The best bras without underwire in the UK 2023

The non-wired bra has become very trendy in recent years. A symbol of femininity that is particularly elegant, its level of comfort is such that you feel like you have a second skin. But between bras, nursing bras and push-up bras, it's not easy to make the right choice. Here is the best of the best in underwireless bras.

UMIPUBO Underwired bra 1

Best value for money

UMIPUBO Underwired bra

Best underwireless bra in 2021

UMIPUBO offers a quality underwireless bra that is very soft to the touch. Lightweight and comfortable to wear, you can use it for sports, as it has no parts that can bother you.

13,59 £ on Amazon

If you are looking for a light, breathable and stretchy underwireless bra, UMIPUBO is perfect for you. Its soft and silky material will fit your skin perfectly. When you wear it, you won't feel any irritation, because it offers perfect support no matter what your movements are, there are almost no seams that can bother you. Whether you use it for a sports bra or a regular bra, there is virtually no sensation in the arms which is often a problem area for this type of underwear.

While it has the comfort of a soft sports bra, the shape and adjustable straps give it a bit more of a traditional look. The removable soft padding gives it good coverage. But if you have a larger chest (85B and up), it can be a bit restrictive. However, it still retains its color as well as its shape even after several washes.

Litthing underwired bra 2

Best value for money

Litthing underwired bra

Best entry-level underwireless bra

This is a discreet underwireless bra that offers perfect support. It is ideal to wear under thin tops to hide the tips of the breasts.

3,99 £ on Amazon

This seamless, wire-free bra from Litthing is like a second skin because of its softness. It molds nicely to the body without any stiffness. It has a padded layer in the cups, which can help you feel supported even without the underwire. But the best part is that it has thin straps that you can adjust to get a cross back if you want.

Adjustable and very stretchy, this underwireless bra is great for larger sizes. It's absolutely what you need if you want a not-too-tight bra that's also discreet under tops (as if you're not putting anything on while your breasts aren't hanging out). However, it doesn't hold up enough to play sports. Its cups also tend to shift during laundry. But they are still easy to put back on.

Miss Mary of Sweden underwire bra 3

Best value for money

Miss Mary of Sweden underwire bra

Best high-end underwireless bra

Perfect for everyday wear, the Miss Mary of Sweden underwire bra offers unparalleled comfort. It also adjusts the silhouette of your breasts under clothing.

31,99 £ on Amazon

The cotton design combined with Miss Mary of Sweden's well-cut cups offers natural support and lift in total comfort. Mesh sections make this wire-free bra breathable and comfortable. The fact that it is quite tight allows you to slim down your figure under your clothes. But if you prefer a less restrictive fit, its straps are well adjustable.

The Miss Mary of Sweden underwireless bra is made from good quality cotton lycra. It is therefore perfect to wear on a daily basis. In addition, its U-shaped back accentuates its practicality in terms of support. If you have a sharp profile, this comfortable cotton underwear ensures an optimal fit.

Lemef underwired bra 4

A great choice

Lemef underwired bra

Best sports underwireless bra

With no clips, fasteners, or wires, this Lemef underwireless bra is perfect for yoga or other soft sports. You can adopt the movements that suit you when you wear them thanks to its middle support.

15,99 £ on Amazon

Characterized by a simple, quirky style, this is probably the most comfortable underwireless bra for yoga. Others with the "comfortable" look tend to focus on form and function rather than style, but this model from Lemef takes both into consideration. The size seems a bit small, but the model itself is stretchy to compensate.

Despite the lack of metal structure, it supports your breasts perfectly. Plus, it's free of staples, wires, and fasteners. Its strong straps allow the weight to be distributed evenly over the shoulders. This makes it excellent to wear even while sleeping. In short, the Lemef underwireless bra is a good compromise for those who want to be comfortable while remaining sexy.

Gratlin Allaitement

For breastfeeding

Soutien-gorge d'allaitement Gratlin

Best nursing underwireless bra

The Gratlin nursing bra allows you to breastfeed your little one and stay chic. Its light cotton composition and the absence of underwire guarantee the level of comfort you will enjoy.

19,19 £ on Amazon
Buying guide • November 2023

Best bra without underwire

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Best underwireless bra in 2021

Best entry-level underwireless bra

Best high-end underwireless bra

Best sports underwireless bra

Best nursing underwireless bra

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Comparison table of the best bras without underwire

