The best alarms for apartments in the UK 2023

Did you know that on average, 243,500 burglaries occur each year? Because no one is safe from such a tragedy, think about securing your house or apartment with an effective alarm. Faced with the myriad of offers available on the market, it is easy to get lost. Also, browse this guide on the best alarms for apartment to move forward with a certain step.


Best value for money


The best apartment alarm

Secure your apartment with this connected alarm that has an indoor siren, motion detectors and opening sensors.

119 £ on Amazon

If this security kit arrives at the top 1 of our comparison of the best alarms for apartment, it is well because it is complete, powerful and effective. Indeed, in the package, you will have a central unit with an illuminated screen, 2 motion detectors, 5 opening sensors to be installed on doors and windows, 2 wireless remote controls and an indoor siren.

In addition, it is a connected alarm with a GSM transmitter. Insert a SIM card, register 6 numbers to warn and link the central with your smartphone. With all this equipment, there is enough to protect all areas of your apartment. Moreover, you can record 10 seconds of sound to personalize each zone. In this way, in case of intrusion, you will receive a call indicating in which zone the alarm was triggered.

Tiiwee Wireless alarm with siren 2

Best value for money

Tiiwee Wireless alarm with siren

The best entry-level apartment alarm

Protect your home with this inexpensive apartment alarm. Although it is an entry-level alarm, it does its job well.

29,52 £ on Amazon

If you don't have a big budget to secure your home, opt for this inexpensive apartment alarm. It is certainly less equipped than the others as it is only composed of a siren, 2 opening sensors and a remote control; nevertheless, it emits a 120 dB alarm in case of intrusion. With such a volume, your neighborhood will be quickly alerted. And if you wish, you can add other sensors for a better coverage of your home.

Operating exclusively wirelessly, this apartment alarm is easy to install. The connection between the sensors and the central unit that houses the alarm is made by frequency. With this model, you can mount the central unit on the wall in your apartment or take it with you. It is so ergonomic that it will slip discreetly into your pocket.

Ring Alarm kit 5 pièces 3

Best value for money

Ring Alarm kit 5 pièces

The best high-end apartment alarm

Because your security is priceless, choose this high-end apartment alarm; a connected equipment with an intelligent operation.

183 £ on Amazon
Tiiwee Kit X1 4

Long battery life

Tiiwee Kit X1

The most self-contained apartment alarm

With an autonomy of up to 12 months, this apartment alarm will not give you a hard time. Reliable, powerful and complete, it will dissuade the most persistent burglars.

39,92 £ on Amazon

The autonomy of the 3 AA batteries is one of the big strengths of this cheap and efficient home alarm. Moreover, an indicator light will show you the operating status of the equipment. The alarm is composed of a central unit, 2 opening sensors and a remote control to control the device remotely.

Thanks to the 120 dB horn, there is enough to deter burglars and warn your neighbors before the intrusion is successful. The central unit also includes a chime mode if you choose to install it outside. Another major advantage of this apartment alarm is the remote control, whose frequency crosses materials and has a range of 2 to 3 floors.

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Best apartment alarm

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The best apartment alarm

The best entry-level apartment alarm

The best high-end apartment alarm

The most self-contained apartment alarm

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Comparison table of the best alarms for apartments

Tiiwee Wireless alarm with siren 6
Ring Alarm kit 5 pièces 7
Tiiwee Kit X1 8
Tiiwee Wireless alarm with siren
Ring Alarm kit 5 pièces
Tiiwee Kit X1
Secure your apartment with this connected alarm that has an indoor siren, motion detectors and opening sensors.
Protect your home with this inexpensive apartment alarm. Although it is an entry-level alarm, it does its job well.
Because your security is priceless, choose this high-end apartment alarm; a connected equipment with an intelligent operation.
With an autonomy of up to 12 months, this apartment alarm will not give you a hard time. Reliable, powerful and complete, it will dissuade the most persistent burglars.
Indoor wired siren
Fixed or portable 120 dB siren
104 dB siren
120 dB siren
Motion detector
Opening sensor





Remote control
Control panel with keypad
Long range remote control
Smartphone connection


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How to choose your apartment alarm

The apartment alarm is a powerful and reliable security equipment that will protect your home from burglary. But it is still necessary to choose a model that will fulfill all its functions!

