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A watch is much more than an accessory that allows you to keep track of time. A watch, if well chosen, will allow you to add a touch of elegance to your style. So if you're looking for a fashion accessory that can complement any outfit that enhances your look, choosing a Cluse watch would be one of the best options. Read this guide to find your way through the great collections of the Cluse brand.


The best Cluse watch


Editor's Choice

Pared down to the extreme with a minimalist look, this Cluse Triomphe watch has a total black look with a few hints of pink gold. It's a very feminine watch with an elegant design that can only enhance your style.

87,96 £ on Louispion

Sporting an ultra-trendy black silhouette, the cluse triumph develops a modern and elegant design for a feminist-oriented look. To its functions, the watch adopts a Quartz mechanism with an analog display composed of 2 hands in rose gold colors and 4 small rose gold rods to indicate the passage of the quarter hours on a black base with a sunny finish.

With a water resistance of 30 m, the Triomphe establishes a round shape with a diameter of 33 mm and a thickness of 7 mm. With a minimalist dial covered in mineral glass, it features a 16mm wide black metal bracelet in Milanese mesh with T-shaped lugs. The bracelet features an illico system fastening type with a clip/clasp clasp.


The best cheap watch


The best entry-level Cluse watch

Elegance at an affordable price, the Cluse Tétragone defines a glamorous touch with a contemporary style on a refined structure. Square in shape, this model features a rose gold case with a black leather strap.

71,96 £ on Louispion

This model takes a square shape with a 29mm wide brass case and a pink gold dial. Sporting a combination of androgyny and chic minimalism, it plays with lines, structures and shapes. It adopts a black color contrasted with the femininity of the pink gold to create a contemporary style with a touch of glamour.

The Tetragone features two hands and 12 small pink stems on a black background covered with mineral glass to indicate the passage of the hours and the 5 minutes. On the mechanism side, it uses the Quartz movement with a Miyota VJ20 calibration. This Cluse watch sets a thickness of 7 mm and has a black leather strap with a width of 16 mm.


The best high-end watch


The best high-end Cluse watch

This Aravis model is distinguished by a sporty-chic look on a trendy design that is both urban and casual. The watch establishes a water resistance up to 50 m with chronograph functions and date indications.

120 £ on Histoiredor

A men's watch named Aravis, the Cluse brand develops on this model a sporty chic design, an elegant look with a little sporty touch. This watch is characterized by a Quartz mechanism with a movement with three silver hands including a hand with a red accent on a midnight blue dial with a sunny appearance. The dial itself is composed of three sub-dials with small hands to define a chronograph function. It also has a small window to indicate the date.

The Avaris cluse comes with a chic touch of midnight blue with a silver-tone stainless steel case. It defines a diameter of 40 mm on a thickness of 11.3 mm with a mineral glass top cover and a 20 mm lugs. The watch benefits from a waterproof structure with a waterproof capacity up to 50 m depth under water. The strap also takes a width of 20 mm on a stainless steel material in Milanese mesh and type of attachment illico with a clip / latch clasp.




A great Cluse watch gift set

Featuring a round pink gold case with a black dial, this Cluse Boho Chic watch comes with two interchangeable straps depending on your mood. The watch takes a diameter of 38 mm with a thickness of 7 mm.

95,96 £ on Louispion

This offer includes a 38mm round watch with a rose gold steel case with a black brass dial accompanied by two Milanese mesh straps in rose gold and black. The watch features a polished, ultra-fine finish and perfect details with a sophisticated yet bold chic look. The dial is embellished with twelve small stems cut in pink gold stainless steel spaced with small white traces indicating the minutes and seconds.

Each bracelet has standard dimensions with a width of 18 mm. The Milanese mesh bracelet has a clip/clasp clasp. The leather strap has a pin buckle. The watch is 7 mm thick and has 18 mm lugs. Water-resistant to 30 m, it sets an analog display on a Miyota 2025 quartz mechanism with a two-hand movement.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best Cluse watch

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The best entry-level Cluse watch

The best high-end Cluse watch

A great Cluse watch gift set

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Comparison table of the best Cluse watches

