The best anti-pilling razors in the UK 2023

Are you tired of pilling on your clothes and upholstery? Those little balls of fiber that appear on the surface of fabrics. Often caused by wear and tear, frequent washing or repeated rubbing, we only want to get rid of them. But rather than throwing them away, how about giving them a new lease on life. The solution, an anti-pilling razor.

Philips GC026/80 1

Best value for money

Philips GC026/80

The best anti-pilling razor in 2021

Philips GC026/80 is an ultra compact anti-pilling shaver. It has a large tank and a very elegant design.

13,59 £ on Darty

Very elegant, the model offered by Philips is black with a gold border. With a length of 12 cm, a width of 8 cm and a weight of 260 g, the GC026/80 slips easily and discreetly into a dresser drawer or a handbag to go on a trip without pilling. Very practical, this anti-pilling shaver is suitable for all types of fabrics (natural and synthetic).

Get rid of pilling with its three-blade blade and 8800 rpm speed. Clothes are safe with its large grid that protects the blades and at the same time captures the pilling. When in use, the machine is automatically located at two heights in relation to the fabric. For waste, it is sucked into a large removable recovery tank for easy emptying. This is a battery-powered device, so the anti-pilling shaver comes with two AA batteries. Unfortunately, the blade of the Philips GC026/80 cannot be changed.

Rascol Black 2

Best value for money

Rascol Black

The best entry-level anti-pilling razor

The Rascol anti-pilling razor gently and quickly removes pilling from clothing. It is a manual anti-pilling shaver.

11,96 £ on Cdiscount

Whether it's natural or synthetic pellets, this anti-pellet shaver removes even the most stubborn pellets. We are talking about an anti-pilling shaver without batteries or wire. You will have a better control of your gestures. The intensity of use generally depends on the material of the garment and your feeling. This product is recommended for intensive use on medium and large pimples.

For fine fabrics and delicate wools, the handling of the device should be done with a lot of lightness. Small and easy to carry, it is perfectly adapted to accompany its owners at home or during travel.

Solac H101 3

Best value for money

Solac H101

The best high-end anti-pilling razor

The solac H101 stands out for its dual power supply. It also has a good grip.

46,68 £ on Darty

Solac offers its customers a model of anti-pilling razor capable of restoring a smooth texture to pilled clothes. The Solac H101 looks a lot like a mini iron. Indeed, it comes with a handle on top and the whole thing lies flat on the garment.

This is a 20 cm long and 300 g machine. This product can be used either plugged into the mains with unlimited autonomy, or powered by 2 AA batteries. It is recommended to use the mains connection in order to obtain a power for a constant use. The on/off button locks so you don't have to hold it while shaving.

Philips GC026/00 4


Philips GC026/00

A great anti-pilling razor

Easy to use, the Philips GC026/00's size and power supply allow the user to take it with them when traveling. Versatile, it works with all types of textiles.

11,99 £ on Boulanger

It must be said that the Philips brand has thought of everything with this anti-pilling shaver, except for its power supply system. Indeed, its small size of 13.8 cm and its light weight of 200 g give this product a lot of advantages. However, it can only be powered by batteries. With a propeller that makes 8800 revolutions per minute, it is normal for the batteries to run out quickly.

In terms of handling, this product is easy to use and manipulate. Its height can be changed using a corolla-like accessory included with the purchase. Regarding maintenance, the anti-pilling shaver comes with a long-haired brush.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best anti-pilling razor

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The best anti-pilling razor in 2021

The best entry-level anti-pilling razor

The best high-end anti-pilling razor

A great anti-pilling razor

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Comparison table of the best anti-pilling razors

Philips GC026/80 5
Rascol Black 6
Solac H101 7
Philips GC026/00 8
Philips GC026/80
Rascol Black
Solac H101
Philips GC026/00
Philips GC026/80 is an ultra compact anti-pilling shaver. It has a large tank and a very elegant design.
The Rascol anti-pilling razor gently and quickly removes pilling from clothing. It is a manual anti-pilling shaver.
The solac H101 stands out for its dual power supply. It also has a good grip.
Easy to use, the Philips GC026/00's size and power supply allow the user to take it with them when traveling. Versatile, it works with all types of textiles.
Power supply
2 AA batteries
Mains and/or 2 LR14 batteries
2 AA batteries
Cutting level
2 levels
3 levels
2 levels
Blade rotation
8800 rpm
8800 rpm
Total weight
260 g
45 g
300 g
207 g
12 x 8 cm
8.5 x 6.5 x 2 cm
20 cm
13.8 cm

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Buying guide - anti-pilling razor

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How to choose your anti-pilling razor

To find the best anti-pilling shaver, you have to take into account: the power supply, the cutting levels, the power, the safety and the ergonomics of the device.

