The best videophones in the UK 2023

Whether you are concerned about package thieves or simply don't want to open the door to a stranger, a video phone is an easy way to give yourself some peace of mind. Currently on the market, you will find hundreds of models of video phones. Wired, wireless, with high definition camera, there is something for every taste and budget. This guide will help you to sort out.

Philips Welcome Eye Connect 1

Best value for money

Philips Welcome Eye Connect

The best video phone in 2021

The Philips Welcome Eye Connect is expensive, but it is complete. We love the smartphone controls and the 2 RFID badges provided. This videophone also allows you to record visitors who rang the doorbell in your absence.

239 £ on Amazon

The main advantage of the Philips Welcome Eye Connect is that you can manage it from anywhere via your smartphone. The 7-inch, 15mm thick touchscreen display provides high-resolution images. In addition, the videophone records visitors who ring the doorbell, in photo or video mode on micro SD card. Even when you are not at home, you can view, discuss and give access to your home to visitors.

The door station has a viewing angle of 80°. The CMOS lens and white LEDs allow night vision up to 2.5 m. With the dedicated app, you can configure your preferences, including ringtone, backlight, images, etc. To top it off, 2 RFID badges are provided. And the videophone can handle up to 20 RFID badges. Overall, the product inspires confidence. We just regret its slow reaction time.

Ring Video Doorbell 2

Best value for money

Ring Video Doorbell

The best entry-level video phone

Wireless videophone connected, the Ring Video Doorbell displays on your smartphone who is ringing at your door. It can even be used as a surveillance camera with the included Ring Protect subscription.

79,20 £ on Amazon

The Ring Video Doorbell is one of the most affordable wireless videophones on the market. You would save a lot of money by installing it. However, it is not a poor quality video phone. On the contrary, this modern device offers practical features that will help you clearly identify who is standing in front of your gate without you having to go there.

Images are displayed in FHD 1080p resolution on your smartphone. Equipped with a motion detector, the video phone can also notify before the visitor even rings! And thanks to the Ring Protect app, which can be used by subscription, you can record all activities in front of your gate on the Cloud. So the Ring Video Doorbell will become a surveillance camera!

BTicino 363911 3

Best value for money

BTicino 363911

The best high-end video phone

Easy to install, the BTicino 363911 is compatible with all Netatmo cameras. But its great asset lies in its badge reading system and the Door Entry app to see everything on your smartphone.

514 £ on Amazon

The BTicino 363911 is a complete kit of connected videophone to be installed at home. The door station is installed in front of your gate. Equipped with a wide-angle camera, this external and waterproof box detects people who come to your home and transmits the image via Wifi to the control monitor or directly to your smartphone using the Door Entry application.

As with any quality video phone, this one allows you to interact with the visitor since you can chat while viewing it. This way, you don't have to systematically go to meet him, which reinforces security. Finally, the BTicino 363911 is distinguished by its easy installation due to its wireless connection. It is also a high quality product that you will use for years to come.

Avidsen Ylva 7 4

A great choice

Avidsen Ylva 7

The best mid-range video phone

This Avidsen video phone has a compact design. It has many features that exist in more expensive models. It can also be used to open a gate or a door automatically.

87,20 £ on Amazon

True to its reputation, Avidsen presents us with an even more stylish videophone, made from highly resistant materials. This model offers many advantages to users: sound adjustment system, image quality, choice of 10 ringtones, etc. But its best assets are its active intercom function that allows you to make and answer calls from other monitors.

This videophone is very safe because of its device against short-circuit and reverse polarity. It has a 70° vertical and horizontal viewing angle. Its connected function offers the possibility of pairing an electronic lock and other security devices. Its classic button is easy to handle. It comes with a wall mount.

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Best videophone

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The best video phone in 2021

The best entry-level video phone

The best high-end video phone

The best mid-range video phone

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Comparison table of the best videophones

Philips Welcome Eye Connect 5
Ring Video Doorbell 6
BTicino 363911 7
Avidsen Ylva 7 8
Philips Welcome Eye Connect
Ring Video Doorbell
BTicino 363911
Avidsen Ylva 7
The Philips Welcome Eye Connect is expensive, but it is complete. We love the smartphone controls and the 2 RFID badges provided. This videophone also allows you to record visitors who rang the doorbell in your absence.
Wireless videophone connected, the Ring Video Doorbell displays on your smartphone who is ringing at your door. It can even be used as a surveillance camera with the included Ring Protect subscription.
Easy to install, the BTicino 363911 is compatible with all Netatmo cameras. But its great asset lies in its badge reading system and the Door Entry app to see everything on your smartphone.
This Avidsen video phone has a compact design. It has many features that exist in more expensive models. It can also be used to open a gate or a door automatically.
Camera resolution
Full HD
Horizontal field of view
Night vision
Night vision
Monitor included
Voice controls
Amazon Alexa

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How to choose your videophone

Installing a state-of-the-art security device is good, but choosing the right video phone for your environment is better. Here are the criteria you should consider to find the best device.

