The best wireless videophones in the UK 2023

The intercom is good. But having a real-time video view of the person ringing the doorbell is much better. And to ensure easy installation, opt for a wireless videophone. After comparison, we recommend the Somfy 1870535. Offering perfect visibility and audibility between callers, the external module can be up to 150m away from the console.

eufy Security 2K Wireless Videophone 1

Best value for money

eufy Security 2K Wireless Videophone

The best wireless video phone in 2021

The eufy Security 2K is a high-resolution intelligent video phone. In terms of performance and price, it is the best wireless video phone you can find today.

160 £ on Amazon

The eufy Security 2K is a Wi-Fi enabled smart video phone that offers a 1440p high resolution HDR camera. This camera has a wide dynamic range and intelligent motion detection. The internal memory of this video phone is more than enough to store up to 30 days of video, free of charge. It also supports Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant voice commands..

It should be noted that this video phone also includes the Eufy Homebase. The HomeBase acts as a brain for the entire system. The camera alone will not work. It securely stores all the footage; which means that if your camera is stolen, all the video is still safely stored inside.

Ring Video Doorbell 2

Best value for money

Ring Video Doorbell

The best entry-level wireless video phone

Wireless videophone connected, the Ring Video Doorbell displays on your smartphone who is ringing at your door. It can even be used as a surveillance camera with the included Ring Protect subscription.

79,20 £ on Amazon

The Ring Video Doorbell is one of the most affordable wireless videophones on the market. You would save a lot of money by installing it. However, it is not a poor quality video phone. On the contrary, this modern device offers practical features that will help you clearly identify who is standing in front of your gate without you having to go there.

Images are displayed in FHD 1080p resolution on your smartphone. Equipped with a motion detector, the video phone can also notify before the visitor even rings! And thanks to the Ring Protect app, which can be used by subscription, you can record all activities in front of your gate on the Cloud. So the Ring Video Doorbell will become a surveillance camera!

BTicino 363911 3

Best value for money

BTicino 363911

The best high-end wireless video phone

Easy to install, the BTicino 363911 is compatible with all Netatmo cameras. But its great asset lies in its badge reading system and the Door Entry app to see everything on your smartphone.

514 £ on Amazon

The BTicino 363911 is a complete kit of connected videophone to be installed at home. The door station is installed in front of your gate. Equipped with a wide-angle camera, this external and waterproof box detects people who come to your home and transmits the image via Wifi to the control monitor or directly to your smartphone using the Door Entry application.

As with any quality video phone, this one allows you to interact with the visitor since you can chat while viewing it. This way, you don't have to systematically go to meet him, which reinforces security. Finally, the BTicino 363911 is distinguished by its easy installation due to its wireless connection. It is also a high quality product that you will use for years to come.

Somfy V500 4

A great choice

Somfy V500

A great wireless video phone

The Somfy V500 wireless video phone is one of the best surveillance devices that can be used both at home and in the workplace. It is efficient, intuitive and equipped with the latest security technologies.

279 £ on Amazon
Buying guide • November 2023

Best wireless videophone

Any specific needs?

The best wireless video phone in 2021

The best entry-level wireless video phone

The best high-end wireless video phone

A great wireless video phone

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Comparison table of the best wireless videophones

eufy Security 2K Wireless Videophone 5
Ring Video Doorbell 6
BTicino 363911 7
Somfy V500 8
eufy Security 2K Wireless Videophone
Ring Video Doorbell
BTicino 363911
Somfy V500
The eufy Security 2K is a high-resolution intelligent video phone. In terms of performance and price, it is the best wireless video phone you can find today.
Wireless videophone connected, the Ring Video Doorbell displays on your smartphone who is ringing at your door. It can even be used as a surveillance camera with the included Ring Protect subscription.
Easy to install, the BTicino 363911 is compatible with all Netatmo cameras. But its great asset lies in its badge reading system and the Door Entry app to see everything on your smartphone.
The Somfy V500 wireless video phone is one of the best surveillance devices that can be used both at home and in the workplace. It is efficient, intuitive and equipped with the latest security technologies.
Camera resolution
Full HD
Horizontal field of view
Night vision
Monitor included
Voice controls
Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant
Amazon Alexa

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Buying guide - wireless videophone

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How to choose your wireless videophone

The choice of a wireless videophone is not made at random. It is essential to take into account the following criteria in order to know if such or such model is compatible with your home and if it is able to meet your requirements.

