The best backpacks for teenagers in the UK 2023

Very versatile, the backpack is the best choice for a teenager, especially for college or high school, for a hike with friends or any other outdoor activity. Quite simply, the backpack will be a teenager's daily ally. But, which bag to choose? Does a shoulder bag look better than a backpack or satchel? Read our guide to find out.

ASGE Teen Backpack and Shoulder Bag Set 1

Best value for money

ASGE Teen Backpack and Shoulder Bag Set

The best backpack for teens in 2021

Looking for a co-ed backpack? Give your kids a comfortable backpack with the ASGE backpack. Signed by Unique Fashion, your teenager will be totally satisfied.

27,99 £ on Amazon

This backpack combines ergonomics and elegance. Designed with high quality materials, it is multifunctional. Your teen can wear it for sports, hiking, camping or just for college. Made with waterproof fabric and featuring a smooth zipper, this bag is durable and can be used for a long time.

With large compartments with padded cover and two sealed side pockets, this backpack is secure, stable, organized and safe. Its adjustable strap system and unique handle make it lighter, easier to carry. Ideal for everyday use, this bag is a wonderful gift for teenagers. Plus, it comes with a stylish shoulder bag.

Sac à dos hydrofuge style vintage Vaschy 2

Best value for money

Sac à dos hydrofuge style vintage Vaschy

The best backpack for teens cheap in 2021

Made of high quality polyester, this Vaschy backpack is a waterproof model. Its vintage look ensures style, while its construction promises lightness.

23,11 £ on Amazon
Satch Pack Unisex Backpack 3

Best premium value for money

Satch Pack Unisex Backpack

The best backpack for teens premium in 2021

Ensure a better school experience with the Satch Pack backpack. Especially suited for teens, you won't find two alike.

68,42 £ on Amazon

With its original design, you feel comfortably unique inside. This bag stands up to the classic school bags with its simple, yet lively design. It's a large, sturdy backpack with various pockets. It's a big, sturdy backpack with a variety of pockets, so your teenager has plenty of room to store his or her stuff.

It is one of the trendiest bags of the moment. In addition, its straps are adjustable at will. Made of recycled textiles, this red bag is ideal for leisure and mixed sports. Basically, this bag is the favorite of young girls, but also very popular with young boys.

WHT Mixed Wheeled Binder 4

Best alternative

WHT Mixed Wheeled Binder

A great alternative

For the well-being of your children, allow them to have a backpack adapted to their needs. The WHT rolling backpack will seduce him with its elegant and practical design.

55,99 £ on Amazon

Soft and comfortable, this bag has a shock-resistant sponge back pad that reduces vibration. This bag has been designed with several separate pockets, which offer excellent protection against moisture and shock, and allow you to better organize your belongings.

The WHT backpack is an excellent compromise between a regular backpack and a rolling suitcase. Its size corresponds to the standards needed for a school bag or a travel bag. Practical and comfortable, the S-shaped shoulder strap reduces discomfort and does not strain the shoulders. Perfectly versatile, this backpack is great for travel and school. Made of high quality Oxford polyester, this bag is durable, sturdy and waterproof.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best backpack for teenagers

Any specific needs?

The best backpack for teens in 2021

The best backpack for teens cheap in 2021

The best backpack for teens premium in 2021

A great alternative

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Comparison table of the best backpacks for teenagers

ASGE Teen Backpack and Shoulder Bag Set 5
Sac à dos hydrofuge style vintage Vaschy 6
Satch Pack Unisex Backpack 7
WHT Mixed Wheeled Binder 8
ASGE Teen Backpack and Shoulder Bag Set
Sac à dos hydrofuge style vintage Vaschy
Satch Pack Unisex Backpack
WHT Mixed Wheeled Binder
Looking for a co-ed backpack? Give your kids a comfortable backpack with the ASGE backpack. Signed by Unique Fashion, your teenager will be totally satisfied.
Made of high quality polyester, this Vaschy backpack is a waterproof model. Its vintage look ensures style, while its construction promises lightness.
Ensure a better school experience with the Satch Pack backpack. Especially suited for teens, you won't find two alike.
For the well-being of your children, allow them to have a backpack adapted to their needs. The WHT rolling backpack will seduce him with its elegant and practical design.
30 x 22 x 46 cm
43 x 30 x 15 cm
45 x 22 x 30 cm
35 x 24 x 48 cm
Number of pockets/compartments
Oxford fabric
Recycled textile
Polyester Oxford
Blue, gray, black
Blue, black, burgundy, charcoal grey, green
Red (Berry Bash)
White, black, blue flamingo, dark blue flamingo, unicorn, black unicorn, white fan

