The best coats for men in the UK 2023

Winter is approaching and you need to be well prepared to face it. More than just an anti-cold garment, a man's coat is a fashion accessory in its own right. In fact, sales are exploding, with 5,500 pieces per day for down jackets alone! Faced with such a vast choice, which coat for men to choose? Read this guide to find out.

Warm winter coat for men Orolay 1

Best value for money

Warm winter coat for men Orolay

The best men's coat in 2021

This men's coat from Orolay is an excellent choice to protect yourself from the cold in winter. With a natural down filling, it has good thermal insulation and offers optimal comfort.

98,39 £ on Amazon

This coat is a winter essential for men's dressing. Orolay offers you its thick hooded down jacket, long to mid-thigh. With its hood, this coat offers better protection against the cold. With a polyester outer fabric, this down jacket is wind and water resistant. Thanks to its white duck down padding, it retains heat well and ensures a comfortable wear. It also benefits from a long life span. Its quilted look gives it a stylish elegance and makes it practical.

Men's coat Find.Amzn1903 2

Best value for money

Men's coat Find.Amzn1903

The best entry-level men's coat

The Amzn1903 is a men's coat offered by Amazon. With its slim-fit look, it works great for a semi-classy look.

59,52 £ on Amazon

Amazon offers a coat that is just right for winter. Made of 70% polyester and 20% wool, it is not only durable, but also keeps you warm. With its hood, your head and ears will be well protected from the cold. The imitation horn Brandenburg button closure adds to the style and originality of this coat. For more comfort, it has two pockets on the sides. Cufflinks give it a classy look that makes it charming. The Amzn1903 will fit very well with a casual outfit to go to the office or a party.

Coat for men WOOLRICH 3

Best premium value for money

Coat for men WOOLRICH

The best high-end men's coat

Made with Woolrich nylon and cotton fabric, its special Teflon finish makes the coat more durable. With its thick fur hood and natural padding, it will keep you warm and comfortable.

59,52 £ on Amazon

Featuring a zipper, buttons and a fur crown, the Woolrich coat offers an iconic parka design. And because the fur is detachable, you can customize the style of the coat to suit your needs. The duck down padding is very comfortable and increases the loft of the coat. It also provides good insulation capacity. The WOOLRICH men's coat has a button closure. Two patch pockets with flaps will allow you to warm your hands. Made of cotton and polyamide, this coat is flexible and resistant to snow, rain and wind.

Manteau d'hiver pour homme Vincenzo Boretti 4

The best alternative

Manteau d'hiver pour homme Vincenzo Boretti

A great alternative

The Vincenzo Boretti men's coat features large lined pockets and a detachable hood. With its windproof and waterproof system, the coat is waterproof.

67,21 £ on Amazon
Buying guide • November 2023

Best coat for men

Any specific needs?

The best men's coat in 2021

The best entry-level men's coat

The best high-end men's coat

A great alternative

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Comparison table of the best coats for men

Warm winter coat for men Orolay 5
Men's coat Find.Amzn1903 6
Coat for men WOOLRICH 7
Manteau d'hiver pour homme Vincenzo Boretti 8
Warm winter coat for men Orolay
Men's coat Find.Amzn1903
Coat for men WOOLRICH
Manteau d'hiver pour homme Vincenzo Boretti
This men's coat from Orolay is an excellent choice to protect yourself from the cold in winter. With a natural down filling, it has good thermal insulation and offers optimal comfort.
The Amzn1903 is a men's coat offered by Amazon. With its slim-fit look, it works great for a semi-classy look.
Made with Woolrich nylon and cotton fabric, its special Teflon finish makes the coat more durable. With its thick fur hood and natural padding, it will keep you warm and comfortable.
The Vincenzo Boretti men's coat features large lined pockets and a detachable hood. With its windproof and waterproof system, the coat is waterproof.
100% polyester, 90% white duck down filling
70% polyester, 20% wool
60% cotton, 40% polyamide
56% polyamide, 44% polyester
With detachable fur
Yes and removable
Mi thighs
Mi thighs
Mi thighs
Mi thighs
Gray, black, blue, green
Grey, brown, red
Blue, Iron, Melton blue, Nero, Green Forest, dark green, Blue-1, Black, blue
Black, dark blue, anthracite
Machine wash, separately on delicate cycle, no bleaching
Dry clean only
Wash at 30° in delicate program, no ironing

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Buying guide - coat for men

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How to choose your coat for men

On the market, there are different models of men's coat. It is almost difficult to make the right choice. We will then see the important points to consider finding the right model.

#1 - The morphology

This criterion counts a lot in the choice of the coat for men. Indeed, the main role of the coat is to keep warm with a stylish look. For small people, opt for a duffle coat instead of a three-quarter coat. The latter is reserved for taller men.