#1 - The power supply

The type of power supply affects the portability of the unit. A cordless, battery-powered or rechargeable model can be used at heights or taken on the road as long as the battery is fully charged. Indeed, if the battery has only a small charge left, the efficiency of the device will decrease.

On the other hand, the corded model will always be at 100% all the time. However, the length of the wire will be a handicap. One solution will be to choose a device that can run on electricity and batteries. These will however be more expensive.

#2 - Cutting levels

A basic anti-pilling razor will only have one cutting level. This means it will only be effective on one type of fabric. For a more versatile use, we recommend buying a device with different cutting levels: 2 or 3. This way, you won't have trouble cleaning your different clothes and you'll save on the price of a second appliance.

#3 - Power

By power, we mean the speed of rotation of the appliance. Expressed in revolutions per minute, this is the speed at which the blades of the anti-pilling shaver turn. It will depend on the type of pilling you need to remove. For your information, the average speed is between 5,000 and 8,800 rpm, while some models run at up to 9,000 rpm. For the cleaning of tough residues, it is preferable to choose powerful machines. So, before your purchase, sort out your clothes and choose the anti-pilling razor corresponding to it.

#4 - Safety

In order to effectively dislodge pilling, the razor has good power and blades that are dangerous for you or your children. To avoid accidents, it is recommended to look at devices with a well-anchored guard. In addition, it is also advisable to choose a model that corresponds to European standards.

#5 - Ergonomics

For better maneuverability, choose an anti-pilling shaver that is neither too light nor too heavy. You should be able to handle it easily without any apparent discomfort. The ideal weight should be between 200 and 300 g. For a better handling, pay attention to the dimensions of the tray located directly under the handle. For the latter, the presence of a non-slip surface will allow a solid and safe grip.

How to avoid pilling?


In order to avoid the friction of the fabric with other clothes during the washing, there is a very simple trick. It works very well for both machine and hand washing. Simply turn the clothes inside out and wash them inside out. If they are likely to pilling, it is better to use a soft wash.

In the washing machine, use a short, delicate program to protect the clothes. But for softness, hand washing is still the best option. Bleaching agents and aggressive cleaners should be avoided. They can weaken fibers and cause pilling.

The new wool items

You've probably heard of this tip before, and it's a very effective one for new wool garments. The freezer helps prevent wool pilling. This is because the cold helps tighten the fibers and makes the item much stronger.

To do this, place the new garment in an airtight plastic bag. Then put it in the freezer for at least 48 hours. Once this is done, defrost the item before putting it in the washing machine for its first cleaning.

The different types of anti-pilling razors

There are two types of anti-pilling razors on the market: manual anti-pilling razors and electric anti-pilling razors.

The manual anti-pilling shaver

Manual anti-pilling razors work just like traditional razors. In other words, they can be used anywhere, anytime. That's because they don't need a power source like electricity and don't require any special accessories.

However, manual anti-pilling shavers still require some maintenance. For example, the blades need to be checked from time to time. If they are no longer usable, they should be changed to avoid accidents.

The electric anti-pilling shaver

The electric anti-pilling shaver is a machine powered by plug or batteries. Its capacity lies in the revolutions that can perform its propellers and the number of cutting levels.

Easy to use, it allows for faster lint ball removal. It would be more difficult to power these products in a place without electricity. You can always opt for the battery, however, be aware that it can easily run out of power.

Anti-pilling razor or anti-hair brush?

Anti-pilling razor

The primary function of an anti-pilling shaver is to remove lint that has formed on the fabric. Simple, fast and effective, with only a few passes and the fabric or sweater becomes like new again. This product slices the surface of the fabric without touching it, for a smooth and pleasant result.

Anti-hair brush

The anti-hair brush, as its name indicates, is designed to remove hair from a fabric. It is a practical product especially if you have pets at home. Whether it's hair after a haircut or dog and cat hair on a coat, nothing can be resisted. The brush attracts the hair to it, which makes it very effective.


If you have pets, you know what it's like to get hair everywhere. Then you need a hair brush. On the other hand, if you want to put your sweater back on and get rid of the lint balls, you'll probably need an anti-pilling shaver. However, there is nothing to stop you from having both products at home. They are very practical for everyday use.

Why buy an anti-pilling razor?

To prevent the pellets from pellets from scattering on the floor

Even if it is possible to remove pellets with a simple razor, it will take a lot of time. Especially since there will always be some left over. That's why an anti-pilling razor is the ideal choice. This device has been specially designed for this type of task. The proof is in the pellet compartment, which stores the pellets properly. This makes cleaning much easier.

