The best electronic breathalysers in the UK 2023

A breathalyzer can be a fun form of entertainment at a party, but more importantly it can keep you (and other guests) safe. By measuring someone's blood alcohol level, you may be able to convince them to give their car keys to a friend and avoid an accident. While single-use breathalyzers can determine if you are over the legal limit, only an electronic breathalyzer will tell you exactly how much alcohol you have consumed.

Drivaid 1

Best value for money


The best electronic breathalyzer in 2021

Delivered with 20 interchangeable and washable mouthpieces, this breathalyzer is the ally of the drunken evenings between friends or colleagues. And the beeps are really loud!

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Evenings with friends or after work are often very drunk. To avoid drinking and driving, protect yourself and save points on your license, it's best to have a breathalyzer. The Drivaid breathalyzer is particularly interesting in this regard. Delivered with a solid protective cover, 3 batteries and above all 20 washable tips, it has everything to seduce.

Equipped with an LED display, it indicates the quantity of alcohol in g/L of blood or mg/100 mL of air. Very practical and precise, several tests in a row have given very similar measurements. It is difficult to make it simpler, especially with a single button for switching on/off and for seeing the total number of tests performed. And the beep when the threshold is exceeded is loud enough to be heard!

Ethylotest O³. 2

Best value for money

Ethylotest O³.

The best entry-level electronic breathalyzer

This breathalyzer made in the UK is so compact that it also serves as a key ring. However, the whole thing can be improved.

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Made in the UK, the O³ breathalyzer is equipped with a semi-conductor sensor with 4 reusable and interchangeable tips. The measurement units proposed are %BAC and g/L of blood. In spite of the very modest price, the relevance and the reliability of the measurements are surprising. Practical and easy to use, the device even offers a 10 second countdown before blowing.

A sound signal sounds when the limit authorized by the road legislation is reached. And to always have it at hand, it is possible to hang it thanks to the key ring system. Equipped with a single button, the O³ is a tool to have, especially if you like third halves. Be careful to wait 20 minutes after the last drink before using it.

Yompz 3

A great choice


A great value for the money

Very simple, this breathalyzer equipped with 5 mouthpieces is also very accurate. And its autonomy is worth the detour!

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With 5 washable tips and an LCD screen with an orange background, the Yompz breathalyzer is our best value for money this year. Having this device will probably prevent you from losing your license after a drunken night out. Super simple to use, this breathalyzer gives accurate results.

To start it, you just have to put 2 batteries and turn it on. After warming up for 10 seconds, the Yompz asks you to blow into it for 3 to 5 seconds. The results are immediately displayed on the screen. You can perform more than 8 tests before changing batteries. The many mouthpieces provided allow you to blow several people at the same time. Moreover, they are washable.

Oasser 4

Very good


The most accurate

This breathalyzer equipped with a glass breaker rivals with precision those used by the police. It will save you a lot of trouble!

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Both a breathalyzer and an emergency hammer, this electronic device is a must have in the glove compartment. Those who go out frequently can use it to check if they are allowed to drive or not. After all, it's not just other people who get hurt. And the Oasser and its 4 washable T6 tips shine through the accuracy of the measurements taken.

In this respect, the results obtained for the measurement of blood alcohol levels rival those of the breathalyzers of the police force! And for once, the manual is in French, with clear and complete explanations. The recharge of the Oasser is done via a micro USB cable provided. It's a pity that the manufacturer does not propose a pocket with this breathalyzer.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best electronic breathalyzer

Any specific needs?

The best electronic breathalyzer in 2021

The best entry-level electronic breathalyzer

A great value for the money

The most accurate

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Comparison table of the best electronic breathalysers

Drivaid 5
Ethylotest O³. 6
Yompz 7
Oasser 8
Ethylotest O³.
Delivered with 20 interchangeable and washable mouthpieces, this breathalyzer is the ally of the drunken evenings between friends or colleagues. And the beeps are really loud!
This breathalyzer made in the UK is so compact that it also serves as a key ring. However, the whole thing can be improved.
Very simple, this breathalyzer equipped with 5 mouthpieces is also very accurate. And its autonomy is worth the detour!
This breathalyzer equipped with a glass breaker rivals with precision those used by the police. It will save you a lot of trouble!
20 interchangeable and washable tips
Reliable, simple and accurate
Lightweight and compact
Measure rivaling the breathalyzers of the gendarmerie
No French instructions
Perfect display
Batteries not included
No carrying pouch. Given the price, we expected at least that

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How to choose your electronic breathalyzer

Among the breathalyzers available on the market, the electronic model is the most effective. However, not all are equal! For this reason, it is necessary to establish certain criteria to choose the breathalyzer that meets your expectations.