UMIPUBO Underwired bra 5
Litthing underwired bra 6
Miss Mary of Sweden underwire bra 7
Lemef underwired bra 8
Gratlin Allaitement
UMIPUBO Underwired bra
Litthing underwired bra
Miss Mary of Sweden underwire bra
Lemef underwired bra
Soutien-gorge d'allaitement Gratlin
UMIPUBO offers a quality underwireless bra that is very soft to the touch. Lightweight and comfortable to wear, you can use it for sports, as it has no parts that can bother you.
This is a discreet underwireless bra that offers perfect support. It is ideal to wear under thin tops to hide the tips of the breasts.
Perfect for everyday wear, the Miss Mary of Sweden underwire bra offers unparalleled comfort. It also adjusts the silhouette of your breasts under clothing.
With no clips, fasteners, or wires, this Lemef underwireless bra is perfect for yoga or other soft sports. You can adopt the movements that suit you when you wear them thanks to its middle support.
The Gratlin nursing bra allows you to breastfeed your little one and stay chic. Its light cotton composition and the absence of underwire guarantee the level of comfort you will enjoy.
90% nylon 10% spandex
Very soft and pleasant synthetic
34% Polyamide, 30% Cotton, 20% Polyester, 16% Elastane
96% Nylon 4% Elastane
90% cotton, 10% elastane
Sports bra
Yoga sports bra
Yoga sports bra
Lactation bra
To be slipped on
Adjustable straps

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Buying guide - bra without underwire

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How to choose your bra without underwire

Here is a selection of parameters not to be neglected in order not to make a mistake in the choice of your bra without underwire.

#1 - Size

Your bra must be adapted to your size. It should be able to stay in place when you wear it. Make sure that your breasts do not protrude to the sides, i.e. your armpits, and that the bra fits your breasts well. It is therefore very important to measure your chest size beforehand.

#2 - Straps

Make sure that the straps of your bra are adjustable. If you have sagging breasts, you'd better take this parameter into account. Straps that keep falling off can also be a real source of irritation, so they shouldn't be too long if they're not adjustable. Remember to adjust them every time you put on your bra.

#3 - Your needs

For sports use, get a microfiber bra that can effectively absorb sweat. If you feel like enhancing your small breasts, opt for a push-up. The push-up also allows sagging breasts to lift. For generous breasts that want to be more discreet, a minimizer model will be more suitable. Basically, choose your type of underwireless bra according to your morphology, your outfits, your needs and your desires.

#4 - Material

The comfort and security offered by the bra, its sturdiness and practicality depend entirely on the material of the lingerie. Among these materials, we can mention cotton, polyester, elastane or even polyamide. All are interesting. However, if you have fragile skin, opt for cotton lingerie.

#5 - Bra shape

The shape and size of breasts vary from one woman to another. For the small breast, the triangle bra is the most suitable. For small and medium breasts, the round neck bra provides them with optimal comfort. For generous breasts, the push-up and minimizer bras will offer them optimal support.

Good to know

Measurements can change during a woman's life, especially after a pregnancy or weight gain for example. Don't hesitate to measure your chest size before buying a bra.

How do I wash my underwire bra?

In order to maintain the elasticity and shape of your underwireless bra and to ensure its longevity, it is strongly recommended that you wash your bra by hand rather than by machine. However, if you don't have the time to hand wash your bra, you can still opt for a machine wash by following certain rules.

Hand washing

For hand washing, start by sorting your underwear by separating the colors to avoid discoloration of the fabrics. Don't forget to close the locking hooks on each bra before washing so that they can't cling to certain fabrics. Then soak them for about 30 minutes in warm water mixed with a mild detergent. After that, scrub them gently. Finally, rinse your bras in cold water without rubbing them again.

Machine washing

Always start by separating the colors and stapling your dirty bras before each machine wash. Once this is done, put them in a wash net. Put your laundry in the machine and set your machine to the "delicate/silk" program. Use a mild detergent for lingerie or baby clothes. For your information, we strongly advise you not to wash your bras at more than 30°C because the materials they are made of have a very low resistance to heat.

The different types of bras without underwire

Discover the different types of underwireless bras that are available on the market.

Underwired bra

A bra is not only a sports bra, it is also an underwear that you can wear every day. It can make you look feminine and attractive. You can wear a bra under a blouse, under a t-shirt or under a top. This type of underwear offers light to heavy support, depending on the model. The DYLH underwireless bra, for example, offers excellent support. It has a comfortable fit and two separate cups. It is therefore an encapsulated bra. There are also compression bras suitable for low intensity sports. These are designed as a one-piece bra and do not have two separate cups.

Underwired bra

The most common non-wired bras are the interlocking ones. They wrap around the chest while holding it comfortably. This type of underwear often has wide straps, sometimes with elastic. The Frugue emboîtant without underwire offers your breasts excellent protection thanks to its breast prostheses which at the same time contribute to the straightening of this same area. The cups of an interlocking bra are made to cover the breasts completely without exerting compression. They allow for a natural cleavage.