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Buying guide - backpack for teenagers

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How to choose your backpack for teenagers

Not sure which backpack to buy? Here are a few criteria to consider when making your choice.

#1 - Dimensions

We tend to give our children big bags. This is not recommended for his health. Choose the dimensions according to his morphology and size. Prefer spacious but light bags. The bag should not extend beyond his buttocks either.

#2 - Capacity

The specificity of a backpack vis-à-vis other types of bags lies in its capacity. Also consider the number of compartments available for your convenience. And don't forget to check the different types of pockets available for storing your belongings. Consider looking at whether there are two large side pockets to place water bottles.

#3 - Comfort

Your bag may be spacious, but it won't do any good if it's not comfortable. That's why you shouldn't leave out this small detail before purchasing. If the straps are adjustable, the bag will be more comfortable to carry. Also think about the padding, the back as well as the straps should be padded for more comfort.

#4 - Material

The material of a backpack is very varied. You have notably leather, synthetic material, or natural fabric. However, to avoid unpleasant surprises, you should test the material. You should also choose bags made of polyester or leather to ensure that they are waterproof. Think about fabrics that do not fade if you opt for canvas bags.

#5 - Aesthetics

Of course, what attracts us first when we choose a backpack is its aesthetic side. But often the most beautiful is not the most reliable. Regardless, think about the aesthetics of the bag to please your teen. Consider the look of the bag throughout the year before you buy it. Also consider the style (vintage, casual or geek), as well as your teen's favorite color.

How do you maintain a teenage backpack?


Finding the perfect backpack is important, but maintaining it is another concern. That's right... even the most durable backpack can get damaged quickly if its maintenance is not thought out. Zoom on the different ways to properly maintain your backpack.

Cleaning the backpack properly

Prefer hand washing. A washing machine can damage or even discolor it. Use a mild soap with warm water. Use a sponge, not a brush, to scrub it. If it has ever been soiled by dust, use a wipe and it's fine. In any case, we suggest you don't polish your bag thoroughly.

Do not put heavy or sharp objects inside

If your child uses a compass, it's best to store it in the bag. This is so that the bag does not tear. Also, check to see if the bag can hold heavy items, such as a laptop or computer. If it doesn't say so in its instructions, make sure you don't put any in. Otherwise, the bag may break and your laptop may fall right out.


Do not overload it

Despite the strength of a bag, overloading is not too advisable. This is both to preserve your teen's health, but also to extend its life. Make sure he only takes the tools he needs for the day. That way, the bag will retain its seamless finish.


The different types of backpacks for teenagers

Did you know that besides colors, style and usage, there are other ways to choose your backpack? Let's take a look at the different types of backpacks for teenagers.

The classic backpack

To enter the big league, get rid of the old school bags! Go for the ones with multiple compartments. In fact, it's the most practical backpack available. Even with a simple design, your teenager will look casual while wearing it. Thus, he will be more comfortable towards his classmates.

The two-compartment backpack

Opt for a bag that is practical and easy to use for your teen. A backpack with two compartments wouldn't be too out of style. It's a good option for staying organized in many situations, such as college. So, in the first compartment, he will be able to place daily accessories like his pencil case or his draft notebook. In the second, he will be able to put his notebooks, books, laptop...

The rolling backpack

Save your kids' backs by giving him a backpack with wheels. It's quite possible that at his age, he can't yet handle the weight of the supplies he needs on a daily basis. Hence the need for a rolling backpack for his back to school. This bag would be the best choice. With its lightness, this bag allows him to bring other equipment for his learning. Moreover, it is an excellent alternative for other uses such as a trip for example.