Best Inexpensive Top of the line Excellent
Pared down to the extreme with a minimalist look, this Cluse Triomphe watch has a total black look with a few hints of pink gold. It's a very feminine watch with an elegant design that can only enhance your style.
Elegance at an affordable price, the Cluse Tétragone defines a glamorous touch with a contemporary style on a refined structure. Square in shape, this model features a rose gold case with a black leather strap.
This Aravis model is distinguished by a sporty-chic look on a trendy design that is both urban and casual. The watch establishes a water resistance up to 50 m with chronograph functions and date indications.
Featuring a round pink gold case with a black dial, this Cluse Boho Chic watch comes with two interchangeable straps depending on your mood. The watch takes a diameter of 38 mm with a thickness of 7 mm.
Case diameter
33 mm
29 mm
40 mm
38 mm
7 mm
7 mm
11.3 mm
7 mm
Two needles
Two hands
Not waterproof
Three hands
Two hands

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Our opinion on the Cluse watches

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Our opinion on Cluse watches

The Cluse brand was launched in 2013 and focused on the ready-to-wear watch market. Based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, it was created by Ed Postmus and Rudyard Bekker on the inspiration of a town in Haute Savoie near the Swiss border and Geneva. A city they discovered during a trip to France and which is historically linked to watchmaking. Focusing on pure designs with touches of novelty and freshness, the brand is mainly dedicated to the design of watches for women's fashion. It will also be noticed for its models of watches for men, but which will be a little limited in its men's collections.

Its motto is to design and provide watches that are both elegant and fashionable, focusing on simplicity and efficiency with a touch of modernity and originality. Often minimalist with extra-flat cases, Cluse watches are renowned for their sleek and trendy design. They also have an interchangeable strap and a whole range of models to match all the current trends and every look. The women's collections come in different shapes including round, square and rectangular in a variety of colors including pink gold, silver, gold, black, white and gray. The most popular are the Boho chic, Tetragone, Triumph and Midnight models. There is also the collection Féroce, Fluette, Iris Mittenaere, Vedette, Couronnement and Pavane. As for the men's collection, it consists of the Aravis and Vigorous models, which are also adapted to the female trend.

Regarding the mechanism, Cluse opts exclusively for the Quartz movement with piezoelectric properties. The watch will be made of electrically polarized material under the mechanical force requiring the use of a battery. Designed to last, Cluses watches are carefully crafted from a selection of the finest materials such as stainless steel cases with brass or white cut marble dials for example. Straps are also offered in different models, colors and patterns made of leather, stainless steel or Milanese mesh.

The strong point of the brand is the very attractive quality/price ratio it offers, watches of quality and elegance that are particularly accessible to all. Prices are around 100 euros with 2-year guarantees and bracelets around 30 euros on a wide variety. There will be something for every style on a wide range and choice.

The only drawback of Cluse watches is that their mechanism is exclusively limited to the Quartz system. This is a brand that is much more oriented to watches as women's fashion accessories and is somewhat limited in the men's sector. Another point to mention is that according to some Internet users, despite their announced waterproof capacity, Cluses watches are not very resistant to water.

Despite the negative comments of some Internet users, Cluse watches make their reputation by their minimalist and extra-flat design which proves its worth. A brand that articulates its speech around the notion of harmony, simplicity and elegance to be the right compromise between modernity and originality.

Cluse watches or Daniel wellington watches

Cluse Watches

The Cluse brand offers fashionable and mostly minimalist watches. The brand focuses on quality while paying attention to every detail. Evoking a timeless and sober look, the Cluses watches have seduced the great majority and have imposed themselves as essential watches by their style and their design. The particularity of this brand is that it offers a design adopting the Quartz Miyota movement designed in Japan to then manufacture and assemble its watches in Amsterdam. To distinguish its watches, it has not failed to offer a wide variety of straps of different materials.

The Cluses watches have the benefit and this particularity of having a design of interchangeable bracelets in less than 10 seconds. The real asset of these watches is defined in its price which varies between 50 to a hundred euros with models to the expectations of each.

The only drawback of the brand is that its collections for men is not very extensive, it is limited to models Aravis and Vigorous. While the women's models are more ample and varied in several collections.

Daniel Wellington Watches

Daniel Wellington is a brand of Swedish origin that was established in 2011. Daniel Wellington watches combine the elegance of a British look with the sobriety of a Scandinavian style. The brand is mainly distinguished by the variety of its mixed models combining simplicity and elegance, its signature mark. Its retro models are particularly popular. Daniel Wellington watches also have interchangeable straps in a short time, even in a few seconds. Hence the availability of a wide variety of straps offered by the brand in a whole range of colors and materials. In terms of manufacturing and mechanism, Daniel Wellington watches have opted instead for the Japanese Miyota quartz movement, which is then manufactured and assembled in China.