To save money

Over time, clothes get damaged. The same is true for upholstery fabrics that age and form pilling on the surface. There is currently no way to prevent this lint from forming. However, if you don't want to throw away your sweaters, the only way is to shave them with an anti-pilling shaver. By using this device, you will save a lot more money by giving your fabrics a new life, rather than buying a new one.

For upholstery and clothing care

In addition to effectively removing pilling and lint, using an anti-pilling shaver is a great way to keep clothes looking smooth. With this gadget, they will also stay clean and silky for a long time. No need to renew your dressing every time. This little device is perfect for maintaining old and new clothes.

Easily remove pilling

Why do you need an anti-pilling shaver? To get rid of the pilling that forms on clothes and especially on sweaters. But it is possible to remove it with various instruments like tweezers or a simple razor and it is cheaper! However, very risky. With tweezers, you have to remove the lint balls one by one delicately and it takes a lot of time. With the anti-pilling razor, removing them will be easier and faster.

Avoid the risk of damaging the fabric

In the case of a simple razor, the extraction of the fabric must be done delicately. If you lose control, you risk damaging the fabric and ending up with a hole-sized sweater.

The best brands of anti-pilling razors

In our opinion, the best brands of anti-pilling razors in 2022 are :


Philips is a Dutch brand based in Amsterdam. It is one of the largest groups in the field of household appliances.

It is a Spanish brand. It specializes in the design of high-tech products.

This brand is widespread in the design of tools and wellness products. It has imposed itself on the market with its quality and high-tech products.

Singer is a very well known brand in the field of sewing. It is the best to get advice in terms of sewing and fabric.

Specialized in hygiene and beauty products, this brand also offers interior products such as anti-pilling razors, lamps, vacuum cleaners...Most of its products are very appreciated by consumers.

What is the price for an anti-pilling razor

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

5 £ to 15 £
15 £ to 50 £
more than 50 £
Price range diagram


The anti-pilling razor is not an epilator

The anti-pilling razor does not have any particular safety instructions for its use. However, the brands always make it clear that it is a tissue device and not a body shaver. That's why it's never too much to warn against using it on any part of the body when it's on.

Never forget to change the razor blades

Like any device, the blades of the anti-pilling razor can wear out over time. Some brands offer replacement blades in the packaging and others do not. In the case of the latter, it is quite possible to find some on the market. To change the blades, you must first turn off the device to avoid any risk of accident. Then, being very careful, you have to remove the protective grid of the blades by turning it gently. All that remains is to put the replacement blades in place.

Clean the anti-pilling razor after use

After using the anti-pilling shaver, you should always drain the device. To do this, you need to remove the reservoir by draining it completely. Then, you need to clean it with water to leave nothing to chance. After that, you just have to put the tank back in its place. For the maintenance of the shaver, if the device did not come with a cleaning brush, you can clean it with a fine brush.

Save money with the power supply

If your anti-pilling shaver is powered at the same time with batteries and on mains, save money. When you're at home, always use your home's power outlet. On the other hand, when you're on the go, it's best to use rechargeable batteries.

Determine the type of fabric

Before you buy an anti-pilling shaver, you need to determine the fabric on which the device is going to be used. This is because an anti-pilling shaver does not work on just any fabric. So, in order to avoid damaging the clothes, take into account the material they are made of. Note that the anti-pilling shaver is very practical on cashmere, fine knit, wool and angora garments.


How long does an anti-pilling razor last?

If it comes to the life span of an anti-pilling shaver, it depends on its use and maintenance. But in general, the device can last several years. If it comes to the autonomy of an anti-pilling shaver, it varies according to the brand and certain criteria. However, we can easily say that an anti-pilling shaver lasts at least one hour.

How to use an anti-pilling razor?

First of all, you should always use the anti-pilling shaver on clean and ironed cloth. On a wrinkled fabric, you will risk favoring the appearance of pilling even more. Then, in a slow and gentle motion, move the device over the garment little by little. When you're done, don't forget to clean the pilling razor properly.

Which anti-pilling razor to choose for wool?

To remove wool pilling, you can use a manual or electric pilling razor. The difference lies in the brand and power of the device, but also in the amount of pellets to be removed. However, as mentioned above, it is best to opt for an anti-pilling shaver with at least three cutting levels to have maximum power.

Why do sweaters pellet?

Pilling on sweaters is due to repeated rubbing on specific areas. They can be found for example on the elbows. They can also appear when the garment has undergone a bad treatment during its passage in the machine. As a result, the fibers break, separate and form pilling.


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Philips GC026/80
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Rascol Black
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Solac H101
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Philips GC026/00


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