#1 - Wired or wireless?

Wireless video phones are quick to install. Plus, damage to your gate or door frame is minimal. But you could have bad transmissions in bad weather. And for door stations with more frequent motion detection or doorbell activity, battery life can shorten considerably.

Wired video intercoms are an alternative to the limited battery life problem. However, they will stop working if the power goes out. These doorbells are also more difficult to install, especially if you're not used to DIY or don't already have an existing wired doorbell.

#2 - Visual quality

The video intercom or video phone screen should provide good image quality day or night. Since the device is used to know who is ringing your doorbell, you might as well distinguish the person in question! Ideally, you should opt for a system with a 7-inch screen and a camera capable of filming day and night.

The resolution of the images is of paramount importance. For a video phone to be useful, its camera must provide clear and sharp images. The higher the resolution, the better the images. Some models offer a resolution of only 480p, while others can reach 1080p. Be aware that high resolution rhymes with exorbitant price!

#3 - Recording

It is interesting to have a videophone that records visits in your absence. The device will automatically activate if you don't answer. And a signal lights up to warn you of the visit. It's a great way to know who's been there during the day. It informs you and helps you to react appropriately.

Some models are equipped with motion detectors. If security is a priority, this feature will interest you. To take it a step further, some video phones allow you to monitor a specific area while ignoring others. If you live on a busy street, this feature could come in handy.

The angle of view

This is the size of the area that the camera on the outdoor stage can capture. It should be as wide as possible. A 90° viewing angle will only show the area in front of the deck and just a little bit to the sides. A 180° viewing angle will show the area directly in front of the deck, as well as to the sides. Some video phones offer a 120° viewing angle, others go up to 180°.

#4 - Audio quality


good video phone is nothing if it doesn't allow you to communicate with visitors without opening the door. Most models allow you to talk to people and hear them in return. Those who live on a busy street might want to choose an audio system with noise cancellation. This way, you will hear visitors despite the presence of cars or lawnmowers nearby.

#5 - Remote gate opening and additional options

When buying your intercom or video phone, make sure it can be connected to a motorized gate. This feature is a major advantage. Indeed, you will be able to open the gate from the inside. This is especially convenient in case of bad weather, allowing you to let visitors' cars in without going out in the rain.

Video intercoms can offer a choice of ring tones for a more pleasant use. Sometimes, it is possible to record a personalized message to warn visitors of your absence when they ring the bell. These different options can be a criterion of choice, as long as you don't push the price too high.

How to install a videophone?

The door station

In the instructions, it is often recommended to place the camera lensat 1.6 m from the ground. We particularly insist on not confusing the lens and the top of the plate. It is at this height that you will be able to see the face of the person who comes to your home.

If possible,avoid positioning the camera facing the sun. This may obscure the visitor. In the long run, the protective plastic of the lens will become opaque when exposed to the sun. And if you can't do otherwise, install a visor that sufficiently masks the sun above the door station.

You should also know that most door stations are IP44 certified. This means that they are protected against certain shocks but especially against water and rain. Despite this, do not hesitate toplace a silicone seal on the back of the door station. This will prevent dripping water from entering the device and causing short circuits.

The wiring

This is very important if you are installing a wired video phone. The length of the cable should cover the distance between the door station and the monitor inside the house. Keep in mind that this distance shouldnever exceed 100m, as this could affect the transmissions. Within 25 m, you can use telephone wire. Beyond that, opt for 1.5 mm² sections. Remember to check the polarity during wiring. Indeed, if the polarities of the wires connecting the monitor and the board are reversed, the system will not work.

The power supply

To avoid wasting time correcting the wiring, test it before attaching the door station. To avoid feedback, take a 2 or 3 m drop of cable. Connect it as instructed in the manual and check if it works. This will also detect any manufacturing defects and thus return the videophone. Once the wiring is done on the whole system, all that remains is to power it.

The parameter setting

For wired and wireless videophones,there is not much to configure other than the ringing and gate opening. However, you will have to familiarize yourself with the operation of the videophone (presence alert, ringing, camera orientation, etc.).

For connected and RFID videophones, you need to install the dedicated application on your smartphone. Then, you will have to set the sensitivity of the door station, the ringing, the orientation of the camera, the recordings in case of absence, the opening of the gate or the reception of calls.

Be careful with the transformer cable

Some videophone manufacturers allow you to cut the cable to facilitate the installation. However, if the cable is not properly connected, it could damage the videophone. This will effectively void the warranty.