Maternity underwired bra

A special maternity underwireless bra is often designed with a high quality, relatively soft and breathable material. It can be made with removable pads or a front closure. It won't confine your breasts, and by being wire-free, it avoids the physical discomfort you might feel during pregnancy or breastfeeding, especially if you're wearing an underwire bra. The Frugue special maternity model is to be preferred especially because it has wide straps, so it will hold your breasts with excellence, no matter how big they are. It is even more sexy by presenting semi-transparent parts decorated with floral pattern.


Wearing the same bra every day will make it unusable after two or three months.

Bra without underwire or bra with underwire?

Bra without underwire

The non-wired bra frees the breasts. This does not mean that it does not provide support for larger breasts. Some women think that the wire-free bra is best suited for small and medium breasts. However, designers in the world of corsetry are currently competing with each other to offer all body types the comfort they deserve.

To this end, on the market, you can find models without underwiring for large breasts such as the DYLH bra for XL or the Playtex bra without underwiring. These lingerie styles leave no marks on the skin, and they are discreet under tight clothing. However, this type of underwear does not always work on very generous breasts, i.e. beyond XL.

Underwired bra

Since the underwires are usually made of metal, they are not very flexible and press on important areas of our bust: the solar plexus, which is located just below the sternum, which often creates redness and discomfort. In addition, the pressure exerted by the underwires means that all the tissues in our breasts are under-oxygenated and not all the metabolic waste is evacuated. On the other hand, this type of bra offers a good support of the breasts.


To conclude, even without underwire, it is quite possible for your chest to benefit from an ideal support. The curve is natural, and without any compression, the chest of the woman who wears this type of underwear is sublimated. However, if you prefer both underwired and non-underwired models, there is no harm in wanting to get some. Besides, a woman's dressing room needs diversity from time to time!

The best brands of bras without underwire

In our opinion, the best brands of bras without underwire in 2022 are :

Iris & Lilly

DYHL markets underwear and clothing with an impressive simplicity. These items have no patterns, no elements that can make them sophisticated. They are generally intended for sportswomen and young women who appreciate the urban chic look.

Vertvie sells cotton lingerie dedicated to sports! Its underwear can also be worn on a daily basis without any problem. They are of very good quality. You can also find at Vertvie swimwear, sofa covers and Christmas products.

Women who like sculpting and sexy lingerie ranges will find their happiness among Playtex products. The latter offers girdles, panties and bras that hide body imperfections. These undergarments are quite charming!

Frugue meets the needs of all women! The brand cares about the health and comfort of these ladies by offering them underwear designed with good materials. Some Frugue underwear will be your best allies during your pregnancy and even during breastfeeding, following the example of the special maternity Frugue that is featured in our ranking.

One of the most appreciated contemporary brands is Iris & Lilly. Its collections have never disappointed most women who just want to feel beautiful and good about themselves without shelling out a large sum of money.

What is the price for a bra without underwire

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

2 £ to 25 £
25 £ to 50 £
more than 50 £
Price range diagram


Things to avoid

Avoid wearing a bra that doesn't fit your size, don't use a dress bra for sports, don't fasten your bra on the farthest clasps, and definitely don't iron a bra after it dries.

No need to wash your bra after each use

According to lingerie experts, it's advisable to wash your bra only twice a month. However, if this seems unhygienic, proceed to wash your bra after 4 uses. Regular washing is necessary for bras worn during a hot day and sports underwear.

Remove sweat marks from a bra

Treat troublesome sweat stains by scrubbing it lightly with mild soap and water. Once done, let the soap work for 15-20 min before rinsing.

Range your bras properly

To keep them in good condition as long as possible, keep your bras in a dedicated drawer and stack them rather than folding or twisting them.

Spacing out your bra washings

To prevent your bras from premature damage, simply rinse them under the water of your shower to get rid of the sweat.


Which underwireless bra to choose?

The best underwireless bra depends on your needs and budget. Read our comparison to learn more.

Does sleeping with your bra preserve your breasts?

No. Know that sleeping with your bra on will not help sheath your breasts or put them at risk for breast cancer.

Does an underwireless bra provide good breast support?

Yes. The underwireless bra provides good support for your breasts while not confining them. Basically, a bra without underwire is healthier and more comfortable because it doesn't "smother" your breasts like metal underwire bras.

How do I recognize a worn bra?

When you feel your bra is no longer providing enough support for your breasts, it's high time to throw it away. It can also be a bra that chafes or hurts, straps that fall off repeatedly (even though they've been adjusted), or cups that have become unsupportive of your breasts.

How do I know my bra size?

To do this, get a tape measure and measure your bust size. Then measure your chest size. Finally, subtract between these two measurements to find your bra size.


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UMIPUBO Underwired bra 9
UMIPUBO Underwired bra
Litthing underwired bra 10
Litthing underwired bra
Miss Mary of Sweden underwire bra 11
Miss Mary of Sweden underwire bra
Lemef underwired bra 12
Lemef underwired bra
Gratlin Allaitement
Soutien-gorge d'allaitement Gratlin


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