#1 - The horn

The alarm refers to the type of signal sent by the apartment alarm to warn you of an intrusion attempt. Today, there are 4 types of alarms:

  • The interior siren: Very common on the market, it is associated with a sound that aims to warn the occupant and deter the burglar. Its performance is measured in dB: the louder the sound, the more effective the equipment. Please note that some buildings impose a maximum dB for sirens.
  • The flash : Placed outside, this equipment emits powerful light signals to warn the neighborhood in case of attempted break-in.
  • The telephone transmitter: Some apartment alarms allow you to enter numbers to call in case of emergency. You can record your personal number or even the emergency line.
  • The GSM transmitter: The last born of the alarms integrated in the alarms for apartment, this type of transmitters sends an SMS to the numbers configured in the central alarm. To operate, the GSM transmitter requires a SIM card.

#2 - The sensors

Apartment alarms are equipped with sensors that detect suspicious movements and the presence of unwanted individuals.

  • Motion sensor: To be placed in a corner and high up to cover a larger area, the motion detector detects movements to activate the alarm.
  • Contactor of opening : To be placed on doors and windows, it activates the alarm when a door or a window is forced, or when someone tries to break a window.
  • Vibration sensor: Small explosion, attempt to remove the alarm, broken glass, these activities are detected by this equipment which relies on vibrations.

#3 - Wired or wireless


provided in kit composed of a central and several sensors, the alarms for apartment can be wired or wireless


  • More affordable in terms of price while reporting increased reliability, the wired apartment alarm consists of several elements connected by cables. However, the installation takes more time and requires some adjustments.
  • Very common on the market, wireless home alarms are easier to use and install. The communication between the different elements of the kit is done by radio frequencies.

#4 - Handling

It is

mainly a question of the mode of activation and deactivation of the alarm for apartment. There are many possibilities: a central unit equipped with keypads to introduce an activation and deactivation code, a remote control or even a badge.

#5 - Zoning

Apartment alarms cover a specific area; so you must first establish the vulnerable area to protect. In practice, it is in this area that you will install the various sensors, but you must also ensure that they remain in a field covered by the frequency of the central (if you opt for a wireless alarm).

What is the purpose of an apartment alarm?

Apartment alarms have a dual role: to deter criminals from entering your home and to protect you by warning you and your neighborhood.

  • In its dissuasive function, the alarm for apartment is provided with a luminous flash placed outside and/or a sound signal. It is true that an outdoor siren can rarely be used in an apartment, but even when placed inside, it will have an effect. High-tech models even include a "presence simulator" that automatically turns on the radio or the light to make it appear that someone is inside.
  • In protective function, the apartment alarm warns you of danger immediately so you can react in time. This is done through sensors that detect presence, movement or vibration. Many home alarms even have an SOS button to activate when you need help.

The different types of alarms for apartments

This category of alarms consists of a system of kits linked to each other by cables or frequency communication. Moreover, it is by this link that we can distinguish the different types of alarms for apartments.

Wireless apartment alarm

Representing more than half of the apartment alarms sold in recent years, the wireless alarm is a great success with the public. Instead of using wires, the communication between the different elements of the system is done through radio frequencies. This greatly facilitates the installation of the system and allows the sensors to be moved at any time when necessary.

Of course, the performance is there with a wireless apartment alarm. However, there are some weak points: the risk of frequency interference, the need to check the batteries regularly, and the need to consider the range of the signals so that all the sensors work. Fortunately, manufacturers have solved these loopholes in very elaborate wireless apartment alarms.

Wired alarm for apartment


wired alarm consists of a central unit usually mounted on the wall, sensors and cables tying it all together. It is recognized for its exemplary reliability, as the signals from the sensors travel quickly through the wires to the central station, which immediately activates the alarm.