#1 - NF compliance

All electronic breathalyzers must be approved by the NF or Norme Française (French standard) in order to be used on the territory. This mention is a guarantee of quality and it is also the proof that the device respects the legislation in force. The device must display results close to the threshold of 0.25 mg/L. However, it is possible that the breathalyzer displays a more consistent value, which allows the user to know his blood alcohol level.

#2 - Speed

An electronic breathalyzer, unlike other types of breathalyzer on the market, displays a result instantly. If you don't get any data after a few minutes, your device is faulty or of poor quality. But the effectiveness or not also depends on the person to be tested. The more buttons on an electronic breathalyzer, the more difficult it is to use. Ideally, there should be only one control to make the various settings and turn on. In addition, an effective breathalyzer should have a heating time of between 15 and 20 seconds. Other accessories such as mouthpieces can be supplied with the device to facilitate its use. There are very complete models that come with a protective case, extra batteries, a USB cable and a cigarette lighter adapter. But the choice mainly depends on your needs and goals.

#3 - The features

In most cases, the battery life is not indicated on the package; only the type of battery is listed. But as a general rule, an electronic breathalyzer should be able to perform about 500 tests. Of course, this value depends on the brand and model you choose. Whether it is battery operated or not, its autonomy has a great influence on its efficiency. So, make sure you test the breathalyzer before you buy it.

#4 - Autonomy

A good electronic breathalyzer will always display an accurate result, with a tiny margin of error. Indeed, no matter what range of device you buy, there will always be a small flaw, but this should not encourage you to speed. The error that a device can make should not exceed 0.001 mg/L.

#5 - Reliability


Learn about alcohol.

What you know about alcohol may not be true, especially if it comes from television and advertising. Learn about the effects of alcohol on your body, that way you can estimate how much you can drink without risking getting nabbed if you are ever breathalyzed.

Wait before testing.


so many factors can affect the accuracy of a reading, it is impossible to say that these units are 100% accurate. You can compare these units to a forehead thermometer strip that you place on an infant's forehead. The strip gives you a relatively accurate idea of the infant's body temperature, but it is not as accurate as the process a doctor uses to take the infant's temperature. So; always try to space out your last drink and the breathalyzer test (by the police, at work...) as much as possible. Otherwise, you risk getting arrested or punished.

Protect it from freezing.


breathalyzers don't work if the room temperature is below freezing. So don't keep one in a place that is too cold, or you may end up with an unusable breathalyzer.

Never drink on an empty stomach.


food in the stomach, alcohol goes directly into the bloodstream and you get drunk much faster. And as the concentration of alcohol in your bloodstream increases, so does the loss of control.

Appoint a designated driver.


you plan to drink, plan not to drive. Even if your breathalyzer test says you are under the legal limit, it is never safe to drive when you have alcohol in your system. The breathalyzer should only be used as a guide and not as a tool to get permission to drive while intoxicated.


What is the main difference between a breathalyzer and a breathalyser?

These are all types of electronic breathalyzers, but the breathalyzer is used to determine a driver's blood alcohol content by means of a digital display. While the breathalyzer is a device often used by law enforcement to ascertain a driver's alcohol level after testing positive with a breathalyzer.

How long after drinking can you take a breathalyzer test?

Because everyone's metabolism of alcohol is different, there is no single answer as to how long an electronic breathalyzer can detect alcohol in a person's system, but in general, the instrument can detect alcohol in a person's system about 15 minutes after consumption and up to 24 hours later.

How reliable is an electronic breathalyzer?

In general, electronic breathalyzers give accurate readings. However, these instruments can give a false positive reading for the following reasons:

  1. You took the test too quickly after drinking.
  2. The officers did not calibrate the electronic breathalyzer properly.
  3. You ate foods that were very high in fibre.
  4. You have autoimmune disease (an infection caused by the presence of brewer's yeast in the body).

What are the ways to lower the blood alcohol level?

To preventan electronic breathalyzer from detecting your blood alcohol level, try: drinking coffee or a detoxifying drink. You can also take a cold shower, exercise or take aspirin.


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