Classic with a touch of originality and timeless fashion, Daniel Wellington is renowned for its mix of formal and casual at a relatively affordable price. To its advantage, the brand enjoys a cool and casual look with its collection of men's, women's and mixed watches.

According to some enthusiasts and collectors, the negative criticisms lie in the design and manufacture. A Quartz mechanism designed in Japan with watches assembled in China. The watches also have the flaw of having thin cases that are barely waterproof and small fragile crowns that make setting the time complex.


The choice between a Cluse watch and a Daniel Wellington watch will depend on your preferences and tastes. Both are quite similar in design and look. The difference is mainly in the price where the Cluse brand stands out with a much more affordable quality/price ratio. And that Cluses watches are manufactured and assembled locally, that is to say in Amsterdam. As for Daniel Wellington, it preferred to opt for Chinese manufacturing and assembly. But beware, a Chinese movement does not necessarily reflect low quality products. The advantage of the Daniel Wellington brand over Cluse lies in the variety of collections, whether for women's or men's watches.

How to choose your Cluse watch

Choosing a Cluse watch may seem simple enough. But being an accessory that can make a statement in a look, there are essential criteria to consider to be satisfied with the investment.

Criterion 1 : The shape and dimensions

As a fashion accessory, a watch will be chosen mainly for its look to give a touch of style to your outfit. But this will depend mainly on your tastes. At this level, it will be mainly the criterion of the shape and size. The brand in its collections offers round, square or rectangle cases. As for the dimensions, it will be necessary to question the thickness of the case as well as its diameter to give a certain elegance to your wrist. Of minimalist style, the Cluses watches present diameters going from 24 to 38 mm and thicknesses from 7 to 8 mm according to the model.

Criterion 2 : The watch band

The bracelet is one of the characteristics not negligible to the choice of a watch. This one will not only serve to attach the case around your wrist, but it will also define part of the style of the watch. Cluses watches have this particularity to have interchangeable and also adjustable straps. This will allow you to choose from a whole range of straps offered by the brand. In its catalog, we find models in leather, steel and mesh Milanese. But it will still be necessary to consider the size of the strap, especially in length and width depending on that of your wrist.

Criterion 3 : The dial and type of movement

The dial is the part that will expose the front of the watch. It will be covered with its transparent bezel that will allow you to see the hour and minute display. Some Cluse models will have a chronograph counter and/or a window in the form of a small opening on the dial indicating the date. The brand logo and other markings to distinguish the watch. Regarding the type of movement, the Cluse brand uses only the Quartz system where you can choose between a two-hand or three-hand movement depending on your preferences. The style and look of the watch will be partly defined from the dial to dress up your wrist with style. In this regard, the Cluse brand is developing different dial designs to suit everyone's tastes. Depending on the models, you can find steel, brass, ceramic or enamel dials on equally varied colors, including white, black, blue, green or gray with sunray, matte, brushed or glossy finishes.

Criterion 4 : The water resistance

Certainly Cluse watches are not diving watches, but it will be essential to question their water resistance capability. A watch that can't handle water may be a negative aspect for someone who is very active or prone to excessive sweating. The Cluse brand offers watches that announce a capacity of 30 to 50 m of depth under water. A point that presents the performance, endurance as well as robustness of a watch. Among its collections, Cluse also offers simple non-waterproof models that are quite solid and elegant that can match your outfit and bring out the elegance of your look.

Criterion 5 : The features and options

At first glance, choosing to wear a watch will allow you to both add a touch of style to your outfit and tell you the time. But you should know that as the Cluse brand evolves, it offers useful features for some enthusiasts. In addition to the basic options such as the indication of the hour with minutes and seconds, some models will be offered with chronograph and/or calendar functions indicating the date. So, you can choose a stylish and trendy Cluse watch that only displays the time. You will also have the choice of choosing a model that offers you additional options to meet your expectations and requirements.

The different aspects and sizes of Cluse watches

Most Cluse watches come with interchangeable straps in all ranges, except for the Vigoureux collection. These models are sometimes equipped with nylon or silicone cases and straps. Other Vigoureux models have stainless steel cases with non-interchangeable bracelets in either steel or leather.