Seductive for its more affordable price than other types of apartment alarms, it is often the number one choice for a new construction, even if it is rare, since it is easier to choose a location and a discrete path for the cables. Of course, installing a wired apartment alarm takes time, but the result is well worth it.

Connected alarm for apartment


wired or wireless, a connected home alarm gives you the ability to always keep an eye on your home, no matter where you


Even when you're on the go, you can see or be notified of everything that's going on in your home from your computer or smartphone.

Of course, this requires an internet connection, a SIM card and/or the pairing of the apartment alarm to surveillance cameras. The most supplied models installed in connected apartments even include a "presence simulation" function to deter intruders. This can be manifested by a light that turns on, shutters that are lowered, heating that increases, radio that turns on, etc.

Apartment alarm or remote monitoring?

You can never be too careful when it comes to protecting your home. With this in mind, apartment alarms and remote surveillance alarms are among the choices available to you. Which one should you choose?

Apartment alarm

A judicious system that discourages burglars and warns the neighbourhood and occupants in the event of an intrusion attempt, the apartment alarm satisfies our desire to feel safe, whether we are at home or away. Supplied in kits, it is composed of a central unit, sensors and setting tools (keyboard on the central unit, remote control or badge).

With an apartment alarm, you can be informed in real time in the event of an attempted break-in, as the control unit can send you an SMS or call you to keep you informed. At the same time, the alarm already signals your entourage, which can intervene beforehand.

Remote monitoring

A remote surveillance alarm consists of surveillance cameras placed inside and outside an apartment. They are equipped with very sensitive motion detectors that allow them to be activated as soon as there is an intrusion. You will be notified in real time by SMS or email, and you can watch everything that happens in your home from your phone or computer.

Remote surveillance alarms can also be linked to a security company that will keep an eye on your apartment. The cameras will then run continuously and the company will immediately intervene and contact the police in case of an intrusion attempt at your home. This feature is available by paying a monthly subscription fee.


After this comparison, the verdict is clear: the remote monitoring alarm complements the apartment alarm. The vibration, motion and opening sensors in a conventional apartment alarm will alert the occupants and the neighborhood to any problems, while the remote monitoring will review the tape to identify intruders.


To install an apartment alarm

It is necessary to establish a plan of your home to define the places to secure. Then, it will be necessary to make sure that the equipment that make up the set connect to each other, especially if you opt for a wireless apartment alarm. Make sure that the sensors are in the area covered by the frequency of the central station.

To connect your apartment alarm with a Smartphone

First of all, you must absolutely choose a connected home alarm. Then, refer to the brand of your alarm to download the corresponding application and follow the instructions.

To increase the deterrent effect of an apartment alarm


you usually have to install the alarm inside your apartment, the burglar is unlikely to see it. In this case, to discourage the most determined, consider installing dummy cameras or stickers announcing that your apartment is protected by a surveillance system.

To find a good apartment alarm


have selected for you the best apartment alarms; functional and effective equipment that will have a deterrent and protective purpose. Discover our guide on alarms for apartment to better identify your needs and choose accordingly.

To add additional sensors



apartment alarms are expandable. To check if the model you choose can be associated with other sensors, rely on the description provided before the purchase.


What is the best apartment alarm?

The best apartment alarm depends on your needs and your budget. Read our buying guide for the best products available.

What type of alarm for an apartment?

An alarm with an interior siren is best suited to an apartment to respect the rules of co-ownership. However, you can install an external siren, deactivate the sound and keep only the light flashes to warn your neighbours when you are not at home.

What are the different types of apartment alarms?

Apartment alarms can be wired, wireless or connected. It is up to you to choose the type of equipment that best suits your needs.

Where to install a central alarm in an apartment?

Place the central alarm unit against a wall, at a height high enough for good signal reception and to connect easily with the sensors. Note that there must be a minimum distance of 2 meters between the control panel and the siren.

Where to place the indoor siren?

Place the indoor siren near the door or in a soundproof area overlooking your apartment neighbor to have a better chance of alerting the neighborhood.


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Tiiwee Wireless alarm with siren
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Ring Alarm kit 5 pièces
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Tiiwee Kit X1


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