainer

The best high-end connected home trainer

The best interactive connected home trainer

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Comparison table of the best connected home trainers

Best value for money Inexpensive High end Excellent
Tacx Flux S 5
Elite 344590001 6
Saris Adult H3 7
Elite Zumo 8
Tacx Flux S
Elite 344590001
Saris Adult H3
Elite Zumo
The best connected home trainer is Tacx Flux S. Its perfect compatibility, reliability and stability guarantee exceptional comfort. Among other things, it is the best pedalling ally you can have.
You'll find just what you need when you get this high-performance, affordable connected home trainer. This model is the unanimous choice among many others in its range.
If you want to invest in a connected home trainer of the highest quality, there is still the Saris Adult H3, with its unique simulator properties and effective compatibility. Stable and quiet, this device is reliable.
Quality and prestige are the hallmarks of this interactive connected home trainer: the Elite Zumo is equipped with fully immersive features that provide a unique and realistic experience.
59 x 22.4 x 58.8 cm
Slope simulation
FE-C, ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart Open
ANT+ and Bluetooth
ANT+ FE-C , Bluetooth Smart open
ANT+ Bluetooth
Sound level
Any training platform
Road, mountain and city bike
Any type of bike
Any type of bike

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Buying guide - connected home-trainer

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How to choose your connected home-trainer

For a better efficiency of your sport practice, here are the essential criteria to consider when buying a connected home trainer.

#1 - Compatibility

Before you buy a direct drive or roller connected home trainer, you need to know the features of your bike. We're talking more about the specifics of the frame and the rear tire. Indeed, home trainers are made to support specific types of wheel size, for example: 650c road / mountain bike 66.04 cm (26"). Another example: the same applies to the hub, which is expressed in the following way: 130 and 135 mm with a Quick Release mechanism.

However, some home-trainer models are not suitable for mountain bikes, for example. In these cases, you will need specific adapters. Normally, this accessory is included with the device delivered with the purchase. So, before making your purchase, take these different data into account so that you don't make a mistake.

#2 - Stability

The second thing to take into account is the fixing or holding system of the direct drive block. Because, you definitely don't want the whole device to wander from right to left during your workouts.

For stability, look for home trainers that have non-slip rubber feet. For a good handling and grip of the device, it is useful to choose home trainer with an adjustable frame. Finally, buying a model equipped with a block for the front wheel will be an undeniable plus!

Then, be aware that these devices are subject to weight limits, which should certainly not be exceeded to avoid creating accidents. Therefore, you should carefully look at the descriptions of the products you are considering buying.

#3 - Brake type

This criterion proves to be important insofar as it influences the pedaling resistance during the workout. On the connected home trainer, you will find some types of braking that also define the intensity of your workouts.

  • Hydraulic braking, using a paddle system. This type of braking corresponds to occasional drives or pedaling for pleasure.
  • Mechanical braking, the most common, is governed by a belt system. It is suitable for warm-up sessions.
  • Air braking, which is very noisy and less frequent, causes greater resistance depending on how fast you pedal.
  • Magnetic braking, a new and much more efficient technology, is relatively silent and provides considerable resistance.

#4 - Connectivity

Those looking for a connected home trainer want to have the ability to monitor their performance parameters in order to improve. This is what differentiates a classic home trainer from a connected model.

To do this, connected devices use wireless connectivity such as ANT or Bluetooth. The BT connects quickly to any device with the same protocol. However, in order to connect your Ant or Ant + sensors to your smartphone you must have a compatible device. To find out the compatibility of Android systems, simply install the ANTtester application.

This connectivity will also allow you to access several forms of exercise and especially to modulate your workouts. In fact, by downloading modes from Strava or Training Peaks, you can ride on different types of roads and inclines. And, you can ride in tandem with your friends via the internet connection.

One last point, remember to check if an application is already delivered with the connected home trainer. If not, you'll have to get one.

#5 - Power

This criterion is evaluated according to the intensity of your workouts. If you practice a lot, your connected home trainer must have a consistent power: 700 W for moderate pedaling, more than 1000 W for extreme sessions.