The different types of videophones

There are four types of videophones or intercoms with video display:

Wired videophones

This is the most common type of video phone on the market. It is also the least expensive. The reliability of its transmissions is its main strength. The maximum distance between the monitor and the door station is usually 100m. Beyond that, the transmitted signal will be too altered and the video and sound will present defects. For the installation, its ease will depend on your skills in DIY.


  • Reliable transmissions, even in bad weather
  • Connection possible up to 100 m
  • Price

Disadvantages :

  • Not easy to install
  • Too many sound and image defects beyond 100 m

Who is it for?

If you already have an existing installation or chime, you can use the existing cables to install the new device. The communication will not be disturbed. It is also the best choice to buy cheap.

Wireless videophones


type of video phone does not use a cable between the door station and the monitor. However, this does not mean that it is without wires, counting the monitor's transformer or even a remote electronic box for the door station. Today, most wireless videophones communicate by digital modulation, a bit like DTT. The average range is 300 m, but it decreases according to the obstacles present.


  • Longer range than wired video phones
  • Easy to install
  • More aesthetic

Disadvantages :

  • The range decreases in the presence of obstacles
  • Some functions are unavailable if the door station is battery-powered (spy mode, dry contact, etc.)

Who is it for?

If the distance is greater than 100 m, or if it is impossible to dig a trench to run a cable, opt for a wireless system. If there is no power supply near the gate, you will have to use batteries, to be replaced about once a year.

Connected videophones

There is a

distinction between the platinum-only version and the wired version. In terms of installation, the first one is simpler. It is suitable for small gardens or near the entrance. The wired version will fit better if you already had a videophone. If not, you will have to run cables. But regardless of the version of the connected video phone, its effectiveness depends mainly on your smartphone. This includes the speed of connections and receiving calls.


  • Can be controlled from a smartphone
  • Perfect for small gardens (Wifi version) or to replace an old videophone (wired)
  • Allow to receive calls


  • Performance depends on your smartphone
  • The dedicated applications consume a lot of battery
  • Price

Who is it for?

If you have a broadband connection or a small garden, connected video phones will be very interesting. Be aware that you will need to keep your smartphone on constantly and nearby.

RFID videophones

This video phone is very convenient if you have children. Indeed, it is sold with RFID badges and can manage a badge for each family member. These give access to the house without remote control or digicode. You just have to pass them in front of the camera lens of the door station. This will open the gate or a lock.


  • Very secure system
  • Possibility to associate additional RFID badges

Disadvantages :

  • High price
  • Be careful not to lose your RFID badge!

Who is it for?

If security is important to you, choose RFID videophones. RFID badges allow you to access your home without a keypad or remote control, even when no one is home. But don't lose your badge.

Videophone or intercom?


The videophone allows you to converse verbally with visitors and at the same time see their faces. In addition, it has several functions such as video and photo recording, a good angle to monitor a wider perimeter, infrared function, etc.. Some models even offer the possibility of remote monitoring via a mobile device.

But there are a few requirements for installation, especially for wireless video phones. As a device that operates by radio wave, there is a possibility that the signal will be jammed. Range is also a factor in the video phone's limitations. And of course, not everyone can afford a quality video phone that has the added functionality to make the home more secure.


The intercom is a device that works like a proximity phone. It allows you to converse with the person who is in front of your door or gate before opening it or not. Wireless, wired or connected, the intercom is an effective device to know the person who comes to your door by his voice.

The disadvantage of the intercom is that you do not have a picture. In addition, the signal can be bad if you exceed 200 meters of distance, especially for wireless intercoms. The frequency can also be disrupted by other, more powerful devices.


Whether it is a video phone or an intercom, the use is the same. The only difference is that a videophone, in addition to the voice, gives us a clear image of our interlocutor and has many options. The intercom is a simple and practical means ideally for domestic use, while the videophone allows a multiple use and adapts to all types of constructions.

Why buy a videophone?

Better manage visits and deliveries

Knowing the identity of visitors without opening the door is the main use of this device. You don't have to go outside or look through a peephole. In short, no face to face. You have the choice to open or not. This is convenient when you are busy or resting, for example, because you can prioritize only the visits that matter most to you.

While waiting for a package to be delivered, the video phone can also warn you when the delivery man arrives. In addition, the system is more secure to protect deliveries from potential thieves. For example, you can ask the delivery person to leave it in a safe place, or you can hurry home to bring the package inside.

Feel safer

By seeing each visitor's face without facing them, you have the option of not answering. The video phone avoids the risks of people entering your home with bad intentions. Indeed, you can refrain from opening to strangers. The video intercom reinforces your security and that of your property.