#1 - The resolution

A good wireless videophone should be able to display clear images of people or packages placed in front of your gate. The on-board camera must therefore offer a good resolution both day and night so that you can identify your visitors. The minimum resolution is 320 x 240 p. There are now models capable of providing images at 1080 p. Also consider the viewing angle. The majority of recent wireless video phones have wide-angle lenses that provide an optimized viewing angle.

#2 - The screen size

This criterion prevails for models that transmit images to an internal monitor. This should have a fairly large screen that displays clear images. The size of the screen is also important if you have vision problems. A minimum diameter of 15 inches is required for a clear display. The choice of screen size does not arise if the images are displayed directly on your smartphone.

#3 - The range

The range is a crucial choice criterion. The two boxes that make up the intercom must be placed at an appropriate distance. The device will be ineffective if one of the boxes is out of range. The installation distance will depend on the configuration of your home. It is therefore necessary to evaluate the distance between the gate and your home and choose the wireless videophone according to this distance. In general, wireless videophones work within a 300 meter radius. Nevertheless, this range varies a lot from one model to another and can be affected by obstacles such as walls.

#4 - The power supply


outdoor camera can be powered by rechargeable battery or connected to the electrical system

of your home. In the first case, the installation is much simpler, the door station being powered autonomously. On the other hand, it will be necessary to check the state of the battery and recharge it as soon as necessary. If the battery runs out, the videophone will be out of order. The power supply via the electrical network requires an installation by a professional. However, the box will have a permanent power source, which eliminates the worry of battery failure.

#5 - The additional features

The wireless video phone, depending on the model, offers different features. Some models come with an electric lock that you can control remotely. Others include motion detectors. The most advanced models are connected to the cloud. They record images and videos and keep them for a certain period of time. There are also wireless video phones that offer programmable features such as responses or alerts when you are away. The wireless video phone fully integrates home automation. Models can work with virtual assistants like Alexa and Siri.

Installing a Wireless Video Phone

The installation of a wireless video phone is relatively simple. The most difficult part will be connecting the external panel to the electrical grid. In some cases, a transformer must also be installed between the board and the electrical panel. Once the electrical connections have been made correctly, it will be necessary to fix the board to a corner of the gate with dowels and screws. The drilling of the wall that supports the gate is essential.

The same operation must be performed if your wireless videophone has an interior wall monitor. However, no interior work is required if the monitor is portable and has a rechargeable battery. Note that the external board can also be powered by a rechargeable battery. In this case, you will not have to connect to the electrical network.

The connections can be more complex if your videophone is connected to an electric lock. In addition, you should also replace the lock on the gate.

If you have some DIY skills and the necessary tools, you can do the installation work yourself. If not, it is better to hire a craftsman to install the videophone. The work should take about half a day, which will not affect your schedule very much.

The different types of wireless videophones

The wireless video phone falls into two main categories. On the one hand, there are models with a dedicated indoor monitor. On the other hand, there are wireless videophones that transmit images directly to a smartphone or tablet.

Wireless videophone with an indoor monitor

This configuration is the one adopted by the first wireless videophones. As with the wired videophone, the outdoor camera transmits images to an indoor box equipped with a monitor and a microphone. This monitor can be fixed (usually hanging on a wall) or mobile.

The internal box can be connected to Alexa or other home automation assistants for the latest models. It serves as a real platform to follow the images, but also to chat

with visitors and to open the door remotely. If it is wall-mounted, the installation of the monitor may require the intervention of a professional.

Wireless videophone connected to a smartphone


is the latest generation of wireless videophones. It has the particularity of displaying the images captured by the gate intercom directly on a smartphone. This makes it possible to walk around the house while talking with guests who ring the gate. They are also very easy to install

. Only the external plate will need to be installed and connected, if necessary, with the electrical network.

Multiple smartphones will also be able to access the images, which is convenient if you have several people living under the same roof. This type of wireless videophone is more modern. Nevertheless, it may cost more. The size of the display will also depend on the screen size of the smartphone you are using.