#2 - The quality of the fabric

Men's coats come in different types of materials.

  • Wool is the most classic. This natural fiber from sheep keeps warm and adapts to all seasons. It does not retain odors and limits perspiration. Light and resistant, wool is suitable for everyone. However, be careful with synthetic wool, which can cause allergies.
  • Cashmere coats are more elegant. It is also a very soft and light natural fiber. A rare material, cashmere offers an incredible hygroscopic and insulating quality. There are also wool/cashmere blends.
  • Down is the feather that is found under the unexposed parts of the duck or goose. This explains its very soft, warm and light property. The feathers give the puffy property. Check before buying that there is no synthetic filling.
  • Woolen skins and leather are also very resistant. They can last over time. These are the materials to choose during the cold season.
  • Men's coats made from technical materials represent the bulk of the offerings on the market. With the right technical properties, they can compete with those made of natural materials.

#3 - A coat according to your style

The coat you buy should match your clothing style. Among the offerings on the market, you will surely find the right one. The coat will also have to fit the use you will make of it. Thus, take different models: for weekend outings, for a ceremony or for going to the office.

#4 - The color


criterion is purely subjective. However, choose a color that highlights your complexion. Indeed, a purple coat will not necessarily suit everyone! For opaline skins, opt for pastel pink or dark colored coats. For ordinary days, you can opt for gray, but the younger ones will lean towards bright red.

#5 - The finishing touches

Finishings are important if you want to have a coat that will last for years. In this, check several points, including the style of the buttoning, the hood, if there is one, but also the lining. Also take a look at whether the coat has snags and whether it can keep warm during the freezing cold winter.

How to clean a man's coat?

Cleaning a coat is not complicated. It is very simple. However, it is essential to take into account a few instructions for washing a coat to keep it always like new. First of all, it will be necessary to check the composition of the fabric of the lining before washing.

Indeed, synthetic linings do not support a passage in water and could be deformed. In addition, they could fade, so the ideal solution is to separate the lining. It is also a good idea to unstitch and restitch it.

It is highly recommended to wash your coat by hand. To do this, you must first fill a container with 3/4 warm water. You can use a bathtub, shower tray or sink as a container. Then add 1/4 white vinegar with a drop or two of hand dishwashing liquid to the water. This solution is effective in quickly removing all kinds of stains from your coat.

To clean it, you must first dip it in the solution and wash it gently. Avoid wringing it between your hands and leaving it to soak for too long. This is very important. Then, proceed to rinse and drain it with the flat of your hand, without twisting it.

Once this is done, you must then blot the coat between two large sponge towels. Once you have finished these steps, all you have to do is let your coat dry. To do this, you need to hang it on a hanger with broad shoulders. In addition, you must make sure that you dry it in a place far from any heat source.

The different types of coats for men

There are really several types of men's coats on the market. You will have a wide choice because there is bound to be one that suits your tastes.

The trench coat

The trench coat was once the coat of the trenches. Thus, it is considered a military top. Most soldiers wore it during World War II. But its usage has changed diametrically since then. It is now seen as the coat of a stylish man.

The adjustable belt of the trench coat is called martingale. To fit everyone, there are shoulder belts and storm flaps. These belts make it waterproof, the interior is well protected from water.

The duffle coat


its time, this coat for men was intended for the military, especially aviators and naval forces. The first duffle coat was created in the 19th century. Since then, it has continued to grow in popularity.

Made of woolen cloth and very thick, the duffle coat is distinguished by the hood and the brandebourgs. It also has rather special buttonholes, with snap closures, although the style has evolved over time.

The overcoat


is the most famous coat for men. As its name suggests, its main function remains to keep the wearer warm. But in addition to this function, it is intended to highlight the suit

you wear inside. However, it will have to put a suit inside the overcoat.

In general, it is made of wool or polyester. Its closures are most often cross-belt. On the other hand, straight belts are more rare.

The parka


is the perfect coat for winter

. This model is perfectly warm. In addition, it can withstand snow, cold and rain. Its insulating materials prevent any risk of being cold inside. Note that it does not denote the style or silhouette, quite the contrary!

The parka has several outside pockets and 1 to 3 inside pockets. There is something for everyone, thicker and thinner, waterproof, windproof ... It is a coat that is both practical and functional.

The perfecto


knows the perfecto, very popular with bikers. It is currently the coat that has the wind in its sails. It is the iconic jacket, a timeless jacket.

Most men have a perfecto. Why? Because this coat is trendy and particularly warm, especially if it is made of leather. The close fit

brings out the style of the leather. Always remember to buy a perfecto in the right size.