Among other things, the higher the power of your device, the more it will withstand simulated slopes, however steep they may be, and the more you will be able to reach peak speeds. So if you're an experienced rider, choose a powerful connected home trainer for the best pedaling experience.

How to use your connected home trainer ?

The weather is bad and you're having a hard time getting your workout routine done. With the connected home trainer, you can train at any time, according to the schedule you set. So how can you make sure your workouts are as effective as they should be and don't turn into a grind?

Avoid a long workout

Even if you're a total pedal junkie, know that your body has limits, and so does your connected trainer. An hour-long session is relatively sufficient. If you want to stick with it, don't exceed two hours on your connected trainer. During the time you are on it, vary the movements and find what motivates you, while keeping to the standards.

Always have water available

During any exercise, the body needs to stay hydrated as it expends energy in the form of calories and sweat. In addition, sweating conditions are particularly fast indoors, unless you have decided to place yourself near a source of ventilation that will cool you down during your workout.

Work out cleanly

If you sweat a lot, consider protecting the floor so you don't end up with moisture, which you will then squish and drag around the house. Installing a mat at the bottom of your connected home trainer comes in handy. Also, have a towel available to wipe yourself down regularly.

Don't forget the start and finish rituals

Before each workout, you should warm up for at least ten minutes. At the end of your session, you still need to start five to ten minutes of active recovery.

Get the right equipment

We insist on buying a specific home trainer tire, as it will be more durable and better adapted to your movements. Unlike a conventional tire, although compatible, which is not only noisier and less reliable in terms of longevity. Aside from these suggestions, you'll probably find custom touches that will enhance your pedaling sessions on a connected home trainer. The main thing is that you will find satisfaction and efficiency.

The different types of connected home trainers

The multitudes of connected home trainers you will find on the market are bound to be of one of the following types.

The direct drive connected home trainer

This type differs from its counterpart in that the bike is installed in a very traditional way. You remove the rear wheel of the bike and attach it to the frame of the connected home trainer, so that the cassette of the device is directly linked to the bike chain.

This system has the advantage of preserving the condition of the tires. With this type of connected home trainer, the simulation is more realistic because you are really in control of your bike.

The data is also more accurate if you want to follow your progress closely. Finally, this system is quieter.

The roller connected home trainer

It is the least expensive type, you can indeed fold and store the device at the end of each session. It has the advantage of mobility because it is very easy to carry.

You will mostly use the connected roller home trainer for warm-ups or recoveries, among others.

It is a model dedicated to purists, since the tires are not fixed to the frame, in this case the device will be noisier and the tires exposed to rapid wear.

Connected home trainer or exercise bike?

Connected home trainer

The connected home trainer is the perfect piece of sports furniture for pedaling at home. Unlike the exercise bike, it takes up less space: by getting a connected home trainer, you'll save a lot of space, especially if you live in a small space. Another important advantage is mobility.

If you need to move around to work out, or if you simply want to move from the living room to the terrace, the connected home trainer is the device you need. Compact and easy to move, it goes with you wherever you want.

Exercise bike

For a simpler and more realistic alternative, you can always opt for the exercise bike. Indeed, it is a more powerful device, simulating slopes and descents, and much more stable since all the elements are built around a rigid frame.

The big difference will be the noise level, no tire smell and it is more bulky. However, due to its shape, the exercises you can perform on an exercise bike are more relevant for the lower parts of the body (thighs, legs, buttocks, etc.).


If you have to choose between a connected home trainer and an exercise bike, you should prioritize the space criterion and then evaluate your training needs. Keep in mind, however, that the home trainer offers you more modernized assistance on your performance.

Why buy a connected home trainer?

To enjoy indoor comfort

With a connected home trainer, you won't have to dress up because of bad weather. Just set up your equipment and ride young! Plus, with the connected feature you'll be able to watch and control your performance settings on your TV or smartphone. The real plus, once tired you can fall back on your couch.

To have peace and quiet

Pedaling at home with the help of the connected home trainer prevents you from encountering the noise and commotion of traffic. It also keeps you away from the risks of possible accidents. Among other things, you will be more serene and subsequently more focused on your performance.