In terms of size and shape, Cluse offers round, square, rectangular or slightly oval case shapes in its women's collections in sizes divided into 3 categories:

  • The smallest size is the Vedette collection, which includes a 24mm diameter case with 12mm wide lugs and straps.
  • The medium size includes the Tetragone, Midnight, Coronation, Triumph and Vigorous collections. These types of Cluses watches have a case with a diameter of 33 mm and 16 mm lugs.
  • The large size is represented by the Boho Chic, Pavane and La Roche lines. Bold models with 38 mm cases and 18 mm wide straps.

For the men's collections, the brand has adopted the round shape on large sizes with cases from 38 to 40 mm in diameter as well as lugs from 18 to 24 mm wide. The men's range is composed of the Aravis and Vigoureux collections.

5 good reasons to choose a Cluse watch


Inspired by the refined French design, Cluses watches are made by specialized watchmakers in the brand's Amsterdam facility. Choosing a Cluse watch is indeed a choice of quality. Each model is created and crafted with the utmost care to meet the expectations of everyone.

Minimalist and elegant design

Cluse watches represent a fashionable and trendy brand that focuses on simplicity and minimalism to achieve the essential of a perfect style. The brand's motto is to produce trendy watches to complement and enhance your outfit and look. Therefore, these watches are distinguished mainly by their extra-flat case and their dial with a minimal diameter and width to embellish your wrist. Interchangeable bracelets made of leather, steel or Milanese mesh in different colors to complement your style.

A wide variety of models to suit all styles

In its early days, the Cluse brand focused on offering watches for women. In recent years, however, Cluse has added high-quality men's watches to its men's collections. Indeed, the advantage of choosing the Cluse brand is a wide selection of models to choose from. In this regard, the brand offers watches with round, square, rectangular or even sometimes slightly oval cases. There are also dials of different styles embellished with white, black, blue, green or marbled with a matte, sunray, glossy or brushed finish. In short, at Cluse, there is something for everyone, depending on the style, the look or your desires.

Very affordable quality/price ratio

The great advantage of choosing Cluse watches is their unbeatable value for money. The brand's reputation is built on the production of original and high quality watches at the most affordable prices on the market. Elegant and trendy watches designed to harmonize style without breaking the bank. The vast majority of our models are priced at around 100 euros with interchangeable straps at around 30 euros to allow you to change your watch straps as you wish.

Guarantee and quality

Indeed, for the purchase of a new Cluse watch, the brand offers a 2-year warranty on its products while covering manufacturing defects. As far as quality is concerned, Cluse has not failed to choose and meticulously select quality materials for the development and design of its watches. To its advantage, the majority of these watches have a water resistance capacity of 3 to 5 ATM. This will allow Cluse watches to withstand splashes and showers.

Our opinion on alternative brands

We believe these are the best alternative brands to the Cluse watches:

Tommy Hilfiger
Daniel Wellington

Founded in 1981, Guess is a California-based fashion company headquartered in Los Angeles. Playing on the American codes, the Guess brand reflects in its products, the brilliance, the relevant detail and the avant-garde trends. Guess watches are known for their glamorous and seductive collections that symbolize a dynamic and youthful lifestyle. Tommy Hilfiger is an American brand based in Amterdam, The Netherlands, and has been developing a classic and cool style since its foundation in 1985. The brand specializes in high-end fashion items such as clothing, shoes, accessories as well as perfumes. Bringing a touch of modernity to tradition, its watches are distinguished by a combination of classic design and cutting-edge functionality. The quality of manufacture is characterized by a water-resistant design with innovative dials. Among its collections are men's models with preppy and sporty tendencies, women's watches with chronograph functions embellished with beautiful enamel and gold-plated finishes.

Based in Richardson, Texas, Fossil began its business in 1984 in the fashion accessories sector. Now an international lifestyle brand, Fossil crafts its watches through vintage inspiration added to a touch of modernities as diverse as they are varied. When it comes to quality, it places great importance on precision and detail. The brand makes its reputation through products with accessible quality-price ratios.

Horloger and mechanic, Glycine made its first steps in 1914 by an engineer passionate about watchmaking. The brand particularly specialized in the design of ladies' watches, but evolved over time with the production of men's models. Headquartered in Biel, Switzerland, its flagship models are the Airman watches: aviation watches with dual time zones; and the Combat Sub watches: thin-cased diving watches. Among its collections, Glycine offers the Goldshield range with a thick gilding and the Amaranth range with an extra-flat case. Originally a luxury watch, it is making a name for itself in the watch industry on quality products with excellent value for money.