The down jacket


down jacket is the men's coat for winter

. It has a little resemblance to the parka. It has a quilted look with the down interior, so it keeps you comfortably warm.

In recent years, designers have designed new models and they have quickly become popular. They are sleeveless down jackets with or without a pattern. They are both light and warm.

The teddy


jacket of American origin has a lot of success with young people.

Sportsmen are also fans of this model. The wool body and leather sleeves keep the upper body warm. There is often a contrast between the color of the sleeves and the color of the chest.

Since the first models appeared in the 50s, the style of teddy coat has evolved. There are now teddys in satin and even cotton.

Coat or Jacket?


In general, the coat is an outer garment that will cover the buttocks. There are even models that reach the feet. This garment keeps you warm, an essential feature in winter. It is both insulating and waterproof. It can be a light piece, but its function remains to stimulate more comfort. Thus, most of the models are quilted with a double face to protect against the cold and the bad weather.

The jacket

The jacket is also an outerwear, but it is quite short. It covers only the upper part of the body, above the hips. It can be used in summer and winter because it is quite light. It is perfect for keeping warm during outings with friends or family to have fun. The jacket is very comfortable and very aesthetic. That's why it is also very popular on the market.


Coat or jacket, the choice depends totally on your preferences and the occasions to wear it. However, the coat is more elegant and offers more comfort. It provides better protection against the cold winter wind. It can be worn to accompany a very classy outfit. But it is also suitable for a city outfit. All you need to do is find the right coat model that you would be comfortable in.

What is the price for a coat for men

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

1 £ to 50 £
50 £ to 200 £
more than 200 £
Price range diagram


Match your outfit with the coat.

For a chic version, wear the coat with a dark bottom. Accompany it with a shirt, jacket, loafers and pants. As an accessory, put a belt and an original watch. For a cool outfit, opt for denim pants and a boat.

Choose a simple color.


, there are many people who like bright colors, but simplicity also has its value. Dark colors are the most present on the market. It is better to stay in simplicity to be more elegant. That's why gray, navy blue, brown are very popular on the market. However, if you know how to combine colors to make your outfit stand out, you can opt for warm and light colors.

Account for your shoulder width.


you have broader shoulders compared to the pelvis, you can afford several arrangements of outfits. But avoid coats with more padding on the shoulders. Also, don't wear tight pants and a skinny tie. In the same way, dress in a way that limits the disproportion between your upper body and the bottom because it will give an unpleasant effect.

Avoid tight pants.


you have wider pelvises in relation to your shoulder, there are outfits that will slim your figure in order to highlight your shoulder. So, don't wear pants that are too tight because they will highlight your rounded shape. With coats, opt for those that have more padding on the shoulders. A solid color suits you better than checks and stripes. On the other hand, wide ties and bows look great on you to bring out your elegance.

Account for your height.


you're a size above normal, we recommend going to a tailor who can take your measurements and sew a coat that really suits you. Models with vertical stripes matched with a wide tie will suit you. Don't wear a very large coat to avoid looking too thin. If you have a small waist, choose coats with check patterns. Wear accessories that match your height. Shirts with high collars are also great for making you look tall.


What color coat to choose?

Black, gray and navy remain the main colors if we talk about trendy coats for men. However, new colors are displayed in the collections of major brands. These are camel and khaki green. They have quickly appreciated on the market. There is even red around for those who like more showy colors.

What shoes to wear with a suit?

Coats can suit all styles. Thus, they can be worn with any shoe style, but it all depends on your look. If you want a more urban look, go for Chelsea-boots, but if you want a streetwear style, put on Timberland. To go hiking, you have the choice between hiking-boots, sneakers, or simply hiking shoes.

How to wear a coat properly?

The coat can be worn with denim bottoms to be classy, but not too fancy. If you want to go out with friends, then you put on a jean slim and accompany with a sneaker quite classy too. For a casual look in the middle of winter, you could combine a coat with a pair of washed denim bottoms. The whole thing goes with a sneaker and a knit cap. Finally, for a chic ensemble, opt for a dark coat, very chic pants and a loafer.

What length to choose for a man's coat?

To choose a coat whose length matches your body type, the principle is quite simple. Shorter models are dedicated to men with a small waist, mid-length models are for men with a more rounded shape and very long models are for men with large waists. If you have a slim figure, coats with a length up to the waist will suit you perfectly.


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Warm winter coat for men Orolay 9
Warm winter coat for men Orolay
Men's coat Find.Amzn1903 10
Men's coat Find.Amzn1903
Coat for men WOOLRICH 11
Coat for men WOOLRICH
Manteau d'hiver pour homme Vincenzo Boretti 12
Manteau d'hiver pour homme Vincenzo Boretti


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