To diversify your sessions

Thanks to the many applications available to you, the exercises available to you are incredibly diverse. You'll have something for every pace, every speed and every genre, so you can choose the ones that suit your needs. Plus, you can connect to services like Strava to spice up your sessions and challenge others.

To save space

The advantage of the connected home trainer is mainly its discreet design, giving you the opportunity to manage your space easily. There are different models to suit every type of apartment with precise dimensions and calculated weight. All you have to do is choose the right location for your connected trainer.

To train anywhere

Finally, don't forget that you can easily move around with your connected home trainer. Due to its weight and size, which is more compact than an indoor bike, you can move it around or even take it on vacation. If you get bored of a room, you just need to set up your device somewhere else, even outside, as long as the power source is available.

The best brands of connected home trainers

In our opinion, the best brands of connected home trainers in 2022 are :

Wahoo Fitness

It is an American company that produces innovative devices for training data assistance. It has been able to adapt its products to the new technologies in vogue, with the perpetual goal of improving the quality of life.

With some 40 years of experience, the brand no longer sounds new to the ears of cycling enthusiasts. For years, Elite has found a way to innovate its equipment and make it always the best in the sports equipment market.

Cyclists all over the world must have a piece of equipment from this Dutch brand. This brand has specialized in the production of home trainers after operating in the field of cycling for nearly 50 years.

This Spanish brand has developed its equipment according to the most arduous requirements of cyclists. It was the first brand to market an interactive home trainer in 2010.

It is also a reference brand that provides its solutions to your indoor training needs. Its home trainers are of a robust and high quality design.

What is the price for a connected home-trainer

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

400 £ to 500 £
500 £ to 1000 £
more than 1000 £
Price range diagram


The right outfit

For your workouts on the connected home trainer, prefer light clothing and avoid new clothes. Even if you want to look good during your workout, be aware that perspiration has an effect on the fabric and washing it will eventually damage it. Ideally, you should find two or three outfits that you dedicate specifically to your pedaling sessions.

The conditions

As we mentioned earlier, it's important to have water on hand that you sip on a little at a time in order to hydrate yourself more regularly. A fan is also welcome if there is no natural ventilation. And if you're going to spend a fairly long time on your connected home trainer, keep a snack available to avoid the back and forth.

Schedule your workout

Having an idea of what to expect for your sessions will motivate you more. So why not set your expectations ahead of time, as well as the performance you want to achieve? This will help you set goals for each session, which will help you progress and find the pace that suits you.


Although you may be out of breath after your session, don't forget to spend a few minutes cleaning your connected home trainer. This should actually be systematic. Wipe down each part with a towel to get rid of any remaining sweat. Also remember to lubricate the transmission regularly to keep it as quiet as possible.

Get loose!

We agree that this is a physical workout, but that doesn't stop you from entertaining yourself at the same time. Encourage your movements with good music for example. Plus with your connected home trainer you have a wide range of options to tone up your pedaling.


How to connect a connected home trainer to a TV?

To connect a home trainer to a TV, get an external streaming box and a high resolution TV: 4K is highly recommended for bike streaming. The transmission will be done through the HDMI port and the settings will be done from your smartphone or tablet. However, this possibility is not valid for all existing applications.

How to pair a connected home trainer with Bluetooth?

First you need an electrical connection. Make sure that each Bluetooth on both sides are activated and visible. When you turn on your connected home trainer, a device search is automatically started. Then all you have to do is establish the connection between the two devices. Once your connected home trainer has detected the Bluetooth, you can start your exercises according to your program.

What applications are compatible with a connected home trainer?

All training software normally works with a connected home trainer. However, you should know how to distinguish between versatile software (Zwift and Kinomap for example) and brand-specific software (Tacx Trainer for example, only compatible on Tacx brand home trainers). Remember also that some softwares are not necessarily compatible on some models, you have to ask for these precisions.

How to properly adapt the bike to the connected home trainer?

You must first remove the rear wheel of your bike then place it on the corresponding home trainer axle and tighten the nuts. To set up the resistance, you need to put the rolling mat back against the wheel. Be sure to check the stability of your bike before starting any exercise. Once you have connected your home trainer via Bluetooth, you can begin your session.


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