Limit access to common buildings

Security is sometimes more problematic in a building. Indeed, the numerous inhabitants come and go, making access control quite difficult. In this case, the use of an intercom is recommended. It allows to recognize the visitor and to talk with him before opening. Today, there are models with complex functionalities specially designed for collective use (codes, cards or RFID badge).

Improve the comfort of your home

The intercom or videophone is a home automation device designed to facilitate the administration of your home. It reduces unnecessary movements caused by jokers or unpleasant visitors. With theremote opening options, you have better control over access to your home. This feature saves you from going out in bad weather.

Better ergonomics

The video intercom is much more interesting than the classic audio model. The device allows visual identification of the visitor, day or night. This is very practical for people with hearing impairments. Indeed, thanks to the video intercom, they can communicate effectively with the person who is at their door.

Because a video intercom is connected to an application, you can answer from the sofa or the office. Most video intercoms come with night vision, which means you'll be able to clearly see who's ringing the doorbell, day or night.

Design counts!

Admit it, a gate with a video phone looks great! In addition to deterring and making your home safer, the device is visually impressive. It's no wonder that manufacturers compete on design.

The best brands of videophones

In our opinion, the best brands of videophones in 2022 are :


Founded in 1918, it was in 1950 that the company began to specialize in other devices such as telephone equipment, electric motors, etc. Today, it is a brand known for its constant search for innovation, for the performance and reliability of its appliances.

Thomson is a timeless brand with 120 years of experience. It is a brand that has been part of the greatest technological revolutions that have made innovation accessible to all. It offers useful, innovative, high-performance and elegant electronic products, including videophones.

Philips is a brand created 130 years ago, more than a century of innovation focused on the well-being and comfort of its customers. Phillips offers a wide range of high-performance products that range from lighting to oral care, without forgetting, of course, videophones.

Ring is an American company specialized in connected doorbells. It was founded in 2012, and since 2018, it is owned by Amazon. It's a young and growing brand on a mission to use technology to create safer neighborhoods. Its video phones are reliable, aesthetically pleasing, and offered at a great value.

Urmet is an Italian company that has been designing and manufacturing integrated communication and security systems in high-value buildings since 1937. In addition to the quality of its products, it provides its customers with a proximity service guaranteed by a vast network with sales offices, representative agencies and technical service centers.

What is the price for a videophone

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

45 £ to 100 £
100 £ to 300 £
more than 300 £
Price range diagram


Find the best location for the monitor

For more convenience, it is best to install your monitor in a place where you are often, such as the living room or kitchen. In fact, this will allow you to easily and effortlessly control access to your home.

Install your video phone at the right height

In order to benefit from comfort and optimal use for all, it is recommended to install your videophone according to the Handicap regulation for collective housing. The videophone must be placed between 90 cm and 1.30 m from the ground.

Protect your door station

It should not be forgotten that the door station is an electronic device, and that the rain may damage it. To avoid this problem, get a rain cap for a door station, either online or in specialized stores.

Clean the monitor screen regularly

Your screen can accumulate all kinds of dirt, and thus present a poor visual quality. It is therefore necessary to perform a regular cleaning, with specific wipes for example. But the most economical solution remains the use of a soft cloth, soaked in warm water. You can then use a dry cloth to avoid any traces.

Think about a dual screen model

There are some videophone models that have an additional screen. This is the ideal option if you live in a multi-story house. With the dual screen system, people upstairs will also be able to control access to the house, without having to move.


Do I need different cables to connect the inside and outside stations?

A unique 2-wire universal telephone cable to connect indoor and outdoor stations, for all types of videophonesyou have available. This cable allows the transfer of audio and video data. If you want to replace your old doorbell with a videophone, you will not need to change the cable. The one already in place will allow you to connect the two stations.

How do the inside and outside stations of a video phone work?

The indoor station features a screen placed in your home. You can place it in one place or in several rooms. With the interior station, you will be able to see and discuss with your visitor, to put the light on and to open your visitor. The outdoor station is placed at the entrance outside and serves the visitor to ring and talk to you.

How do I fix the ringing of my video phone that won't stop?

It may be a configuration issue that should be reviewed in the settings. Otherwise, it could also be the connection of the cables. If the two cables get mixed up, there will be an extra voltage that triggers the ringing without stopping it. It is then necessary to find the stripped wires. Usually, this is on the terminals of the monitor or the board.

My video phone is whistling. What can cause this and how do I fix it?

The hissing of a video phone comes from either moisture or a bad setting of the device. A video phone should have an IP44 moisture protection rating and an IK7 ruggedness rating. Protect it from rain, wind, ... by installing a small box for example. Also check the volume of your speaker and your microphone, because a bad setting of the wheels also creates whistling.


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