Backpack or shoulder bag for teenagers?

The backpack for teenagers

The backpack is essential in many areas. For decades, it has provided exceptional comfort to our children. Its capacity is much greater than that of shoulder bags. It is very suitable for daily use. This is because it is easy to carry. With various models currently available on the market, it becomes easy to find a multifunctional backpack.

The shoulder bag for teenagers

Today, the shoulder bag is a hit. Trend of the moment, it makes the hearts of most young people capsize. But are they really functional? Indeed, they stand up to the backpack. The shoulder bag surpasses it in terms of elegance. It does not hide the silhouette and the clothing style of the wearer.


Aesthetically speaking, both are perfect. But if you're looking for a bag that's as practical as it is aesthetically pleasing, the best choice is always a backpack. Of course, before you decide as a parent, let your teenager choose and explain the pros and cons of each model.

Why choose a backpack for teenagers?

Whether you are a child, a young person or an adult, it is impossible to do without a backpack. Everyone chooses the model of backpack that suits them. Despite the presence of suitcases, shoulder bags or pouches, many of us remain faithful to the backpack. The reason? We will present it to you below.

- For its design

Nowadays, there are several bags for students. Everyone can choose the type, patterns, colors and shapes that suit them. Brands are competing to create new dream bags for teens. Hence, the birth of printed backpacks for a casual look, for a retro style or for a geeky touch. All to satisfy your children.

- For its durability

The backpack remains the favorite of parents because of its durability. By wearing it, your teenager will be able to keep it for years. Even if he or she is a little rambunctious, the bag won't tear easily. This guarantees its longevity against other types of bags. In addition, with its two straps, the weight will be balanced so there is no risk of breaking.

- For its practicality

There are various types of backpacks that can satisfy you. Some are designed for sports, so you can take them with you on family camping trips, mountain walks, or even during your vacations. Others are made for school, and you can put bulky things like a PC, books, folders, etc.. In short, the backpack is multipurpose.

- For its comfort

Known for its lightness, a backpack is not bulky. Moreover, it protects against back pain. With today's innovation, there are trendy and padded backpacks. This will bring you more comfort when using it. The backpack is less absorbent and you will feel less moisture when sweating. With its padded back, your teen's back will not be in a situation of discomfort.


Make sure the load is well distributed

For your high schooler's well-being, his or her bag should be balanced. The straps should always fit evenly.

Prefer multifunctional models

Choose a waterproof bag so your teen doesn't have to fear the elements. Also, it's ideal if he has to bring his computer to class. A sturdy bag can save you a lot of money, since you won't have to change your bag every morning. Check both its material, the reliability of its closure, and its straps. Also check the thickness of its fabric.

Consider the sturdiness of the bag

Teach her to be methodical, to put her things away according to her schedule. If not, show him how to avoid overloading.

Be organized or teach your teen how to sort their stuff

To ensure that your child is not disappointed with your choice, consider his opinion. Ask for her favorite color and suggest the model you're considering buying.

Choose the backpack with your teen


What is the ideal weight for a teenage backpack?

Knowing that the child needs many things on a daily basis, we tend to overload the backpack. But, for more comfort, his bag should not exceed 15% of his weight. To avoid overloading, advise him to organize his backpack well.

How to organize a teenage backpack?

Put the water bottle in the outer pocket. Then, store books according to their size in the main compartment. Put small accessories in the small pockets so they're within easy reach. If you have a multi-pocket model, make the most of your bag's potential without overloading it.

How long does a teenage backpack last?

The durability of the bag depends entirely on its quality and care. Some can last for years while others can last for months.

What is the risk of a backpack that is too heavy?

With a heavier backpack, you risk back pain, fatigue, and even spinal deformity in the worst case. To preserve your health, avoid overloading the backpack you wear every day.

What color should you choose for a teenage backpack?

When buying, focus on your teen's favorite color. Otherwise, opt for sober colors so that the backpack doesn't get dirty easily.


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ASGE Teen Backpack and Shoulder Bag Set
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Sac à dos hydrofuge style vintage Vaschy
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Satch Pack Unisex Backpack
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