Evolving in the watch industry, Daniel Wellington is a Swedish brand that has made a reputation for itself through its simplistic, minimalist and functional watches. After gaining an excellent reputation among fashion fans, the brand has expanded into other jewelry accessories such as necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings. Offering one of the most competitive price ranges in the market, it presents in its catalog watches of different models with different straps and styles to suit all tastes.


Cleaning your Cluse watch

Cleaning is an essential process to keep your Cluse watch looking like new. Before anything else, it should be noted that even though the watch is advertised as waterproof, immersing it completely in water could alter it. These types of watches are designed to withstand only a few splashes. So to clean it, it is recommended to first remove the strap and then clean the case with a soft, damp cloth and dry it with a dry cloth. As for the bracelets, you can do the same if they are made of mesh or steel. However, if the bracelet is made of leather, try using a small soft brush with a little soapy water and then rinse it gently with water. Finally, dry the leather bracelet with a dry cloth to let it dry completely at room temperature or in the open air. You can then reassemble the strap to its case and store it or put it back on your wrist.

Storing and storing your Cluse watch properly when you're not wearing it

Storing your Cluse watch properly is essential to avoid structural and mechanical wear, and this is to maintain its original condition. To preserve it, it is strictly advised to put it away from humidity, heat and sun. It is also advisable to avoid areas where the temperature is too low, as this could cause mechanical damage. Chemicals, creams or perfumes can also cause discoloration and alteration of the water-resistance of the case or the bracelet. Therefore, storage cases or accessories dedicated to this occasion are sold or provided with the purchase to allow you to better preserve and store your Cluse watch, whether you are on the move or at home.

Removing fog from the cover glass of a Cluse watch

Sometimes, your Cluse watch may show fogging on the dial glass and at the same time may interfere with its display. In some cases, this can be due to accidental water splashing such as hand washing. It can also be caused by your own perspiration while wearing your watch.

To remove it, it is advisable to open the setting crown and place the watch upside down on the dial in a warm, dry area for at least 24 hours. Once the mist has been removed, it is strongly recommended that the crown be closed again to avoid further condensation and the penetration of certain dirt such as dust and the like. Otherwise, to simplify, it would be suitable to call on the service of a watchmaker.

The right thing to do when you have a Cluse watch

To improve the life of your Cluse watch, it bodes well to be more careful than the manufacturer's advice in relation to the advertised features. For example, a model with a water resistance rating of 3 ATM or 5 ATM will only be resistant to a few splashes and perspiration, not total immersion. You should also know that all watches are sensitive to shocks, the integrated movements are vulnerable to all kinds of intense shocks. And finally, it is strictly recommended never to open the screwed or clipped back to avoid damaging the seal. This may also interrupt the warranty offered by the manufacturer.

Avoiding allergy from a steel or metal Cluse watch

It would be a shame not to be able to wear your elegant watch for a special occasion when you are allergic to metal or steel. Don't worry or fret, because there is a way to do this. You will just need to apply a thin layer of colorless varnish on the part in contact with the skin and let it dry completely before wearing it on your wrist.


Why choose a Cluse watch with interchangeable straps?

Having a Cluse watch with interchangeable straps has a great advantage, especially economic. This aspect has been thought to coordinate each outfit with the watch by colors, styles or even by occasion. For each look you want, you will not need to change the watch or buy another one, you will only need to change the strap to match your style with the watch.

Why can a Cluse watch get fogged up?

Although it is waterproof, a Cluse watch may have some fogging on the glass of its dial caused by some humidity. This fogging is a priori is due to the setting crown not being closed properly or that you forgot to close it after a setting. In some cases, this condensation can also be the result of a problem of waterproofing or an excessive projection of water. It should be noted that it can come from your own perspiration.

How to set a Cluse watch with a calendar feature?

ACluse watch with a calendar feature will be equipped with a winder or a setting crown with three positions including the 0 - 1 - 2 position. To set the date, pull the crown to position 1 and turn it counterclockwise until. For the time, it will be in position 2. Be careful not to forget to press the crown to return it to position 0, once the setting is complete.

Where are Cluse watches made?

Inspired by the Parisian lifestyle, Cluses watches are equipped with Miyota quartz movement made in Japan. As for the manufacturing and assembly, they are made in the brand's premises in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. This is what makes its great authenticity, originality and quality.


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