Wireless or wired videophone?

Wireless videophone

As the name suggests, the wireless video phone uses an Internet connection to exchange data between the door station and the indoor monitor. The two units are not directly connected. Instead, a wired network connects the devices with the electrical network for power.

As the wired connections are reduced, it is easier to install a wireless videophone. It will also be possible, for some models, to replace the indoor monitor with a smartphone or tablet. Its average range is 300 meters in free field. It will, however, require a broadband connection for the video phone to work.

Wired videophone

For this type of videophone, the monitor and the interior panel are directly connected by a wired network that handles the transmission. This can also be done by radio frequency. The link does not require an Internet connection and cannot be interrupted. On the other hand its range is limited to an average of 100 meters.

The installation of a wired videophone requires work that can be quite extensive. In some cases, it is necessary to dig trenches to allow the passage of wires. However, it costs less and is less expensive to operate since it does not require an Internet connection.


A wireless model is the best option if you want to avoid the hassle of installing your video phone. You'll need a Wi-Fi connection and some extra money for the video phone. If there is a small distance between your house and the gate, you can opt for a wired videophone which costs less. The installation work will be less important.

Why buy a wireless video phone?

See who is at the door (LIVE navigation)

The main feature of a wireless videophone is that you can see the visitor at the door on your handset or head unit before you even open the door. A doorbell camera records the video and transfers it to the handset, allowing you to see who is at the door. It's good to know who is knocking on the door without them being able to see you.

Talk to visitors before opening the door

You can actually listen and talk to visitors at the door by taking advantage of the two-way intercom system that many wireless video phone systems have in them.
View images of visitors offline
Since these types of wireless video phone systems have a digital camera inside them, they instantly capture images of visitors when the doorbell button is pressed and transfer the images to a base unit. You can look at the pictures of visitors offline when you are back home and know who was at the door when you were away. A great feature to have and more guesswork.

Support for night vision

You can even see visitors at night. You don't have to rely on the external light of the doorbell side camera, because the infrared technology built into the latest wireless video phones now allows you to see visitors at night.

Create a surveillance system

Home security is really important, especially in the modern lifestyle where husband and wife go to work and a surveillance system can definitely save them from security problems. By using the wireless video phone system, you can create a basic surveillance system to keep track of visitors at your door. Have peace of mind when you are not at home.


Choose the right mounting height for the plate

To take advantage of an optimal viewing angle, it is advisable to place the door station with the camera at an average height of 1.60 meters from the ground. Place it so that the threshold is visible. This will allow you to see the package being dropped on the threshold.

Use the power supply of your gate chime

If you

already have an electric chime installed on your gate, use the same electric cable to power your new videophone. This will facilitate wiring work when installing the door station.

Opt for an electric strike model


this electric strike system working with your videophone, you could not only converse with people who show up, but also open the gate for them without moving. This is particularly convenient. Yet, the installation remains quite simple.

Check the visibility at night

If the

resolution of the camera is poor, you may not be able to see the faces of your visitors clearly especially at night. So before buying a videophone, check that it offers clear images in night mode. Some models are equipped with infrared cameras that remain very effective when the light is very low.

Choose the place of a wall monitor


ensure that you can easily respond to people ringing your doorbell, it's important to choose the right location for a wall monitor. While it is often installed near the front door, you can place it anywhere you like, preferably next to the space where you stay most often when you are home.


What is the best wireless video phone?

The best wireless video phone depends on your needs and budget. Read our buying guide for the best products out there.

What is the range for a wireless video phone?


average range is 300 meters without obstruction. However, this range can change from one model to another. It is also affected by any obstacles between the outside plate and the monitor.

Is it possible to control the opening of a gate with the wireless video phone?


videophones include a remote opening and closing system. This feature is optional and not mandatory.

Can I control a wireless video phone if I am not at home?


models work in conjunction with an application installed on your smartphone. The app can notify you even if you are not at home. However, this feature is not available on all models.

Can I use a wireless video phone without an Internet connection?


wireless transmission requires a broadband Internet connection. Therefore, a wireless video phone cannot work offline.


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eufy Security 2K Wireless Videophone
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Ring Video Doorbell
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BTicino 363911
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Somfy V500


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